Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, October 01, 1909, Image 5

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E. Utile? of Seattle was In town
Guy V. k.-r was
or taut Tus.iay.
Culliis iil-
tln, Ioitl Lrrts wu among thost
who went to rialiMii Tui'uiiky,
porry N"ff came down from Cor
valll Tuvsday on a business mission.
alive of the Portland Evening Tulo
(rata, spout hut Tuesday lu Inde
pendence la tbo Interest of fcla pa
Ufa. Huliiiiiiniii Imm r.!urii.-J fiuiu
('orvallls win-. . j has b-n vlolt
lug her dun. hit i, Hurtlm, for the punt
i J. A. Moirlso... from Hint IiuhUiik
town of 8mi'J , dropped In Tuesday,
and ftr Inter,. e I . our w ri liunti
weut on hi way rejourn.
Cbea. K. Uaiiictfiitti:, of Albuquerque
N. M., wm In tli flty (hi work.
Clyde Manor of Sutherland, Iowa,
eputit a day or two In the city this
Mr. and Mr.. W. of llK over th .l.uuilon wl.b
.Albauy were visiting In ttila city this
D. r. June
wm ft Salem TUitor
from SaUun, was
town Tiii.ay.
Dr. Allln uiadit
Hal. in MumUy.
doing bulns to
a buslm-a trip to
Mrs. t'lsude hkinm-r wa a
vUl.or l'i .Monday.
A tnajorl'y of the schools In the
coi.uty started hut Monday.
V. N. liri'wu of Ii:u aa a
day via. tor In Independence.
Itila '
The cigar, tobacco and s'-ft
Hector Uingrass baa none to Me- " , " . .
jtiiiiiviiju wure 110 naa accepted aj - , , , ,.
. . Btrect, changed ba. d on Tuesday of
" U' - this week. Ulck tialn. a being lb., pur-
Jessu Whlteuker and wife were chaser.
I'oriland vlaiiura
J&st week.
the latter part of
Mr. and Mra. 1. Davidson went to
guloiu luat Tuesday, returning the
(hum evening.
Sheriff J, M. Giant of Dallaa wua
doing buuluca In ludt pendente Tuxa
lay of Ibla week.
Mabel Porterfield waa an Albany
vlnltor tbla wtn'k, going over ona
ehupptug expedition.
Wright Porterfield haa rcturn-d
from Coqullle where bo haa been on
Ail outing for aouit'mo.
T. V. Kourke. a traveling; man of
Portland, waa Interviewing Independ
nee merchants last Tuesday.
H. A. I'hllllpa, ft Jowelry vendor ot
San Franclai-o, waa In town Tui'Hday
looking aflvr hla holiday trade.
Mlaa Grace Wallace departed luat
Monday for Corvallla where ahe went
to atteud the agricultural college
Henry Dahra, an employe of the
Southern Pacific bridge gang, spent
a day or two in th'a city tbla week.
Cbarlea Llghtfoot of Portland waa
An Independence vlaltor Tuesday In
the lntereat of one of the wholesale
bouiioa of that city.
H. 8. Spalding, traveling repreaent-
11. Wheeler, a farmer In the tUIn
Ity of Suver, waa In town Tuenday lle TueHday
rc porta the farniera In bla loculliy aa
anxloualy waiting for rain ho Unit
they call commence their fall plowing
Wm. Illia left for Portland the flrat
of the we k on a bnalneiia nilaxlon.
Tim work of pulling a new tin roof
OB the city ball baa been completed.
C. Bhenefleld and wife were among
tlx. who went to Kalem lat Monday
E. K. Autron, Wile and aon, llop--well,
were doing bualneaa In the rlty
Hev. McCain waa in the city Sun
day and Monday on hla way home
from lluena Vlata where be preached
th funeral sermon of Mr. Uevemi
W. A. Peteraon, M. l).,.from Klgln,
Nebraska, arrived In town luat Sun
day. Mr. Peteraon came here In
aearch of a aon who mybterlotiHiy dis
appeared from here lust spring. At
the time of going away he left hU
suit casea and clothing at hla bourd
ing house and hla father gathered up
the personal effoUa of hla aon anu
lft for home via California Monday.
