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    THE POLK COUNTY OBBEKVEa. iumw. nmw.
-OTr-n nnlTT T A WTT A TV ,
f ttiio' (inlnmn are
vited. Those enter
family or informally,
, report the event to
; 1 irty On New Year's
e inv.tation of the Kloshe
c' y a brilliant assemblage
w 'n and brave men!
' at Woodman hall for an
uf dancinp and Five Hnm
ie plac of entertainment was
iy and appropriately decor
''' numerous Chinese lanterns
, a1 9 the dancers while ori
w ere artistically placed
. among the evergreen
i . Oregon grape and
One end of the hall was
iam Hart, Lucile Hamilton, Thelma
Smith, Marjorie Bennett and Pearl
Smith. The Messrs. job wis""
Ernest Hoisington of the Kappa Sig
ma Nu House of Eugene, Shalor iA-
Li nf IndeixiailniiinB.JBrooke lodd
rmn fsurmo. 111 mm n
Newman Dennis
New Year's Dinner Elvin Cravens
ji:i.hi Vincit. Snfirdav even-
as u ueiigun-u. .'"Ju , p
. w ii flntM'tained a number or
fliie 'young friends with a dinner party,
V,, ' u: iiio flffoonth hirth-
me occasiou rang o -
dav and a New Year's party combin
ed. A very delicious five-course din
ner was served by Ins mniner, h i.
Reily Cravens, a red and green color
ischeme being carried out throughout
khe dinner. The guests of Mr. Cra-
irens were: Messrs. arnesi Mm-uiuu,
(George Smith, Walter Uravens, i,nas.
Siayter, uonum i-aca, , ....
iams anl JMWin cravens.
Isrsonal Paragraphs Pertaining
People and Their Movements,
Gleaned by Observer.
! t
. ..1 fnr those who nrefer-
aitch tlie dancers or try their
at cnrds, comtortame seais
...nncilu nrnviderl for these
whk'h idl arrangements.
I to make of this affair one of
iig pleasure. The punch bowl
Piously presided over by Mrs.
'rioe, assisted by members of
, who passed among the guests
delicious beverage. The hon
irds were carried off by Mrs.
artin and Mr. Lew. A. Cates.
1 .,,, nroerrom was a very
...ia l-wi-i-stpri!
..,.l.n.ii nvr ithe new danc
, much merriment was oceas
r an old-time Virsrinia reel.
the bast number on the dance
irr,at OTJ'6 OTOVKled Wltll
senitine paper which they
nidst those enjoying the iterps
l ant, which resulted in a
nf miilri-pnlnrwl ribbons
ft il v.t
gracefully around the dane
forming a truly festive pic-
osteses at this charming af
e Mrs. L. D. Brown, Mrs. A.
Mm. H. H. Belt. Mi-s.
Pnuin.iui. Mrs. C. B. Blind-
R. K. Piasecki. Mrs. S. B,
v , TT T. Price. Mrs. C. L
H. TT. Volheim.
w'trv is the list of inviti
1 r. and Mrs. Kirkpaltri.
Ttnr,inr Partv Miss Muriel Granl
-J )
Melisrhtfullr entertained at cams an
f lancing during Christmas week-en;
pu- A....T.;.1rv was. nirvA.hlv sDent l
twins and "500." Mistletoe anil
r J il !,.
fcvergreen was uispiayea uu-uugnuiy.
Bh l-nrtma .n.re in ine uvemus
buffet supper was served by the hol-
Laco 'I' ia invitAfI oniesis were; mini
Mo,l Rnmes. Kuith Barrel
'Wwiliu 'Shnw. Munel1 urani
Messrs. Floyd Ellis, Herman Ha
ins. Jack Eakin, D rank Bant ane
fcdward Preston.
TTioatjir Partv Miss Muriel Grant
k nH wit h n nrw leal s utti uv
rni.utona and waltzos lTi',riov ovonine' The evening w
After watching the old year out aid
iun nur vai in ,1 ip-it, nincneon wwa
l.ic - --n -
served. The guesis ui tue cvciuas
Mica Oporo-in Shaw. Kllth T-
Mionil f TlHrnes. Muriel l
looch, Harold Miller, leu nerg.
r.arA Potv Miss Ruth E. Barrel
wna rinstess on Tuesday evening it
o ..n-il nnrtv The eveninff was sped
,:ri, miialn ntirl nrds. Late in the
evening a delicious luncheon was ser4-
w1 Thfl OTiBsts of the evening werra;
Misses Hallie Smith, Maud Barnea
!1 n 1. nAii.in Shaw. Rllt.tt:
Barrett, Messrs. Jack Eakin, Herman
Hawkins, f rank Barren, warier u
ia '. I jip 1 ni f.r. Mr. uu
t 'rider, Mr. and Mrs. U.
v; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Crn-
& Mrs. F. J. Craven, Mr.
uw. A. Cates, Mr. and Mrs.
on, Mr. and Mi-s. A. L.
r. and Mrs. John UgNnv,
Jrs. I). P. Patterson, Mr.
