Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, November 29, 1910, Image 4

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Among the several breed. of cnttl
that lmve been liniiiriei iulo th
country, umliily from- Ktiglnmt. Hi
breed that linn been most iihhIi si li
pushing Its cluim. I um quite sure,
the Devou, writes h .Missouri breeder
Of course tio-oue will cluim fur 1 1
Devons that they are nx good crciiii
nnd butter town iih the Channel Islam
cattle, or such heavy milkers as tli
Ilolstein, or ucb beefniaUers as Klior
horns and Hereford, but they are 111
the mediocre people iu this world
without making great show they ar
among the attractive cattle that hav
come to this country.
If any one were to ask me what 1
the most noted character of the Ievom
that gives them prominence I woitlf
say tuni it is ineir great cmeicm-y a
work oxen. They seem to have a re
litntion In all parts of the world when
they are known as being the lies! ol
all the breeds as work oxen, lim, while
their special adaptability In thai lli'U
has certainly given them jrreater prom
inence in that line than any ftthe
breed possesses, it is hy no means Ihel
only point of excellence.
In t he first place, they are good al
around entile. They are medium sized
of a very attractive deep red color
smooth and hlocky In shape, and I hell
horns are more upright and syimii"!
rically curved than those of some oihei
Of course they have less size than
either Shorthorns or Holslelns. hut
they are more compact than ellh
and are quicker In I heir uio cnienls
The oxen, usually weigh from l.ilnii n
1,800 pounds and are so trimly huill and
active thai they are more etliiient as
ox teams than any other breeds. Bu
because they are so superior as oxen
Is no reason for them to lie low In
the scale as to other poinls of excel
They are good milkers, and t lie milk
is rich, and they have made many
records as butter cows. A lest made
at an experiment station in the north
west shows that one Devon cow mncli
two and Iwo-llfths pounds of hullo'' a
day. Hut the breed has never been
exploited as special butter cows or beet
cows, although the quality of the meat
and the distribution of the meat as ti
the proportion in the choice cuts Iiiivp
given them an enviable reputallon for
beef unimals. So that young animals
bring top prices as beef cuttle, and as
they mature early t he chances are that
Devon steers that have been fairly
treated will show more of the best cuts
In proportion than any other breed.
In the department of agriculture re
IKirt for the year ended .Inly. ion".
the following tlguri show (lie number
of animals registered of the hew
known breeds: Shorthorn, a total of
7ir,on:i; .lernoy.2."i,270; Hereford. 'JUS.
itSS: Uolsleln. irr.71N; Angus. 1I.-.,.1!)2.
while the Devons veri only T2u'Ji
bond. They exceeded only Hie Ayr
shire, Guernsey and lied Polled.
These llgitres show the total number
of ell breed registered since Ibe herd
bonks were started and do not repro
seal only those now alive. The breed
is holding Its own in tills rniiiliry. mil
all who own and breed levoiis are en
lliuslaslie champions of their virtues
Sheep Keeping.
Milch has been said troei lime fn
time on I he suliji-cf ot Ibe mlviintngi'
of keeping sheep on every farm, sa.w
the llouieslead. Vet there Is no son
ot domestic animal thai has filled i
meet wllll general appreciation In til
Mil nit degree as the sheep. Truly then
Is no fill-in that call Milord not to kec
sheep. The sheep Is an iiiiiinal of re
lined lnilncts. lie Is not a gro-
fiisler. so thai neither In the fa'teitinv
nor the growing periods Is there tie
uiiinil for the laborious cfTnrt thai at
lends hog raisin? al all times, lie l
n close grazer and will. If the ncul l
eke out an existence where oilier faro
tinliiials wo'ild llnd It Impossllile to h
Bo. He Hill also dev. nil- weeds am
objectionable vcget.ilioli thai wolili
Ihoiwb'o prove a nuisance, lie Is r
close cleaner. Willi Hie fin '.lily ot tt'iln
lug his subsistence fr giahis am
herbage I hut would else lie lost.
Balling Corn or Hog.
The fanner ho makes n piaoiloe nl
raising grain exclusively, hauling It t'
the olfwilor and welling It Is robbing
himself, or. Ill oilier nurds, dcplftlui
the fertility of the farm
Every year as Hie crop I gathered
mill sold off the place It Is l. lt with
ditrcasisl prodm-ike iwer fur tie
future. It is like mining or dlgglm
ml I he value of the soil and elilppluv
to the market. II Is aclling mr fane
virtually Ihnmiih the ele nlor.
Selling Ibe corn ly Ibe hoi: route oi
throiiL-h ti v othet live sti k is retell!
lag I he fi'i-i:it. Hy n pioM-r aval en
if ilivervillitl fanning ntid MlailoH '
trops toil can build lift and lieprovi
Instead "f leMrojIna I he prisli ti e
neaa American Incherd
There aro all kinds of pasfure suitable
for hogs blue grass, clover, alfalfa,
etc., as well as rape and soy beans.
