Independence enterprise. (Independence, Or.) 1908-1969, June 11, 1909, Image 6

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13 itn i nitlct from Albany, IT
i.tri lu apples, bent varieties, lno
)uu urihaid. Splendid Improve-j
nint. Rolling land. I'rke 1000.,
IVrma: .'W0 don, balam al (
per iiiit liilTit.
10 aim, mile from ludpf ndrme,
el ftnd ui! with b't of lm
lro -ni''inn. All but 15 rn In
rulihatiou. Good bull'Iln; nJ out
builvlinuH Ono of lli good places
n.ur tin town, iioo an
102 aire 1 tulle from Buena Vlata.
On-hard of 100 tret's of brst varle
tl-n. t, ari iu cultivation, (iood
Improvement. I'rUo $;tSU0.
1.'4 a ri- 4 wiles from Monmouth, I
from railroad; 10U at fa in lulilva
lieu. Couj Improvement. A nood
buy. Price JSuOO.
17 acres 1 mile from town; 10 arroa
In cultivation; iipUtuI tilod: fruit
treos; othi-r iuiprovt'iin'iux. price'
iii ar':i it miles (rum 'mlepeiideure
aire In ruliivatlon. Thin itt
another of the rood buys. Will !)
at )."i0 au acre. I
Ji acres bottom laud near ludepend
'iice. iut land there In and for
biile at $1000.
Z5 acres joining city limits and a anapi
fur miiiti poor man. All In cultiva
tion. M000.
160 a rea 3 miles from Lincoln in Hoik
county. A good piece of land at
$33.50 an acre.
600 acres 4 miles from Dallas; 50 of
it in cultivation. The best dial in
Polk county. Will sell now for $-'0
an acre.
23". a rs. almost all In cultivation at
$40 an acre.
44 acres mostly in cultivation. 6Vi
miles from Independence. $3l'00 or
will sel 14 with buildings for $16."0.
75 acres, 50 in cultivation; 10 in
timber; young orchard. A good buy
at $40 an acre.
60 a t?s. 40 in cultivation, good hous 1
and barn. 7 miles from Albany. A
good buy. $80 an acre.
82 aires, 30 in cultivation. 5 acres
rf best varieties apples in bearing.
V?ry rich land. $73 an acre.
277 acres, town 5 miles; 250 acres in
cultivation; all fenced and cross
fenced. Al piece of bottom land
at hill land prices. $50 an acre.
20 acres, about 4 miles from Indepen
dence; $600 barn and well; fenced
wlt!i woven wire; rich sandy loam
soil 18 feet deep; ten acres in wal
nuts and peaches 3 years old;
worth $251 an acre. Price $125 an
47 acres, 20 acres under cultivation.
House, barn and family orchard; IS
acres hops and hop house. Five
miles from Independence. Bargain
Good crop will pay for place. Price
$2(59. Terms.
It acres, all in cultivation; 7-room
house almost new; frame barn,
wood house, wash house, chicken
brooder and incubator; young orch
ard; acre in strawberries and
raspberries. An Ideal home. 3
miles from town. Farm implements
and stock with place at $2650.
102 acrep, one mile from town; 45
acres under cultivation; orchard;
dug well; 25 acres timber, balance
pasture; new modern 7-room house
and good barn and fences. Terms.
Price $3800.
135 acres, 2 miles from town. Soil
black loam, richest kind; fences
woven wire. A splendid piece at
half value. Price $55 an acre.
240 acres, 1 mile from town. Deep
black soil; 8-room house; barn; a
wind-mill, tank, etc. Price $72.50
an acre.
190 acres, all bottom land
prima; 3!5 ar- cultivation; nw
t.iuii-. a 44 Lara other
provellleuu. Hi.wnK On
the bent buys In Polk count,
to acre 5 mi I m from Independence
Polk county. 17 acres t uKU atitui ; j
bottom laud; lioiixe, barn, orchard;
hay rrop gttet with this place al
$2 00. T-rm.
2u acres, J' uiilea front town; nearly
all In cultivation; soil very rich.
Klvc room nouns, barn and family
orchard; 5 aire of timber. Prilt
$2100. Terms,
JS acres, 15 In cultivation, balance In
limber and pasture; rlli garden
lauJ, young orchard in bearing,
(rape and ainall fruit; bouse, barn
and uthr outbuildings; va county
read and rural route; belweeu
Albany and ludcpeltdi uce. Price
$80 an acre.
iiO odd acres bottom land for halo at
$10,500. Invc.-linau this.
344 ares 4 tulles frjui .Moniiioutb.
Hood limber on place; all jjood
farming laud. better look this up.
$.'5 mi acre.
