Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, June 16, 1911, Image 1

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NO. 18
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, . w lit TED BY RVST-
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Kioorliooto Told In Interest
)"6 Manner.
fyfriCtjind ouV stoU 'the fitaee to gel
tit new eabju&t oWug. w$ wish eve
lew this eity knew how eahejugfy
Ifiiek out oiAStoek oj eakfats and
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UnS Sat aCso how long th&y w'M
lab. 6o& that new eakfret o uj
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MiiC frietues given
y hulehases
dy Toby i8 teaming in Falls City,
in Ponlanc"180" " TWt" "'8 S"s
Harts'111 '8 work, 'for Newton
Newman Dennis is working at the
Martin sawmill.
nayid Hubhard is getting out tlm-
"w a new barn.
vi.mlen I"1"'"' f DalIaa' has 'n
vifiitinsr Tnm wik
w 'SUl,
ureen has a small crop of
" -m.i.b gooseberries.
Clarence Sellers is hauling lumber
me Martin mill to DVlas
Mr. and Mrs. D. Sellers, of Liberty
visited their son Clarenee, Sunday
Joe Murphy has been putting up a
good deal of wire fencing on his place
C. J. rtruce is hauling wood to
Bridgeport, and is assisted bv TMwt
Mrs. D. Shepard, of Bridgeport
visited her daughter, Mrs. Etta Mur
phy, Sunday.
'Villiam Bird and daughter. Henri
etta, visited at the home of his son
Charley Blird, Sunday.
Don Miller is nring the engine for
tne steam shovel which is used in
grading on Dunlap hill.
. a. uuney is helping Mr. Mofflt
wind a house on the land which he
lately bought in Oakdale.
h.url Drumlller, of Sheridan, came
up In his auto Sunday, to visit his
grandmother, Mrs. Mina Murphy.
Miss Katie Barnhart, of Oakdale,
was among the number passing the
eighth grade examination In Falls
Miss Susan Richardson and Miss
Sarepta Richardson are visiting at
Mountain View, the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Robinson.
Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson Mr.
and Mrs. George Robinson, Mrs. Ma
linda Kimball,' Mrs. Mary Card, Miss
Susan Richardson and Miss Sarepta
Lehman Bros, are shlunlnir about
ibv cords of wood to Portland.
Mrs. Joseph Lampltt, of Sheridan,
a visiung friends In this vicinity.
C. N. Baldwin, who. was kicked by
a norse, is reported somewhat better,
erow place, the boys having divided
tne property.
Thirty young people met at E. E.
Hiltibrand'8 Saturday evening and
spent the time playing: pleasant
Ice-cream was served at mid-
The Home Furnisher
Millions of Hours
Saved to Women
With an Electric Iron the week's laundry is
finished like magic.
No running back and forth between ironing
board and stove. '
No sticking between iron and cloth and no
hot handles things that go with other irons.
No fire of any kind to heat up the house.
Let us show you how to get one easily. Just
telephone: Main 24 and ASK US ABOUT
J. L. WHITE, Mgr.
Richardson attended the Tabernacl
meeting Sunday evening.
Mrs. Bramhaugh has been In Port
land to visit the Rose Festival and to
mtet her son, whs is expected to ar
rive from Liverpool, England, whore
he has resigned his place In tn
English army to come to Oregon.
A. A. Moore, of Hogue River, valley,
nas purchased a tract of land from
josepn Craven and will make his
home in Polk County. He says this is
the best part of Oregon.
Hon. J. II. Hawley was a. business
visitor in Dallas, Friday.
Mrs. William Elkins, of Albany,
visited her mother, Mrs. Burrls Hast
ings, over Sunday.
Miss Eliza Love, one of the teachers
in the Monmouth school for the last
year, left for her home In Heppner,
Miss Cora Rosslter, after" teaching
In Monmouth for a year, left for her
home in Iowa, Monday.
The seven graduates of the Eighth
grade held their exercises Friday
night. Dr. Livingston, - of Forest
Grove, delivered the address, and
President Ackerman , presented the
diplomas. .
