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Entered as seconfl-class matter in
the Postofflce at Dallas, uiis
The withdrawal of British troops
from the Sulvia bay and Anzac dis
tricts of Gallipoli peninsula indicates
an important change of policy in con
ncctioV with the Dardanelles cam
paign. The hopelessness of carrying
this campaign to a successful conclus
ion, at least along in i u..- -Wen
followed, has been apparent for
some time. It now is conceded, in
fact, that the attempt to gain control
of Gallipili peninsula by ft land all
tack from the west was a grievous
mistake, a blunder that has cost the
British dearly, without anything to
show for it. Moreover, it is further
held by military experts that the sit
uation of the large British forces in
the Snvia and Anzac districts was
f li.rvt neril and likely at
VlitJ I ,
any time to develop into a genuine
Ainaeter. Therefore, tne wivuu.
i. ; nttiintr less than n
.i . ,oo nnrl the successful
accomp!iBhmnt of this difficulty feat
..will doubtless- cause no little satisiac
tion to the people of England, among
whom there has been much outspoken
Briticism of operations at he Darda
nelles and of those res pons ible for
the 'repeated failures that have bgejl
wet in that quarter,
u;i- MttAM nP flip intended aes
tinatW of the foces which have : been
'i, withdrawn from uainpou, .
general and reasonable suppos itvott
r, , .:n -itw Via used rd rem-
tnat inev win
force and strengthen the ally forces
now at Saloniki, or be sent to increase
the British contingent which is pre
paring to defend the Suez canal trom
T threatened attack by the Turks.
Apparently there is need of addition
al troops at both these points, and it
is even possible the forces taken from
n-n:i: v lw divided between
tv,m Tn anv event it is clear that
the change in British plans ioresiii-
mnva nt imrjortance and
interest in connection with the great
ht bo manv "fronts
that the public finds difficulty in keep
ing track of them all. For a time,
i. :woot will center at ha-
,' loniki and Suez, for developments ot
, high importance may speecny wui
at either of these poims.
nntrv. where he has been
promised a refuge such as would be
afforded to any political -it
pointed out that this will not fore
stall legal actions against Villa lor
alleged cattle transactions, uu -
understood that certain claimants are
anxiously waiting for Villa to come
under the jurisdiction of American
courts and law. As a choice between
two evils, however, villa piooa'j
ii fnne civil claimants.
rather than a Mexican courtmartial
and the prospect of a nnng squa,
it ; tWnfore likely that the
mm - .
erstwhile Mexican leader will soon be
n j tiio aiHp or tne Doruer, ij-
IUUUU vil fiiio
ing to get his private affairs in shape
to lead a peaceiui, quiet auu iw-"
With the elimination or v ma w
Mican affairs, the prospeot for the
f neace and order in
rewtuittii"" i T.
.Mexico will materially brighten. For
a long time in fact Villa was oeen u.
chief stumbling-block in the path of
Carranza, who now should nave iiw
j;inu in cmnthfirinff other faction-
al opponents and bringing about con
ditions ot general peace. jm
i -or, .niiniilish this and set up
' . . v
a stable government in Mexico,
i. ;n rm for toward iustifying
the policy which lias been pursueu
President Wilson, who always has m
:,j tv.t tdo Mpxicnns should be al-
B1WH VHWV "" .
lowed to work out of their troubles
in their own way. Vet one can read
ily imagine that old General Huerta
will be ready to say that he could
the same thing, and much
sooner, if he had been given me same
chance that has been extended to Car
ranza. And possibly he could.
mircliased. In this manner, at the end
of twenty-seven years, the invesi
will own $17,000 in six per mort
gages, and a bank account oi ''--
from which an annual income of $1,-
051.17 will accrue.
Obviously this plan has mer ih i to
make it attractive to many who may
have the desire to save, V"
. . i j- l.r tft crn atlOUt It I"
not know jusi u - o- - ,
a systematic manner.
. 3 .. oinn the system pro-
suesrested tne saving i""- -
Bb. . of thousands
tlxed WHiiiu. , f ,
who hitherto have neglected to tol
low the old rule to pun
aJay for a rainy day. It is a phm
B. V. . .iv ond easv of exe-
that is uuui - ,-.. .