Any of them is good, and it depends
on circumstances -which one hog rais
ers should use. I find clover and al-
1 '
it . ? -
falfa both fine, and swine will grow
and thrive on either of them without
extra grain, although it Is better to
feed a little grain,
for rapid growth any gain made
from pasture or forage crops is the
cheapest gain possible to make and a
the same time keeps the pig's system
in fine shape. I find that my swine
that are on clover pasture spend mos
of their time eating clover, and with
the little grain they get they are tuuk
ing wonderful gains.
Of the many forage plants alfalfa
is one of the most satisfactory for
bogs, since it can be made- a perma
nent pasture and is rich in protein
making an excellent combination with
corn. The leaves are tender nnd the
stem small, which makes it easily mas
ticated, and it is very much relished,
Rape should be allowed to get a good
start before being pastured, and If this
is done it will furnish pasture for
long while and at the same time will
produce heavy gains if a little grain Is
fed. Fall sown rye also makes a fine
pasture and if clover is sown with It
can be used for a clover pasture after
the rye is gone. Clover seems to do
especially well when sown with rye,
After the rye is ready to head out the
swine may be taken out of the field
and the rye allowed to ripen and fall
over. Then turn the hogs back In. nnd
they will harvest all the heads and ea
the clover that was sown with It.
Where there is a permanent blue
grass pasture on the farm (and there
should be on every farm) it Is well to
use it during the winter months and
early spring for the sows and pigs
when it will not do to turn out on the
other pastures. While blue grass is
not as good or relished as much by
swine, it Is fine for them when there
is no other pasture they can be turned
An Inferior Bull Sure to Prove a Costly
The average farmer who Is raising
his own dairy calves little appreciates
the net cost of a cheap or Inferior
bull when In search of an animal to
head his herd. This is well lllustrat
ed In a herd of dairy entile of which
we have very accurate data as to the
flow of milk and the amount of butter
fat produced during the past four gen
crntlons. writes Professor M. V. liar
per of Cornell university.
In this particular herd the condi
tlon. such aa tho breeding of ( lie cows.
the feeding and the imimigeuieiit were
as even throughout the four genera
Hons as could be obtained In practice
so that any uiarked Increase or de
crease In the production of the off
spring can be credited lo the sire used
The first sire under observation got
three producing females thai averaged
300 pounds of fat a year. The second
bull even excelled the first, as he got
nine producing females that averaged
I,.- "-TSj' 'S. t,p. V
i tar
- V
Hog Raising a Profitable Venture Far
Smell Farmera.
There are feature la liie mtslng
that ap;eal to every thoughtful furmer.
No other moat producing animal are
raptible of producing no many young
In a year, write an Ohio brevier lo the
Country Gentleman. In iifrat-s whorr
tillable pture can I inivhted fH-m-arly
every month In the yir Hie
Kboul.l farrow tl- annual!, pro
I'u h: oie litter in the spring. lii h
as rni;y be umdc ready f"r the tatr
fall or Inter luarlet. aiid anoiu.-r lit
ter In trly fail, lo l" tim U- ni .! fr
.be r-ri!g market. T1 mll isoO.il
nxiniri-d lo tscln with nl Hw iii. It
rt-mnia on Hie imesinM-ul umIv hc
raW.off rs iHy aitm tile l !
am;Ui f a r.u.-r with buoli-d iiin. T in
L 'fi iil Biske a ouJ of airi xt k-
food than bh mm k ol bl i:H
! y U'l w ! e ira-l .( ! ; ts r.uiMl
t?s farm, 5-;,ry .I iitettefi
?I2 pounds of fat a year. The third
bull used was rather Inferior and illus
trates the Hilnt at Issue, lie got eight
producing females that averaged only
2S5 pounds of fat a year. This is a
falling off of 107 pounds per cow a
year. For the eight females this means
loss of Sod iHiunds of butter fat a
year, which at 40 cents a pound means
an annual loss of (3-12.40 so long as
these cows are retained.
If they are retained Ave years after
they begin to produce, which U. er
baps. the average length of time for
animals of this kind to breed, then
the loss amounts to over 1 1. "mi. This
represents the actual loss to the fanner
on account of the use of this particu
lar sire. The female get of the fourth
Ire are at the present lime just be
ginning to produce and there Is not
enough data at band to judge accu
rately their average production.
From this Illustration It would seem
that the farmer or dairyman In aoarch
of an animal to head bis herd should
be very careful In hl cholo. He
should not tmst to chance, but should
elect an animal hne am-estor hare
While few are Justified In attempting
to treat a horse that is really sick, yet
every farmer ought lo be able lo do
something for a sick animal till pro
fesslotial help can be obtained. Ira
proper feeding produces much digestive
sickness in horses.-
Now, a horse with an acute nttack
of Indigestion Is In the utmost need of
veterinary help. ' There Is not much
use of pouring medicine Into Hie stom
ach. . As that organ Is in a deranged
condition, no assimilation of anything
put into the stomach takes place, mid
consequently no action Is obtained by
administering drugs through the
The Injection of concentrated medi
cines under the skin Is the only ra
tional way of treating such cases. No
ordinary farmer has either I he Instru
ments or skill lo do this. Hut the sick
animal should be placed In il roomy
box stall plentifully supplied with
bedding, and a careful man should Ik
with him to prevent, as fin' as possible,
the patient from Injuring Itself when
the pains are very Intense.
