Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, July 30, 1909, Image 2

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    i'"i Iki) iioUiiiik in-rr o il l !
f,!il r.v. lit (ill. In I lf-vl
lit! he Tlit ilt.ti H be
..n h 4) t-..r M (U'Mll'-lil t,t
liH.l l ( ibuS htttvtl 'i!iTi ! .
I lit tii m fctt dolfe Hit tel.',
" .
"tell I
I lilt II
f,.r U e ki iil (" i
f M it. V. P . Hf aoll MC Ati M t'O AST
(Continued from Uwl
"What ttiat t yir
"Stir tMi't 111?" J.'UiHii.'.'l
anxl.'U-'y, i-Mh tow th miine
In the l irf f' i!"V ml.-.
hii nil r!t,tn." Jim iir'J
. . ... - . t ....... 1 ... .....
111..' f.Hil lo I IC other Hlltl Hlll-U 111' ' ...
piii..r' bun Im;
lb- 'ie J:i ! U'.e.S ! I '.
ant w.f mh Hi 1 1 way." Kiv.Tn.m
i: !!! ti.var.l tat .-'ii.
-j i !.. In- ain't gtue" niieered
!"t "lie f'!lt' l T tl tll! lot to
Ii.t. and hi' ain't to tflM up
1.1 'lie iI'M-n It. V.m watt lu-re I'll
Ami ktiH liai-l'T. he' roiit.'iitr
Till until IVlt'lat tltllSy . I'e
trl -1 t. think if ."tiH- hv t.t ri!i n,:
their inlk. "I'vo n.-v.T linnl fr.uu '
Iht. yHi ktinw "
T fn. tl-n't Bt imi.'li i:n i
rhe." Jim turn.t! uvny ai-J Ih-sjiij ,
tl:i!:riTK with -f ttu t'"if
li.uf;!im TMi'ktnl up nl it it "vn In j
lit'! '. 'f 111"' ti'ins M.'Hln mil m :':i j
f.k'liiiiiK iiRiilnft tli-l.o to Io tbe vt'ry
thiiiw tlmt be J.'lusJ. Iut t tm
I i.r,iv mid now thai l.f was tiiT It
KTiucil Iml i-if-Ui;.- that he hh"Ulit S-
ay ho uii!itlxllil. lie i-rin-.l t Jim
ii.t ;. inf il...-niiiai'illy to ihe inlm.
i'"'t I Iht. Jlmt"
"It'w utrin tlie rule. lledld mi tnrn.
There was .nu ilier iiiuse: tl eii I'mrr
Inn started til..w!y nit of the lot.
"Walt a n.lnute." mled .!lm. s
iluuiKli tlie wunlH h id t.een wru-ii: from
Llni. The I'ame Imek tvltli A
question In hi eyen.
"I lied to yon "
j "She' not well, then?"
' ''(ill. yes. slie' veil enouirh. It ain't
Jthnt: !t' ul-out her lelns hnrvr"
"She Isn't?" There a a imte vt
tiin-onih-lom i'Hu!:at!on In hit voice.
"No. She nin't li!ipy here, nn' she
as b'ipi'y with you."
"Thi n why Hd --lie leave me"
i don't kimw. Sh wasn't ffoin' to
o It at firt. Sotiiothln' must ':i' Imp.
pened afterwards, some-l.iu" liiat you
an' me didn't know alHuit"
!ti fie irrt ti.m of t.i wif.'oli
f',.r...ii neilsl ii-i " ImMiutott
In v. lie w;i oi:-rnttil..tlnlil.u
'.( il."U hi (To. d fori line when he ill
Uir ...i'Ulnl wl'h n Hyliitf ! pui iu.hi,
V:il;l l.;ii4.' Ill the dirn thMi of the mil III
cnl : i.lilstl. 'filed rye would have
mm; i ! v ii rather (if.iiit mtvl.sit i lid
In f:tk tihU. (nit livers.. n wa ti"t
M-Hd-ileuled. and he te.ter,nl after thf
It lUnu rt!it;e. even unto the forbidden
liot'UtN of Ihe tii top.
He was peefhi); l!ir. .Ut;ti the urtutnl
nhi h lad fallen U-liind lier ;ii:it ti
!.' (liiS III lirsi lillnife i.f til.- ! -It
h.(.i!iih! world l.ey,.nd when oi.e if
ihe rlotviiH d.ish.-d from tile dretiKlni;
lent on hl way tn the ritiif. .
