Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, October 22, 1909, Image 1

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m Mi!i:u
Floyd William, Harold Fitchard and
Marshal Faagloa of Thla City Maka
Final Captura of Laat Two of the
Five Fugitive.
behind a ulvert which they had J'"41
ami oi iiiiI firo alno. In all.
belwcn .thirty and forty ahota art-
Id to bavo haiiRed. lit"
convlcta Jumped over tho r iuti and
took toward tho river going south.
About llila tlmo Sheriff Grant or
thl ount and City Mundial rYa
Kla of Independence arrived ou the
ai no. They, In company with the
guard from th penitentiary and a
poaan of cltUena of Hucua Vlwta, fol
low! d tho convict toward ll rlvr,
wh'To a aecond battle tmik lli''.
but aa fur a U known, no one waa
J.ilwiHon was put Into an automo
bile, and lroiiKlit to "'I Ur
IJutl.T was called and drcs.-d hla
wound and he km then aent to ,lU
Co. Wrlthl. alia Carter, killed
... . .. . . i- i. ..... hiuiin ul tli til
Amen rerr.H. aeno.. ..... ..... of
throng, the body. death renultlng yuu () (Wor1 , a ,,,.pu,,. ttnj
lueo from the, Nltot; Mike N'lt. hollch tnt,Ty evt 0f .-mapo wan guarded,
hot twi.'u, and Albert Murray P ;jlml h,, n It was IlKht enough
lured, wu the futo of lh. uulntet KWlj Ul vmn,,t which had be n
of convlcta who eacapcd from Ihu feo-, . ,., L.Ui before, was
- RJI UHiriK y tti.j -r -
!aKuiu taken up by the orncera aim
tho poHH,-. Tho brimli between Duo
na VlMta and Well' cronslng, a dla
itarce of one and cue-half miles, was
searched without result, me panjr
then relumed to Iluena Vlat a where
Sheriff Orant, Maximal Kcagks. War
den Curtla. Conatablo Hamilton, Chief
of I'ollee Glbaon, Sheriff Mlnto, Kl
mer "Cherokee" Jamea and one or
two othera took automobiles and were
driven to the mouth of the Unkla
inuto river, to the farm of Jan.ea
rrathher. arriving there about 9:30
a. di. The party followed tho river
up to the log boom, which la about
600 yarda from the mouth of the riv
er, where they left their automobile a.
Tho autos were sent around to the
Vandorpool place where It wag ar
ranged for the party to come out
aftrr beating the brush between trie
turn nolnta.
The posse then divided Into two
parties, on In cbarre of Sheriff Min
to of Marlon county, and tho other
In charge of Sheriff Grant of this
Id., mlmleri ( liool truHty KUIIK IhI
Friday afternoon.
The big man hunt la over und will
pBHB down Into history ax one of the
thltiKa that baa been. LI t tin did
the cltUeiia of Indep nilencu think
that the first few day of the hunt
ing acanon, w hU h op ned lunt Friday,
would develop Into one of the moat
exciting man hunta In the history of
Polk county In which almost every
one who could Hare up a shooting
iron of any description, took part.
To th offlcera and cltlxena of I'olk
county la largely due the capture of
the convlcta. While the atate offlc
Inla and Marlon county offlcera were
the flritt ou the ground, It wag left
to Sheriff Grant of thla county, City
Marshal Feaglea, Floyd Wllllanm and
Harold Fitchard, of Independence, to
deliver the gooda.
Notwithstanding the fact that Mey
.r,' I he man who aiu t the Salem
policeman recently, waa allowed to
escape, In thla day and agj of tele
graphic, rural telephone and automo
bile aervlce it la almot InipoaBlble
for a criminal to escape. The newa of
the eacape of the convlcta waa at
once telephoned or wired to every
' poHHlblo place where they could ctohh
the Willamette both north and south
from Salem. Itetween two and three
o'clock Saturday afternoon the con
victs crossed the Willamette at Wells'
crossing about six miles south of this
city, and, following the main road,
were working their way toward Bue
na Vista. They had not gone far be
fore they were discovered by Mr
JJundy, Who resides In that vlcir. i polk rountV( Oregon, at 3:00
HiLvlii no telephone he lnrormeu . mu,iQ n.-tnher 12.
Commlttao, From Various Camps of
Polk County, Held Ita Meeting In
Thla City Laat Night When Final
Arrangements Wer Perfected.
