Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, August 06, 1909, Image 6

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Rial EUte Iffintn
Tlio fnllulii f the rl lomiii
trankfi rt r ioiuiJ tr the ud-
V It Alllll et UX to H 1 1 '!
it 40 . rvi i a r 4 I I"
M WCkiua il ux to K N Hull I
125 .
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which h been
In use for over 30 year, litis lrti the ulirnntiire of
mid hm bwii made under It in pm -unl
mt?rvls!ou Iuo Its iufi.u. j.
r4 'urt AllovMiouetdcelT Tenia tat.
AH Onntert Its, Imitation and " Jnt-aa-sroMr? ure but
K?KTimciit that trifle 'with nd endanger the hmvltk f
luiauM and Children Exiwrlonce against Kxporltaeat,
Cttorf is a. liiirmk sttbstlttita for Caster Oil, Pare
povlc, lrop a:td SMthmjr Syrup. It Is Pleaaant. It
t-onailaii wither Opium, Morphine nor other Kareatle
MiWn:ic I;. nje la 1U guarantee. It destroys Wwmw N
und alLty IVvfrlslntos. It curea DlarrhwA and Vlud
Colic It relieves Teething1 Trouble, curea CuimtiputUm
ai.d I I tul'm-y. It assimilates the Food, regnlat the
Kuattavit .iul iioweli, giving1 healthy and natural aleey.
Iho ChiUi rut''! Pauacea-The Mother Friend.
Sears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
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the week selling. We are display
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Special Attention to Commercialjand
College Organizations
160 Court street . Telephone 209 Main Cnlpm
Telephone and Messenger Service at Hotel O-ICIIl
, I and Chan IU.h lt In lii:U
'C C HeroiEKill to c 1$ ! rj Kin.
AT i rii ,. u in i ii it r t. w
in t u . r o w
T I' Jk by nliiilniali.Ui'lx l
I J' II Muran 1 :i 7 a r-N t 8
r 6 w
Klin Si hiifl.l. r hiuI SiiihIi Jm k
to J It Mtiritn I J? urns I 8
r 6 w ,
Wftiera llios Invent iiient C-'.
o A I lurking In lolii In Vel
Salrin , ,
The englneerlnr le.nrtineiit or tne , Wttll ra roH iveHtin.'iit fo to rxlt, of Kanw." Im .Ui hl.d to I . kl,11N,,lu i,8 ... W,.Bt
Snletll .... ,
I i
Countiti and Towni May Hava th
encr.t for th A.kma Material!
and Mtlhodi Found That Will Makt
Macadam Last Indafmitaly,
I :.tiil
lulu the km1 ruHtla iiiovtMiient. I'lMin
now en It will I einil(iHil to plve tlie
benefit uf lis ti-atlnis Inlmrstortea to
ih. roiintte and ililr In the Htnte of
Kuiimin nil mnd mute! IhI xinl meth
wis. A liulhMln will tie pnMlHlied aiwin
by the tlfpnrtm"it ulvlnu the standard
tenia on Diorp tliiin Jim minipltn f
llmentone from th asti'riv tin If of the
mute. The rt'Benta etnbllhtt1 a ti'dt
lnK station at Ijiwrenco about a yenr
nco. tut up to this time there have
Ihtu no funds to pnbllrt'i the remilis
if the testa that have Ihvd niPde. The
testa in the first bulletin are of atones
.iviiilable for niHi'iidnmlrlnit. f wbl'-h
there la practically an tinllmlted
amount ,
In lii5 Irofeaar W. C. Hoad. who
has charge of the work, bnd two sen
ior students tie-in an lnvextlpatlon of
the valueof K.msaa lliiieatoiiea for road
nuiklnir, and they tested nearly a hun
dred Hnmplef. In the followlnc yenr
two more, students, Kdward N Nnyea
and P. C. Mi t'onaughy, carried on the
lisls. Ijiat year more tests wer made
from time to time until the ilepari
meiit haa a pood Idea of what lime
atones will make macadam roads.