. i ainvrori il win
cution ana oiiuo - , , -f nf
courage and develop th. . habit of
thrift. It snouiu ea-'j -r.
a , mm and young women
who are making their own way m
life, although the same Dene.. -
advantages are ui -r-
ers. Many might adopt an .yen smaU-
er unit of savings, ouu
or small the idea is calculated to be
regular and persistent in savins
ttfng each week and putting it to
work as soon as possible earning in
terest. And New Year's is IP
good time to adopt a system of tins
, ..rwvn n.n.l at the
is to conduct a iient.1; - .
rametime -tain.ahS P
the clun-ch, yet that is ewJ t
sition of our esteemed - -Newberg
Graphic,, according to ms
own statement.
" " . ZfTTn Portland School of Practical
The plight f the P601'10 1 " estry, 817-20 Dekum building, tw,
Serbia is said to be v Jg' k
that of thJ!el-t0 4e another WANTED Machine, cast ana
is up to Uncle nam , braBB Bnd c(,pp6
"oi-phan" nation underlie, mnfe p rubber ftnfl rags o
- , , - ' '" ln fact, junk of alt klndi. a, s
Halleck, Monmouth, Oregon, ,
Rill I I" I III FOR SALE Sixty-acre dairy tie
IVliba in coos county; bottom landjta
mile from postofflce; mile h,
kV r-NT A WORD, -PHONE 19. chooi; 0n milk route; goaimk
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FOB SALE-Choice building lots, or give terms. B. Folsom, Gail M
rade Bollman and Staats. 73-tf. Dallas. ft
, nmrPiHV POSITION WANTED Married in,
W. L. ALEXANDER & CO"1 wants position on ranch in M
offers every young man fli trict Underatands stock, fe
who is interested in a"-0"00 a" d pou!try. References fur
opportunity to perfec hims in r conai9ta of wife and
tLP splendid and profi abk scien e 1 Mobey( Box fc(
of Tree Repair. We guarantee eon
nections with this company upon Jom
completion of course t ha t wU es- ALE-Studebaker "f.
tablish you ".VwSw seven passenger; bought new 1,
business that will g iow a i we grow y m
Your opportunity is our oppwtnni seas f
ty. We solicit your cb; seen at Shrefve's w.
Tree surgery pays. Learn it. write way
There are a million men in the Uni-
v. mUIm of strengthening the
i ..ii. nf t.hia counti-y ne
4mnnrtAiie. and is is an
nually attracting more attention from
those who sincerely have the welfare
lf the nation, at heart, it is, tu
forei gratifying to note tnat oeu.c
tary Lane of the interior department,
in Ms recent annual report makes a
strong argument in lavor oi
aid lor euui-ntw" " b - .
peeially for the country schools, in
T. , a v DUntihnh calls
1118 airuiJ3ia v.
attention to the tact mat, "
standing the hundreds oi large civ.
: 4U. .mmim ond the thousands ot
111 hit: u..v.j -
prosperous towns, a large majority ot
the aa,uw,u Bcnuui
in rural schools and are
not receiving training which will com
pare favorably with tnat receiveu
the pupils of the towns and cities.
In the veiy nature 01 nnngo, w...
W q wifl disnariitv in the fa-
liillDI lv '
cilities possible for these two classes
of students, nut mere is u
reason for such a discrepancy between
the quality of the instruction offeid
to them. The meager sainnrs .!. ..
are paid rural teachers are, of course,
at the bottom of the untoward condi
nrhinli nntvail. Doubtless it is
true that in many districts the sup
porters of the rural schools pay un
that they can afford to pay, and even
make sacrifices in order to ma'ntain
rrnv anrp.
Our old friend, the grip, is with us
airain Before we got so well a..-
Zp." bTbo, ft.t we know him
his methods, tactics anu ' ' 1,
respectful arm nonr -
Ave- but tail imuft- f , ,
day term which denote., among oth
flft teii" j .fanrihanty
er things, tnat, ... .
which breeds contempt.
But while we may tertan a feel
. c t nd disappiwal of
he knocks ai a.tlv a
visit of the gnp r"""
!..iD ,.n cilitorial re
An exenange " -
ferring to the wealth of the member.
1LTr.:i.j atoroa pnate with No
oi me umicu -----
Longer a Rich Man 'sChib. A num
ber of newspaper me.i n.
edged their way into the senate dm
inlthe past few years wbta-h
rich senators wno i.bt. r -ed
newspapers have become poor
through it, so the number oi
rich men in the senate is getting very
. hi;.ffl nartv will come
back into power in 1918 not because
political leaders wain ... -because
the rank and file ot the Amei
ican people are convinced that le-
puoiiraui (iu"i'-" - . .
tion are best for the industrial wel
fare and public service of the country.