U. 8. Grant, the well known goat
breedpr of Dallaa, ahlpped aeven fine
Angoraa to Iloanoke, Va ," Wednesday
of last week. The goata purchased
from Mr. Grant will be exhibited at
the Virginia state fair.
R. H. McCarter, who has a farm
out aouth of town, waa In the city
Tuesday. Mc says that he haB his
crop all harvested and la now out of
a Job until next spring. He seenia to
be happy and contented with his
year's work. ,
H. D. Radcliff, an Insurance man
Martin Krai s returned W dneday
from a biulnena trip to oaiciu a..j
Mlsa Madgt Groves wen to Dallaa
Monday on a visit to Mr. and Mra.
F. H. Morrlsou.
W. E. Drown of Portland waa In
terviewing bla many frienda In this
city uu! Tm-sday.
Mnry E. Stone haa filed an appli
cation for a divorce from b-r husband
Kdwlu K. Stone.
Mrs. Jesse Whlteaker went to Mo
Mlnnville Wedneaday on
It to ber parents.
to Kawbarg Ut Tueaday U) attend
tha wadJlug of Mra. Cummlua' son,
Thomaa Blaylo k to Mlaa Grace fin
ley of that rlty. After the erii f.-iy
waa pcfumn-d. Mr. aid Mr. Play
lock accompanied tbtlr jjr.nta I
t hla city w.iera they rmal.i ! until
yeaterday, ie urnlng ou the aft rnooi
train to Newberg whera lii y l i
maka their future borne.
Wanl.'d Hu'ce.a Diagaaln wants
an energetic and responsibl uan k.T
woman In InJepemtcnce to collect for
renewals and solicit new aubaciiptlon;
during full or spare time. Kiperlenw
utitieBary. Any one ran atari am
ong friends and arqualutanrea and
build up a paying and permanent bus
tneaa without capital. Complete out
fit and Inatructlona free. Address
Von," Bucceaa Maaatlne, Ikmin 103,
Bucceaa Magailna Ilulldlng. New York
City. N. Y. H I
Boya! Glrla! Columbia Bicycle Ftp
Greatest offir ou . G t your friends
to subscribe to our manailne and we
will make you a present of a $40 00
Columbia. biy 1. the best made.
Ask for particuUra, free outfit, and
circular telling "How to Start."
Addresa, "The Bicycle Man." 2931
East 22d Street, New York City, S.
T, 17-IS
Mlsa Hattle Mix. the talioreaa. haa
Just received a new line of aamplea
for men's and youths' aulta which ahe
will be pleased to have you call and
(lamina before ord'-rlna. l7:f'
Lost On the oounty road, betwc
Indeoendence and Sidney, a woman
arav handbag containing aum
Mra, NetIM Boydaten-Campball Passat
IiI. SftiuWr i, in Ibis riiy,
Mr. Nnllla Itoydftton-Campbell. ad'd
S3 yeara, t months and 10 days. 81m
pla but t ftffe ting funeral a-rvlcea
were bld from the Evangelical
church September 2't. Rev C. C. Pol
ing officiating, assisted by Rev. Mr,
Ballantlne of Dallaa. Interment waa
mad In !. O. O. r. cemetery.
Nellie Boydston-Campbell waa bora
and raised In Independence, being a
daughter of D. P. and Isabella Boyd
aton. She waa married to W. K.
Campbell October 4, 196. Besides
her husband and parenta ahe leaves
a daughter 10 years of age to mourn
her death. She waa beloved by all
who knew ber. having been possess- j
ed a kind and loving disposition. She
alwaya strove to make those about
her happy, and her taking away came,
a ahock to the community which had !
known her from childhood. All ex-
tend their heartfelt aympathy to the
er-aved bunband, daughter and pa-
rnta In this their hour of Borrow.
Valley fthaap for Colorado.
Two trains of four thousand breed
ing awes from Benton aad Polk coun
ties will be shipped from Crval!ta to
Cob rai en October Th' shiimetit
means twnty flve thout-a .d dollars
left In the bands of Willamette val
ley bree.iera. ,
Trespaaa Notice.
Notice la hereby given that no hunt
Ing will be permit led on my farm,
known aa the east half of the obi
Stewart place and adjoining the lng
rmanaou place on the west Any
one caught violating this notice will
be prosecuti-d.