Mr. and Mrs. W. Barnett and son,
of Independence, were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. A. ,N. Poole, Sunda.
Mr. and Mrs. Pyles, of the nun-'
mouth hotel, have returned from a
visit to the Rose Festival and to Van
couver, Washington. '
Mr. and Mrs. Cricket Bevens, of
Lewlsville, were visitors In Mon
mouth, Tuesday. I
Work on the new school bulldnlg
Is progressing nicely. The basementi
wall will be of concrete and 13 feet
high. Then the brick wall will begin
H. S. Portwood has again taken his
stand behind the counter, having
formed a- partnership with O. A
Muscott. The firm will carry a mix
ed stock of drygoods and groceries,
and will do a good business.
President Ackerman has moved
his furniture to the office room In
the Normal building and will be
found there In future.
ppen Season For Trout
! Fishing April 1st
! ; : "
recognized as Fishermen's Headquarters for
'oik County, we are-better than ever prepared to
-PPly your needs. -
Rods, Lines, Reels, Leaders
and the Best Flies on Earth
Iskets to carry the fish in when yon catch them
'V. R. Ellis' Confectionery
Mrs. Bertha Ray is staying In Air-
Phy Simpson was In Alrlie Thurs
Phy Simpson returned to camp
J. W. Bones & Son are having their
store repainted
Virgil Bevens, of Independence, Is
visiting In Alrlle.
Wayman Williams is visiting
friends In Alrlle.
Mr. Henderson, from Albany, was
In Alrlle, Monday.
Mr. Caughey has returned to Alrlle
from Simpson's camp.
Julius Welnert returned from a vis.
it with friends, Sunday.
Katie Welnert made a business trip
to Portland, last Sunday.-
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ray are the
proud parents of a baby girl.
Uee Caughey returned from his
visit with relatives, Tuesday.
Mrs. Fry and her grand daughter,
Edna, took the motor Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Harrington made a
business trip to Salem Thursday.
H. A. Kaepper, a real estate dealer
was In this vicinity on business,,
J. M. Staatsk the Airlle telephone
manager, made a trip to Salem,
Mrs. Hugh Williams, of Alrlie, and
her little duughter Norma, are visit
ing in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Harrington and
daughter made a business trip to In
dependence, Saturday.
Mrs. Oeorge Conn and daughter,
Helen, took the motor Thursday;
morning for Independence.
A large crowd from the Airlle Sun
day school attenaea me oumm,
school picnic at Montgomery Sunday,
June 4.
A baseball game was played here
Sunday afternoon between the Falls
City and Airlle teams. The score was
1J to S In favor of Falls City.
"Grandfather-1 Plunket died at his
home In Kings Valley at 11 o'clock
Menday night He was buried at the
cemeury there at 11 o'clock Tuesday.
i w t'irirh has clued the water
Zena-Spring- Valley
The roads are being Improved by
rank Crawford Is building a new
prune drier.
Mr Ruble Is about the first In the
neighborhood to cut hay.
Prof. Crawford is commencing the
construction of a new house.
Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Henry have re
turned from a week's stay at New.
The Fourth of July will- be cele
brated by the Spring Valley people
at Lincoln. -..
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Henry are
now on the Henry farm, with Mr.
Henry's parents.
Miss Marie Crawford and Harold
Roy were among the. graduates Frl
day evening from the Salem High
Harold White, of Salem, is spend
ing the week at W. J. Crawford's.
helping him to rid the farm of gray
Louis Cooper, who has been work
ing at Zena, left this week for his
home In Northern Idaho, where he
will run his father's farm.
Mr. and Mra, Lynn Purvine and
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Crawford went
to Dallas Sunday, by way of Salem
and Independence, In the former's
Walter Vaughan is home from in
dependence for the summer.
Ray Nilson and Miss Helen White,
of Portland, are visiting B. F. Lucas
and family.