The elonii wa late. lie aw the
lU.ip loallaiia of the deneiui. who i.
'.jn I' nuarteia hi Ihe lent. Hi re wiih
a i h.inee to ui:ike a finny entrance.
!'e ; :-:i: eJ lie in nspei tlnv liitle in.ui
i'i.-'l Ihe r." r. The terrified deaeoii
sti out I I! i'.h In nil diiv lions, hi
Mai .; :: s : :J Ire in viim like i-en-tlfii!
;:. Urn Die ( town tie'd hl a lirmty
hy thf- hai k mid thrust him head fore
m; Into the tenl.
S.loirr re'itrnid almost iMiinediately
from his unsu ee's''ul h for the
af ior He lookiit iiN.ut the lot for
i:i -
"Uiy, there, Klverson:" he called
lustily. There win no response.
"Now. wtiere'N he pot t'iV" pruinhle 1
Strons. He disappenred nuh kly around
the ei rner cf t':i i!n s :hr tint, re
solved to keep a sharp lookout for
M.. o,iiiUj. Mo- V"l.''l H"l
.'tr li.ii'.lt time ! V, i;. hi 1
!!. (. Ut-il HI Iter In HiJllltfl ifllt M,
.!m" It. r t ie iittotii ii ' I'y
,ltui. fhe oliUr I" him. U.on
...... I'l'l"1 o U- iit!t h r li-it hepe'
IlliiU Mild fcf llkllllS Willi 'Jewel.
Mie t.'Ul.t. t!fi t'.i til li't lo oj ,
tier !l;i. t'.ll ii;l Ho trtl ie fiolll
;!ii'iii y.w itlul U'e ,ilor If itil al
.to II tuliei i .u-i IV ;.'' i" i; ' ' ''
.y inei rr in fir aptn IVi.ItU 'ie,
too. t lit 'It,. Ill her lMlll- I ii' i :
ile Ha older, ill . Uvlt-. I - oe llll til
eve were deeper. lh 1.h. In their ! Induing aul l-e-v Ulliit.
' pn.', tr John, pifdite d.Hi 1
ma him Mtiy wori-e""
W hv didn't you tall lh" ! de
lime '.s
' tl u....;.l tU. l.. .l,"
.t-.ld "i Mi hy why w.m't
le e Hie M I.e.
' i..i', hue dii a'4 the cent It.
U'e VI ol.. I WlL.t tUht bail lie I" .
j mi l..i. H to llt.n "
I I.. nl every nwht." nll Hit. mi.
llill. .
" ' it t i-le t Itniicia
"Ii wan nn duty."
' dntj t Votir narrow inlti.le.
I .. .
I t aliotv in t mini to la k tt tin
Ilk t! at. I"t even my p iroii "
'i iu not tiir uirtHi any"
iecl r.-.l I toil'.- a lie f.o til S, o I;
.11.11.1) He vv (i mnier nl hi i
,il lit! l'.ii! ellllig Ii Ul'U
:-..V,'-.-. I
' i
depth in I'e I'rnv. I
"111. were mi II vloe ln-l!ili.r lo-j
day I I raihei- lii.'iiklil .vmi .1 tall," '
he :nerl lie V. i II. I. ell. .Ill lit . i. HaylliM It dl l liil inatler
!; vt ii tl.ele v HIl I' r
vv l you le In n i lit im there Itui't
n ii. Ii lipie tor i iiilinu '
"iiiitln Vv by Ve i onie to l ull oil
you." J'hey inlht have lni n xlo p
hel.l anil MheplierdeH on a May U.l ' for the htiilinu way In whleh
their word mine.
"Vou're ull rl:lit" Imi went on.
"You're bapfyV '
"Yes, very," itlie wild. Her eye
were dovv lit a si.
H. .11.1 not 1.1'lleve her The ertort In
her volte, her drawn, vvbl!e fa. v. belied
lier words. llow oolllvl lie gfl the '
truth Iroiu heri i
"Jim siiitl yoti uilKht not want to ve
She stal led, I
"Has Jllll been lillklllt: to ynuT"
"Yes. hut I dluii t let lilm atop Ine,
for uu loltl ine ihe day you left that
ou'il nev er t hiiuire towaril me. Have
j.oii, I'ollyy" lie Miuille.l lier Muxlmisly
"Why, no. of ionise not," ahe aaid
"And you'll lie tplile fiauk when 1 '
ask you Mouielhliii;'.'"