It will be a victory of the people and At4Pm
not a victory of the leaders. (M3kS4WM
mm. vn, tlio "biir" national tiek-
ets placed in nomination before next
fourth of July, tne cereumw"" - -
holiday nest year probably will be one
of the liveliest this country lias wit
nessed in a long time.
Visit 01 me S"f . i
pleasant or desirable experience, al
ff6. i no way to wroid it
mere a. - --- . ' " " . . .. lt! ,,.
ted States who couia -.ine sysirm.
eolora in some form of military use- fortunately that there are many rur-
fulness if the call came. These area) 8(.hooi districts which pay only mg-
nutiomu gnamsmeii u sunny n.iini. -
guardsmen still of military age, ex-,, to Ueep (1own expenses, and that
. . : ivil life. A.nmir hrinm lnmentablfl
this false economy brings lamentable
results in inferior service.
Secretary Lane protests sharply
against conditions which require
teachers in many rural schools to ac
cept the pay of day laborers, or even
w nnrl it !s to wuialize these inex
cusable inequities that) the secretary
mges systematic government am mm
fostering supenision, without in
fringing upon any of the preroga-
i.; ivn .fUc It la pnsv fao ill-
highiy convenient j lines oi hk
time of emergency, but the govern-1 j,, ;n gm0oth platitudes about ev-
ment doesn't know where any of these ery aml prf being able to get an , employes. In fact,
men are except the national guards- eilll.atin, but it .s another thinff H sJ"e averj serious matter,
. jJ iIiiim nrp 1 n i in..Kla .Aini.tiiiiilv to . 11 lias ufiuure; . .
men. nims.n.y "'i,uB"u . ji.uiu .
. . i ,1 1 1 . tl.A K.t
600,000 national guarusmru ou .receive as "
toi. aituntprl 1WV SHU Ein. 1 "f lumi
regular army men now in civil life,
the majoitv now in civil lire, t "'"
jority of the Spanish war veterans
and men who have received training
under authorized army officers in uni
versities. , There also are young men
drilled under military men in high
and private schools and ex-lnite(1
States marines who have had land
trftinimr. Officers of the United
o.im;t this would be a
highly convenient army nucleus in
though tnere ra " -j . ,
iihuBu -j v., nresented
after our oiu
h fcard, in the-shape of afew httle
gems that surrepititiously gain lodgo-
. v lw,,lv and lmmedi-
rment in me uuuroi. .
Xly proceed to make themselves at
tome and get in their wort Very
soon thereafter one commences to ap
preciate the real significance of the
1" ... 1 .rlvPIl to this in
-iwwe ."i: to he truly
sutious iruuui"-'"--' - .
takes a grip on his 7
noroomfordouo conc..,.
evolent inieniiuu ,if
add a somber ting w
Thereafter it a est re nh
and staying Pow rs to se wfii
win in this minuumo . .s - -
vou feel fortunate, indeed, if you n
Lily manage, to thP
throat and eject mm -
.. v:. t Ko on his way anil
Slo:t;er and recuperate;
from the struggle. - i
, . . it is churned the
just as pic"- - .,,1
entire country is in the throes of the ,
woist epidemic ot tne gnp umv -r
been known for many year Bus,
ness, industries and schools are being
seriously handicapped and impeded h
. . ... '....i i,ilo the doctors are
tins visi'iaiit'ii, " .. .
being worked to death to take care cf
the many victims. Thousands of schol
ars have been detaineu
schools on account of the grip, while
the percentage of cases among otlwr
1 f .... . ..... ,, alnrm-
elasses ot citizens is ....u -
ing. tjuite a numoer u. - -
cited where the grip im -
cling down ot punnc sc .ou. w.
leges and universities, while man,
business concerns and industrial
.... i,ovinr their troubles m
plains , . ,
account of the same ailment spread
hir m-A Rtrrfled that til
-tv- ,.o fMa vpitf was betrer
UUOSUJiws , ,
knan for many years past. 1 ns 19 but
. - n o iv. 1 iV.,t, Trna-
furth&r prooi oi iae iuui. "i' r
perity prevails throughout this great
republic of ours. ' : !
t.. i .,.u.ri. n1o. tlltre is a
xn some uii. , .
tendency to wonder way .-iu
peac makers did not make some at
tempt to end the Mexican war before
tackliig the European muss.