Mra. P. II. Drexler.
ahort via- i n,onPy also cneck book on Independ
r (( Pay Rent L
P ; M
t --' . TODAY ..
H - - J W Ing you this ad- V"" (
I J - vlcei we not U1san 'jH i n
j-r-rrpJr to advise you to go to ' " JTt J.
!; af .the poor house and become a public
6 - M charge, but come to us and let us ex-f ljrig
IV pIaln t0 you our plan of now yu can apply
f.S J home, so that in a short time you will be rrjH,,?
V - U the possessor of your own place. i( llliMSrtl
Neither do we me an that you should go "ll.j-JVrl
l to the poor house to avoid the landlord ajpjplpg
'jl problem, but we mean that it will HjfrtEif
$rf. lia fnr our nrnnnBitinn of avoid- I I . "SIS
f& jf Ing him as well as the county's k Ml
fflf home. Our plan avoids both of
ii thesA results. ' B sH
j.jl If you have property that you If
advice that we can give to you a
$5 Is for you to sit down right now 3
jjj and write to the Chas. E. Hicks 3
Real Estate Co., telling them what n
J you have, giving a full and com- Jf
fj plete description. They can sell a
J it for you quicker than any oth- B
vl er real estate firm In the Willam- M
l ette valley. JB
of Independence, Oregon jJ
Send for list of farms for V 4
ll immediate sale W and let lt ol U
J.' S. Cooper Is painting the roof
on his buHinossblot k at the corner of
Main and C streets. .
Mrs. R. W. Allln haa returned from
an extended visit with her parenta
and friends at Portland.
8eventy new amberol four-minute
records this month. Call and hear
them at Craven & Moore'a. Wf
J. C. Morrison, manager of Horst
Bros, hop yarda north of town, made
a business trip to Salem last Monday.
Mr. Stull, of Cummins-Davis real
estate company, is attending court at
McMlnnvllle thla week, being a wit
The Chas.
Hicks Rea
Estate Co.
has become
one of the most
widely known real
estate, firms of the
Willamette valley,
through its range
of advertisthg and
pamphlets sent out
over the northwest.
They have done more
for publicity for Polk
county than has ever
been doae heretofore.
The company sever
quits. Advertising mat
ter is going out every
day. List your farm
and let It be sold.
Justice B. W'llson of Independence
was attending to legal matters at
tire court house Wednesday. Ob
Mike Krebs returned Monday after
noon from Salem where be has been
for the past week looking after his
hop Interests.
J. VV. Webber went to Salem last
Monday for the purpose of being op
erated upon for a cancer by Dr. Tuck
er of that place.
Dr. Chas. H. Robertson and wife of
Salem were Sunday visitors in "inde
pendence, having motored over in
their Auburn car.
The following patents, have been
issued from the United States to the
heirs of Margaret Hutchin, to Thorn
aa Ladd and wife and Mary E. Stone.
"A Beginner's First Reader", has
Keen misplaced from the shelves of
tha public library. The management
will be glad of any information cont
cerning this book.
Wm. Dawes returned Monday from
Portland where he had gone with his
sister, Mrs. Allen, and family. Mrs.
Allen left Sunday on the return to
her home in Livingstone, Montana.
Carl Percival left for Walla Walla
Wednesday afternoon to attend the
race meeting to be held there next
week. Lady Condon and St Salvania
his father's gallopers, preceeded him.
The Skinner Bros, have taken the
Louise off Independence-Salem run.
They expect to rebuild this launch
just as soon as the work can be done
and when completed she will be the
same size as the Independence.
Clarence Hamilton of the firm of
Buren & Hamilton of Salem, was an
Independence visitor last Monday on
his way home from Airlie where he
took his family for a short visit with
friends and relatives near that place.
W. T. Hunnicutt has rented the
Snyder property on Monmouth street
and moved his family into. town. For
the past, two years Mr. Hunnicutt
has been employed by the Chas. K.
Spaulding Lumber Company as a saw
filer and prior to that time worked
in the mills at Black Rock.
