The Monmouth herald. (Monmouth, Or.) 1908-1969, December 04, 1908, Image 3

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    Disc Cultivators
Are a necessity now as much so as a
drag harrow was in -the early days of farm
ing in this valley.
We handle the DEERE the best on the
Walking Plows
Are the kind you want on a small
place and you want The Best. We
have them, THE DEERE.
We have Gang and Sulkey plows
for large farms. Get our Prices.
Monmouth Heights.
Mrs. E. Clark was called to
Salem Tuesday last.
Allie Griffith made a special
trip to the county seat Tuesday.
Miss West, of Monmouth, was
a guest of Miss Amy Chaney
Allen Towns was in Dallas Fri
day combining business with
Supt Harry Seymour was a
pleasant caller at the Sunny Slope
school Tuesday last.
W. M. Riddell and sons have
over fourteen hundred thorough
bred goats and sheep.
L. Rogers and wife, of Dallas,
visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Allen Towns Tuesday.
Mrs. Rose Herren is visitiug
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Simpson near Albauy.
W. A. Messner and wife, of
Independence, visited with Mr.
and Mrs, Wunder Tuesday.
Geo Bingham, wife and small
child, of Monmouth, spent Sun
day with Herman Wunder and
Mr. S. C. Graham, of Salem,
was in this community Friday
representing the Oregon or State
Milt Bosley and wife ate
Thanksgiving dinner in Mon
mouth with their daughter Mrs.
Frona Housman.
. Luther Grounds accompanied
by Grant Heffley, of the 0. S. N.
S. city, surveyed for Noah Hef
fly the first of the past week.
Noah Heffly has a number of
the neighbors helping him to
grub and clean off ten acres of
land which he will set out to
apples in the spring.
A sign has been painted and
hung conspicously in front of
the new school house in District
No. 67. The placard reads thus:
Please clean your feet
School Officers Convention
The School Officers Conven
tion will be held in Dallas, at
the Court House at 10 a.m'. on
Saturday, December 5th, 1908.
The list ot subjects which
have been suggested by the dif
ferent school officers is given
below. These will be taken up
and discussed in an informal
manner, as there is no set pro
gram. The chairman of each board
or some member whom he may
appoint will receive $2 as com
pensation for attending the con
vention and we hope that every
district will be represented.
The chairmen of several
school boards have informed us
that their boards would attend
in a body and would use the $2
for expenses for lunch, etc.
State Superintendent J. H.
Ackerman will be present and
will aid in the discussions in
whatever way you may wish,
also several other prominent
educators will be present.
As you know this is the year
the legislature meets and since
there are several changes which
may be made in the school laws
and as the School Officers' Con
ventions of the county have in
the past passed resolutions
which have had some effct upon
legislation, it is desired that you
attend and take part in the dis
cussion of any subject in which
you may be interested and lend
your aid in bettering the school
condition of the county and
Since there is a big days work
before the convention come
early and invite your teacher or
teachers, your neighbors and
friends, to attend and assist in
the convention in any manner
they may see fit.
Remember the date, Saturday
December 5th. 1908.
Yours for a successful con
vention. C- L. Hawley, President.
H. C. Seymour. Secretary.
Fresh Bread, Pies. Cake, etc
Constantly on hand. Boston
baked beans, hot soup and other
Home Cookery.
Our motto "Home Made"
Mrs. Brewster, proprietor.
For Sale
At the Monmouth Nurseries.
Choice and Extra Choice, high
grade English Wallnuts from
one to four years old. Place
your orders early and secure the
Choicest of Stock.
W. H. Pakrish.
Painter and Paper Hanger
Monmouth Oregon
Contest Report.
In this column will beg' ven the
standsng of the different candi
dates each week:
Miss Anna Troedsen, 510
Miss Mary Murphy 400
Miss Jessie Hyde 200
Miss Bonetta Tucker 200
All Hafts at Cosfc
At the Millinery Store
Now is Your Chance
To get a SWELL Hat at a
For Sale.
One of the nicest residences in
Monmouth, 12 rooms, hot and
cold water, bath and pantry.
Furnace heat. Four lots, some
fruit trees and shrubbery to
gether with almost entire furnish
ings for $2500. Terms can be
given on a part of this. Enquire
of the Polk County Realty Co.,
at the Herald office.
This price is far below real
value and will only stand for a
short time.
w. o. w.
Monmouth Camp No. 49
Meets every Wednesday night.
Visiting Neighbors cordially
P. H. Johnsox, C. C.
Lamps and fixtures, electric
irons, chafing dishes, broilers,
heaters and electric motors of
all kinds. Wireing scientifically
done in all its branches. Elec
tric lights installed. Estimates
furnished on short notice.
Phone Main 98.
V. D. Butler.
Zook, the paper hanger will do
your painting.