Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, December 06, 1907, Image 1

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NO. 41
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; c l ply as you
lot mean by
tlii 3 th.it you should buy
as cheap an article as
you can tet. Its not
We do mean Do you
bay Good goods at the
right prico?
If you are not satisfied
with ti e prices you have
been paying why not see
as when you are again
in the market 7 .
Our goods are all new
and the assortment is as
complete as can be found
n the city.
ine have been arriving
or some time and are
:ow bcinff put on our
loor. V
If you want something
a that line better select
V. : Paper
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R. Evans was in Portland on busi
ness last week.
Percy Had ley and E. T.
sowed grain Tuesday.
0. E. Staats carried the mail
Clyde Turner, Wednesday.
Hugh Williams purchased a nice
horse from parties near Eola a few
day 8 ago.
About a dozen new books have re
cently been added to the public school
Phy Simpson lost one of his hand-
somedriving horses last week by pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Turner were busi
ness visitors in Independence. Wed
E. W. Staats goes to Falls City about
twice a week with two or three dressed
hogs and a fat veal or two.
Mrs. Bickner, of Oswego, and Miss
Miller, of Falls City, are visiting at
the home of Mrs. J. D. Bevens.
J. M. Staats returned from Kings
Valley, Sunday, where he finished put
ting up several miles of telephone wire.
A. R. Lewis has moved his butcher
shop onto an adjoining lot which adds
greatly to the appearance of that part
of town.
Floyd Williams, son of;W. E. Wil
Hams who has been in the Philippines
the past two years, will return home
early in March.
R. Evans and Orviile Buchanan
have purchased a moving picture
machine and expect to go on the road
as soon as they get it in good running
X loyd Matthias has returned from
Mrs. A. M. Tillery spent Thanks
giving at Salem.
JN. M. Conner is home from St,
Vincsnt hospital.
Mrs. A. M. Vernon, of McMinnville,
visited friends here last week.
Miss Allie Burch.of Rickreall, visited
her sister, Mrs. E. F. Craven, last week
m. j. Mall and family spent
Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs,
W. A. Robertson, at Airlie.
Miss Otta Mayfield, who is attend
ing scnooi in Monmouth, spent
Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Mayfleld.
Plenty of moisture and everything
is growing.
Ii. C. Hill, of Dallas, visited In this
vicinity this week.
The Rev. Wigmore, of Monmouth,
preached at Autiocn, Sunday.
The Jiell brothers will run the
Gard ner hopyard during the coming
"Uncle" George McCollurn Is con
fined to his bed most of the time and
Is gradually losing strength.
Doc Miller has purchased the Rho-
dabarger property in Falls City and
will move there the coming week.
Mr. Knoll, of Oregon City, has pur
chased the Millet and Bursell prop
erty, and will take possession soon.
The A. D. telephone line has been
extended to Airlie, which will stive
subscribers two centrals on that line.
A. W. Plankington has plowed up a
portion of his hopyard, while Mr.
Bailey will set out a few more acres in
the spring.
A baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. A.
Patton, November 26, but it lived only
few hours.. The mother is getting
along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Guthrie went
to Salem last week and had their little
son's eye examined by a specialist
There was a srrowth upon It which
Indicated a cancerous condition.
' Many of the people In the Bridge
port neighborhood have been having
the measles. The Plankinerton. Lee
and Frink girls were all quite 111, but
are now reported to be convalescent,
W. J. Steele was in Albany, Friday
Willie Bevens was in Salem, Satur
J. M. Prather visited in Dallas,
Donald Bolter was a Salem visitor
last week.
Mr. Troxel was an Albany visitor
W. J. Steele was a Dallas visitor
Elmer Nash was a Salem visitor
C. P. Wells was an Independence
visitor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Nixon were Salem
visitors Wednesday.
Mrs. Bickner and Mrs. Millnerwere
Airlie visitors Sunday.
. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wells were
Suver visitors Saturday.
W. J. Steele and W. S. McClain were
Salem yisitors Wednesday.
airs, lyier ana Mrs. Harmon were
in Independence, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Neal were in Independ
ence on business Friday.
Mrs. Bickner, of Oswego, visited
Mr. and Mrs. Rowe last week.
Ed Prather and Ralph Hall wore
Independence visitors Monday.