Many a horse suffering great pain
has'thrown Itself down violently on a
hard floor and raptured the. stomach
i which has been distended with gus).
and thus destroyed whatever chance
there might have been of successful
It always gives some relief to cases
where there Is great abdominal pain
to take clolhs wrung out of a pot of
hot water and apply as hot as the pa
tient will sland to the lower pari of
the abdomen. This Is usually easily
done, as the animal is In almost every
case lying down and In many cases
lying on his back. Much can be done
In this way to keep the patient from
injuring Itself till veterinary help can
be secured.
Horses suffer more from pulmonary
diseases iu the winter than In the sum
mer, because the stables are not In
iilany cases ventilated sullli lently. Poor
ventilation predisposes to lung trouble,
find many a simple cough or cold de
velops into inllammatlon of the lungs
Just because tin atlllcted an I ma I. Is
standing in a poorly ventilated stable.
The average case of Influenza or even
colt distemper will not need very
Sheep and Fertility.
Sheep are the greatest fertilizers of
all the farm stock. The old saying
that the hoof of the sheep is golden Is
true enough. Sheep return to the soil
Dr. Bell's
Will break up the worst cold and allay
throat irritation. This remedy quickly
onrea couehs. Colds, Grippe, ana m
throast and bronchial troubles, sola oy
Conrad Stafrln.
nu in.Mth chronicle savs: For
th erection of an $8000 hunting and
80 per cent of fertility from the food fishing lodge Is the latest move started
Provide Salt For the Flock,
The Hock should have salt constant
ly before it Iu the pasture, so thesheep
can help themselves to It when they
crave it. Salt is one of the essentials
of success in handling sheep.
Profit In Sheep.
Those who have been raising sheep
in recent years have bud no reason to
by outside capital in recognition of the
..,,.., r vinmnth county. The
monev for this grand sportsmen's re
ort i helnsr tirotected by a number
of Medford capitalists.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets do not sicken or gripe, anil
may be taken with perfect safety by
the most delicate woman or tne
complain. A liock well cared for adds youngest child. The old and feeble will
substantially to the farm profits and also find them a most suitable remedy
exacts but a minimum of care. for aiding and strengthening tneir
Silaa.'For Shaao. weakened digestion and for regulating
There is no reason why silage may the bowels. For sale ny an goou u.u
not be fed to sheep, commencing with
a small amount at first and gradually
increasing the allowance as tney be
come accustomed to It. However, it is
very desirable and we might almost
say indispensable that all
Moro Observer: We are enjoying
some sharp crisp days, with an ap
pearance of snow, "O, the Beautllul
animals dog-gasted stuff. But as the ground is
feeding upon silage should bave some all right for it, let It come.
drv foraire to counteract the laxative
eiTect of hIIho-p. Not Sorry For Blunder,
- - - "If my friends hadn't blunderea in
The careful man will turn and ex- "ih.k.hs uo. --
.1.1 ,, .... eonsumnrion. i miia ni uo
amine me uuueru oi uu uis rra iu- ' - TT i
i..rt fo- i,wiin Mver tA rve now," writes D. T. Sanders, of Harris-
It eeneinllv Durg, liy., "Dui ior yeaiu imj
straw to pregnant ewes.
contains more or less ergot,
produces abortion.
The Farmer's Mainstay.
which every attempt to cure a iuhb-iw"'b
cough fall. At last I tried Dr. Kings
New Discovery. The effect was wonder
ful. It soon stopped the cough and I
am now In better health than I have
The draft horse Is still the mainstay had for vcars. This wonderful llfe-sav-
of the farmer and the hauler of freight er s an unrivaled remedy for coughs,
in cities. He promises to remain so coids, lagrlppe. asthma, croup, hem
W 4
n &
.,, . Biliousness, Sour Btomach, Indl
AU person. bJf' A" Headache. Plsslne... Heartburn,
nation. Constipation, ".. nroll,h. sallow Com-
vertigo (bltna ' ur.d I
plexlon or a co
constant tired, discouraged feeling .hould
Tf" .we
rraai jver tonic and Regulator That Has
The Great uyer iwii p.00le.
Done So mucn iwr m
. -ffa.t on a. Torpid Liver is little less than
. .nralont remedy. Kg "Lufr'oement. a few daya' u .cure, the .most .obstinate 3
IT 1 cl IV - , ,. llrut ntlNK M" 1 r l.. n ma ruHflU Htl Kllliunt ail o XI u riii no I,.
pid Liver, Btrengi
kntvAi moveme
Tdlow Fever or any other
Ui.li "att
, 9InkandVhea? tneYVlcTlms of 11" .y-"m"m Perfect oVderV"rev.ve.'tShea
V&toS&JZlto oP.tlp.tl condlUou, anj ra-..tobltahe. er"
. rrat reirulatlng mcaicine. it sianas ror health fn. .