There la a wonderful difference In
them, some beliiK practically worth
less, while others and they are In the
majority are first class material.
Two testa are applied, one to deter
mine (he toughness and wearing iimill-
tlc of the atones" and the other to de
termine the cementing properties of
the powder that Is made by the road
roller nml the wear of truffle. It some
times liMimi'tiM that a atone that Is
pood In one resect Is worthless on
account of the lack of the other o,un!l
ty. Wearing qualMe are determined
by the standard 'Tattler" test, which
was originated In France thirty yours
apo. The samples of some are broken
Into uniform pieces, so that fifty will
welph approximately eleven pounds.
They are put Into a 'rattler," which
coiiKlsts of nn Iron cylinder, set ut an
anple of thirty degrees with the axis
of rotation. In the test, lastlnp five
hours, the cylinder Is rotated loo.OOO
times, and the amount ground off the
samples in that time by weight de
termines the measure of wearing qual
ify of the stones. In making the ce
ment test the powder Is taken from
the "rattler" and mixed with water.
It Is allowed to harden In cylindrical
briquettes and Is tested for Its resist
ance under the trip lmnilner.
"We expect to be able to make tests
from now on for any town or county
Wa ers HroH. Investment Co to
It A Kirk lots In West Sa-
W C Soachcst et al to Loreiuo
Lough 34 acres t 6 r 6 w
Harriet Scudder to C A and K
M Dei k land In Independence
Amanda C McLeaih and hd to
Waters Uros. Investment Co.
lots In west Salem
V O Bowman to Ll.!e How-
uutn 110 acres t 9 r 5 w
K D dossier to J S snd L K
riurkhard lot In Monmouth
aucy J Frlnk to Harriet K
Smith part lot 3 blk 14 In
Dill las
Kdward D I'errlu et UK to Chas
Spalding Co. 320 ai res
Edward B Perrln et ux to Chas
Spalding Luiu. Co. 1G0 avr.
t 9 r 7 w
J M Crowley et ux to Robert
Stephensoi land In t 8 s r '
4 w
Mary A Chapman to Chas K
Spalding Lum. Co. right of
O S Uels to Lizzie S Stiipp
lots in Independence
Heury LnJrance et ui to H (1
Campbell 18.50 acres in t 8
8 r a w
J o VanOrstlal et ux to Nel
lie Billiugs 12.57 acres t 8 s
r 5 w
J O VanOrsdtil et ux to ueo
W Johnson 47.57 acres fc 8
G W Johnson to Waters Bros.
Investment Co. lots ill West
J G E Oelss et ux to Christ
Domaschofbky 70 acres t 7
s r 5 w
A 11 Fletcher et ux to Jacob
Domes 155 acres t 6 s r 5 w
Chas Falst et ux to Jacob Faist
lots In McCoy
Remedies are Needed
Wr we rrtt, which we are aot, medu-inri would
nut ulteit fce ne-dd. Hut iee our ty.trnii hsve !
Cum weakened, impaired and broken down thrush
btJitoretion which heve done on Irani lh eerly
tlin.h eounllcK (rnrrslion, remedin art needed la
aid Neture in correctmi our Inberiled snd tihrrwie
ecttuirtd weekne.we. To reach the et ul Homei H
weekneei and conenicnt dirfr.tive trouhlr, there il
Bulhmi so iiHtA Dr. Tieree'e (iolden Medical IWnv
ery, a lrceno compound, n erected Iroin native medio-
,!. Id lr over lorty veer with Sreel eli'l.clion to all Ueen.
Week Siomech. HdioueneM, I.iver ('omplaint, I'ain in the Mumach slier eetm,
lleerthiirn, lied Ureuih, Helchin ol oid, tlhronio Dierrliee end ollief liiie.tiual
llcrenjrmenU, (be ,,Diooery" is a time-proves and Bluet eBioient teniedy.
Tti genuine haa on It
outhidc wrapper the
You esn't sfford to eeeept t eeoret noetrum si a iuh.tiliile lor this non slco.
holio, medicine os inoin composition, not even Ibouilli the urgent deelrr n,, y
llirrcby make s tiltle hirr proht. .