James Morton and bride returned
home Saturday evening and the boys
gave them a very Interesting- evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Davidson, of North
Yakima, Washington, spent Tuesday
with W. E. Goodell's.
Mrs. J. W. Fetzer, of Independence,
visited at the home of the latter's pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cook, Sun
J. Oral Price and Paul Smith took
a hike for the mountains Tuesday.
Mrs. Robert Ankeny and son have
gone to Walla Walla.
James Morton and James Smith
drove to Independence, Tuesday.
John I. Burch has returned from
Jack Goodell Is papering W. W.
Russsell's new residence.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hill and
Alice Burch drove, to Monmouth
Tuesday evening.
from the spring on hie farm to Warr.n ,nd Harry Dempsey left for
house. He int. nds to build a me"t Tmamo()k Monday morning.
reservoir wine
.f water.
J H. Crowley finished working Ms
i . i
frcm the orenmu
John O. Remp-1 was a
' . 1 W .1 ..
visitor at
Earl Brunk graduated
Salem hiKh school last Friday.
Devis Allen is '"' -f Vim Emma Cadle was a ruest at
mke a f0Jnda;ii f th. Farmer home Sunday:
The Reverend Gere Cromle. ot Tomm(e Hjnf WM m fiunday. caII.
Aftorta, i her vwwin r-..--
a lew )
A. Sampson was a Dallas visitor
Miss Ethel Tooze visited in Dallas
lRst Sunday.
Mrs. S. Raphael Is visiting friends
in Portland.'
L. Muscott visited, friends In this
city, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mehrling hav
gone to Toledoi '
Mrs. F. P. Heydon is visiting rela
tives in Portland. A -
George Yeaton Is transacting bits!
ness In Portland. -
Albert Teal made, a business trip to
Salem last Monday. . vv
Charles Richey made a business trip
to Woodburn, Friday.
E. G. Hill, of Michigan, Is visiting
Mr. and Mrs. G. Fry.
C. J. Pugh has been transacting
business in Portland,
Cleveland Powell visited the Rose
Festival In Portland.
Mrs. A. F. Courter visited friend
In Dallas last Thursday.
. J. E. Beezley returned last Monday
from a trip to Portland. .
Miss Ella M. Mehrling visited
friends In Dallas, Tuesday.
Dr. A. B. Starbuck, of Dallas, made
a trip to this city Saturday.
' Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Tetherow were
visitors In Dallas last Saturday.
W. T. Grler returned Friday from a
visit with relatives in Portland
Mr. and Mrs. George Southerland
were visitors in Dallas Saturday.
County Surveyor B. F. Beezley vis
ited friends in this city Thursday.
Mrs. J. 8. S. Powell attended the
Rose Festival In Portland last week,
Paul Sheppard and Claude Hickey
attended the Rose Festival In Port
land. .
Dr. and Mrs. F; M. Hellwarth were
visitors at the Rose Festival In Port
land. '
S. R. Skeels has been In Portland
for the past week on real estate busi
F. P. Heydon attended the Sheri
dan-Dallas baseball game last Sun
Colonel C. W. Matthews, of Port
land, has been In the city for a few
Miss Viola Palmer of Amity, visited
her sister, Miss Chloe Palmer, last
week. -
Masters Ralph and Eugene Hooker
are visiting their grandmother at
Pedee. , . ' .
Mr. ana Mrs. Zlmrl Hinshay re
turned Sunday from a short visit in
Mr. and Mrs. William Hulaby, of
Baker, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. O.
J. W. Sweeney, of the Dallas Flour
ing Mills, was in this city on business
Miss Etta Waters visited with
friends and relatives In Portland,
Tuesday. ;
Roy James returned Monday from
an extended visit with, relatives in
Mr., and Mrs. I. G. Singleton were
visitors In Oregon's metropolis last
Thursday. .
Mr. and Mrs. Walter I Tooze visit
ed relatives In Portland and Oregon
City last week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Vick and daugh
ter, Hollls, visited friends In Dallas
last Thursday. ,
Mr. and Mrs. David .Courier and
son, Osel, have been visiting rela
tives In Eugene.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Servey and Misa
Kate Keith were visitors at the Port
land Rose Fair.
