Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, October 31, 1916, Image 3

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    JT-iOFS mum
or: .
ir r. .;phs of
t to 1" i Cbeerv
ous I
! family of Dallas
i visitors.
sll of Independence
or recently.!;
jf Corvallis passed
his tray borne from
tew oar, the last of
was over from In
day to get a new
lie Ford dealer of
'er to Salem Satur-
ngs of West Salem,
days visiting Mrs.
( Independence, re
rday. William Daws and
if e of Independence
m Tuesday. ,
! Independence was
was over to Sa
dence Tuesday.
' West Salem went
f Polk county folks
it Sunday night to
ihere. .
i, Jr., of Dallas and
over to Salem Tues-
Dallag was calling
Vst Salem1 Tuesday,
an old1 pioneer of
ow of Newport, vis
s. B. A, Billings, in
ay last week.
' Independence, the
ince men, was over
next county school
nd her father of
r to Salem Monday.
ot's meeting was
mi Tuesday.
n of Independence
hies day,
on, Jr., of Dallas
Independence were
. C, Williams and
i f ' Independence
.., the last of the
. R. Lewis of Airlie
Kings Talley went
cBee of Airlie were
Mrlie was in Salem
family Wednesday,
hunter, is back from
in southern Oregon
at deer and lots of
and wife, Mrs. P. L.
Gillespie of Inde
Salem the first of
Burton was a Sa-
V. -. ,r
)f West Salem is on
representative, W.
Has, was in Salem
for training school purposes to the
Independence Civic Improvement club
Wednesday afternoon. ''.'X;"';;i' '...'
The joint session of the three lit
erary societies of the normal school
was held Friday, October 20. The
Normal orchestra made its initial bow
at the meeting.
At the council meeting Tuesday
night a resolution was adopted pro
viding for a 1917 city budget. ,
Messrs. and Mesdames W. A. El-
kins, Ira Powell, W. H. Mack, 0. A.
Wolverton, A. J. Haley, and Mes
dames Daniel W. Jones and Williams
and Miss Emma Parker of Monmouth
attended the Christian church meet
ing last Tuesday night in Dallas.
The Monday family has moved to
the Horn place.
Mike Gruber is now an employe
at the Gruber mill.
Floyd D. Moore, county school su
pervisor, visited Fern school last week
and made it standard.
Miss Almeda J. Fuller was in tins
neighborhood last week.
Roy Barnum of Bed Prairie has
been sawing wood in this neighbor
hood the past few days.
George Porter and son, Don,' arc
hauling potatoes to Sheridan.
Mr. and Mrs. William Lackey have
rented the Guy Syron place. They
moved onto it a week ago.
Mrs. William La Salle is in Wood
land, Washington, on business.
Mrs. J. R. Craven visited with her
parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. Tyler Smith,
in Sheridan last week.
Clarence Earle Roth Was Popular in
, Clarence Earle Roth, 20, one of
Amity s popular young men, died Oc
tober 23 anil was buried October 24.
He is survived by his bride of one
year, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. W.
Roth, and a sister, Mrs. E. L. Green,
all of Amity. Mr. Roth was a native
of Amity and was graduated .from
the Amitv high school in 1914.
Teach Students to Dance.
University of Oreg-on men who can
not dance are given an opportunity
to learn the modern steps under the
direction of the University of Ore
gon. Last week,' with two memliers
of the physical training department,
Miss Frieda Goldsmith and Miss Ha
zel Rader. as instructors, a number of
young men 'went through the steps of
the modem (lances in tne women s
gymnasium. The classes will be con
tinued until all applicants have mas
tered the steps.
Spring Valley Prunes Good.
Spring Valley priine growers are
glad to have this season's crop oft
their hands. In most eases the yield
was better than anticipated. Frank
Crawford ran his dryer continually
liluring the season, drying' all the
prunes in this vicinity and also those
of Anson McGowan from the McCoy
valley. It is reported that the en
tire output from the dryer has Been
80 tons for this year. -
A man ' record and that of his for-
h-nrs sneaks for him. Here's Fred J
HVliran' "Rertilion:" horn in the
Luekiiimute valley, five miles south
west of Monmouth, April 18, 18i8;
ruirpnts moved to Dallas in 1888
lirp father bousrht half interest ill
rinltnu tnnnerv and was pastor ot
fh Bant st church: tamily returnea
to farm in 1885; father lost the use
nf liis rivM arm in a fall, the inrti
rwt pause of his death in 1802: aftler
his father's death Fred's mother
rented the farm again and moved to
Fred attended school
in Independence two years and then
was a student in the Oregon State
Normal school m Monmouth lor two
wars: Mrs. Holman and Samuel IL
Tetherow, pioneer of 18i, were mar
ri an Mr and Mrs. Tetnerow re
turned to the Tetherow place on the
Lnekiaroute where Fred again attend
ed school, finishing the eighth grade:
fnr two years Fred was drug clerk
and assistant postmaster at Falls City
under M. u. Thompson; tor inree
nun h vaa clerk in the Brvan-uu
cas Lumber company's store; four
Tnnt he was with the Coast ttange
Lumber company where he worked np
from planer feeder to assistant fore
man: he ancenbed Position am book
keeper and assistant postmaster in
th W K Tno Sr. branch store in
Black Rock; was made manager of
store when N. Selig purchased same
Um W L. Tooce. Sr.: was made
postmaster of Black Rock, serving
JTH four years. During his foar years in
tj nlvtit I th R1m-k Rock oostomee he was not
t w.A nmfjtahU Matnined bv a nostotfice inspector.