53 acres, 1 mile from town. Fcmed
but has tio other improvements
Give Them Hlp and Many Independ
oca People Wtll Bo Happlar.
"Throw Out Uu Lif IJn..'
Tli Kidneys iietl help.
They're overworked an'i gel the
pnUiin out of the blood.
They're itellliiu worse every iiilnul'',
Will yoil help I belli T
iKiau't Kidney pills have brought
thtuihaiuls of kidiu y mifferer b4 k
from the velae of despair.
Will dire any form of kidney trou
ble J. It. folium, city marshal, Inde
pendence. Or.; aaya: "I it in lud to
reeouimeiid I Man's Kidney fills as
they proved very aatisfat't jry la my
wife's case. 8he suffered for a Hum-
H ber of years from kidney dUcUNe, doe ;
uudcr cultivation, Uood buy at io'
an acre.
If you are IHIitiiK for anything I.
e Hue of residences or farms you
1 an find soniethius to suit you in
the list. Ask to see property not iu-li-room
house and 2 lots with other
Improvement. A swell home for
$1350. This is the best buy lu In
dependence. room house and 2 lots with modern
improvements. A swell buy for a
party who wa'its something good.
For sale for $2500.
i lots i.i old town for sale for only
8 lots and 7-room bouse with other
improvements for $850.
$2200 buys one of the good homes of
Independence with all modern con
veniences. Come and enquire mora
about tills.
An acre of land and good six room
house with best of improvements;
A good home for $850. This place
is desriable for several reasons.
An acre of land and 6 room house;
good improvements, lumber on the
ground for barn and other improve
ments and goes with plac e at $750.
Look this up.
Some bargains in business chances
from $10,000 to $12,000. Residences
and business blocks in Indepen
dence. eluded In this list.
Good house. and barn and 2 acres to
sell at $550.
9-room house and 2 lots in Monmouth
desirable location; good improve
ments. Price $1500. i
An acre on Monmouth street and 7
room house with other buildings. ,
Orchard and large and small fruits.
A good buy for $1000.
Two story residence, in North Inde
pendence, telephone and electric
lights, all In good condition, 1 lot
with place. A snap. Price $500.
room house, with closets, 14x20
barn, chicken house, carriage house
work shop, wood house, fruit trees
and small fruits. Improvements
are worth as much as is asked for
place. About a half acre. Price $1000
Tract 90x200 feet in Independence,
house 14x22, chicken corral, hen
house, wood shed; fenced. 400
strawberries, some raspberries, lo
ganberrles, gooseberries, pie plant,
etc. A good buy. Price $450.
9-room house and 2i4 lots, large barn
to sell at $3500. Best house in Independence.
lored quite a little but received no
relief and her hcttlih xradually run
down. Seeing I loan" Kidney Pills so
highly recommend, d, xlin procured a
box at I. M. Klrkiaud's drux store
and the trouble gradually vanished.
She is now In good health and gives
tile credit solely to Immm'm Kidney
Pills" j
1'or sale by nil dealers. I'rlee 50
cents. Poster Milburiie Co., Lluffulo.
New York, Hole agents for the i'nlt' d
Itciin uitii r the iiuiue 1 Man's and
take no other.
Berybody's $lw Store
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they ennuot
reach the diseased portion of the
ear. There Is only one way to cure
deafness and that Is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by ail
Inflamed condition of the mucous lin
ing of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tube is Inflamed you have a rum
bling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it Is entirely closed, deafness Is
the result, and unless the inflamma
tion can be taken out and this tube
restored to Its normal condition, hear
ing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by ca
tarrh which is nothing more than an
inflamed condition of the mucous sur
faces. We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circu
lars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for Constipation.
Women Who Are Envied.
Those attractive women who are
lovely in face, form and temper are
the envy of many, who mignt be like
j them. A weak, sickly woman will be
115 acres j nervous and irritable. Constipation or
under cultivation ; 75 acres in past-1 Mdney poisons show in pimples,
ure. Enough timber and wood to blotches, skin eruptions and a wretch
pay for clearing. Finest kind hop ed complexion. For all such, Electric
and fruit land. Price $15,000. 70 Bitters work wonders. They regulate
acres in hops. j Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, purify
315 acres in Douglas county, 4 miles , the blooJ; &v strong nerves, bright
from town. Good house, bam and eyeB. Pur breath, smooth, velvety
orchard; running water on place ; 50 8kin. lovely complexion. Many charm
acres in cultivation. Price $35 an ln8 women owe their health and
acre j beauty to them. 50c at all druggist.3.
Ill acres
Oregon Roses for President.