Mrs. J. S. Courter left last Satur
day for Salt Lake City, where she will
reside In future.
Miss Blanche Graham, of Fort
Rock, Lake County, is visiting iilr.
and Mr A. Wiles. .
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Barham, of Mo
rn, Oregon, visited Mr. and Mrs. Ira
Mehrling over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Ashford, of
Aumsvllle, visited Mr. and Mrs.
George Darby last week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Brown were
Portland visitor Wednesday and
Thursday of last week.
J. R. Moyer, Charles Moyer and
W. E. Ebert are building a residence
for K. E. Gilliam! at Salem.
William Southwell, of the Siletz
Basin, visited Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Ward, Monday and Tuesday.
The Misses Llna and Gladys Dun
ton, of Molala, are visiting their
brother. Prof. J. E, Dunton.
Mrs. Abbie Nowell and duughter,
Edith, of Portland, visited" her sister.
Miss Addle Huggins, Thursday.
Miss Mary Hammond, physical cul
ture Instructor in Willamette Univers
ity, returned to Salem, Monday.
Mrs. W. R. Hinshaw and nephew,
Arthur Baldwin, are visiting Mrs.
Hinshaw's sifter near Newport.
Mrs. Julia A. Ellis, of Corvallls. and
Mrs. Mary J. Guy, of Dallas, are visit
ing at the home of William Ellis. ..
Mrs. A., F. Courter and sons,
('live and Ensign, left for Salt Lake
City. Saturday, to be gone three
months. .
Frank Martin, Pernel Meyers and
N. Lunde returned Sunday from a
The Reverend E. H. Hillis and
family have returned from an extend
ed visjt with the Reverend and. Mrs.
W. N. Coffee, In Portland. Rev' Hu
lls has resumed hl-i position as pastor
of the Free Methodist' Church.
The Pythian Sisters will give their
annual dance in Wagner hall to
morrow night. Lunch wiir be serv
ed at Hinshaw's after the dance. The
committee in charge is composed of
Mrs. W. L.- Tooze, Mrs. W. R. Hln
Bhaw, and Mrs. E. P. Brown.
The cantata, "Carnival of Flowers,"
given by 65 school children of the
first, second and third grades, Wed
nesday and Friday nights was a com
plete success, and proved so popular
that It will be played again on the
night of July 3. The success is due
to the efforts of Miss Hallle Mor
rison, Miss Ruth Fugate and Miss
Hazel Kuykendall, under whose direc
tion it waa produced.
- The annual alumni banquet of the
Falls City High School was given at
Frlnk's confectionery last . Thursday
evening. At "the business meeting
preceding the banquet the following
officers were elected: President, Mrs,
J." D. Moyer; vice-president, Miss
Allma Huesby; secretary, Miss Ella
M. Mehrling. The following members
were present: W. F. Nichols, Elsie
Leavltt, M. G. Ellis, Parrl Elllss, En
nls Frinke, Viola Sellg, Irene Dodd,
Cecil Dodd, B. F. Beezley, Ella Mehr
ling, Alma Huesby, Jessie Moyer,
Edith Montgomery. Bertha Frink,
Ralph Harrington, ... Rita Alderman
Mina Chamberlain, Leonard Frink.
Court Items, Real Estate Transfers,
And Other News Briefly Told.
Wjll Bush was at Falls City last
Saturday. -
Aunt Sarah Price Is visiting In Sa
lem this week.
Elsie, Bush visited Precious Irvin
last Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Allva Womer took In
the Rose Festival In Portland last
week'. '
Mr. and Mrs. Burbank, of Mon
mouth, visited relatives Saturday at
Mrs. Lucy Tucker has moved up to
Simpson's camp, where her husband
Is at work.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brown are
over from Falls City, while he is get
ting the threshing outfit ready for
The Children's Day exercises last
Sunday were well attended. There
was a fine program and plenty of
good things to eat Amel Siefert took
photograph of the Sunday school
Mark Richards Is Improving from
his recent Illness.