"Yin, of eimri-e." She waa KrowltiK
more and more uuea-j. Slie ;!Miji'eU
uhoiit for a way of escape
"Why did you leave nut im you did?-'
"I told you then " She tried to i-rona
tow Hid the tlrewsltiu It-ut.
He nei.'.ed her siiuill wrimaanil fon'etl
her lo look ur him
"And I am not happy without you.
and I never, never can be." I he tloil
jrates were open. Ilia eyes were hkIow
He bent toward her eagerly
"Oh. you inusrn't."' she beitced.
"You've icrown so close." he erled.
"mo close!" She at rubied to be free,
lie did not heed her. "You know, you
must know, w hat 1 mean." He drew
her toward In'r.i and forced her Into
hi arms. '"You're more precious to
me than nil else on this eariji."
For the first time he- saw the ex
treme pallor on her face. He felt her
prowluc limp and IKel.'ss In his arm.
A doubt crossed his mind. "If I am
wroritf in thinking you feel a I do.
If you honestly care for nil this." lie
plan, ed about nt the tenia, "more tha i
for any life that I can give you, I
YUUH mother: WHY,
to oir.v rof."
,siii: iJ BE ASllAMi'Ji
"We will know about it, Jim. Where
Is she?" His quick eye searched the
lot. His voice had retrained it olil
command. He felt that bfl could con
quer worlds.
',Y'.)it can't do uo wml that way." au
.swoper! Jim. "She don't want to see
you a,4ii III.'' -'
' "Wiiy not?"
"I don't know, but she told me she'd
run avvny If I ever even talked to you
about her."
"You needn't talk. Jim. I'll talk fM
mysoif. Where Is she'"
''Shj'll be comin' out soon. You can
wait around out here wfi'.i me. I'll let
yon know in time." lie lea the v.a.
t'-iiongli a narrow pasnage between the
Jim and Douglas had barely left the
Jot wheu Deacon Elversou's small,
round bi?ad slipped cautiously around
the corner of the dressing tent. The
little doacon glanced exultantly about
him. He was monarch of all he sur
veved. It was very thrilling to stand
here on this forbidden frround smelling
til" sawdust, gazing at the big red wag
ons, studying the unprotected circus
properties and listening to the l!;rhten
Jng tempo of the baud.
"Did you see him?" shouted Stronv;.
who bad followed closely upon Elver-
Bou's Lied?
The little deacon started. Strong was
certainlv a distcrbitv" factor at times.
"Yes. 1 I saw him."
He he-dldn't see her."
"What did he do?" Strong was be-
Elverson was thrust from the tent
poon after, spitting sawdust and much
fliscomfiteu. hy tbe laughing perform
ers who followed him. His knees af
most gave way beneath him when Bar
kr came out cf the ring, snapping hi
long black whip. '
"Oct out 'f here, you bloke!" roared
Barker, and Elverson "got."
No one had remembered to tell the
.room that Polly was not to ride to
night, so Bingo wns brought out ns
visual when their "turn" approached.
"Take him back. Tom." Tolly culled
from the ; entrance when she learned
Bingo was waiting, "and bring Batbu
rian. "I'm not going on tonight. Elolse
!s going to riae in my place."
This was tbe second time today that
Bingo had been led away without go
ing Into the ring. Something in his
big, wondering eyes made Polly follow
him and apologize. He was very
proud, was Bingo, and very conscien
tious. He felt uneasy when be saw
the other horses oing to their work
without him.
"Never mind, Bingo," she said, pat
ting his great, arched neck; "we'll
show 'em tomorrow." He rubbed his
satiny nose against her cheek. "We'll
make them sit up again. Barker says
our act's no good that I've let down.
But It's not your fault. Bingo. I've
not been fair to you. I'll give you a
chance tomorrow. Y'ou wait. He'll
never suy it again. Bingo, never
Hi. Mr. John, Mr. John!"
"What do yui mean by that?" uhoiit
ed Slroi.c
i em that I uta.veil wpli yon mil turn' v iiilo.i.' l itinriei; ... 1 1 '
for.' b.t lU-e I I t H'M'.I in.' led f.
Jtu: now tin v:rl need in,' llli .'.. Jbe
iiets'i tit to pr let her from tit Htteli
Us. .. UtC a your."