W, Ii. Soehren, Mr. and
Wom1s. Mr. and Mrs. Kd.
Mr and Mrs. Harry Woods.
rs. Ilany Viers, Mr. and
it. Coulter, Mr. and Mis.
;in, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
r. and Mrs. Robert Swing.
'r W. Ti. Tooze. Mr. and
ill Kaerth, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
A r. and Mrs. lieorge liernng-
I Mi's Maurice Dalton, Mr.
. ' ho Williams, Mr. and Mrs.
I .Vi Uv nd Mrs. Stoats,
Lee Fenton, Miss Vers,
rie Vollieim, Miss Pauline
and Miss Florence Burton
. Henkle of Independence.
Mm Uobins
T7i.r T-binilip(l nnrtv was
Wonnnfternoon bv Elizabetl
T!.,,r. Ao K. Koomson ana
Mioa Finance Burton, rink carna
.nrl rhriatmiis decorations were
quite conspicuous in all rooms which
made it very aiiraouve.
dence Enterprise.
nrnnmniith OanfB Entertains The
Monmouth grange entertained invited
rla nh a New Year dinner in the
l,oll nt tlmr nlace. A Droffram
was given lor ine enieriaiiiiucni "i
the guests. Grange Master C. E.
Spence will preside at the next meet
ing of the grange, which will be held
January 8.
Ney-McArthur T. M. Ney of Grand
View, Wash., and Belle E. McArthur
of Independence were united in mar
riage at the latter place on Friday.
The. ceremony was performed by Dr.
H. C. Dnnsniore of Independence.
illation A joint installa
rs was held on Friday
y-W. T. Sherman circle,
e 'Grand Army of the Re
fj S. Grant post, G. A. R.
ion was very pleasantly
,rmory, where the instal
lonies were held. Joseph
. .commander of Sumner
f 12 of Portland, acted as
fleer. After the exercises,
served- a very fine light
tain Conrad Stafrin, com
ompany L. O. N. G., ad
(1 i.. ft members of the two or-
i. "s on a timely topic that
v interested those who heard
The joint meeting was attended
persons, members, of the G. A.
1 its affiliated organization. Af
reneral New Year's greeting the
ice sang "America" in conclnd
e meeting.
officers installed by W. T. Sher
irckv Ladies of the G. A. R..
("resident Mrs. H. P. Shriver;
vu e-president, Mrs. John Stein
jiiirior -ice-president, Mrs.
Arnold: secretary. Mrs. Ora
; treasurer, Mrs. B. Lovelace;
iin, Mrs. Clara Comts; conduc
.r. Mildred Ebhe; patriotic in
:or, Mrs. David Iarling. and
, Mrs. Susan Zentz. Among the
ladies of the circle who attend
e meeting were Mrs. Catherine
v Mrs. E. h. Johnson. Mrs. Jas
.uper and Mrs, C. C. Fuqiia.
ise wlio will preside over the
of the G. A. R. during the corn
ear are, commander Peter S.
wood ; senior N-ice-comnrawY'r,
i1 iirifrer; junior vice-commander,
; Srnntz; chaplain, W. G. Camp-su-eon,
Jolin Steinfeldt; quar
Arnold : adjutant.
vi we; officer of the day, Isaae
efftcer of the guard, C. G.
; sergeant major, E. L. John-
atermaster sergeant. W. G.
1, and delegate to the state
leait, E. H. MeDougal.
Mai-riairA License Abram W. Sie-
mans of Wheeler, Wash., and Eliza
beth Nenfeldt of Dallas secured a li
cense to marry yesterday.
Information comes from an authen
tic source that the Falls City Lumber
company is making preparations to
resume operations at its extensive
mills at Falls City, and that in all
probability that institution will be ae
tiv hv the first of February. The
mills are now under the management
of a practically new company, and the
revival in Itne mmoer marKet aim urc
bright prospects for the future alons;
this line of endeavor are probably
responsible for the determination to
resniime operations at
This item may look a little fishy
, people in the frozen regions of the
.untry, but 'tis true, nevertheless:
iring a snow squall lasn- diiiuimhj -
targe red rose sroou oui, in
.t.ivii hnds were Hust
teady to blossom, along the walk on
the west side ot tlie uamegie Uui.ij
i i riallaa That was go-
UUllUJU ucit in
ing some for the first day of Januarj,
1 'mis. 0. T. Vincent of McCoy was a
Dallas business visitor yesterday.