Mrs. Simpson, from Oregon City,
has been visiting her relatives in this
William Hall and Mr. Nixon were
among the visitors in Independence,
Mr. Butler and Miss Sears visited
their parents during Thanksgiving
Mrs. Nash, after a few days' visit
with her cousin in Corvallis, has re
turned home.
Herman Prather, who is attending
school at Corvallis, returned home for
Carl Neal, who is attending school
at Eugene, spent Thanksgiving at his
home in this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Phelps of Mapleton,
Oregon, are visiting Mrs. Phelps' par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Rowe.
Mrs. Wanless entertained relatives
. t . . ; ,
irom xowa last weex. -
Mr. Jones and Rainy Blair have
gone to the mountains again to stay
until Christmas.
A number from here partook of the
chicken-pie dinner given by the Meth
odist Church In Sheridan. Thanks
giving day. .
MI83 Geneva Miller attended the
Institute In Dallas, and visited her
uncle John Miller, at Rickreall, during
the latter part of last week.
A party of young people attended
the entertainment at the Red Prairie
schoolhouse November 27, and pro
nounced the program excellent
The young people enjoyed a pleasant
time' at the home of C. Blair,. Satur
day evening, November 23, as the
late (or early) hours- of their arrival
home will testify.
Those receiving the highest grade
average of the Harmony school are as
follows: First grade, Christie Blair;
third grade, Fay Fink ; fourth grade,
wime Armitage; sixth grade. Janie
Guttry; seventh grade, Adeline
Guttry ; eight grade. Leo Maine.
ky Fountain Tea Hursts
A Eaij KsdlcU for Eaiy Ptcpl.
BHnp Baiai Eltk ud tauwti Vigor.
A srwcifla for rVmtfnfUw. t; r . .
nd kidn Trrabli, Simple Eczema, Impuri
blood. Bud Breath. 81urruh Rn.i. ii ..f.w
and Backacha. It Rocky Mountain Tra In tab
let form, te erata a box. Genuine mada far
Hojjtwi Dco ConraVT, Itadiaoo, Wla. .
Harley Prather and Ray Dunken,
who p.re attending school at Salem,
spent Thanksgiving at Mr. Prather's
A considerable amount of wheat
and hops have been shipped to Salem
ana rorciana lately, as tne boats are
now running on this part of the
Willamette river.
Miss Bertha A. Rowe and Hans E.
Hanson were united in marriage
Saturday afternoon at the Evangelical
church. The bride was beautifully
dressed in white satin, and wore a
white silk bridal veil and a wreath of
orange blossoms. Miss Wilson played
the wedding march. The bride and
groom stood under an arch of ivy and
white flowers while the ceremony was
being performed. Miss Tressa Prather
was the bride's maid, and Mr. Paul
Hanson was the groom's best man
Mr. and Mrs. Hanson have returned
to Hood River, where Mrs. Hanson
will finish teaching her school.
The farmers In this vicinity are still
sowing grain.
John Stump is living In the town
property recently purchased of Mr.
The school census of Monmouth is
being taken by C. C. fowls, clerk t f
the district.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H Gard, of Day
ton, Ohio, are visiting their daughter,
Mrs. Robinson.
G. T. Boothby shipped a car load of
sheep to Portland, Friday, scc iring a
fair price for them.
Jessie Simpson, of Albany, formerly
oi xuonmoutn, visited mends and re!'
atlves here last week.
Judge and Mrs. N. L. Butler, of
Dallas, visited relatives and friends
in Monmouth last week.
Miss Ethel Mulkey, of Rock Creek,
Eastern Oregon, is visiting friends
and relatives in this city.
S. A. Campbell started for Cali
fornia, Tuesday, and will spend the
coming winter in that state.
Ed Neval and Miss Swanson, of Linn
county, were guests of Mrs. John
Walker the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman S. Pittman, of
Albany, visited at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. A. N. Halleck, Sunday.
Miss Lydia Boothby has been home
on a short visit from Portland, where
she is engaged in teaching school.
Red raspberries have been ripening
all the time In this vicinity and a good
many ripe strawberries have also
been picked.
County Clerk and Mrs. E. M. Smith,
of Dallas, and Miss Rosa Smith spent
Thanksgiving at the home of their
parents in this city.
Mrs. May Pringle, of Forest Grove,
and Mrs. John Dickinson, of Inde
pendence, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
James Graham, Tuesday.