Mr. Holman was elected comity
is painting the t treasurer in 1914 and Auditor Wilson
of CorvaJIm gave bin a very eredit-
" of the Normal 1 able report at the end of the year.
o ementary grades Fred's mother was the daughter of
is gathering his ap
Lma Savage place,
is a new five passen
rs have sold another
lately. .'
has finished gather
The yield was ex
drying it in the hop
ts is a little soft,
hag returned from
s he was called to
era, who have been
all-summer watering
d to leave.
:at-Teacher associa
we'en party Satur-
' dale has been plac
e donkey engine at
s are being built at
running full blast
' is being sent down
-ton has just por
. blooded Aneona
7,rs. C. Harring
(ors in Willaro-
Rev, David Hubbard, who crossed the
plains by ox team front Illinois in
1853. His father, the Rev. Preston
Holman, crossed the plains from Mis
souri in 1848 with his parents. When
the Civil war broke out Rev. Holman
enlisted as a private in Company A,
First Oregon Infantry, and while at
Fort Walla Wlalla was promoted to
sergeant, which office he held untr
the close of the war. Fred's father's
father, James Holman, . generally
known as "Uncle Jim," was elected
as representative to the Oregon Ter
ritorial legislature in 1851 and serv
ed until 1853. He was appointed to
fill a vacancy in the sheriff's office in
1855 and was elected to that office in
1856 and re-elected in 1858 and 1860.
He was re-elected as representative
in 1863.
Oscar Antrin of Amity Saved .Life of
Durel Vaughn.
Oscar Antrin, a boy scout of Amity
who rescued Duirel Vaughn, of Port
land, from drowning in the Yamhill
river near Amity on July 29 last,
was tendered a banquet last Friday
night and awarded a medal for his
The medal was presented from the
National court of honor of the Boy
Scouts of America by Professor S.
David Titus, chairman of Amity scout
council. After this, short addresses
to the scouts were made by Rev. Mr.
to the scouts were made by Rev.
McCallum and Rev. Wallace. The
parents of the scouts, scout commis
sioner and the Amity branch of Camp-
fire Girls also were present.
Handling Oregonian News.
For the past month and until af
ter the election Lawrence Dinneen
has been handling the daily and Sun
day Oregonian correspondence from
Dallas. Any items for The Oregonian
should be given, to him.
Because It's For One Thing Only,
and Dallas People Appreciate This
Nothing can he good for everything.
Doing one thing well brings suc-
Doan's Kidney Pills are for one
thing only.
For weak or disordered kidneys.
Here is Dallas evidence to prove
their worth.
Mva R. A. Embree. 403 Ash street,
Dallas, says: Doan's Kidney Pills
are a medicine of merit and I con
scientiously recommend them to any
one as a good, reliable remedy for
kidney troubles. I have never had oc
casion to take Doan's Kidney Pills
very much, but whenever I did, I
found them to be all that is claimed
of them."
Prine 50c. at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney fills tne same inai
Mrs. Embree had. Foster-Milbum Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
T Hie Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Polk.
Gertrude E. Kruse and i,mma l
Savage, trustees under the will of
Orirf G. Snvage, deceased, Plaintiffs,
vs. F. F. Fisher, Alena E. Fisher, his
wife; Fred A. Handy, W. S. Catton,
Mary Fisher, J. a. Blair, receiver 01
Fihoi- Rrns. & Steiner. Private Bank
ers, R. L. Fisher, M. M. Fisher, and
G. A. R. Steiner, co-partners aoing
k,;n hq Fisher Bros. & Steiner,
Private Bankers, Grant Smith, J. B.
Blair and A. L. Warren, trustees 01
Fisher Bros. & Steiner, Private Bank
ers, Defendants.
To F. F. Fisher, Alena ft. t isiier, nis
wife, Mary Fisher. J. B. Blair, re
ceiver of Fisher Bros. & Steiner,
Private Bankers, R. L. Fisher, M.
M Fisher and G. A. R. Steiner, co
partners doing business aa Fisher
Bros. & Steiner, rTivate canters,
Grant Smith, J. B. Blair. A. L.