Mr. Willis, from Salmon River, Is
visiting J. D. Kelty.
C. L. Hawley and P. C. Storm were
In Portland Thursday. .
Jim Butterlck is papering this
w ek for I. JJ. Mulkey.
Mr., and Mrs. J. 1). Kelty made a
recent trip to Newberg.
C. L. Hawley and family went to
Seattle Tuesday, for a week's visit,
Clyde Kelty was in Portland dur
ing the-week, attending the rose
show. '
A match game was played here
Sunday between Hopewell and Mc
Coy, the latter winning.
Ora Rhoades and Wllford and
Hafold Jenkins "went to Portland
Tuesday to attend the rose show.
The, Reverend J. W. Jenkins and
family went to Dallas Sunday In their
auto to attend the revival meeting.
. J. Bowles Is cutting poles.
Jake Buhler is cutting hay.
Mrs. Campbell la quite sick.
Mr. Van Well is cutting poles.
Fritz Rosenau is hauling gravel.
W. E. Martin has .a new driving
There is talk of relocating the Con
cord road.
Noel and Press Dickey are working
on the road. '
Two of Henry Glllams children
have pneumonia.
All Brown was through this vicinity
trying to buy lambs.
' Mr. Van Well and family were Dal
las visitors last Sunday.
George Starr lost about 70 of hl
fine young chickens recently.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Z. Rlggs and son,
Lleb, attended the Rose Festival at
Delbert F. Plaster, of Dallas, and
Jennie F. Plesslnger.
In the estate of Margaret D Camp
bell, deceased Noah F. Gregg, Orval
E. Focht and George H. Ball ap
pointed appraisers.
Cedar Lawn J. J. Leveck, Mon
Oak Park Andrew Campbell, Am
; Glenwood I. M. Robertson, Rlck-
Roanoke Farm Hugh Hayes, Dal
Lynhurst Home Fred Loy, Inde
Shadeland Nos. 2, S and 4 C. D.
Nairn, Amity.
E. W. Strong et ux to William Pal
mer, 200 acres, t 7 s, r 4 and 5 w, $10.
Alice Courter and hus to B. F.
Beezley, land in Fails City, $100.
Fred M. McIIenry to B. W. Hol
man, lot In Independence, $10. -
Frank Church and wife to Marvell
E. Spencer, lot In Falls City, $50..
Charles R. Bennett et ux to Chris
tine Bennett, land in Dallas, $1260.
Capital Trust Company to Cather
ine E. Browning, lots In Klngwood
Park, $700.
Charles E. and William M. Roberts
to Joseph A. Montgomery, land in
Independence, $10.
Charles E. Roberts et ux to same,
land In Independence, $10.
Joseph A. Montgomery et ux to W.
M. and C. E. Roberts, 156 '4 acres
t 6 s, r 3 and 4 w, $10.
Francis Zuvar et ux to C. A. Reh
mel, 9.35 acres, t 8 s, r 6 w, $10.
School District No. 40 to J. D. Wall
ing, land In Lincoln, $220.
Cora Walling and hus to School
District No. 40, V acre t 6 s, r S w,
Hartley & Craig to Thomas E. Nay-
lor et al., lots in Hartley & Craig
Fruit Tracts, $2250.
Harry Hlbbard to George F. Vick
and A. F. Courter, 167 acres t 9 s, r 5
w, $10.
Solomon K. Crowley et ux to Fred
erlck S. Crowley, 34.07 acres, t 7 s, r
4 w, $10.
J. M. Card et ux to R. H. Thomp
son, Jr., 10 acres, t g s, r 6 w, $10.
J. A. Lawrenson et ux to Charles
R. Bennett, land In Dallas.
E. W. Staats et ux to William Boyer
et ux, 14j0 acres, t 9 a, r 5 w, $10.