'hole ;.. 2KZ.W; ? against "
xi, '"'."r nv other deadly oiseasu
Price 50c per Bottle.
: . l-rrbnlt. Weak SlKht, Smartlaar Beaaatloas In .i.-
r-i ,i. inn pMtMtuDovL!....,-!!!
Aaises the dough
and complies with
alt pure food laws,
because iie is cheaper, more efficient
and more reliable than any other pow
orrhages, whooping cough or weak
lungs. 50c, $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Guaranteed by all druggists.
. Five prisoners and three wagon
loads of linuor were captured in a
Sheriff's raid on "blind pigs" in Ji,s
tacada, Thursday afternoon.
fa" ... . . J'.y Jl-anay. j
Makers of MAPLEINE
(better than Maple).
... '
much luedlt liial alteniioii if the patient
is allowed an abundant supply of fresh
Keep the body warm by plenty of
clothing, stimulate the circulation in
the eMreniltles by hand rubbing the
legs, keep the bowels relaxed by the
use of succulent food. If the breath
ing Is labored, apply a hot poultice
lo the throat and chest, mid you will
have pone a long way Inward prevent
ing any complications from setting In.
If a pleulirul supply of fresh air Is
necessary to maintain a horse In good
health it will be unilcrstood'lniw neces
sary It tuti-d be lo an aiiliiial which Is
sulleiing from nnv respiratory trouble.
I'rei-h nlr Is of the n'uiosl Importance
In such rases. Tin nnwt skillful medi
cal Irealiiieul will be useless without It
The hoi'se should have good, pure
water lo iliink. and If his sioiii u-h Is
licratiged it Is best not to nlli-w lilm to
drink a very large oitiniity at one
lime. A'low him t drink iiIhiiiI III 1 1
Hie ainoiint you I'liuli lie would take
w lieu in li 'iilth. tln-n wall awhile nial
give more. A large 111111111111- of water
it olio lime Is apf lo do more harm
than !"' !.
If 1 lie end sought N apt lo be real
aid cleanliness Is n feature of very
111111 ll iinporiaiice. Kii-p the slabli's
lean at n:l I Inn, and be careful not
lo give nnv fiM-il Mi-it N ino'ilv. diislr
r In any war until for iln animal to
at. Kee everylhing clean, l-'illh Is
me of 1 lie greatest iM-i'ise promoters
we have, not only with dumb brines.
lull humans as well.
Horse Wisdom.
Po you want a balky I -r-o? You
can easily have one by giving him Ion
heavy loads to draw.
There Is no kind of animal hroeiUne
lint will pay better than the hroislltr.:
if horses, but horses that will sell, not
Jiinghills or misfits.
The floor of the hayloft should lie
erl and dust light. Horses are often
In lured by seeds and dirt falling Inn
heir ears and eyes.
Itoltiug of food causes indigestion
nd conse iiientlv loss of health.
Cnnrd against Irregular feeding. It
tends to make horses holt their food.
Worms In Hogs.
Every morning for five successive
days a week for two weeks dissolve in
slop half 11 pound of dried sulphate of
iron (copperas) for each hundred pigs.
Clean up, disinfect and whitewash
pens. See. that hogs get pure drinking
water and are kept a,way from old coil
laminated ponds nnd wallows. The
Iron cannot safely be given to preg
nant sows.
Hidebound Horse.
A horse that Is hidebound will be
benefited If given a little ollmeal (lin
seed meal). This must be begun in doses
of not more than a tablespoonful at n
feed and gradually Increased to nearly
a pint with the other food three times
per day.
Tobacco For Sheep.
Joseph E. Wing says tha't the great
thing Is tobacco for ewes and lambs,
It won't hurt the old ram to have
bis chew also. Every ewe and lamb
and ram on Woodland farm has all the
tobacco it wants every day. Cheap,
damaged tobacco is bought and fed
sprinkled well with salt. The lambs
soon learn to love It.. Experience of
Dr. Miller last year showed that this
would keep lambs healthy. More. It
will clean out the worms that may
already be In them. -
Indigestion In Pigs.
Stop feeling corn and o.its. Allow
the pigs their liberty on grass. Feed a
light slop of milk, middlings, bran and
a very little cornmeal nnd flaxseed
Cheap Imitations
Owing to the immense sale and popu
larity of Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey
there arc many cheap Imitations on
the market under similar sounding
names, but you can always get the
genuine by looking for the bell on the
bottle. Sold by Conrad Stafrln.
Hood River hcJd a public meeting
Wednesday night to celebrate the vic
tory of Its nppks at the Spokane
Shall Women Vote?
If they did, millions would vote Dr.