Tuesday of last we. k tho Woodun n
tf the World of this city entertained
representatives from five different
camps of I'olk county who came here
In honor of the visit to Independence
of Head CoiihuI I. A. Hoak. Extrav
agant plans were made for the occa
sion, a aumptuous banquet having
boon laid lu the Hotel Independence
in the evening In honor of tho visit
ors. The occasion of tho gathering
waa to organize for a monster winter
campaign for membership. A gener
al comtnlttte was appointed to make
area novelties in the w.iy f lie
Itlat indldaten cv. r an. mpt'-.l in
the livery laudiiluix, en ry offi
cer very uiDinlj.-r of the uniform
rank will bo on roller kMtc during
the Initiatory work. I'rouilnenl Woi.d
men from many section of the I'arl
lc JurlsdMlon will bw pri-sent. Con
grensman 1 law ley, one of the head
managers, and lion. John I'aUersuu,
bIhO head manager, of Spokane, Wn.,
will bo here. Mr. Patterson will be
rt-membercd as having ben the can
didate on the democratic ticket for
governor al tho last election in that!
stai BKiilust Cosgrove. Salem camp'
will char er the boat and will be hi rej
one hundred and fifty strong. It wlir
bo a big thing for your town In the
way of putting you on tho map."
Dr. Duusiuore and C. I'urvlne, as
pastor and eider representing Calvary
Presbyterian church of this city, at
tended the meeting of the Oregon
Synod of the Prcsbytcrlun church at
Newberg last week, returning on Fri
day night There was a large attend
ance of the Presbyterian ministers
throughout the state, most of the
churches being represented either by
pastor or elder, and in many Instan-
itev. H. U Mount, U-
ces bv both.
D.. of Eugene was moderator of the
ai commune was ihi.-u . ,
the necessary arrangement, for the meeeUng and Kev L. M. Sharp of
campaign, composed of P. M. KlrK
land, II. C. Seymour of Dallas, H.
Cor land of Monmouth, W. S. McLain
of Buena Vista and J. S. Bohannon,
secretary of the committee. The com
mittee held Us first meeting af
ter organization last Thursday at this
place when final arrangements for
the campaign were completed. This
campaign, It la expected, will gather
In a membership of one hundred can-
Mt. Tabor church. Portland, the
clerk.. Rev. Dr. MacKenzle. preBldent
of San Francisco Theological Semin
ary, was present and gave two very
Interesting addresses on the subject
interesting addresses on the subject
of '"Christian Education." The re
ports from throughout the state show
the church to be in a prosperous con
dition, and advances made along all
lines of church work. The next meet
In a mcmberswp of one nu.mrea can- at pen
didatea who will be initiated in this L.
(Continued on last page.)
Floyd Woodward, who lives auoui i Jo8nph A Moore
iullo north of hi in and who happened re wajj bori
to be on his way home from Bueiiui ohl0j Qn the u of April jg44
viain dint thn escuned convicts had .. . . , u nrt Bventeen
crossed the river and were a snoiu
distance down tho road and r. quest
ed him to notify the authorities at
the peliltentlury. ' Woodward hurried
home as fast as possible and on bis
arrival telephoned Superintendent
James of the penitentiary that the
convicts were in that vicinity and at
tho samo time phoned City Marshal
FenRloH of this city to secure a pon
ee and come out.
In Just flfty-fivo minutes from the
time the word was received at the
penitentiary, Superintendent James,
Warden Curtis, guards Jlusslck, Gage
Bailey and 1 Union and Deputy Sher
iff Wnlter Johnson, of Marlon county,
arrived at the Woodward place in tin
automobile and in leas than on? hour
and a half the convicts had boen lo
cated and a thrilling battle was in
progress In which Walter Johnson
was shot through the log by a bullet
trom one of the guns held by the
convicts and Geo. Duncan was shot
through the body by a bullet from
the gun of Johuson.
Tho scene of tho shooting was
about 300 yards south of Buena Vista
whpr the convicts were located by
Walter Johnson and Duncan Ross
While the balance of the party were
eating their supper. The convicts
were standing in a path by the side
of the road. When within about twenty-five
feet of them Johnson said,
"Hello, boys, I want to speak to you
a minute." .
The words had hardly left his
mouth when the convicts, three of
urmed with automatia re
volvers, opened fire. With the first
uij. Tnltiiann
7 Z of the Hgh leg b our successor, who comes among us
in the shin of the right t recommended as a business
pir S Z eg out .t man and one who thorough.y under
passing uuuufeu t. & ,,nHortak ne business in
. m A ttor .(11UHUU BUIUUO fc" "
me rear ol - . I,. .. details. Thanklng you again
was shot ne empueu u. lc.".. .
opened fire with his rifle at the con- we remain, yours truly. Bice & Cal
Victa who were making a get-away- wem-a.
Boss, who was a little behind Jonu
son when the firing began. Jumped
Died at his home in Highland, two
and one-half miles south of Indepen-
o'clock a. m., Tuesday, October n
Mr. Moore was born in Belmont
Here he spent the first Beveiueeu
years of his life and in 1861 moved
to Peoria, 111. While living at that
placo he met Miss Mary Gentle to
whom he was married in 1870. Their
union was blessed with five children.