" . ...
Ex-Pfesiilent Taft says he nag no
name infmind "that he carw to men-
tion" for the next republican nomi
nation. MrTaft always was a mou
est man. rS '
I v. ...... L th wlvife orld
ISO OlUCl llVlvJif." .
enjoyed a menier CluiWnas this yeair,
. J ,, .i 1.1,1 TTnltoJ St.nttS.
than did tne guuu v....-
Trustingthatour friends enjoyed
a Merry Christmas, we wish
one and all
A Happy New Year
t.. eTvi it. wifl be some little
time before you will notice that the
days are growing longer
Comparatively few conflagatjons
resulted from cotton whiskers.
Cologne, Germany, brfnre the war
had a population oi ouox.
Tkm Vvio are not our customers should
start the approaching New Year right by
patronizing this store. Green trading stamps
'- with purchases.
Dallas Grocery Co.
Successors to Simonton & Scott.
New South Wales devotes 5,138,000
acres to wheat, growing mmmmmml M "S
I cimvlsmcn: more than 17S
000 armv and na-y "alumni, be
tween 180,000 and 200.000 Spanish
war veterans and 75,000 college ca
dets. War department figures show there
are now 8705 officers and l'-0,fift3 en
I.. th national lrunrd. in
the Spanish war, 223,235 volunteer of
the college! last year, there were 32.
000 who had drill, and in the last 10
years 30.000 men have been graduat
ed who had beer, trained two years.
Figures for 10 years behind that eas
ily make up the estimated total of
75.000 army ofiiews say. Aa to the
regular army alumni, an average of
13.000 fails to re-enlist each year.
.v. f.,r 1014 was 14.349. Even
X no i."' " -----
pupils cannot exct the educational
"palaces" of the big cilies, out nicy
should not lie required u picpuiT
themselves for the active battle of
life in educational "hovels."
Secretary Lane is giving impe'-us
to a movement which ha been 4.n-
tated for a good many years, and he
is rendering valuable service in help
ing to solve a problem to wlncn tne
date re irivinsr more and more con
sideration from year to year. ETery
child is the ward ot the nation, in
the broadest sense of educational .vjv
portunities, and it i or prime impor
tance that be should receive, aa nearly
las possible, the same chance as all
others in the corresponding eiasMnc-i-
lt av-
discharge, incapacitations, removal to
other countries ana ma -for
20 vears should be 175,000 to 200,
000 men. Recent plana of enlistment
in the war department call for three
veart with the colon and four in re
". tt,,fnr ; tt.it. once a mane
which already has gone far beyona
.... i;it nf . ioke. And tlie public
is commencing to believe there aie
other things besides war wiuc.
.v, ul Sherman said in other
wonts, they are beginning to place the
grip in the same categr
There are two conclusive reasons
why the very best man available, who
ever he may be, should be chosen by
the republicans, ine nrsi is, i
the country needs
it strongest man at the head of the
government, ine secona re " "
will take the strongest man the repub
licans can put forth to beat the dem
ocratic nominee.
The rural mail delivery is the one
law passed by congress that has
brought more general satisfaction and
relief to toe great farming eommuru-
i . - . . .i i-.. fiiaiM than anv
WUKTn iaiinu. I Ufe x "."
otal for l!i wa it..ti-. others in me rorrrsMiuiuii .
tlie loss through deaths sincely,,,, ito which it is necessary to di
vide the school population.
.huh hu interested itself in the pro
motion of thrift among the people cf
this country, has promuigarea pian
.. . . ,.n !l imi'. J . Y.L jnrtmnt
term of enlisimem "i- I tor saviuit uu
ernroent gave no more attention tol hifh douhtW- miH appeal to many
vja. pcrwna. Briefly stated, the formula
. 'calls for a wing of 5 every week
VILLA GIVES TIP. in a savings bank for four year.
And the farmers jealously guard their
rights in this matter, having once re
ceived the seme and knowing iun
well its great value to them.
It Maimed thai the German kais
er has not smiled in a yean. For that
matter, however, during the same
iv. hr has Wen no sound of ri
bald mirth from I-ondon, Paris. Pe-
trograd, or any of the other war
Slireeve's Gara
't: r.! -tina. antil J
It most be what Shermaa said war
srl Villa is plain"1 aw.e mer
utiles .cir4ju,:-:'i