King's New Life Pills the true remedy
for women. For banishing dull, fag
ged feelings, backache or headache.
constipation, dispelling colds, Impart
ing appetite and toning up the system,
they're unequalled. Easy, safe,- sure.
25c at all druggists.
Jack Ponsler of McMlnnvilla, found
a wallet containing about J32.00, and
on making inquiry, found the owner
Just about to board a north bound
train. He offered Jack a reward, but
he was too bashful to accept, reports
the T.-R.
A Hair's Breadth Escape.
Do you know that every time you
have a cough or cold and let it run on
thinking It will Just cure itself you arc
Inviting pneumonia, consumption or
Add llmewater at, the rateof some other pulmonary trouble? Don't
risk It. Pot vour lontrs back In nerfpet
uua euuiny we.u uiy uy j. I vuies. huh j tHnt ..h m,h T!l
lanu in tne country adjacent to lar(j.s Horehound Syrup.
Falls City Is changing owenership Price 25s, 50c and $1.00 per bottle
quite frequently and prices have an go,j hy Conrad Stafrln.
upward tendency, says the News. Much
land will be planted to walnut treps. Much credit is due both to the la-
Ashland claims It will have the most dies of the Improvement club nnd the
beautiful streets In Oregon when Its members of the city council for the
new boulevard Is completed. This recent decisive action In regard to
thoroughfare will be 100 feet In width, improving the city park, reports the
with paving on both sides of a park Central Point Herald.
row In the center that will be beau-
tilled with trees and shrubbery. There is little danger from a cold or
Work at the Amity apple dryer from Bn attack of the grip except
closed down Saturday night after a wnen touoweu uy pneumonia, ana mis
run of more than two months Close . never happens when Chamberlain's
to 100,000 nounds of dried apples have Cough Remedy Is used. This remedy-
been produced during that time, which nas won "s Brent reputation ana ex-
$100 Keward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there It at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucus
surfaces of the system, thereby ae
stroving the foundation of the disease,
and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and as
sisting nature in doing its work. The
proprietors have so much faith In Its
curative powers that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it
fails to cure. Send for list of testimo
Address: F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tole
do, Ohio. Sold by Druggists, 75c.
"mi an' 3
8T. LOCIfl, MO,
Passenger No. 74. . .
Passenger No. 70..
, .C:55 a. m. pasSenger No. 77..
.2:30 p. m. Passenger No. 75... '"-n,
7-2P. m,
East Hound.
Lv. Dallas 7:35 a.
Ar. West Salem 8:15 a.
Mack Rock 10:6' m-
11:05 a. m.
11:40 a. m.
. .3:00
. .3:35
. .0:05
Eugene Register: Last year's crop
of fruit of all kinds has fully demon
strated the fact that tills section can
be made a groat fruit growing section.
Will Promote Beauty.
Women desiring beauty get wonder
ful help from Rucklen's Arnica Salve.
It banishes pimples, skin eruptions,
sores and boils. It makes the skin soft
and velvety. It glorifies the face. Cures
sore eyes, cold sores, cracked lips,
chapped hands. Best for burns, scalds,
fever sores, cuts, bruises and piles. 25c
at all druggists.
Fishermen report a good run of sal
mon last week and all the boats made
profitable catches, says the Coos lias
News. The season ends next Sunday,
the twentieth, and Master Fish War
den Clanton says there will be no ex
tension and that anyone fishing after
November 20 will be prosecuted.
Management of the Ram.
If a mm Is to linv heavy service he
should lie well fed. A few oats once a
iay. beginning a week or two previous
to turning him with the ewes, will put
him in good condition. He should then
be able to attend to at least thirty. If
the Bock la large one do not turn two
or three ram In together. It Is liest to
In a separate Inclomire. aa a larger
Dumber of rams ) alway the tvsult.
Is, we believe, the best run ever made
by the dryer, reports the Standard.
J. P. Mickle, a dairyman of Forest
drove, has a herd of nine cows, and
during. the past year he received from
the sale of milk 1160, an average of
$128 per cow. He takes good care of
the cows, and is gradually improving
Ills nick. Such men are admirable.
That freight business on the O. R.
& N. will be exceedingly heavy dur.
Ing the next two months was indi
cated Saturday when SOO loaded west
bound cars passed through The Dalles,
tensive sale by its remarkable cures of
colds and grip and can be relied upon
with Implicit confidence. For sale by
all good druggists.
If you want to enjoy ail the dis
comfort of a hard winter go east; If
you would escape the rigors of a cold
climate come to Oregon. Take your
choice, remarks the Eugene Register.
"I am pleased to recommend Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy as the best
thing I know of nnd safest remedy for
couehs. colds and bronchial trouble."
a like number going east. The average wrltes Mrg u R Arnold of Denve-
number or cars passing through the Coo We haye ugod u repeateiy
"I do not believe there is any other
medicine so good for whooping cough
as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,"
writes Mrs. Francis Turpin, Juactlon
City, Ore. This remedy Is also unsur
passed for colds and croup. Fur sale by
all good druggists.
