Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, June 18, 1909, Image 2

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Irirnl in on Walker hit In
'hurt (ml lliruan out at buuc.
lU-rrjr inl out on fly aut th lu
lilnj ihwrnl by bvliig tut off al
mxiiitl by falling la I b k on t'r
U' fly.
to hid b ktnl ih tUlmr felt con
fident iht for 0110 they lmJ nhlu-tl
inner Tb IniUiiM ttoaml by!
ttnl hlii Hill ho lln.r ml
Oiro out at firt. In thU Inning,
iti huiue boya failed ti -re, Kr i
lit th fourth thf tUliora .).!. hI loin out oil Lull till to 'luher ami
am.iti.-r iipln r l iliir a-i lt i tliroan out at firt, JohtiBoii ami tu
uiMon hit ff and klolo
put out lu an ait.1111 to n-a. Ii
j third I at- on V (' tiii lu !, Zut
Mt a hot one lu third tun failed l thu bull to fir. i. tried
to km k I'eirj out of the twt "
hot tly ulilvti a ir.' taker,
iid-ii'iiii iii al) f ul.'. I to attire.
Lee hit kafo ami Mole net .md K.i!.e
f 1 1 ....... . Iii 1 fanned lillt JuliiiMim ami oree
a'lt'lltt llt't Ittav In kl.iw ami t I'll "
rn-ii ii i nrt, notti erv
Fully FitXn Hundred ftepl Wit
"M FulHl Cam Ever Played en
Independence Ground They Co
Wild Whn Bluet Win Cam.
if 1
pn failing to roum-it with flrt
I hllll Mi failed o mure th
'Ulub ami Sahiii aa retired In tin
ninth with blank Herry a tin
flint man up for the homo loam ami
a hi' Mriipod up to the pl.-ito niiiiio-
OMe In t grambilaiul hallo ih lit
hi in they oiiM gp bim dollar If
hi' wotiltl make tlif circuit. Mo replied
'you're on" ami rapl llio tmll ou r
tli I'lato in li ft ami mail firnt. went
to nim ni(l on I .((' afe till. Till
tae tlio boy confidence ami Kluk
aiue up and foitml l lie firm ball for
a two dancer, on which Kerry and K( or( (I, wlunhiK tin Kitino by n
-orv of ft to four.
.l behind oiiii r -nl.K . of it... ml )
l7: and a hc,,y o , r-- I hrovv" '""
Miia; there may b ii lu thii S.ilcin f.iilcd In IhiIiich nvain in
litti k of ibo iHUa that mak. a ou ' "" titxU- 'ln koI"k iii al flri of a fourth of July i .-lebra ! 011 m " """k In v.ry.
lion iry time you iU tlo ni. 1I0 1.! "'Ihk abUh tamo within bnlf a bloik
limy be plan a wheri' jon li nr ttic j h'"'. bllo ItuuSi'lx and liuuo w- rc
aound of tin- huuniK r am! the bum j r'l,r' 1 '""i. The homo l. iim auc
of lh K w from iA4i.v nioniiuic lu ' '"b'l In Kltltiit oni4 imtu on flrl
1- at nlKht. but wIku It totii.K to 0,1 " orror. HJpin.. t'ravin and
playinij hall lnd''ViiU.Mi-- has them ' alkt-r all fannl.
all skinned a city bloik. So far tlii In lh" cliili Cany ami Woat won I
fcoasou ihoy have failed to ilic'otil on a fly to Klukc, wblb Kitsiiiu.s
olor of th hair of h team thati.ia (it fitM 011 Korco'a rror. Th '
un beat thorn. Last Suinlajr ih 1 Innltijt rbmed by Zoao Ik-Iiik retired'
Fairnioiints of Sab m save them ion a ball to lU'l who threw him out
atkbuso for their money. It bniked at first. Ilerry, Lee and Kluke w iu
fof a whilo aa it the boy would otu In one. two and thre order, fail-'
hav to erawi in their hole and pull Ins 10 eonneei with ball. ' ,
1 ho hob. In after them. j ln ,,, w,.v,.nth IllMhm ,(.,. was 1
It was the b.t exhibition of ball j goim-thlng dolnjc by the visitors and
matin. fn:ii nun rk.Mi tttn in n. i l ... ... i . . . .