A; F. Courter et al to T. D. Hallo
well et ux., lots in Falls City, $1.
Receipts and Sales at Portland liiilon
Stock Yards.
Polk County Surveyor Says Newport
Fulls City Lino Feasible.
NEWPORT, June 12. At a meet-
ng of the Newport Commercial Club
last week County Surveyor Beezley
of Polk County, said he heartily ap
proved of the proposed macadam road
between Newport and FallB City, and
that he would use his Influence to
have the road built as soon as possl
The Club decided to take the mat
ter up at once with the county court
and also Instructed the secretary to
secure the co-operation of the Falls
City Commercial Club in presenting
the proposition to the county court of
Polk County. Mr. Beezley said that
the road could be built with no grade
exceeding 8 per cent and that there
was plenty of stone along the road
for macadamizing.
Mr. Beezley is now running a sur
vey for a macadam road from Toledo
to Newport.
PORTLAND, June 10. Receipts for
the week ending today have been as
follows: Cattle E63, calves 80, hogs
1733, sheep 790, : horses and mulca
24. , ...
Owing to scarcity of supplies in the
cattle division, prices stiffened up
somewhat the last of the week. Ono
prime load of good steers brought
$.40, while several brought $6.25.
While these prices are not as high aa
those obtained before the slump, ship
pers realize that it la now time for
grass cattle and corresponding lower
prices. The cow market remains
steady to firm with best qualities at
$5.50, medium $5 to $5.25. There la
a good market for light, well-finished
veal, one lot bringing $7.75 and an
other of 60 head $7.50.
The prices of best light hogs contin
ues to advance about a nickel a week.
top now quoted at $6.90 with steady
demand. A good many stockers were
on the market, prices ranging from $7
to $7.25, owing to quality. Heavy
hogs are selling from $5 to $6, with
marked tendency on the part of buy
ers to discriminate against this class
of swine.
Mutton appears to be ' jrreatly In
demand, buyers easily keeping pace
with the heavy receipts,. Lambs
showed a slight fluctuation this week,
one lot bringing $0.60, several lots
bringing $6 to $6.25, though th ma
jority of sales were at previous quo
tations of $6.60. Best wethers were in
demand at $4.25, ewes $3.25 to $3.50,
mixed lots $3 to $ i.
Demand for draft horses continues
good and the record of sales for this
week Is encouraging.
Following sales are representative:
Steers, $5.25 to $6.40; cows, $5 to
$5.50; calves, $7.50 to $7.76; bulls,
$4.50 to $4.60; hogs, $6.10 to $7.25;
lambs, $6.60; wethers, $4.25; ewes,
$3.40; culls, $2.50; horses drafters,
$17? to $200 each; chunks. $100
each. ......
Program For Free Open-Alr Enter
tainment by Dallas Band.
Flag Day.
June 14 was the one hundred and
twenty-fourth anniversary of the
adoption by Congress of the flag which
has remained ever since' the symbol
of the United States of America. The
observance of this anniversary occa
sion Is becoming annually more gen
eral, chiefly through the activity of
Otttaoixitliy In DIihoomc of Children.
When I contemplate the wide range
of children's diseases and the Influ
ence they will exert upon coming gen
erations, I am Impressed with the
mportance and magnitude of the
work we have before us. There are
undreds of thousands of children
uttering as a result of anatomical
slons . who are being neglected
through Ignorance of the cause of
their condition and what the science
of osteopathy will do for their relief.
The public must be educated with re
gard to our theories of cause, diagno
sis and treatment. Teachers should
he made to realize the evil effects
arising from allowing chlldrento sit
with bent spine and humped-over
shoulders. Parents ought to be made
aware that the great law of lire is
harmony of action throughout the
body; that disharmony results when
any bodily parts are misplaced, and
that the remedy Is mechanical adjust
ment Could all these things be
brought about, what a revolution
1 The third of the series of popular
weekly open-air concerts will be given
by the Dallas band tomorrow even
ing, commencing at 7:30 and continu
ing until 9 o'clock. No more agree
able form of entertainment has ever
been provided for the people of this
city, and the number of appreciative
listeners is increasing. The concerts
axe beginning to attract residents
from out of town, who find it pleas
ant to drive In and enjoy tha musls
and attend to the little odds and ends
of shopping.
