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In an automobile accident on the
road brfwevn this city aud Moutuouth
Ul Saturday afternoon. Mow Win
tra, a traveling wan from Portlaud.
E. V- Sirou and Archie. Tetnerow
of Monmouth, wr seriously Injured
and ther la twine doubt to tha re
Ml,rr of the lalt-r. Th machine in
srhich the party as rldlu at the
Un waa Urge 190. Cadillac tour
ing car. It waa badly and
U will cost somethlui like 1250 or
1300 to put it in commission again.
At the time of the accldeut it U
aald by those ho claim to know,
that the were running at about a
forty mile clip and in a Joshing way
Rron reached over and shoved w
ter'a cap doan over hl eyes and
th.u turned on wore Juice". This
caused the wathiue to swerve to one
l- nf the rod M.d in an alumni
to kep It from hlttlug the fence
Winter quickly reversed the tuacnm
and In doing so It turned ao short
iii.i h automobile turned a com
plete summersault., landing upright.
Thu norimanu of the car were tnrow
kth In the air and alighted In every
direction. Mr. Winters, who was here
. . visit to hla brother-in-law- fc..
E. Hewitt, was hurt the least of any
of the party. He suffered a very bad
ly wrenched leg and severe gashes
about the face.
E. W. Strong, who until recently
was engaged lu the lumber business
a CorvalUs. but at the present time
who is running a drug store at Mon
mouth, escaped with a broken arm
and lacerations about the face.
Mr. Tetherow is one of the well
known young men of this communi
ty who resides with his parents on
a farm near Monmouth. . He was one
of the most seriously hurt of any of
the party. His nose waa smashed
and bones of his face were broken.
One of his teeth was knocked out
and was forced through his lip.
The victims of the accident were
taken to me farm house of Fred
Moseman which Is within a short
distance of the place where the acci
dent occurred, and Dr. Butler of this
city was at once summoned who
dressed the wounds and made the
sufferers as comfortable as possible.
Later on they were removed to their
respective ho'ues.
At the time of going to press Mr.
Strong has recovered sufficiently to
be able to be about. Mr. Winters was
sent to Portland Tuesday morning
while Archie Tetherow is still in a
very critical condition with a fighting
chance for his recovery.
Card of Thanks
The undersigned desire to thank
the many friends of Independence for
their kindness and acts of courtesy
extended to them during their recnet
bereavement in hte death of hteir
father, Thomas Pomeroy.
Mrs. Qeo. B. Pratt,
Margurite Pomeroy,
Dole Pomeroy
Dono Pomeroy.
Lumber production in the United
States was less in the calendar year
1908 than the preceding year. The
decrease amounted to" 17.3 per cent.
Sovereign Camp, Woodmen of the
Wcrld, has appropriated 1750,000 to
be used for the erection of a head
quarters building at Omaha.
Organization of the Sen Sen Chicle
Company, with ia capital of $6,000,
000, which will take over the busi
ness nf six of the largest chewing
gum factories in the United States
and Canada, has been completed in
New York.
Two hundred pounds of dynamite
mysteriously exploded at Fredericks
burg, Iowa, wrecking the business
district of the town and injuring a
score of persons. The shock was
felt 12 miles away.
During the year 190 8 the steam
and electric railroads of the United
States purchased more than 112,
000.000 cross ties, costing at th8
point of purchase, over $56,000,000
The call for the forty-first annual
convention of the National American
Women's Suffrage Association has
been issued. The convention will be
held at the A.-Y.-P. Exposition at
Seattle on July 7.
Edward Everett Hate, chaplain of
the United State senat- tor many
years, minister, author and teacher,
died last week at his home in Rox
oury, Mass. He was 87 years old.
The steamer Tanana has arrived
at Dawson with $500,000 worth of
Fairbanks gold-dust, making a total
f $2,000,000 received ao far this
aeason, en route to Seattle.
Aa additional 15000 waa nt to
the Amerleae mbaaay a Coaatatl
noplt Saturday by the American Hd
Croa Society for the rllf( work
among the dslute pwple U Tr
key. This make 10.000 tent fcf
tbt society.
