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jama of the Matter In Booklet Re
eently lued from th Preaa of
the Enterprise for Distribution by
Chae. E. Hloke Ral Estate Co.
la a contest tor superiority of are
Auct tad rtsoure among several
fountles only eu t win. Ib Oregoa
Utt eoo U Pol. Not onco, twl mw
times ta succassloa aa polk beea
warded tha premium over the ether
counties of lb lUU by c0myet
Judges at th Oregon "l1 'Ir A
certificate over the alntoro. at W.I
II. Downing, then president of tha
Oregon state fair board, contain U
effUUl declaration that Fol la the
Bhia Ribbon Cduaty of Crexo.
rjalk It situated la the aart of the
famous Wlllanjeit trailer, bordwiax
tea Willamette river. It tu dwa
tics eoll, level, nndulatia. hiUy or
pasuaUlttoua, as oae may select, aid
la well watered. It U noted tor tbe
arodoottoa of boon, mohairs wool, an
! iti fine standing Umber. Ita oU
grow wheat, oata, barter, rye, the
various grass lndlgnouB to the
valley, fine apples, pears, atrawber
rlw, raspberries, arunea, peaches,
curraaU, Loganbenriee, cberrlea, En
glish walnuta and vegetablea ta per
fection. Enalleh Walnuta
English walnut culture la at this
time attracting more attention in tbe
Willamette Taller tnan that of any
Other product Tbe dlvWenda accru
lag from walnut culture la shown by
co in pete at Judgee to be greater than
(Ion anything that can be grown
In tbe Pacific nortbweat and It U a
foregone conclusion thai the growing
of walnuta will advance tbe valuea
of real estate, when they come Into
tearing, at least ten tlmea the act
ing prlcea of today. Walnuta grow
to better perfection In Polk county
than anywhere else on the Pacific
coast, California to 'be contrary not
withstanding. They will produce fair
Interest dividend on a valuation of
f i&OO an acre. Thla baa been proven
la tne state of California.
Polk la adapted to stock raising,
and the breeding of stock haa been
going oa until fine Block for breed
ing purpose haa come to be a money
making Industry In Polk county. Es
pecially la this true of Angora goats,
Lincoln and Cotawold sheep, Berk
ahlre and Poland China hogs. Fucks
costing $200 and upward are to be
een on the farms of J. B. Stump
ftnd Win. Rlddell, and oa the latter"
place are billy goats valued at 1500.
X, w. Brunk, a breeder of Poland
China hogs, haa a pure bred one on
bis farm for which he paid $835.
Polk county also haa a good class ol
horses and cattle.
Polk county is the home of di
versified farming. The agriculturist,
horticulturist, hop man, live stock
tnan or poultry fancier can surely be
pleased with the prospects in this
county. If separated from the country
Of which it is a part and .set out In
mid ocean, there is not another coun
ty In the United States whose In
habitants would be so Independent,
ao capable of living off their own re
sources. Especially la this true as
to raw products. With her splendid
facilities in the way of raw, materials
and her fine water powers their util
ity Is a question of only a short time.
In fact, the field Is now a most in
vited one. There are good openings
here for lumber, furniture, door, box,
chair factories and all kinds of pro
ducts of lumber. There la opening
for . starch factory, soap factory,
Ice factory, cracker factory, and wool-
a mills. There Is opening nere ir
nurseries and canning establishments
nrf manv lines that appeal to those
manufacturing business
whera miDerlor transportation facill
ties reach to the raw products. There
la no attempt In this booklet to go in-
t minute detail. Seekers aner
further Information along the lines of
these suggestions are requested io
eommunlcate with the Independence
Commercial Chub for details as to
the needs in the manufacturing
field and the enfcouragement which
will be offered to capital seeking in
torn of Our Industrie
Independence baa tha beat equipped
tannery In th otata of Oregon, built
last year at a coat of $7000. It waa
completed too la U last year to bandla
much of that seaeoo'a crop bat there
la every likelihood that all tha fruit
of th ladpeendenc aoctloa will bo
handled thla year by the cannery.
Independence haa also a creamery
and th town of Monmouth two
aolto wat of Independence haa on
also. Am dairying la destined ta be
come a prominent resource of the
county theaa two model faaUUittoa
will not be equal to caring for ta
bualnesa of their territory.
Independence haa a flouring mill
Independence ha a CommrUl
Club and a Ladle AuxQlarr.
Independence haa a aaia and door
Independence haa a saw mill.
Independence haa 1(00 people and
la situated favorably for a city of
tm or fafteon thousanda, on the line
of the Southern Pacific railroad, tor
mlnua of the Independence a Mon
mouth Railway and. being eltuaUd
oa the banks of the Willamete river,
la guaranteed th cheapest freight
and transportation facllltlea by water
for delivery of her product to mar
ket Lumber Induatry
Though Polk haa foreate of the
0net Umber left standing In the
world today, It ha scarcely been
touched. In th mountain of western
Polk mar be seen atandlng treea,
duntlcatea at the big loga in the
foreetry buHdlng at the Lewie and
Clark Fair. There are aaw mills at
Palls Citr. Dallas and Independence,
besldea a hardwood mill also located
in Independence. There are quarter
sections of timber land that will cut
1.000,000 to 10,000,000 feet The esti
mate of timber standing in Polk Is
7.000,000,000 feet.