Dr. Allin returned home last Sun
day morning from a three weeks'
hunting and fishing trip up the Mc
Keuzie river, in tlic vicinity of Belk
nap springs, where he: has gone an
nually for the past several years.The
doctor reports having met with ex
ceptionally good success. Besides
getting plenty of fish he bagged four
D. W. Cummins and wife went
.nr. National Bank. Finder return
hU nffica and aet reward.' 17-18
N.w line
at Craven &
of up-to-date
Vetch 8ced
Vetch seed la going up and It will
nav vnu to buv now and not wait.
. j ' - -
Our atock la limited and our pril
ls the lowest In the valley. Oregon
Milliner and Warehouse Co. 18ft
par Infants ftad Children.
Thi m Yea Hays Always Extt
Bears the
Or. Allln. Dentist. Cooper Bldg.
f"' A Rood pair of reaalng gras
Vy ses $1.00 at Kramer'a. tf
Faber'a Self-filling Fountain Pens
The? are riht. Williams Drug Co
Dr. Duganne, Dentist, over Inde
pendence National Bank. Bell phone
121; Independent. 4419. tf
Sewing machines, needles, oil and
extras, repairing a specialty, go to H
H. Jasperson.
Special attention to filling family
recipes. Williams Drug Co. lltf
The Ladies are invited to call and
Inspect the new Hand Bags shown by
Wllliama Drug Co. lltf
Wood for sale Second growth at
13.50, old growth $4.00 a cord de
livered. S. Cox. Independence. Phone
143. tfl-2
Brine us your Descriptions. Ac
curacy and purity our aiotto A grad
uate pharmacist in charge. Williams
Drug Co.
New up-to-date caskets and coffins,
burial robes, special line of trim
mings for Catholios, G. A. R. and
secret orders obtained from H. H.
Jasperson. tf.
A well equipped stock of sick room
necessities. Williams Drug- Co.
Old papers for saie at this office
at 25c ft hundred.
Large or Small Orders De
livered Promptly.
Independnece, Oregon.
BY THE ...
Cold Weathtr Advice
to all la to beware of cougha and cold
On the chest; as neglected they
readily lead to pneumonia, consump
tion or oiher pulmonary troubles.
Just as soon as the cough appears
treat It with Ballard's Horehound
Syrup, the standard cure of America.
Use as directed perfectly harmless.
A cure and preventive for all diseas
es of the lungs.
Price 25c. 50c and $100 per bottle.
Sold by Wllliama Drug Co.
Self filling at ft magle touch
And self-cleaner too,
Tbs price you'll find Is not too muck
For tb ons that Just suiia you.
It (Ills Itself, it fills all needs
Foi th cffUa, school or ds;
Among them all the one that lead
Is Faber'a Fountain Pen.
All Styles
At all Prices
Independence, Ore.
Get your laundry done at the
All work guaranteed to be first-clasa. Our prices are right. Wagon
calls for your bundles
Farmers' Feed and Sales 'Stable
H. E1CHEL, Proprietor ,r)
Grain and Hay for Sale. ""' ""
Horses boarded by day, week or month, at reasonable .-ate'
in-e?end:nce, Oregon.
Clover Seed Tanted
We are in the market for Red and Alsike Clover Seed. Send sam
ples and state quantity for sale
Remember that we carry a cc mplete stock of Farm and Field Seeds
including a complete stock of Grass Seeds, Seed Grain, etc.
Write for prices, stating quantity, wanted. Samples sent free.
Our prices are the lowest In the valley for first-class seeds.
Auditorium Skating Rink
OVIATT BROS., Prorpietors
Open EVERY EVENING Except SUNDAY From 7:30 to 10
Double session every Saturday evening
Good Music, Hardwood Floor and first-class; Skates. Come out.and
. enjoy yourself. No Rowdyism allowed.
Anyone wishing good reliab e fire insurance call on or write to
Agent for Beaver State Merchant? " al of Portland, and the
Hankers Merchant Mutual of Forest Grove
tills W
are Dutch Collars, Ruches, Hosiery, Toweling, Ladies' and Chil
dren's Underwear, Combs, BarrsttcS, Ladies' Gloves and HaiP
Goods of which we have a large and complete line
When in Salem
call and examine our line of goods which comprises everything
usually carried in a Variety Store. Our prices are right.
Remember the Place
The Variety Store
64 N. Commercial Street,
Salem Oregon