President Tafft will be the recipient
this week of a handsome bouquet of
Oregon roses, sent by the manage
agement of the Portland Rose Festi
val. The flowers are in acknowledge
ment of the president's interest in
the festival and his compliance with
the wishes of the management in
touching a button at the White
House on June 7 and formally open
ing the carnival of roses. The bou
quet will be presented by Senators
Bourne and Chamberlain and will no
doubt grace the president's table
upon their arrival.
Trouble Makers Ousted.
, When a sufferer from stomach trou
ble takes Dr. King's New Life Pills
he's mighty glad to see his dyspep
sia and Indigestion fly, but more tick
led over his new, fine appetite, strong
nerves and healthy vigor, all because
stomach, liver and kidneys now work
right 25c at all druggUU.
For Infants and Children.
Thi Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
2 miles from town; unde"
cultivation; 4-room house, good con
dition; barn 30x50; hop house; an
abundance living water; ash grove,
2 or 3 acres; orchard. Price $9000.
216 acres bottom land, 1 mile from
town; will divide to suit purchaser.
Sore Nipples.
Any mother who has had experi
ence with this distressing ailment
will be pleased to know that a cure
may be effected by applying Chambei
Iain's Salve as soon as the child is
Richest kind of bottom land: fence done nursing. Wipe it off with a soft;
with wire. Box house; barn. In c,otn before allowing the babe to
other sections this land would sell nurse. Many trained nurses use this
at $500 an acre. Price $35 to $135 salye with best results. For sale by
P. M. Kirkland.
Faber's Self Filling
an acre.
1080 acres, in Sherman county, 11
miles from Grass Valley. 700 acres
under cultivation, remainder past
ure; fenced; good improvement;
1 The Big Head
Is of two kinds conceit and the big
head that comes from a sick head-
plenty of water; 6-room house; barn ache. Does your head ever feel like
granary; smokehouse; wood shed; a gourd and your brain feel loose
cellar; blacksmith shop; telephone, and sore? You can cure It In no time
Price $20,000. $7000 down, balance by acting on your liver with Bal
half crop payments, 7 per cent in- lard'a Herbine. Isn't it worth trying
tere8t- for the absolute and certain relief
615 acres, 6 miles from town. Rich you'll ' get? Sold by Williams Drug!
black soli; well drained; 6 living Company. 1
Self-filling at a magic touch
And a self-cleaner too.
The price you'll find Is not too much
For the one that just suits you.
It fills itself, it fills all needs
For the office, school or den;
Among them all the one that leads
Is Faber's Fountain Pen.
All Styles
At all Prices
Independence, Ore.
We say Everybody's because we do not
know of a foot we cannot dress with
the risrht Shoe.
The business man or the swagger young fellow can
find his shoes here. The old gentleman or the me
chanic can find his shoes here. The woman who
walks or the society woman can find her shoes here.
The school boy or the schoolgirl can find their shoes
here. The parent, looking for children's or infant's
shoes, can find
correctiv fitted.
the riirhr shoes here and have them
Everybody can find Shoes here in
splendid values, the best Shoes made,
and find them pleasingly priced.
The Home of Good Shoes SALEM, OREGON
I'll mcumi
Our vSpring' StocK
Presents the very latest styles, the smartest leathern ant
shapes. If there's one thing that we pride ourselves on,
it is not sticking our foot in somebody else's track, con
sequently we are always leaders in shoe styles here
abouts. If it is smart, it's in our 1909 stock, and
Our Prices Are Always the Most Reasonable
The Proof of the Shoe is in the Wearing
If you have ever worn a John Kelley Pump or Oxford you know that It ex
eels in creative beauty, good value and fitting qualities. Do the shoos you
have previously worn give you complate satisfaction? Well, ours will.
Your choice of the moBt fashionable leathers In Ladles' Shoes.
The Best Shoe Values are Here
Trousers r
The Best
Que rails in
The No-rip, No-tear
kind. We believe they
are the best in the world
and you will when you
wear them.
All sizes, and an im
mense lot of them.
Won't forget this is
headquarters for
The Best
Overalls in
A me rica
Dr. Jaeger Health
Shoes for Women
Years Ahead of the Ordinary
Cushion Shoe
A method of generating a mild flow of electricity
has been applle to the Dr. Jaeger Health Shoe for
women In such a skillful, and scientific manner that
one would not realize that the shoe worn was differ
ent from any other shoe, save for the easy cushion
bed and the exhilarating effect on the general system
A better circulation of the blood results and the tired
nerves become reefed, In fact, the general health of
the wearer is benefited.
The Only Ileal Health Shoe Ever In
vented, and the First Perfect
Shoe Ever Worn
These shoes, Health Shoes, are
Spring 8tock.
part of our new
. L. Stockton, Salem, Oregon