Through tha kindness of J. L.
White, local manager of the Oregon
Power Company, an improved light
ing system has been Installed on tho
court house plaza for the use of the
bandmen. Thirty-six Incandescent
lights, of 32-candle power eacn.
strung in the form of a triangle, fur
nish an abundance of illumination
and add to the gala appearance.
The following program haa been
arranged by Director U. S. Grant for .
tomorrrw night's concert:
King of the Air Johnson
Days of Old , Carlton
Albanian March Hall
Budding Flowers (waltz) Laurend.au
Around the Town (overture) ...Huff
O.-Iand, (march) Beyer
Our Companions (serenade) .. .Eaton
Kathlnka (mazurka) ,, Beyer
Others by request.
Falls City Pcoplo Will Hold Rousing
Jubilee July 3 anil 4.
No other event In the history of
this city so well deserves a fitting cel
ebration aa the completion of the
new municipal water system of Falls
City, and the plan to hold such a
jubilee In connection with a Fourth ot
of July demonstration has met with
populur approval. A successful cele
bration is assured.
The committee In charge of tha ar
rangements Mayor Hubbard, C. O.
Johnson and W. F. Nichols haa tak
en up the work with enthusiasm and
the result will be that Falls City will
have the biggest and beat "show" ever
aeen here. Falls City News.
the American Flag association. Next) there would be! A vigorous, hearty
year, being a one and one-quarter I race would constitute the next gen-
centennlal. there will probably be(eratlon. Herald of Osteopathy.
some special national effort made
n w oays nsnmg trip on the Sitet - f or , general celebration. The assocla
riv, r- I tlon issued an appeal to the presl-
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Thompson and j dpnt ,nd lhe governors of states, to
children, Halles and Mildred, attended;,.- ..rnrlimatlnn. recommending
In Portland last
Isevm Davis ana aaunnirr.
with her parents. ir. io
the Rose Festival
j week.
; Henry J. Pfandhoefer graduated r(),i,. MPeli
I -r In the Greenwooa vicinity. rrom tne electric engineering depart;
Harry Dempsey was a bul ns ment of the Oregon Agricultural Col-
are Maying
Mrs. St.-Wirt.
fer.1 PPI fr-m h-re attended
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. th.ir hou.--. Mr. Purv.n
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-a- tcrui.k aitc-nJd
rry the famous DIAMOND W brand of
ract, Spices,' Coffee, Tea and Canned poJ.
Frfh bread dailj.- The rerj bet of fruits and reg
ales can always be found at our store.
onion & Scott Dallas, Oregon
of la
the Wil-
... v.iiv Wool Gror
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Atlitiilln Cuoimrnnrmml,
Among the vMtlng clergymen Who
are in .the city to be present at the
commencement exercises of Dallas
citizens to make observance of the I folic, this w-ek are the following:
day by a display of the flag, and pst-'Tm, ReWrend 8. 8. Mtimev twurtor of
It especially request-1 tn United Evangelical Church of
ed that patriotic rxerclsea be held In j Porti,nd; the Reverend O. L. Lovell.
achrwtla mi this ( the most Imoort-' . . . ..... .
. ., i i . . . w i. t . i . .. ' . iiii ti inr Lnilfd r.vancei!CSl
caller a. me - - ; .-.i r r,..y. of ,, f , , , ,, .hooI. that Kaem- the Revenend V
D. H. R-mr' I- .twndlng lhe P.- Carl B. Willi., of Dallas, was In re,pect for lh, flag mu8t fir,t in-ln.vne IZir of Z vtlt 1
cine dltrkt conference .t Pr.tum.i charge of the railway company . ! ated 2 ?, , ! , .