Tha petition of the proaacutlon for
a rehearing In tha ease of. Louis
Glass, vice-president of the Paeltlo
States Telephone Company, who wai
convicted of bribery by a San Fraa
clwo Jury in 107. baa been granted
by tha supreme court of California.
Attorney General Mulleaa baa
commenced suit i'.g. I t t, .Veste a
Union Tvlegraph Company to co i
pl the company to Ala artlclea of
Incorporation with the aula of Wy
oming or suspend operation within
Ita borders.
Monday ww tha Hid anniversary
of the adoption of the American flag
by coogresa. that Important avoid
having taken place June 14, 1T7T.
While not a legal holiday, tha day la
generally observed throughout the
United State by the raising of Haas
on all public buildings.
Anthony Meyer, a Brooklyn. N.
T., Iceman, on the ame day sold an
Interest In an oil well, which had
cost him 1100. for JI0.000 and re
ceived a letter from a long lost
brother In Seattle saying he had
made 11.000,000 in Alaska, and In
Tltlng htm to go Into partnershfp.
He will live In Seattle.
Off for the Race
V. W. Perclval shipped his run
nlng horse, St. Salvanla. last Mon
dav to Marshfleld where be will en
ter him in the races to be held there
Julv 1. 2. 3 and 5. They went from
here to Portland by boat from where
they shipped Wednesday nlgbt to
The horse was in charge of How
ard Copeland, his rider. Mr. per
cival and Rube Dickenson expect to
leave next week for the same plce
to attend the races.
For sale or trade High-class par
lor organ In good condition. Enquire
at Mrs. Neeley's in North Indepen
dence. Will trade for young stock of
any kind. ' ' ' tf
New up-to-date caskets and coffi is
burial robes, special line of trim
mings for Catholics. G. A. R. arid
retained from H. H.
O'T I . L Wl . . U .,
R.i H. Knox, a merchant of tins
city, last week made complaint to
Salem, that on June 14th' he received
notice of a consignment of potatoes
that had been shipped to him from
Gaston and up to the date of writ
ing, Friday; June 18th the shipment
had not been received. The ship
ment is of last year's stock and as
the new stock is coming into the
market every day he wanted to
know what recourse if any he could
have against the railroad .company
if obliged to receive the goods when
delivered, under the circumstances.
In reply he has been advised that It
is the opinion of the -railroad com
mission that the only remedy at hand
in the evint of a failure to reach
an amicable settlement with the com an action at law to recover
the amount of damages.
From Gaston, situated in the north
ern part of Yamhill county, to Inde
pendence, Polk county, is a distance
of about forty miles, or an average
of about ten miles a day is the re
cord for rapid transit by the South
ner Pacific on the West Side.
Many an Independence Reader Knows
it wen.
i niaIp nnon tn ennvince
iiicib ib a t- tj v.- v
the greatest skeptic. Scores of Inde
pendence people nave niaue il p--ble.
The public statement of their
experience is proof the like of which
has never been produced before in
Independence. Read this case of it
given by a citizen:
Zed Rosendorf, merchant, Main St.,
Independence, Ore., says: "For ten
years I was troubled with kidney
coiuyiaiiii. una
that r was forced to walk in a stoop
ed position. My kidneys were dis
j ' j i w.nnt nf the fre-
quency of the secretions, i was i"
to arise almost constantly during the
night, orten i wouia ue co on ue
not being able to He in any comfort
able position. My nmos o01"c
ii h toqq a nufflness
swollen miu l" . i- , . ,
beneath my eyes. I doctored and tried
everything but received no relief un
til I finally heard of Doan's Kidney
Pills. They helped me from the first,
and I am today free from Kidney
complaint. I believe there is nothing
in the world for kidney trouble equal
to Doan's Kidney Pills."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Milburn Co.,Buffalo, New York
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Among the dauntless and hardy pi
oneers that came with Iaulel IUk.u
on hia return to Kentucky were Fred-
lick and Dorothy Cooper and family,
seeking a home In tha "dark and
bloody bunting ground." They choae
a placa to build a home and settled
on Beaver crrek In Wayne county.