Mrs Horrv Cosrer is spending the
first of the week in Salem.
Sanford B. Taylor, C. Hi., will leave
tomorrow for Philomath, where he is
dmnir some railway work for the Al-
sea Lumber company.
The tiustees ot itne L,a ireuie ciuu
will ihold a meeting tonight for the
n,miAu nf ore-anizins. and for the
transaction 01 Business.
Judge H. H. Belt left for McMinu
ville yesterday morning to preside at
1.1 1 li. i.P fliA Ynmhill COUn-
ine ics""" Jii" "i- " . .
ty circuit court in session there tins
week. ,
Phil Price spent Mew iear s iiaj
with relatives wt Portland and Oregon
City. , ,
it n aiTmni.ii prtuntv school snrer-
inteiidenit, 'left for Corvallis yesterday
to attend tlie f armers ween. In
gram. Mr. Seymour is usieu im
talk to county rair woriters uu weu
nesday afternoon.
m ami Mrs. Hftrrv I. Pnce were
guests of Dr. and Mrs. March at For
est Grove on New Year's day.
n Pnin u'lin tnrmerlv man-
aaeA the Imperial hotel, was in Dal
las yesterday.
I'kni' oa Man,, VTiin WUH 1 III 1111-1 1VW
uuai ito uiiiiii - -
inii at tiia tria.il hntwl. has returned
Vi,f liotaln nfltur several months
W Vila". uoj
spent at Albany hotels, and will be
jjfound at Ihe desk during the day
(time-. ' . , , - i .1. u..
John Brown got oacK into ine nni
ness of toil for at. least 10 minutes
yesterday morning and shoveled snow
from the walks in front of his Main
street buildings.
m. ..j MVa T. C Starr will re
turn to Portland tomorrow, after hav
ing spent the holiday season at tne
home of Mrs. Starr's parents, Mr. and
Mrs Frank H. Morrison.
William Riddell of Monmouth was
a business visitor in the city on Fri
day afternoon.
Misses Helen and (iladys Liougnary
spent the New Year's holiday wun
relatives at Hood Kiver.
County Clerk Asa a. nooinson
spent the New lelar wieek-enu in
Portland. .
tu Wmton'i Foreign Mission
society of the Methodist church will
meet on Wednesday aiiernuoii wun
Mrs. Sam Burch of 408 Levens sfcrest.
Ed. Smith, formerly of Dallas, and
now at the Oregon Agricultural col
lege at Corvallis, was greeting his
manv friends in Dallas yesterday.
Mr. Smith came to visit his farm near
the city.
Richard Rieman, who has been con
fined at the Dallas hospital for several
weeks with a severe attacK or iypuuni
fever, has sumcientiy recovereu 10 uc
taken ito his home this morning.
i.Tiiot .tViA law ia Rnmetimes called
a Sunday law," says Judge Wolver-
ton, "does not alter tlie question, ana
the interpretation must oe naa ay a
consideration of the act itself." This
was in reference to ine :uu
that the law is in contravention ot
religious liberty.
iiKU, .Lux, tha fact, that the law has
been little enforced require its nulli
fication now," says uie aecision.
Points of the decision are that the
law does not violate the fourteenth
amendment! of the tederai constitu
tion, or the twentieth amendment to
the state constitution.
Beautiful Snow.
Immediately prior to being bed-ridden
by that fashionable complaint,
the la grippe, the office boy penned
t-iin Inllninino. nllpc-pd noetrv which he
tenderly laid on the editor's desk,
and with the remark, "i guess roar
will hold you totil 1 return," disap
peared :
The beautiful snowflakes fell hard
,ail full fast..
From out of the northwest they came
on the blast;
They made of the county seat a most
beautiful scene,
And all its dull, dark spots looked
nice and quite clean;
For snow as we all know's a beauti
ful tilling,
It makes all the poets smite their
lyres and sing.
But there are discomforts in every
Which poets don't sing of, 'twould
nut itn at. all
For snow, while it's lovely and nice
to Me gaze,
And worthy of poets who sing in its
It's damp and it's wet and it's nasty
and cold,
As all who get in it don't need to be
Planter of First Hops in Polk County
Passes Away.