', .ud 11 er t o pr .lie. till t our oi '
i ''n i y edi Ice lo V' il "
J call do that w ithout your mill "
"MhjIhi you can l o. I iiiioiher ehur. I
with that vlr ii ridln' slrl a-baiiiin'
romul your tie. k
"lie's ""rlcht." cried Polly "Ye I
couldn't." Sb' clung to the
, ten tiled eiitrenty. "You eotildn't !
atii lht-r ehurt h. They'd nev . r neve.'
. forrlve you. It'a no use. You've got
, let ine go! You've got to!"
' "Listen, folly " He ib ew her tow nr!
I 111 in "tit! I Kteaier than any ehnrfli
j or creed. There' work to be dmi"
everywhere-- hi work."
"Yi u il noon llnd out alMiut that."
tin:' ilen d Stroug.
"So I vvbl." answered Dougl.i. with
his head thrown hl-h "Tbl child hn
op. ned a new world to me. She h i i
nhovm me a broader, dwper humaiilty 1
i Hue and I will II ml the way together" i
"It won't be tin easy one. I'll proud!'
you thiil." Strong turned to go. j
Tin not looking for Ihe easy way."
Doimlas called nfter him: then he turn j
ed to draw folly'a arm within hi, but
fully h ul sllppi! from hi side to fol '
low Ihe ilea on.
"t)h. please. Deacon Pfrotig, please!"
she pleu'etl "Y'ou won't go away Ilk'
that He'll lie all right If you'll onl;.
wait I'm not coining back I'm not
honestly I'm going on with the shovt ,
tonight, and I'm going this time for 1
ever. .
"Y'ou art' going to stay here with '
me!" t ried Douglas.
No. no. Mr. John! I've made up m. j
ml"d nnd ! won't be to blame for you:
ti!i!'ti'phies." She faced him (Irmly ,
now "I don't belong to your work!
,ind I don't want to try any more! I'm (
what he culled me I'm a circus riding
elrl. I was born In the circus, and I'll
never change. That's my work riding I
-ami It's yours to preach You must j
do your work, and I'll do mine."
l '
4M 'fl''-:Lrrv&'
In Case cf Accidcnt-
You ihouU hvt buill ol pur old
whivkry in llic bouM.
One you in nlv upon.
1 hat ou know It rudit.
SiK-h CVKUS NOnLH; lor th
lint lim in 44 ytr now iold ilircl to you.
m b-iiif. iMitkJ in pl i B . QQ
all tkif prepaid U lli Bh
f" Mut nJtMil tp Wlk for I
No dunner of rtlillvJ botdn when you buy
from u.
No dmicr ul mm tlicup v or I him iubl.
tut bcin pnln.itl oil on you.
W have btin the dulribulrriol I lm Uumiit
jL . j brand. lbn wholciak- only, lor 44 vein.
v-T' '" Vi Pure ol J-honcit vlukcy acvl in wood.
I-.vcry bottle gtiariiiivcu.
iHJllUiMV AtJSll
lovio; s . PtiM otrtw
,1 r o aj.
W. J. Vu SclmrMf A C. rn o..,
LmJ yltw MMWItitltt pttM mm m tl mf It, if,
cutuiNl. ciiu noau
(To he contiiiucd)
"Never mind, Jiimio."
shan't Interfere You II be going on
your way In an hour. I'll say good-
.1 8U
of the Independence National Lank, j
of Independence, Polk, cou.sty, state
of Oregon, showing the amount stand !
lng to the credit of every doposltor
July 1, 1901), who 'has not made a de
posit, or whe-bas not withnrawn any
part of his deposit, principal or Inter
est for a period of more than seven
(7) years immediately prior to said
date with the nume. last known place
of residence or postoffice address of
such depositor, and the fact of his
death, if known.
J H Byerley, Independence, Or
egon I 9 35
Levina Simpson, Independence,
W W Ireland, Monmouth, Ore
gon Mrs A E Turner, Independence,
W. D. Elklns, Independence
Oregon 6 00
O S Elder, Independence, Or
egon, -V 81
H Smith. Independence, Or
egon, 4 30 1
Barbara Slouer Est.. Independ
ence. Oreeron 4 00
Charles Phillips, Independence,
Oregon 1 b"
J Ii Morris, Independence, Or-
I Summer Rates East
During the Season 1909
via th m
Southern Pacific Co.