Warren, trustees of Fisher Bros. &
Steiner, Private Bankers, and each
of you, Defendants:
Tn th Knmc of the State of Ore
gon : You are hereby required to ap-
r,A Answer the Complaint filed
against you in the above entitled suit
on or before Jovemoer 3, lio, ana
if von fail to answer, for want tnere-
of," the plaintiffs will apply to the
Court for the reliet demanded in tne
Complaint, to-wit:
A indement asainst F. F. Fisher
and Alena E. Fisher, his wife, for
$5,000 and interest thereon at the
rate of 6 per cent per annum from
Augost 22, 1915, until paid, and the
further sum of $500 attorneys' fees
and their costs and disbursement in
curred in said suit and for a decree
of this Court forever foreclosing and
barring the equity of redemption and
interests of the defendants herein,
and each of them, and that the fol
lowing described real property be
sold aa provided by law and the pro
ceeds thereof be applied toward the
payment of plaintiffs' demands here
in, to-wit:
The West ane half of the D. U C.
of Jesse D. Walling and Eliza Ana
Walling, his wife, it beine claim No.
48 T. ( S. E. 4 W. and claim No. 52
T. 6 S. R. 3 West and claim No. 58
T. 7 S. R. 4 W. of the Willametto
Meridian , in Polk County, State of
Oregon, save and except from this
conveyance the following tracts of
land: 71.51 acres, more or less, out
of the N. E. corner of said West half
of said claim deeded to Mrs. Eliza
Ann Walling by the heirs of the said
Jesse D. Walling, the said tract of
land so reserved and excepted from
this land being described as follows,
to-wit :
Beginning at a point on the North
line of the said Jesse D. Walling and
wife's claim 78.17 chains West of t)he
N. E. corner of said claim and run
ning thence S. 74 degrees West
38.67 chains along the North line of
said claim ; thence South 15 degrees
East 22.64 chains; thence N. 74
degrees East 17 chains; thence N. 15
degrees West 7 chains; thence North
74 degrees East 21.66 chains;
thence N. 15 degrees West 15.25
chains to the place of beginning.
Also the following: Beginning at
a point in the North boundary line
ot the D. L. C. of Jesse D. Walling
and wife in T. 6 S. R. 4 W. of the
W. M. in Polk County; Oregon, which
said point is South 74 degrees 30 min
utes West 116.84 chains from the N.
E. corner of said D. L. C. and run
ning thence S. 74 degrees 30 minutes
West along the North boundary line
of said D. L. C. 13.25 chains ; thence
South 15 degrees E. 22.64 chains;
thence N. 74 degrees 30 minutes East
13.25 chains; thence North 15 degrees
W. 22.64 chains to the place of be
ginning and containing 30 acres of
land, more or less, in the D. L. C. of
Jesse D. Walling and wife, and in
Section 36, T. 6 S. R. 4 W. of W. M.
in Polk County, State of Oregon.
This Summons is published by or
der of the Hon. Harry H. Belt, Judge
of the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Polk,
which order was made on the 2nd day
of October, 1916, and the time pre
scribed for publication thereof is 6
weeks, beginning with the issue of
October 3, 1916, and ending with the
issue of November 14, 1916.
T03-N14 Attorney for Plaintiffs.
In the Matter of the Estate of J.
W. Dickey, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been, by the County
Court of Polk County, Oregon, ap
pointed Executrix of the estate of J.
W. Dickey,, deceased, late of said
county and state.
All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to pre
sent the same, duly verified, to the
undersigned at her residence in Su
ver, Polk County, Oregon, within, six
months from the first publication
hereof. '
Dated, October 14, 1916.
Date of first publication, October
17, 1916.
Date of last publication, November
14, 1916. T017-N14
In the District Court of the United
States, for the District of Oregon.
In the Matter of George L. Frazure,
No. 3960 in Bankruptcy.
Notice is hereby given that on the
lGth day of October, A. D., 1916,
George L. Frazure of West Salem,
Oregon, the bankrupt above named,
was duly adjudicated bankrupt; and
that the first meeting of his creditors
will be held at my office, 8th floor,
Title & Trust Building, Portland,
Oregon, on the 1st day of November,
1916, at 10 a. m., at which time said
creditors may attend, prove -their
claims, appoint a trustee, examine
the bankrupt, and transact such other
business as may properly come before
said meeting.
Claims must be presented in form
required by the Bankruptcy Act, and
sworn to.
The schedule filed discloses estimat
ed assets of $5577.65.
Dated October 20, 1916.
N.24 Referee in Bankruptcy.
rv1althdid or Shingles
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Why Should Oregon Vote
Pendleton $125,000
and one-twenty-fifth of a mill for a normal school
only 21 miles from where the state owns a good
plant at Weston which requires but one-fortieth of
of a null annual maintenance to put it in success
ful operation f Read page 28 of the voters' pamph
let; and if you want to avoid needless taxation, vote
309 X NO
Paid advertisement F. D. Watts, Weston, Ore.
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Dallas Grocery Co.
PHONE 18 OK 1801
Star Transfer Co.
G. A. & L C. MUSCOTT & A. P. STARR, Props.
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