T.iTrtiitwno n Hill, whn in credited
with having planted the first hop yard
in Polk county, the date being 1884,
passed away last Friday at the age
of 82 years. Mr. Hill's health had
been poorly tor some time past, ana
the end was not unexpected. Deceased
was a native of Tennessee, having
been born near Knoxville, May 23,
1833. During his thirty years of res
idence in Polk county, Mr. Hill ac
quired a large acquaintance and
many warm personal menus, an oi
l,,.,., mill loam nf death with
profound regret and with sympathetic
feeling tor ttlie bereaved ones, ne is
survived by two daughters, Mrs. I. F.
Yoakum and Mrs. Scott Campbell,
both of his city. Funeral services ov
er the remains were held on Sunday.
Club's Annual Meeting.
Tim matnKora nf t.llft (Commercial
club, after dining at Hotel Gail to
morrow evening, will hold the annual
election of officers at tne clun rooms.
The dinner will be served in parties
nf sivtuen. the first detail beginning
operations at 6 o'clock. The anniuial
meeting is probably tne most lmpor
tnnt n.otlim.ino- nf th vpar. and hence
all members shoi'ld make an effort to
be present.
Twenty-four pound case lots at
wholesale prices, cash, or exchange
for your grain, and other produce
that I can use. Floyd E. Smith,. 619
Washington street, phone 1303.
Twlce-a-Week Observer 11.60 a Tear.
At the annual meeting of the Inde
pendence Baptist church the following
officers were elected: Wm. Barnett
was elected deacon o serve for three
years, but the rest of the officers were
elected to serve onlv one year and arc
nto p,lier as follows: H. J. Rowe, clerk; Mrs.
than originally intended. Our infor-JF. 0. Parker hncre ary . nu
mant says that, he possesses posurie -r ... Xa
Tear's Dinner Miss Pearl
Kirhtfully entertained a num
e younger set Sat unlay even-
New Year's dinner. The
. Brtiatii-nllv deeoraCed in
yitmas colors, red and green.
lrnnwlpHTO it hat arrangements for
opening the mill ore now making, and
(that within a comparatively short
time the plant will receive a Ihoroinrh
overhauling, thus putting it iu the
best possible condition for continuous
Get Certificates in Penmanship.
Oregon who have qualified for teach
ers' certificates in penmanship. Cer
tificates issued by the A. N. Palmer
Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa:
rjortnide Vennison. Alice!: Mossie
Hussong, Lillie Lewis, Nellie Ander
son, Eleanor Jenkins, Astoria; no
berta Lake, Brownsville; KatheriiK'
tv.iniT riritral Pfiint'. Pprcv Wfttkins.
Cherryville; - Carrie Livesly, Des
chutes; Mrs. E. D. Byers. Anna I.-.
Beck, Elmer Jordan, Clarence Ea-rv,
Vera G. Albin, Eugene; Mabel Wash-
bond. Gearhart; Kathleen Mvett.
Huntington; Julius Collins. Kinsrs
Vallev; Bert. W Harris. Esther Bon
ner. Nellie B. Bullatd. W. V. Connor.
S B. Carpv. Eleanor White, Caroline
White. A. H. Prince. Edith Wele!..
Nina Kame, Lillian Holroan. Edith
Bark, La Grande; Ruby Smith, Carl
v rvi.L-ptt M.tinnn le: B. Ira an
Oilder. Medford: Ida E. Gamble,
North Bend; Mabel Allen. Pnneville;
Marsaret Kate-i.
scott, pianist; Neil McKensey ami
OD'o Hilke, ushers; H. J. Rowe. su
perintendent ot the nunoay s-mu..i.
Because or an epidemic i s"i't
at Independence, the play to have
i.OT ivri hv home talent last Satur
day has been postponed one week.
Independence is now so ur
had it not snowed at an opportune
time "she" misrht have blown away.
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Dykstra re
turned to their home at Perrydale. af
ter having spent the holiday vacation
at Buena Vista.
Josh Talbott of Falls City has Join
ed the Elks. Why he waited until
the state had gone dry has not oeen
dared, but is being debated.
II L' 1 ;. ii k.. mirYhaaed the M.
Jir. tiun.-, - - -
i.: . -.. M farm npBr West Sa Mil last
fall, has sold it again to Mr. Buelkes
of Salem, recently from Nebraska.
Irving, the five-year-old son ot jura.
i.-i T..;.,. nf Snrino' ValleV !
at the Willamette sanitarium. Salem.
suffering from abscess ot the stoma.
Mildied Spong of Spring alley
was presented with a handsome piano
by her parent as a noiuiav m.