Angora Goat Induatry
Polk county prides herself oa her
flocka of thoroughbred goata. The
mohair of Polk county averagea np
with the beet Turkish product, as
will be aoen from the following in-stance:
A baa of mohair, taken from the
flocka of J. B. Stump, of near Inde
pendence, was sent to the Massa
chusetts Mohair Plush Company. One
of the fleoces, tied up separately, was
from a registered kid. sired by a rec
ognised pure-bred buck; the others
were the fleecea of klda which aaa
been rejected as candidates for regis
try. Theaa kids were sired br a
buck raised br Mr. Stump, which
buck also failed to pass the exami
nation for reglstrr. No information
waa given to manufacturers aa to who
raised thla mohair, and tner were
requested to examine It and give
their opinion upon its merita and de
merits. In due course of time a check
waa received to pay for the mohair
at the rate of 45 centa per pound
at the mill, and the following let
ter accompanied It:
We have received from you
a. samnle lot of mohair. One fleece
eample is extra long, well-bred, white
stock, and would rlass as purebred
equal to the best Turkish mohair,
which is an exceptional thing to say
of American mohair. The fleece Is a
little heavy In grease, so that In
scouring it will shrink a little more
than the average Turkish mohair. As
to flnenesa of quality, It Is medium
"Regarding the balance of the lot
of Bamples, the condition is extra
good; average length, 8even inches.
It haa all the characteristics of the
purest Turkish mohair. It is soft,
white, lustrous stock, strong in the
staple and elastic, and Is free from
oil. It Is finer in fiber than average
Turkish mohair.
"We are not comparing this with
any other domestic hair; only with
the best bred Turkish hair, and it Is
only by very careful selection out of
a good many bales of the best Turk
ish that we would pick out a num
ber of fleeces that would be as good
as this sample lot of fleeces. If the
climate and feed of Oregon will per
mit the goats from which this mo
hair was taken to retain the qualities
which have been bred in them, the
result will aurpasa apythlng we have
seen in the way of American bred
"We believe that we have already
received, or have on the way to us
more than half of all the best Amer
ican mohair that has been sheared
this spring, and it has been very aat
lsfactory to ua to find so much im-
to Uju coast through this city, for
at present travelere coming through
Portland bound either to or from th
Bound, must re-cbeck their baggage
and buy new tickets her. This la In
convenient and baa often deterred
passenger from coming to this city.
The decision means that through
ticket must b sold via Portland
a thing tha Hill line have hitherto
CONVENTION Of PRESiVTERIANt maintained ahould not be required of
naAumiA kit AM , wem aa ll gave mo long obui iu i"
DRAWINQ Harriot road. Tbe Hill road, are
11 expected to appeal tha case to the
Oroat Morfln, Will T.ka Pisco Jun.
f . "J T '?TL9L? Kill. t. Stop th. f4
nown Ar. E.poctod ta So Pr nt.
! aln nicer. He paid doctors over 400.
' w w , H without baaflt. Than BuckWs
The great Presbyterian Brotherhood kllM, ulctr Mi ,Ur-
conventlon to be held In Portland on
June and 9 promises to be a gath
erin of rreat Interest. The brother
ad bias. Cure Fever-Bores. Bolls, Pel-
Kcaoma. Salt Rheum. Infallible
it. Tne orower-
nood movement n mo U a all dragglata.
spread through many of the leading
denominations. Huodreda and thou
anda of leading laymen throughout
the country are swinging Into line.
The Portland convention Is to be ad
dressed br Cuariee 8. Holt, Esq.. of
Chicago, president of the NaUonel
brotherhood. Mr. Holt Is a leading
attorney of Chicago and is a very
Hop Contract
A hop contract between B. Hartley
and T. A. Livealey A Co. waa filed
with tha county clerk, E. M. Smith,
Wednesday for 30.000 pounda of 1909
hope at 10 centa. This is the 9th
contract filed thla week and bring
attorney of n.cago .m0unt of bop. involved up to
atrong man of affaire. Hla coming nti. nIl-s
la awaited with Interest Rev. Ira
J. Landrlth. D. D. LL. D.t la the Na
tional secretary of the broinernooa
and la well known aa a platform or
ator of remarkahle power. Mr. Lan-
drith haa many frienda In orepon
a total
Won't Wight Good Friend
"Ir I ever need a coaght medicine
again I know what to get," declares
drub na. many Mr. s L. Alley of Beala. Ma., -for.
ho will weicom. mm agui w, o( Dr Klnk-.