Lv. Falls City
T.v. Dallas
Ar. West Salem 12:20 p. m.
Lv. Falls City
Lv. Dallas
Ar. West Salem
Lv. Falls City
Ar. Dallas -0:35
TRAIN NO. 9. (Sunday Only.)
Lv. Dallas 7:35 a. m.
Ar. West Salem :15 a. m.
TRAIN NO. 11. (Sunday Only.)
Lv. Mack Rock 11:45 a. m.
Lv. Falls City 12:00 a. m.
Lv. Dallas 12:35 p. m.
Ar. West Salem 1:15 p. m.
TRAIN NO. 13. (Sunday Only.)
Lv. Mack Rock 4:00 p. m.
Lv. Falls City 4:15 p. ni.
Lv. Dallas 4:50 p. m.
Ar. West Salem 5:30 p. m.
West lloi.'iii.
Lv. West Salem
Lv. Dallas
Lv. Falls C
Ar. Dlaek Rock
. m,
lv. Faiis city " u m'
Ar. Black Rnnlc -
:& a. m
:35 p. m.
3:20 p. m,
:60 p. m.
imi:i.v Oyjy.)
:u a. m,
": a. m.
a. m.
10:35 a. m,
,TRAIN NO. 10. (Sunday Only.)
Lv. West Salem .1:35 p. m
.2:20 p. m.
.2:50 p. m.
.3:10 p. m,
TRAIN NO: 12. (Sunday Only.)
Lv. West Salem 5:E0 .
Ar. Dallas 6;30
Train No. 3 connects at Dallas with morning train from Portland and
way points.
TRAIN' No. t,
Lv. West Salem . . ,
Lv. Dallas
Ar. Falls City
Lv. West Salem
Lv. Dallas
Ar. Falls City ' " "
. TRAIN NO. 8.
Lv. West Salem . .
Lv. Dulles ......
Lv. Falls City . . ,
Ar. Black Rock .
t:3ll p.
. 2 : 1 r. n -
f. hi.
2:r' B. m.
Lv. Dallas'
Lv. Falls City . ,
Ar. Black Rock
Dallas Division.
Passenger No. 65 8:30 a. m.
Passenger No. 09 1:00 p. m.
Passenger No. 71 7:25 p. m.
. , 0:00 a. m.
. .10:1,0 a. m
Passenger No. 0 4..
Passenger No. 0 8...
Passenger No. 70...
6:15 p. m.
Passenger No. 64 6:60a.m.
Passenger No. 68 11:30a.m.
Passenger No. 70 6:55 p.m.
Passenger No. 65 9:15a.m.
Passenger No. 69 1:25 p. m,
Pnssenger No. 71 8:00p.m.
Passenger No. 62 . . .
Passenger No. 72. .
Passenger No. 61
Passenger No, 73
Much buying of small fruit farms
around Phoenix.
Mrs. Elbe Tiler, Ravena, Texas, writes:
I was blind as a bat. I used Suther
land's Eagle Eye Salve and It acted
like a charm. It cut the scum off my
eyes and restored my sight. It is all
you claim and worth it's weight In
gold. 25c a tube. Sold by Conrad Stafrln.
.8:15 a. m. Passenger No. 61 7:60a.m.
, 4:05 p.m. Passenger No. 73.. S:25p.m,
7:00 a. m Fassenger No, G2 9:25a.m.
2:30 p. m. Passenger No. 72 4:60 p. in.
Train No. 69 leaving Dallas at 1:00 p. m. connects at Monmouth for
Alrlle. Trains Nos. 62 and 72 from Audio connect at Monmouth for Pal
las and way points.
Dr. Hell's Antiseptic Salve
Is guaranteed for eczema, salt rheum,
tetter, ringworm, running sores, chap
ped hands and lips, pimples on the
face, black heads, barber's itch, sun
burn, insect bites, fever sores and na
sal catarrh. 25c. Sold by Conrad Stafrln.
Cottage Grove man killed a deer
that dressid 150 pounds.
Cottage Grove Leader: Up and at
'em again boys! It Is not a defeat and
surrender, but a temporary rout and
and It has never failed to give relief."
city each day la about 200, reports the
oromcie. p.,., -, ,, j ,i,,,i,
Redmond Spokesman: The city Is
rapidly growing and the water prob- Butte Falls correspondence of Med
lem is one that-will be of great Im- ford Mail-Tribune: There Is a scare-
portance in a short time. It is now a hty of "spuds" in our midst and our
Beautiful F.yos
are desired by everyone. If there is
any Inllamatlon the eyes can't be beau
tiful. Sutherland's Eagle Eye Salve
will remove the Inllamatlon and clear
the eyes. Sold by Conrad Stafrln.
How Dallas Ctlxrns Can Kind Complete
Fiwdoni From Kidney
.If you suffer from backache
From urinary disorders
From many diseases of the kidneys.
Be cured to stay cured.