Kentucky, where tha Cooper family
hava since realded. They were of
German parentage. Among the chil
dren born to thla pair wii Henry
Cooper who married Patience Mark.
To thetn wa born May 14. 1SU, Wil
liam Armtrong Cooper, than whom
no atronger nor greater man ever
lived in Wayne county. And moat
truly one whose life and -character
ha meant so much for the general
good of the people of hi native coun
ty. Hla life for the greater part wa
pent near the place of hi birth,
about twelve miles south west of Mon
ticello, In Wayne county.
In hla 22d year he professed faith
In Christ, a .having found peace and
forgiveness of sin through faith in
Jesus Christ.
Shortly afterwards he united with
Heaver Creek Baptist church, being
baptised by Mathew Floyd. He re
mained a member of this church until
hla death ou the 31 day of March.
Ht was licensed to preach In the
year 1S3.", and was ordained to the
full work of the gospel ministry in
1S40. His labors aa a gospel mes
senger were abundantly fruitful. He
haut.sed about 3000 persons during
his ministry, and performed th car
riage ceremony for about 1300 couples
He served his home church at Beav
er Creek for fifty years. He alo
served other churches from one to!
fourteen years. He rendered faith
ful service a.i parlor to Seventy Six,
Clear Fork, Cumberland City. Friend
ship, New Hope, Bethel, Mt. Plsgah.
Taylor's Grove, Canada's Creek, Far
ncll. Mt. Pleasant. Charity and Steu
benvllle. lie also served one year as
missionary to Texas. He labored
Irmif. well and wisely. There is no
standard by which hij work can be
fully estimated. The books of the
last day will lovcai the abundance of
his labors. Wayne county can nev
er adequately meet her obligations
to this servant of God. He was a
strong, true, clean and manly char
acter. His intellect was of a very
high order, and as a thinker,, clear
and analytic, and even to the last
years of his life he had a clear con
ception of the great current questions
.of civic and religious thoughts and
I niv. iiinva with strong and clear
convictions on all moral issues he
was faithful to the utmost in the de
fense of what he believed to be the
"truth as it is in Jesus". Few men
of his time new the word or imu
more fully than he. He was truly a
mighty man in the scriptures. Like
wise it was a rare privilege to hear
him tell his experience of grace in
the forgiveness of sin, the conscious,
peaceful and joyous presence of the
Spirit of the Lord with him from the
riav of his conviction to the end
i- jnnln. hla friends Ills
wnere ne ucl,ihu .v
,1 ,i
abidine hone in Jesus as a blessed
personal Savior. For almost three
quarters of a century he was the
champion of truth against every at
tack of Satan's hosts.
About the year 183 he was united
in marriage to Miss Sally Cooper,
daughter of Daniel Cooper. Through
many years of his ministry she was
indded his co-laborer in the( work of
the Lord and is now wearing a crown
of rejoicing for a large share of the
good accompli'shed by her husband,
having departed this life August 23,
1879. Six children survive them,
What Has Long Been Needed
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SOUTHERN OREGON 600111881011 CO.
namely: Uvlngatoa Cooper of 'r
nell, Kentucky; Ltl.too lad MUUr
Cooper ol Taaaaj Mrs. J. B. Uocae
ter of Paaduaky. Kurky: Mr. L
ol Tr. He urtUfO b
one brother, J. M. Cooper. bo no
Uvea with hla daughter. Mr, W. l
Rector of Alea. Kentucky.
Tha people of Wayue county whose
home, hearts and Uvea bav b"n
hi n.lnlalrv delllM 10
Uis-u "7
honor him. It wa good to aee the
manifestation vt love and reepect
when wa laid hla remain to rest In,
tha beautiful Elk Spring Cemetery at
Montlcello.The good people of Wayne
county will erect a aultable monument
to hla memory. May hi noble and
ChrUt Ilk virtue and faithful ad
herance to hi lord's will be repro
duced In the Uvea of all who knew
and loved him.
Written by R. C. Kimble and
published In the Wayne County Out
i.w.w ,..,h..p .Ihim nf Anrll 22. I'0'-'-
aa, , "
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