Independence, Oregon
To Omaha and Return $61.95
To Kansas City and Return $61.95
To St. Louis and Return $69.45
To Chicago and Return $74.45
and to other principal cities In the East, Middle West and South.
Correspondingly Tow fares.
On Sal June 2, 31 August 11, 12
To DEVER and Return $56.95
On Sale May 17, July 1, Auguat 11
Going transit limit 10 day from date of sale, final return limit
October 31st.
Theae tickets present some very attractive features in the way of
stopover privileges, "and choice of routea thereby enabling pas
eengers to make side trips to many interesting points etiroute.
Routing on the return trip through California may bo had at a
alight advance over the rates quoted.
Full particulars, sleeping car reservations and tickets will be fur-
nlshed by any Southern Pacific local agoiit, or
WM. McMURRY, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
The Salem Steam Laundry
Leave order at D. Taylor's Barber Shop, Independence, Oregon
1 40
Carrie M Brown, Independence,
Oregon m
by and God bless you, hut. if you do ! Q c neck" independence, Ore-
cure for me, folly." he was pleading
now, "if you're not happy here, won't
you come back to me? Won't you.
She dared not meet his eyes nor yet
to send him away. She stood Irreso
lute. The voice of Deacon Strong an
swered for her.
"So you're here, are you?"
"Yes, Deacon Strong, I'm here," an
swered the pastor as he turned to
meet the accusing eyes of the deacon.
As for vou. miss," continued Strong,
with an insolent nod toward Polly, "I
mi?ht have known bow you'd keep
your part of the bargain."
"Bargain!" echoed Douglas. "What
"Oh, please, Deacon Strong, please. I
(idn't mean to see him I didn't, tru
ly." She hardly knew what she was
"What bargain?" demanded Douglas.
"She told me that you and her
2 61
John F Lacey, Independence,
Oregon 15 00
G A Wells Sr., Buena Vista, Or
egon .... ....
Geo W Murphy, Buena Vista,
Oregon ..... . . ;
Gibson Burch & Fox, Buena
Vista, Oregon .... ........
Wm Wells, Buena Vtsta,' Ore-
7 50
5 41
23 00
30 0
Joshua McDaniel, Rickreall, Oregon
T P Cummins, Rickreall, Or-
egon . . 'B
E L Gale & Co, Independence,
Oregon 1 50
T C James,, Independence, Ore-
. . 2 &
She Court Hsort ai?d
Gerrrpan Lapch Place
I'ISANK II Oi,. INS, Proprietor
357 State St. Salem, Oregon Pborpe 117
"V TF' .JHK.nMWS.ta
Hoskins Lumber Co, Independ
ence, , Oregon .... 2 81
Wm Faber, Portland, Oregon,.. CS 70
H D Waller, Portland, Oregon, 3 84
State of Oregon, county of
I, C. W. Irvine, being first duly
awnrn rlenose and sav UDon oath.that
wasn't ever goin' to see each other I . ,hp cashier of the Independence
ug'ln!" roared Strong. "If I'd knowe.l j Nat,jonai Bank of Independence, coun
she was goin' to keep on with this J ty' of Polk, state of Oregon; that, the
kind of thing you wouldn't have got j foregoing statement is a full.true.cor
on so easy." j r'ect and complete statement, showing
"So that's It!" cried Douglas. Jt j the name, last known residence or
was all clear to him now He recalled ' postoffice address, fact of death, if
even-thing her hysterical behavior, known, and the amount to the credit
her laughter, her tears. "It was you of each depositor as required by the
who drove that child back to this." He provisions of chapter 148, of the gen-
'ni- narrow shoul- "rai laws oi uregon ol iwi.
glanced at Polly
ders were bent forward. The nervous
little fingers were clasping and unclasp
ing each other. Never before had she
seeped so smalMind, helpless.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 13th day of July, A. D., 1909.
Notary public for Oregon.
The Willamette yalley Company
Light, Power & Water at Very Reasonable Rates
WATER. KATE. (Water by meter applies to resi
dence only.) Residence rate on meter applies to cua
tomers only who pay $2.00 and over at the rate ol 20c
per 1,000 gallons; minimum $1.00 per month.
Residence, 15 cents per K. W. V
Business houses, 25 cento per drop and 5 oenta per K. W.
Power, rates on application.