The Monmouth herald. (Monmouth, Or.) 1908-1969, December 25, 1908, Image 2

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    The Herald
W. T. FOCLE, Editor.
Entered as second-clue matter September 8, 1906,
t the poet office at Monmouth, Oregon, under the
Act of March 3. 1879.
The Acorn Press, Publishers
Monmouth, Oregon.
Subscription Rates
One year
Six months
50 cts
A city like an individual, must
have an income in order to live
in comfort or anywhere near it.
There are many ways that a city
may have of securing an income
and one of the best is from
municipal ownership ot public
utilities. The most common of
these are the water and light
systems. In Monmouth we have
a very fair light system, but the
water system is totally inade
quate to the needs of a modern
city. The pressure is such that
an attempt of two parties on the
same main trying to got water
at the same time results in botl
using language more forcible
than elegant, so that any at
tempt to use water under such
pressure for fire protection is
entirely out of the question. It
has been asserted that witl
municipal ownership of our
lighting system, that we could
have lights for 32 cents per
month for 10 candle power lights
and at the same time the income
from them would be sufiicient
to pay all running expenses and
interest on the bonds, besides
creating a sinking fund sufli
cient to pay the bonds in from
ten to twenty years. If this is
the case we can safely estimate
that we can have the same light
we now pay one dollar for, for
half that sum and have the town
well lighted with arc lights.
This being the case then it
would be well to take the matter
of a water system into consider
ation. It could be run in con
nection with a light system
much cheaper than it could by
itself. The expenses of install
ing a combination system would
be considerably less than that
of the two systems separately
and one man could attend to
both. Would it not bo well
while we are talking up the
water question to investigate
this matter thoroughly? liy put
ting in a steam plant we would
have the question of fuel to con
sider, but as long as the timber
in the hills along the Luckiu
mute lasts, fuel will be cheap.
Another phase of the question
is this; if we had municipal
ownership of our water and
light, the people of this city
would be paying rent to them
selves instead of to private in
dividuals. True we would have
to bond the city for the amount
necessary to erect and equip the
plant, but that accomplished the
rent of lights and water would
pay all expeuses and should
leave a small margin for the
sinking fund, at the same time
furnishing us light at a less rate
than wo are now getting. Again
as soon as the rentals had paid
off the bonds, say in ten years,
then the rate could be lowered
materially. Water could then
be furnished for about 25 cents
a month including water for
sprinkling. Isn't it worth while
to investigate this matter?
Cigarettes and Education
The Eugene high school
board, according to a statement
made in the Register, is trying
to stop cigarette smoking in that
institution. The wonder is that
such an effort should be neces
sary. Probably one high school
is no worse than another in this
respect, but if cigarette smoking
is prevalent in our public schools
or is generally indulged in by
pupils, then it is time to inquire
if education is not largely a
Not only is it unlawful for
any youth to smoke cigarettes
in this state, but if there is a
tendency of youth to indulge in
this vice it should be one of the
first objects and features of edu
cation, both in the home and in
all schools, to stop it and to in
struct boys and young men in
its evils.
There is little use of sending
boys to Sunday school or in
teaching them arithmetic, gram
mar and all the other multitudes
of branches that the high schools
aim to teach, if in the meantime
they make a practice of smoking
cigarettes. Thev should be
taught that it is not only physic
ally and morally injurious, but
that it is not smart or manly.
No business man will have a
habitual young cigarette smoker
around him: good and helpful
girls will not associate with him;
and the habit spells probable
failure along every station of
life. Better get no book' educa
tion than cultivate the inerad
icable cigarette habit. Portland
A gentleman opened a letter address
ed to bis son containing suggestions
from a friend to the latter for a novel
which he (the son) was privately writ
ing. The father was exceedingly sur
prised and frightened upon reading the
following dreadful words:
Dear Bob You really must show mora
caution In constructing your plots, or th
governor will be sure to discover the
dead body ot Oeraldtne In the cellar, and
then your secret will be out. You con
sulted me about the strychnine. I cer
tainly think you are giving It him In
rather large doses. Let Emily put her
mother In a madhouse. It will answer
your purpose well to have the old girl
out of the way. I think your forgery Is
for too small a sum. Make It three thou
sand. Leave the rest of your particularly
nice family circle to me. I will finish
them off and send you back the "fatal
dagger" afterward by post. Yours,
London Express.
Burning Heretics.
The following items, copied frcm the
municipal records of Canterbury by an
English magazine, show that the burn
ing of heretics In 1523, the time of the
genial King Henry VIII., was an in
expensive amusement:
To bringing a herctlo from Lon
don Ha. 8d.
For wood to burn him 2a. 0d.
For gunpowder Id.
A stake and staple Dd.
Total 17s. td.
Inspiring Hops.
The Doctor Ueur up. I must tell
you the worst you can't possibly re
cover. The Client That's a pity, for
If I'd lived a bit longer I should have
come Into a fortune. As It Is, I haven't
a penny to pay you with, doctor. The
Doctor Well, now, don't give up hope.
We'll try to mend you. We'll try. Il
lustrated nits.
As to Stag Fright.
"Stage fright" Is nurely among the
most mysterious of sudden seizures.
It begins when the actor or speaker
thinks "thoy are not Interested In me."
It ends when he determines "I will In
terest them." London Chronicle.
The Modern Child.
Little Girl of Four (standing en
tranced before the window of a toy
shop) Oh, mother, If you was my lit
tle girl, wouldn't I take you In and
buy yon some of these lovely things!
London Tatler.
Her Preference.
"I want to make a gift to Miss Pas
say," said Dumley. "I wonder what
sort of animal she'd prefer for a pet?"
"A man," promptly suggested Miss
Knox. Philadelphia Press,
Santa Claus's Headquarters
The only real thing .Is to study how
to rid life of lamentation and com
plaint Epic tet us.
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Real Estate For Sale.
330 acres on C. E. R. R. H
miles from station and school
house. Good small house and
two barns, and other out build
ings and a good young orchard.
Good stock and dairy ranch at
a bargain.
80 acres, GO under cultivation;
good house, barn and other out
buildings; 2 miles from rail
road station. Will sell for cash,
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2i big lots lying on Main
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