Dry 16-in. Slabwood
Per Load CASH
Phone 492
Federal and State Constitution! Up
held by Judge wolvenon.
Judee Wolvenon in federal eotirt
sustained tlie Oregon Sun.lay closmg
law as in ancord with both federal
and state constitutions. Mis rnnne
-.1 1 . ' I e . 1. arailil-atlOII
N. rox. Msnnsli jcame wua a aenrai i -it -n;
Michaelson. Union: of tl Buswick-Balkeollendar eom-
; 3 tirZtThce'nln'g Mo.lie"p,er. Georgia Fountain. VV.I-; pany foT: an inmncUon .u
- ,7a ii in the snow ten-ille; Mary Dahleren, warren; n. vneB.n uir. r-
prlt weXth. MlMir- g. Dykstra, Pern dak. then, from enforcing the Uw.
TT Tlsivia- Vida Dun
" . . , ..1 .1.. lion Xlinnio CorUllllS. MrS. N. L. f Ul-
Kl pointsetias oecomieu - k. - . . - ek
Misi Smith very gracefully kerson. Salen,: Susie Barton . Shen-
he dinner. After the dinner dan: Theda PeAinw. SjMTnsfieliJ . .
g folks donned warm wraps W. Aser, Talent ; Nellie Conlon. Fred
1 1 .1 . nn IW "V POX. I 1. -
iiiiiff ineir sitiss "r i r
Dr. Korineck's Tonics
(THgooop oupae finds a merchant who knowsT),
! that little erfoU. ( VES. "f.0"1.. LrrTSrTL
TOBACCO SW.SFACT.OM. j fMll '""""I0" "VS J
1 i JrV.inTnrrtn "' t" f
'Ttkeasmailchew p
OBSERVE the way W-B CUT users handle their
tobacco; notice how small a chew they take; how
little they spit-that's because W-B CUT chewing is
rYourd.d UU. It. Tell him you wan. W-B CUT Chewing-the
Real Tobaooo Chew, um cut. Umt r 10 eentt a pouch. w
"Nolic how th. lt brtaw oot lk rick loUcco UU"
BUa If WEfMAH-BRUTOH C0MPAHT. 50 Prfi Si , Kw To Ctf
Why We Wish You
a Happy and Pros
perous New Year
We wish you happiness and prosperity during the coming year, first, be
" . .. ..v. nf Mm cornnratlon desire to ex-
canso the men wno uirot-s ut unp - - .
tie feeling of good wiU toward their neighbors natural in mankind,
The prosperity of our company depends upon your ProPy- .
No utUity company can rise above the level of the community which
Wishing you a prosperity in which we want to share may seem to be a sel
fish Sde, unless it is remembered that the relations between the pub
lic and our company are reciprocal.
Service companies do vital work in the modern municipamy-WORK
Utility organizations perform a large share of the co-operative effort es
sential to civic advancement-toward the success of Wustnes-to tha
reduction of physical labor and increased safety of life and Ppf
toward domestic economy and commercial vitality-in the promotion of
better living and working conditions.
The prosperity of the utility companies and the people are interdepen
We ask the same good will from citizens which we feel and express to
wards them.
By A L. Martin, Local Manager.
Star Transfer Co.
G. A. & L C. MUSCOTT & A. P. STARR, Props.
Ellis' Confectionery 1062
Phone Stands: Webster's Confectionery 511
The Observer, a Twlce-a-Week pa
per, costa no mora than a weekly.
2 World-Famous
Awarded Gold Medal
PPT V. San Francisco. 1915.
The Strongest and nearest water-proof
snoea maae.
Loggers, Cruisers. Miners, Sportsmen
ana worsen.
Men's Comfort Dress Shoes
Strong Shoe for Boys
Manufactured by
621 Thurmaa St. Portland, Oregon
Ask for
Each Ik kett of it clan. 3
ipltndid gradtm at 2 diffmat
Old Master) y
and 1
San Marto
-Thm KlmJ Will, Ito J
Send It By Parcel Post
Sen4 as ronr UBndry fe parcel pot
The ra.el carrier la jd uthortd to
XrmimmjA thi. baetnedt. It costs but
frw ccata. Writ rctora it promptly
Wesr Side Marble
V WorRs
O. L. HAWKINS, Proprietor.
Leter Rain!
I SitolM llnm Cmm
V you've a man's
work to do, wear
Tower's Fish Brand
i $3.00
The coat that keeps
out oil the rain, fit
flexEdgamiovenrj drop from running
in at the front.
Prauoar Hau 75 ontt