After his wife's d. ath, which oecured
in 1881, he removed to South Dako
ta, where in 1884 he married Mrs.
Hattie M. Featherstone. To them one
child was born.
Mr. Moore and family moved from
South Dakota to Oregon in 1888.
where he hits since resided, lie
joined tho Presbyterian church while
quite young and remained faithful to
tho end. Mr. Moore leaves a widow
and six children to mourn his death.
The body was' taken to Wilsonville,
Clackamas, county, where it was in;
terred beside that of his son.
Mr. Moore was a beloved and lov
ing husband and father and his death
is a great loss to his family.
clt oarlv in December. It has bee
announced that the initiation ceremo
ny will be conducted at the auditori
um where the candidates, officers
and team will be on roller skates dur-
lmr the Initiation. The town of In
Card of Thanka.
We take this opportunity of ex
tending our thanks to the friends
and neiehbors who have been so kind
Ing the initiation, rue town or u- - - sympathy
dependence will think a cyclone has us
aepenaenco wm mum a , , . ,
struck her when this ceremony takes during our berEavemen
niace. Special trains will be chartered
from ' Portland. Dallas and other
towns on this occasion. Many promi
nent Woodmen will be here on that
night, including General Organizer F.
B. Tlchenor, Head Managers John
Patterson and Congressman Hawley.
District Organizer Simpson will assist
the various camps of the county to
secure applications.
It will be one of the biggest frater
nal events ever held In Polk county.
General Organizer F. B. Tlchenor,
who was also In Independence with
Mr. Boak, had the following to say
of the big campaign which is planned
to take place in Independence in De
cember: "With the committee that has been
appointed co-operating with the field
force of the order 1 predict that the
meeting on the 7 of December will
be the largest gathering ever wit
nesseed in this city. It is going to
do much to advertise Independence.
We will Put the name of Indepen-
"Of all the thoughts of God that are
Borne inward into souls afar,
Along the Psalmist's music deep.
Now tell me that if any is,
For gift of Grace, surpassing this
'He giveth his beloved sleep'."
Having sold our undertaking busi
nesa to C. W. Henkle we take this
opportunity to thank our many
friends and the citizens of Indepen
dence in general, for the liberal pat
ronage extended us during the timt
we were- engaged in the undertak
in a- himiness. and also request that
volvers, shott Job, on they extend the same courtesies to
volley one of the shots hit Johnson J a a u8
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i ; T", : X!, : 77
f .
; v. 4?.
( 4'' t
!' , " ' 4 -
; i
i '"" ,
! " t
Head Manager of the Woodmen of
' tho World, to be in Independence
Deecember 9, 1909.
Mrs. J. A. Moore and children.
,The foot ball team of the Indepen
dence Athlelic Club went down to de
feat in the game played last Satur
day afternoon with the team of the
Alco Club of Albany, at that place
The boys are not discouraged over
their defeat as they were consider
ably over matched, the average
weight of the opposing team being
about eight pounds heavier than that
of the Independence team. The score
was eighteen to nothing In favor of
Albany, all of which was made in
the first half. In the last half our
boys played them to a stand still
and feel confident when the game
is played in this city, some time in
the future, that they will be able to
L'ive them a good run for their mon
ey. In the first half the Albany team
worked a couple of forward passes
on the boys that . they were not ex
peering, which, shot them all to piec
es and before they could get settled
rtnwn tho name was won. Those who
went over with the Independence
team say that the work of the boys
Khnwe.d that they have got a lot oi
o-onrl material that with proper coacn-
ing will be able to cope witn aimosi
any of the amatuer teams of the vai
Has Recovered from Injury
Fred Mosenian was the victim of
an automobile accident a few even
Inns aeo. savs the Monmouth corres
nnndnt. of the Dallas Observer.
While returning from Independence
tn his milk wagon, an automoDite
PATTIA tearine along at break-neck
speed and collided with him One
whi nf tho aiito caught in the
wheel of the hack and turned th
... TT- MrGOTIlftn
. vonieiA over, luiumus
dence into the homes of i.uuo uuu peo - hjg M n
pie in the United States and Cana ut "at the automobile car
da, as our official organs will reach "Jer JJ. Automoblle accidents
that many nom. a. u u bpcoInin far too common and
been appointed from tne . - - done tQ a
camps of Portland to work up an ex- some. mug
mirsion from that city. I am assurea '
nf hie crowds from all near-by towns
We are going to do everything in our
power to make the meeting a record
W will Day good price for handle
mab-a tna mpfirinir m. i etui u . - -
people present . k,LollP. stumnage also considered.
"The campaign wnicn .s now Uci..6p. - -
opened In Polk county by the Wood- Pacific Coast Handle & Mfg Co., Dal-
men of the World will be one oi inenas,
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