Ute" . rM New Discovery, and seeing It excel-
Henrr E. V' CJ lent reault. la mr awn family and
cago. the associate aecretary of iaa convinced it I. the best
brotherhood, will also be present to JJ-JI
' 7T':TC '.Lf tro.Se- Every one who trie
brotherhood methods and work.
.rrYoTcitr "STwiS rquTckT cure, aurpri.e
.Tthe b Jd rilX; For Bronchitis. Asthma. Hem-
.... i I II aAn ! Throat, vain la cheat or lungs It's su-
tne foreign -.u Mj Md IL00. m., tree
ao. To cap the climax plana have ' v .
v i.ij . iniir. tha moderator of, -" -i
the next grand assembly, which
meela in Denver May 20, to come to
the coast to participate in these con
ventlona. Leading Presbyterian laymen of the
state are being assigned placea on th
program, provisional copies of which
will soon be out
The men of thla community, espec
ially the Presbyterian men will no
doubt be Interested In thla proposed
convention. Letters are being re
ceived from Portland asking many of
them to plan to come.
A Card
Thla ta to certify that all druggists
are authorised to refund your money
If Foley's Honor and Tar falls to
eura your cough or cold. It stop tha
eoua-h. heals the lungs and preventa
pneumonia and consumption. Contains
ao opiates. The genuine Is In a yel
low package. For sale by P. M. Klrk-land.
r -t t
Getting Ready for Carnival.
Portland merchanta met at tbe
Commercial Club thla week and took
atepa to decorate tbe city thoroughly
in honor of the many visitors who
will attend the rose festival early In
June. Retailers plan to make their
stores highly attractive for out of
town guests and tourists who will
be here for festival week. Places of
business will be transformed into per
fect bowers of beauty for the delight
of visitors. The work of emblazon
ing floral designs on shop windows
about town Is now going on. Flags
and festival colors will be put up
next week. Rose decorations of the
business houses will be delayed until
the festival opens on June 7, when
the queen flower will reign supreme
i about the city.
Do It Now
Now la the time to get rid of your
rheumatism. Tou can do bo by apply-
Portland Gala Recognition. I , , . ,
, ,. . . . . : cases out vi tea us iiuyi
Portland peopie are .o;!B : rheumaUam due to cold or damp, or
the interstate commerce commission a ieM t rie-
decision this week opening the Port
land gateway. This is a ruling Port
chronlo rheumatism, and yield to vig
orous application of this liniment Try
land gateway, xn.s is a uung ron, - delighted
land has long contended for and the 1
(Continued on fifth page.)
victory is regarded as an important
one. Its chief significance will mean
a free Interchange of passenger traf
fic at Portland between the Hill and
Harrlman lines. This Is bound to in
with the quick relief which It affords,
Sold by P. M. Klrkland.
DeWltfs Little Early Risers, the
famous little liver pills, small, gentle
XlCkt 1 laugaaa - .... , .
crease the travel of eastern visitors and sure. Sold br all druggists.
jiM ? 'LM&r -Try
h ; ijjr I "1 HH
0" i
Probably the most striking structure on the grounds of the Alaska-Tukon-Paclflc
Exposition Is the Auditorium. It is builded of reinforced
concrete, steel and brick and Is a part of the rich legacy which is to be
handed down to the State University when the Fair la over.
The Auditorium stands upon aa eminence overlooking tha mala en
trance to the Exposition Orounda. It la now In ua as a lecture room
by the Unlvorlty Law School aad for all assembly of students. IX has
a seating capacity at eloae ta M00. wbioh eaa be greatly Increased.
The Spot Cash Plan
Of business means a saving on ev
ery transaction and it keeps you out
of debt. You can't eet"cash store"
prices at a credit store. If you have
cash to spend trade at
Barnes' Cash Store
Dress Goods, Silks,
Hosiery, Underwear, Hats,
Shoes, Clothing, Shirts
Everything foe the .whole iamily
at prices that "regular stores" can't
HECK F-UBACJ1IR, Proprietora
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season
Phones, Home CIO; Ball 603
Main Street Independence, Oregon
Monmouth, Oregon
Paid Capital, $30,000.08 Traisacls a ecwal iIlB tstam
J. X. Hawloy. Frae. J. B. V. BuUor. Tlee Proa. Ira C. PowoM. Oa-,
F. S. Powell. J. B. Jtaam. I. M. Btsaaaea.
your pleasure may he the fact that
you presented your muslo loving
daughter, son or wife with an ex
quisite musical instrument from our
rare stock. You may develops a musi
cal phenomenon unawares. Anyhow
members of the family possessed of
one of our fine guitars, violins, man
dolins, others, banjos or cornets can-,
not but make the home pleasant and
247 Commercial St Salem, Oregon
Day aad night ealla promptly attended to. rina parlar U eaa-
aecUoa. Aa experienced lady assistant
W. L. BICE, Embalmer and Funeral Dlreoter. Lleenead by tha
Oregon State Board of Health.
Home Phono: Store, fJM; Re. 1111
Independenoe, Oraflon BJ ph,n. tro. 114; I aa. 71