Dr. 1'ierce'e ricu..nt I'ellels reule!e end invlgorele (lomavh, liver 1
howrli. Suir-iHietcd, tiny renulc, iy to take si eandy
Experienced Felt and Panama
Hat Cleaner and Blocker '
190 South Cimmnclal St. JCf totilef lewirrcAGiett ly Store
Phone 565 - - SALEM, OREGON
l. A. MAIHSON, I'rt.p.
Corner Commercial
him! Stutc Mtrert
When You Sit Down To
a Meal
in this restaurant you are pure It will
excellent as to food, eookinu and wry!!--.
The urro!iinlliii'H soeuk for tlieinselves,
ami th" lilll ol f,ir- tells iiiuuly ul line
eatlnit at 'Ittle prices. Come liraml brmtt
n irieml or I wo aloiip- Vmi will 1 1 tw
be ple-iscd.
White House Restaurant
Wm. McGilchmt & Son, Pmprirlnn
I I f f I '
i i J jl' r
1 T t I
Highway Maintaining Scheme.
Many Herman hhrluviivs are Unci
with cherry trees. When the fruit
Is line It Is fathered and sold, and thl
ing the highways.
that has a macadamizing project on-1 nr-oop,,, ,r to the funi'. for nmlntnlu
ler way, ' said rroiessor uoau, -ana
I believe the work will be a great
thing for the good roads movement in
the state. There are any amount of
limestones which, If properly selected
and put on the roads, will make roads
that last Indefinitely."
There are only six other testing sta
tions in the United States that are
equipped for the tests now being made
at the university. The only other one
west of Ohio is at the Iowa Agricul
tural collope -s-Kansas City Star.
your pleaaure may be the fact that
you presented your music loving
daughter, son or wlfo with an ex
quisite musical instrument from our
rare stock. You may dovclope a musi
cal phenomenon unawares. Anyhow
members of the family possessed of
one of our fine guitars, violins, man
dolins, rlthers, banjos or cornets can
not but make the home pleasant and
247 Commercial St Sulom, Oregon
Novel Movement at Sturgeon, Mo., For
Good Highways. ,
A road drag parade half a mile in
length attracted a crowd of people to
Sturgeon, Mo., the other day and un
doubtedly converted many who will
take up the work In the future.
The puaie was headed' by the Stur
geon band. In carriages were the offi
cers of the Brotherhood of Uoad Drng
gers, and then followed the drags,
which were furnished by the farmers
living near town. At the end of the
procession on automobile owned by
i. A. Pollard carried a drag, and this
feature was liberally applauded along
the line of march.
Sturgeon is trying to sustain her rep
utation of having the best dirt roads
of any city in the state, and the road
drag Is doing the work.
Good Roads Prescription.
At-a recent meeting of the highway
commission and road supervisors of
Unltimore county. Md.. Dr. Charles L.
Mattfeldt, cue of the highway comm!s-v
sioners. wrote the following prescrip
tion for pood roads:
Good stone
On wood grades,
Over good base,
Dry and well packed.
Rolled and rolled.
Oiled or tarred
And properly drained,
Dustless and waterproof
Success will follow.
It will be noticed that the letters
forming the beginning of each line
spell "good roads."
If you'do, don't purchase until you have
inspected the celebrated
The Crime Of Idleness
Idleness means trouble for anyone.
It's the same with a lazy liver. It
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ice, sallow complexion, pimples and
blotches, loss of appetite, nausea, bu
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ish liver troubles and build up your
health. 25c at all druggUts.
a full
p mi cit
Since the first World's Fair, held In London In 1851, the McCormick has
remained first In International leadership. McCormick machines are de
signed and constructed to harvest the grain and grass crops of the world.
These machines have maintained their pre-bmlnence because they have
been kept far In advance of ordinary machines. The durability of Mc
Cormick materials and workmanship has never been rivaled. j"
Our Stock of
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware
is Complete and tip-to-date. Call and get our Prices
HANNA BROS., Independence, Ore.