Doan'a Kidney Pills make lasting
Experiments wbh-b have lately bf-en
conducted along the line of a cultiva
tion of the wild blueberry show that
It seems to I an exception to. the run
been uniformly noted for thctr high j of native fruits and berries In that It
Feeding h Calf.
The calves should I well fed, but a
lot of raivea ar ful to death Four
quarts of tklnimilk a dy ta enough thrives splendidly on low, sour soils or
problem of Importance, but with the people are very much put to In pro
rapid increase or population that Is vidlng a substitute for them.
sure to come, some means should be
taken In the near future to provide
the city a aufllclent water system to
supply water for domestic and fire
I looser ft Merts. Tygh valley farm
era, Monday marketed 14,000 pounds
of hops grown on their ranches, sell
ing the same to the Eastern Oregon
Brewing company, reports The Dalles
Optimist. These men raise from 14.000
to 20.000 pounds each year, to dispose cures.
of to the local firm. They received Grateful people testify.
dlrlde If. rlvlna: each ram Iwenf .. nrnl premium on me nops at ine iwia Here a one case of it:
; nnu 1111 n in,, in . 1,1 iii,iu niiu iu A."
Y.-P. exposition In Seattle, the variety ville. Ore., says;
being the English cluster. recommend Doan'a Kidney Pills as I
C. W. Pygert, local agent for the consider them an excellent remedy. I
Capital City Nursery, haa Just sold a suffered a great deal from kidney
bill of apple tree to the Willamac trouble and had acute pains In the ' Cresw. il last
I.and company, sufficient to plant 40 small of my bark. I was also subject
acres of this fine tract of land, east of o headaches and felt tired nearly all
Springfield. He also sold a bill of ap
ple tree sufficient to plant 10 acres
to R. O. Tippy, who lives a mil and a
half east of Springfield. Also trwa for
S. IT. Friendly has Just sold 60,000
pounds of cascara hark to a firm In
Every Body Needs
a good salve and Dr. Bell's Antisep
tic Salve is the best. It is a creamy
snow white ointment. Guaranteed for
all skin diseases. 2,ro sold by Conrad
Phone, 20
Dallas, Oregon
Osteopathic Pbyslilna
Oflioe, 719 Court St.
Mill mil Phone 631
Oregon's apple crop was never be
fore so large or fine In quality.
Saved an Iowa Mini's Lire.
The very grave seemed to yawn be
fore Robert Madsen, of West Burling
ton, Iowa, when, after seven weeks In
the hospital, four of the best physi
cians gave him up. Then was shown
the marvelous curative power of Elec
trie Butters. For, after eight months
of frightful suffering from liver troub
le and yellow Jaundice, gettlng.no help
from other remidies or doctors, five
bottles of this matchless medicine
completely cured him. Its positively
guaranteed for Stomach, Liver or Kid
ney troubles and never disappoints.
Only 50c. at all druggists.
Whooping Cough
It is an old saying that whooping
cough must run its course, but the use
of Dr. Bell s Pine-Tar-Honey has dem
unstrated beyond doubt that such is
not the case. It can be cured hr th.
use of this remedy. Sold by Conral I "ore Shoeing and General Black
Stafrm. .......
I can cure Quarter Cracks and Con-
Interfering and
all worn first
class. All I ask the public Is to give
nie at fair trial. I also cure corn on
horses feet
R.wse Shoeing , Specialty.
1 ' 0NaerYnrkhTna,n V,M0 for ! Feet, also atop
ford " ,ra"t "tar Mp"'- fing. I guarantee
f..- ....
. ". 1...0.S in me side or chest dam
pen a piece of flannel with 'rk.i...
Iain's Liniment and l.in 1. "!
t vii over
Specialty: Diseases of Women
Office over Toslollice. Bell Pboi
Offlce 351; lfesi.lence 11M.
Monmouth,' Oreios
Office over Posloffice
Falls City, 0rl"
Teacher of
Studio, Room No. 2. Wilson PKx
Mrs. LAdia Pearson, n St r. f ; th umi r -tm . '
... Koiii. 1 rp la nnfh lr. ,, b. ...
I do not hesitate to ter. For sale by all eoo.1 rJr" . I ""S"1'" 1 Stand Dallas. Ore.
' un?ioka, j
A chrysanthemum measuring 21 PROFESSIONAL
ehes In circumference exhibit.
des not do well at all on rich, fat
soils whkh are well twin need In point 1
of fertilising elements and mbk h are
alaA wlt trafn,l fin Ih contra rT II
baa been found that th blueberry i P'-nting .1 acre, of apple, and three
; acres 01 cnerriea io .eiaon niic 1
for a fur week old calf. Aa oo aa
any sica of bowH trouble shows tn the
droppings reduce the quantity of milk.
Civ the calf all the hay and brta it
will eat and let It run on grass, bat do
ot overfeed on sklmmilk. The ca)f
that Is rrsnrd naturally gets wily a
small quantity of ttiCk al a time, and
those that are so thin and sandy that
be still not produce any other crop.
porta the Eugene Register.