The football game played between
Monmouth and Independence on
Ihanksglving day, was won by the
former, the score being 6 to 2.
O. A. Wolverton went to Portland,
Saturday, and attended the funeral of
t 1 V I. a i . m
ins Drotner, AiDert, wnose oody was
recently brought up from California
for burial.
Miss Nellie Stockman, formerly of
Monmouth, has been visiting among
her many friends this week. Miss
Stockman Is now. engaged in at North
Yamhill, with good success.
C. L. Hawley and family, of McCoy.
visited at the home of Mr. Hawley's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H., Hawley,
Sunday. Mr. Hawley says that he
has his Fall grain all sowed, and that
times are quite prosperous in the
neighborhood in which he lives.
Thanksgiving Day was appropri
ately observed In Monmouth with
union services in the Normal chapel.
The Rev. J. A. Goode, pastor of the
Evangelical church, preached the ser
mon. A large crowd of people attended
the services.
The farmers are busy once more.
The ground Is in good condition for
plowing since the recent heavy rains.
Treadway Brothers have rented the
George Whiteaker, farm on the Mon
mouth road.
Miss Geneva Miller from Sheridan,
spent Thanksgiving with relatives
and friends here, and attended the
Teachers' Institute at Dallas.
F. A. Moorman's shocks of corn
with heaps of white and golden ears
between, once more demonstrate the
fact that corn can be grown here,
equal to the best
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Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Fletcher vis
ited friends in Sheridan, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Street, of Oakland,
Cttl., are visiting at the home of H. H.
Mr. Berry sold his hops to R. E.
Williams, who had eight teams haul-
ng them to Sheridan, Tuesday.
R. R. Jones has returned from
Pennsylvania, and expresses himself
as better pleased with Oregon than
when he went East three months ago.
Our school flag has arrived, and the
pupils are eagerly awaiting the time
when it will be unfurled to the breeze,
bearing Its message of peace and free
dom. A pretty wedding occured at the
home of the bride's mother, Mrs. C. L.
Bennett, last Thursday, when her
daughter Cassie became the wife of
Oscar McCollurn, the Rev. Hollings
worth officiating. Only the family of
the bride and a few intimate friends
were present The bride was lovely in
a gown of pure white 'silk. AH join In
Miss Anna Reetz is visiting friends
in Dallas this week.
Hon. D. L. Keyt spent Thanks
giving at home, returning to Portland,
Mr. and Mrs. Rice Cook, of Port
land, visited at the home of her father,
Howard Jones, last week.
After a few days' vacation at her
home, Miss Elsie Keyt returned to her
school work in Salem, Monday.
Several young people from Perry
dale, passed a pleasant evening at the
home of George Werner In McCoy,
An interesting program is being
prepared for the annual missionary
society in the Christian church, Sun
day evening.
When winds shriek high In fiendish
And enters winter with his key
Protect yourself, from disease be free ;
Take Hollister's Rocky Mountain
'Tea. Belt & Cherrington.
Legal bla nks at this office.
C. C Patrick spent Thanksgiving
in Salem.
Mrs. Lillian Eaton is visiting' in
Miss Bertha Bohannon returned to
Portland, Sunday.
Misses Rowena Sperling and Grace
Wallace have returned to Mt. Angel.
Mrs. Julia Douty returned to Win
lock, Wash., Sunday, after a visit
with friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Paddock and
children visited relatives in Salem
over Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDevitt, of
Dallas, visited their daughter, Mrs.
Ruth Conkey, Thursday.
Mrs. Sarah Young spent Thanks
giving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
I. Claggett, returning to Portland,
Friday. ' -
Thanksgiving exercises were held
in the Methodist church. There was a
pleasaht dance in the opera house in
the evening.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church will hold their annual bazaar,
Saturday." A ladies' minstrel show is
on the evening program.
The Rebekah Lodge has elected the
following officers: N. G., Mrs. Loa
Perry ; V. G., Mrs. Ruth Conkey ; Sec,
Mrs. Mattie Henkle; Treas., Mrs.
Nettie Bohannon.
The city election Monday resulted
in the election of the following officers :
Mayor, W. H. Craven j councilmen two
years, M. W. Mix, M. C. Williams,
W. A. Messner ; councilman one year,
J. N. Jones; recorder, Asa Robinson.
r A-, i' A.,
i - ' i v
fj Vyi
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Dallas, - - - Oregon
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