Oreo. istauon and affair, here during Mr. I Ev.ng. Ileal -hurch of Sod.vll.e; the.
Maws Katherln. Ruthie and H'l- Hingleton's absence. I , Keverend Jo ph lloberg. retired,
en. R-mpel are v'.iting their grand-' Mr. and Mrs. J. C. T.lbott returned' T.limui.-I. Nr. j minister of the Meth.Klist Episcopal,
for their big Tabernacle, (1 p.n. have step-c- AK.)atlon f,.urch of ,
p.d out for Christ and the higher life. m(.mb r of twi i
children, ' Them large result, make It . .ucces. .
; Knneth. Clart-Bcr and Luoile, of Ta- h-fore It I. half over. The vangel-l . . . .. (
Simple Itemedy Cures Appendicitis.
Sworn proof that simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., a. compounded In
Adled-l-ka, the new German Appendi
citis remedy, really does cure Appendi
citis without operation, can now ba
seen right In Dallas at the store of
Conrad Stafrln. A SINGLE DOSE of
thl simple remedy will fu'.evo wind
or gas In the stomach or boo els, (our
stomach, conatipatlon and other pynip
toms of chronic Apfwr. Jlcitia.
tlshs E:rn3 Zilh ksj
this k.
Sam C'at w a Rait m
ton the following' day left
iflalm In the Kilet Basin.
J Mra E. K. Whit- and
Tiaifor coma, sre here, vlaiting J. W. Waun-' i.ls and leaders In the campaign re
ftingleton, of Hum Vlta the Rever-1
end E. E. McVkhrr. of M. 1! innvll!-
Xiirt Monday
Natonai Prk-
Tveiay. , -u reiaiivrv. . hiKtily gratined, and uxe II as an in-j
Joe All" h.s g'-ne ta Alaaka for. Ir. and Mrs. L. Pfandhoefer and'diratlon of much greater thing, fur:
the summer. dauehter, Violet, left Tuearfay for Cor-' the. remaining day. of the meeting. I
v c ilUa anil familr Raletn valii. to attend th f m a i t ; ' T-i.-. . Hi.ui.. ih. tiamr-a It T.
riritor. Sand.y. ' ciae. of the Orcron Agricultural Col- ' of nrrmni whom the Christian peopl j yeaterday morning announcing the)
I'lctl In C.lif.irnla,
Kentun rt c i ved a tel gram
at 1
AMh r.k is seeding hi. clover, )-.
rmund thi. wek. ( Mra W. F. Ni hnl. was the wlnr-er'
Mir. Mr ta Tia.ttng her mother, of the I'pton piano which wa given!
j Mr A. G. P.nlwrta. : t.the Fall, ritr Mercantile Company,
j Mr". Harah Hill I. vurtting Mrs. J.,lhe mtm by a plurality of orrr 19,-'
t W. E-lor thi. week. ', To-a. j
J. E. to rnnainc hi. wckxImw C. C, l e ha. l-ni ib-lected to fill
- .
In- M. .J..a.tJ rur-
the poattiua cf city (ouiu iUnan. made ' attendance night after night, showing mrontile house of J. L. 1 e.
Fred N
the J-
thi. BeithtKwhnoa bow.
Mr. ."4 Mra E- L. Harris were vcnt by the appointment of Coun-: a large Interest on the part of the
P. T'th- . !- iaiia - .. ..i,n t. ... ..namneriam a. atr I community In the revival.
.re praying for, now numU-r. J7. , sad new. that Mr, u. W. CryMai. j
Raptiam. at the church are of almoat j former wMl known and vry pnpu!arj
dally occurrence. TVapite the fact ! resident of th!. city. u dead at her;
that commencement exercise, have home In V.cavllle. California. About'
lKn claiming the attention of bo.IS yar. ago Mr. and Mra. Crti
many peopl. fn th city for a week or, were living In thi. city, .her. he and !
more, good audience, h.ve been In II. U Kentrm were empioyod in the;
j Legal blank, for Bale at thi effl
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