Crencvnt City Is on the eve of the
greatest growth ever made by any
Ity on Ihia coast, claims the Record.
The new ranes la the raspberry
patch those whkh will be bearing A company haa been formed to open a
fruit nett seao should be tlped canal from Dead lake and Ijike Earl
ben tbey are a Unit three and half 10 the ocean at a point about one mile
feet high. This w ill result lo a sturdy, j north of the present rity limits, thus
tb wild cow doea not give mora at ' branched Uub, to the maturlug , giving a safe fresh water harbor for
1 1BTtlme au ine piaoi energy ror IDe the largest vessels anoat. A company
j " . ( rest of t be sea sob will be devoted. haa I . acres of land bonded ad
TWlnr. I small qrunt'ry of kerosene I Jacent to and surrounding Dead lake
Into tb h.!U of ants w-ar the boe Is ' Qalt l" ,b Treed of the nd EH With the completion of
jaahl to be aa electiv. means of Art,. brub or tree Is ludt j the propoecd canal feet wtde. we
Intih.. .... '. rstnl by Its t;i4e spread of bisocbea. tll have a water frontage at leaet
, tie 1 .
the time. I tried a number of remedies ior any !.,, ,rou,. .
but wa. not relieved until I be.a ' !, ,rt, ,lke r
na na ILian's L'I.Ih.. tt : 1 1 - . . .
laLlne Ikla : a
"mil 1 was rree pains. S.,P1
from kidney disease. I Statement
then In August 107. j o-I(in"II " I
Two Years I-ter. j , " r. , ' ',,M at command tie" phone 10J
On Dec. Is. io. Mrs.
Anti1 .
mseie. relieve. .1 1 ne only reliable set of Abstracts In
Also Rood . " . r" County, office on Court Rl
V Conrad Stafrln. : Orcon
Pear.' L Zr.?" h' ,
confirmed her former Ktaim.n .... .... 1 which
' market
ne irmimoniai 1 gave in 1
! Thai aboukl 1 of aid la pruDtoc roots ' three mile in length. The entrance of
I! v uu ot, t Iw .r"M-. A whii
-,- t ' e-e t! -c t ! t.'r - f -'' i It fa reRiarkat.'e bvr qui. I'y d-Hneav . and branbea at the time ..r trana. this canal will he easily
f. r ! ai d iii' -r .'jrt j tie ar.lmais srta r-it brh treat- .Untlnc and aia la tne collliaiiosi , aiainM all storm at any seaeoa
I r,,I t; I .Hre ! l-tt.-r f..,n toett and yet bow re.!.;y tbey mill and rare f trees a fter tbey are net, iar. by building two short J.Httea.
tn tne -!iite f. il t' ...t I re;nd a La ml mf. ; w lud.r.f the (revise tiilej rtpa ( ht h the twt marine englwerre of
ivta, t''"-iT l-rfy.r 1- ' . i la vbnt tracts. 'long eiprrienca say la feasible.
for et ( n9kr
""' l-n'c- promm.nt and . .
.. .... -vr-asr
. t ui The state.
puoiiciy recommending Doan's Kid
ney Pills was correct
alar. I am glad to confirm it"
For sale by all d
rents, r iwterM ill.um Co.. Puffalo.
Vew Tork. sle agents for the Vniled in ever.-thlnr
States. j
Remember the name Dnan's
take no other.
command. :
PTHN-a ta.lwaj-s prof,ui.!,
t r-rHlUl-e, therefore the m
. ..er. Price S. ' Uec,,.
n Co.. Ituir.i. '.. 1- , 1"lsi-man(j(lv
Mutual phone 11 Of
n indu Cans pT(imflty ,n,wwa dy n
oral of this
Pple eroniBn a
supply f.r the wr
rid s be prn,
w,th Dr. King's
Nor DiscoYEiT
rnn sVaAlirUS '
run Isolds
nd 1
Th Co Is SawH.
A Rnew Ra. k.
Purer and seller ran be brought to- ' Sr.ow
,lum!m ' ad t.
Cnce in Courthouse
protected 1 rether at a eoM of only a few cents by amta,
f the I placfna; an advertisement la the OI-' tr;n.
strais 1.
t nd of. r..nr),,
' re rn..
"'e rn 1. . ..
ra. kvp. ... . "rm.
the Ot- r. " " T ll!ict. I
serrer-a -W anted- and "For Rale" !,!,, V'B. brut i
eoluma. .Try It th. ert time yoa'j , K,0" T-.
kav. .., tkl t- bay or U. j c rear k.,.
What They Win Do
They will cure YU:li:
trengthen yoor t j
rect urinary irrefful"0
op the worn oat tisss
eliminate the excesi tc
that causes rheumatism
oreads ' vent Bright'! Disese
bates, and restore
strength. Refue s i"
t Ptafria-. DrH ,or..
Orefwai foe Snmmcm TeaiS