. . ... y ., ImI1),s ,,.,,. w.tJ. W,n ,eyfr ,() spet th yard of
P'7 ill r Th o -i.;.,,,. , , KeUK three m.,, overJuIlll ,,,, a h,(rt dls,am.e S()lltn
Tk ; 7 k f' P1Ull,d10," f "M home Plate. Klvlnr them a lead of f ,, ,,ty r,.UirnlnK from there to
Cliiull hiklii aft Aim hmln-i l.vut lli.. uii. ..... ... '
. . emit-ill, r 1111 tin in
emer.amu.eni eommen. , ,,y Kee.on ,he frm ))f ,saa0 p,,,,.,,, & (f
8endiiiS a hot number to Hill and was Tacoma
j thrown out at first. Hill, who Heemedj
j to have lost hlsnervp from the effects
of the hot ball from Keeiou, walked
winning by a arore of 5 to 4
fj how the trlik was turned:
Prominent Hop Dealer Her
Conrad Kribn and Lew Iju'IhiiihiiI
( f Sttlem. Julius I'llll US of I'll! tllUld
and Marry Pim im of Tacoina, promi
nent hop dealer of the nori harat.
were In the t-lty Tuesday. Th( party
In mnkitiK a tour of lu ipeetloii of tli ' I
of the hammer and th hum of the
bop yards of this nectlon and alr.liK
up the hop situation generally In the
Northwest. The opinion of thene gen
tlemen Is thiit the hop erop this year
will be about aixty per rent of mi
average and that prleea will be
the highest In Home time. They went
Salem Fairmount
Jlller 2b
Carey ss
Vest 2b p
Zoe If
Keeton rf
PJielpa cf
Tiinms c
Daniels cf 3b 4
laue p 4
,. 5
. 5
. 0
h po
1 1
0 2
Stomach Troubles.
Many remarkable cures of atoniach
both I'helpa and Daniels. Dane hit troublea have been by Cham-
safe fillliiK the base; Miller struck berluin'a Stomach and Liver Tablets.
out. tarey came up siiilllun anil rap- One man who has apent over two
ped out a short fly to left field who thousand dollars for medicine and
li failed to reach It in time, the ball treatment was cured by a few boxea
0 : bounding over his head allowing f these tablets. Price 2-"i cents. Sam-
1 1 Phelps. Daniels and Dane to pies free at P. M. Klrkland's drux
0 1 score. The crowd went wild. Those store.
1 I
Lee ss
Fluke cf
Ft i ce 3b 2b
Johnson If
Lupue rf
Craven lb
Johnson 2b
Walker c
33 4 4 25 11
Independence Blues
ao r b po
..... o
... 5 1
... 4 1
... 4 0
... 4 0
... 3 0
... 4 0
Barry p 3b 4 1
Hill p 10
Total 39 5
1 1 1
1 1 2
1 1
0 0
2 0
1 13
12 2
0 0 2
7 27 12
2 1
4 1
Two base bits. Force, Berry, Crav
en, Daue; first base on balls, off Ber
ry, 1; off Hill, 2; left on bases, Fair-
mounts 7, Independence, 8; struck
out by Daue, 9; by Walker, l; by
West 1. Time of game, 1 hour and
40 minutes. Umpire George Conkey.
Miller, the first man up for the vis
itors, found the ball and sent a
hot liner to second and was thrown
out at first. eBrry walked Carey
West took first on a safe hit advanc
ing Carey to third who scored on Ras
musson's sacrifice. The sdie was re
tired by Zose who hit to short and
was thrown out at first.
Lee opened for the home team
and found the ball for a long fly to
left field which was taken by Zose.
Fluke" followed with a safe hit while
Force found the ball for two bases
cending Fluke to third. C. Johnson
got first on a pop-up fly to third
which West failed to handle. Depue
hit safe and Fluke and Force scored.
Kirk Johnson found the ball for a
high fly which Timms, the Salem
catcher, failed to handle, and got put
out of the game by the ball passing
through his hands and hitting him on
the head. West was taken from
third and put behind the bat. The
inning closed by both Johnson and
Walker striking out.
In the second Salem failed to score.
Keeton going out on a high foul fly
which Walker handled. Phillips fol-
lowed with a hot one to second and
was thrown out at first, while Dan-
lels went the same route.
Independence was treated to the
same dose of medicine, notwithstand
Ing that Berry, the first man up,
found the ball for two bags. Lee
fanned; Fluke went out on a fly to
short and Force followed suit with
a hot liner to second which was
Salem drew another goose egg In
the third. Daue struck out. Miller
hit to Lee and was thrown out at
first. Carey hit a short fly to right
which was bagged by Johnson.
The home team added another
score In this Inning. Both Johnson
and Depue reached first on safe hits.
Craven followed with a two bagger,
n which Johnson scored. Johnson
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