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    Polk County Observer suffering butte.
Published Weekly at 11.50 per
Strictly In Advance.
DALLAS, OREGON, MabcH 12, 1907
The way to build up Dallat is to pat
ronize Dallas people.
The importance of choosing capable
men to take charge of the city's af-
faira for the next two years should not
be underestimated by the voters of
Dallas. Indifference to the manage
ment of the municipal government
and failure to Belect competent officers
at the annual election to be held two
weeks from next Monday would be
the most serious obstacle that could be
placed in the way of Dallas growth
and development at this time.
The management of municipal af
fairs is of as much importance to
the people living within the corporate
limits of Dallas as is the management
of the county government itself. In
deed, it is of more importance, if the
matter of taxation can be taken as a
criterion. .The city levy thlsytaris
higher than the entire levy for all
county purposes. Notwithstanding
the fact that the revenue from licenses
is greater than ever before, the city
levy this year is the highest of any
year since Dallas became an lncorpor
ated town.
It is for the people to say whether
they are satisfied with the present ad
ministration of affairs. It is for them
to decide whether they are getting
value received for. the money they
have been paying over the tax col
lector's counter iu the last four weeks.
It is for them to decide whether the
city is being improved as it should be
improved, and whether the business
institutions over which the city has
control and regulation are being man
aged in a way conducive to the best
interests of the town. These are the
things that must be decided by the
voters, and upon their decision will
depend the growth and prosperity of
the town for the next two years. How
important it is, then, that the decision
should be wisely made!
The matter of street improvement Is
one of supreme importance in Dallas
at the present time, and the people
will again be asked to vote upon the
question of purchasing a rock-crusher
and building permanent thorough
fares. Despite the expense connected
with the proposed improvement, the
purchase will probably be authorized.
The "bettor streets" platform will be
the popular platform this year. The
people realize that Dallas must pro
vide better streets for a steadily
Increasing traffic, and that the desired
Improvement cannot be made with the
material at hand. But for tho very
reason that the movement is popular,
no incapable or unfit candidate should
be permitted to slip Into office on thi3
popularity. The purchase of a rock-
crusher and the building of good
streets will cost a largo sura of money,
and none but the most prudent and
capable business men should be
chosen to handle this money. If the
money Is carefully spent and the work
wisely managed, the result will be for
the everlasting good of the town. If,
on the other hand, incapable men are
chosen to carry out the improvement,
the result will be failure and financial
Let our citizens ponder deeply these
matters and then take such action as
to them seems best Above all else,
let men be chosen who will at all
times labor earnestly and faithfully
for the upbuilding of the town; men
who will work first, last and all the
time for a Greater Dallas ; men who
are their own masters and have no
private or corporate Interests to serve ;
men who will firmly and righteously
guard the public morals without be
ing swayed by Puritanism or fanati
cism. Men such as theBe, and no
others, are needed. If such are
chosen, the beautiful and thriving
city of Dallas will continue uninter
ruptedly its onward inarch to great
ness and prosperity.
The value of the newspaper in the
community is being vividly Impressed
upon the minds of the people of Butte,
Mont, where a strike of the printers
and pressmen has tied up all the pa
pers in that city for over three weeks,
says the Pendleton East Oregon lan.
Traveling men from Butte say that
business has actually fallen off from
25 to 40 per cent in many line. The
city is lifeless. There Is actual busi
ness depression. Merchants cannot
advertise their business, the public is
prevented from learning anything of
the affairs or happening of the city,!
and public sentiment is wrought up to
a high tenson.
it is said that the suspension or no
other business in the city would have
caused one-half the depression and
inconvenience that has been caused
by the suspension of the newspapers.
Bad Symptoms.
The' woman. who has periodica! be
a-rlifs, backache, stas imaginary dark
blasts or s.t-;;.s flouting or dancing before
iitr eyes, ba&-.iaviug cssire-s or neavy
fu!l feelin? 'i uiuach, faint spells, drag-ctng-do
nAfUicg la lower abdominal or
peiVIC rPyion, ean atarupu or ciciteu,
Inwruliror Dllrtful Deriods. with or with
out uHvic catarrh, U suffering from
wf a kill' anLtaerangenients that should
bare ezpj avntion. xot an oi aoove
aytcptorfc; ace likely to be present In any
cze at or.emie.
Y.taUx-h-A or badlr treated and such
ease oftn run into mahidies which de-
man Ufe surgeon's knife If they do not
reityu taiir.
No medicine esntfinsswh a !on
r.iur.eroti ri-ciircl If nr. In
The lawmakers of Oregon had their
say on the free pass subject, and now
it begins to look as if the railroads
will have their Inning by refusing
point-blank to observe the provisions
of the compulsory pass law. A
prominent official of the Harriman
lines says: "Wo intend to obey the
Chapin railroad commission law
the letter, and refuse ail gratuitous
transportation ; but so far as the com
pulsory-pass bill is concerned,
makes no difference to us whether the
labor commissioner or any other
official has been overlooked, no state
or county official will be given passes,
The railroads today pay more taxes
in Oregon than any other Interests,
and if the state wants its officials to
travel, let their salaries be raised or
these expenses provided for."
y Favorite
lia surn
a st fon
At 1L
. - r
m.rlh m,,r.. I l.-.nT
The very
n'ciiv k in
inured leuta
Thomas Williams Found Guilt v
Larceny from Dallas Clothing
House. -
Thomas Williams was arrested by
City Marshal Palmer on a charge of
stealing a pair of pants from Uglow'a
clothing store, Saturday, and upon
being given a hearing in Justice
Ilolman's court was adjudged guilty
and sentenced to pay a fine of $25,
The fine was promptly paid and the
prisoner was released. Williams has
a wife and child, and has been em
ployed in a logging camp west of
Falls City.
Williams and a companion went
into the store together, and while Mr.
Uglow was fitting the companion
with a new suit Williams deftly con
cealed a pair of trousers inside the
old suit and had the bundle wrapped
up by clerk Dunn.
Shortly after the men bad left the
store, Mr. Uglow missed the trousers
and at once started in search of the
strangers, thinking possibly they
had taken the goods by mistake. He
soon found the men, and, telling them
of bis loss, asked them to open the
bundle of old clothes. They readily
complied wjth his request but an ex
amination of the package failed to
reveal the presence of the missing
When the bundle was first handed
to Mr. Uglow, he noticed that it was
not tied like bundles are tied in the
store and he at once surmised that it
had been opened and the trousers
taken out Failing to flud the trousers
and believing that one of the men was
wearing them, he immediately notified
Marshal Palmer of his los. Williams
was overtaken ut the depot and
arrested just as he was preparing to
board the afternoon train for Port
land. A search of his person revealed
the fact that he was wearing the new
trousers under the pair he had on
when he first entered the store.
William! is a comparative stranger
in Polk county, but his acquaintances
informed the court that this was the
first time he had been implicated In
an affair of this kind and he was
accordingly , let off with the lowest
possible fine.
For Sale or Rent.
Six room house, good outbuildings
and four acres, in South Dallas. In
quire of F. M. Jackson. tf.
Dallas will celebrate the Glorious
Fourth this year iu a manner befit
ting her importance as a live and
growing town. It is not too early to
begin to make preparations for the
big celebration, and the city council
and business men should make their
plana In plenty of time to secure a
successful day's entertainment
The Monmouth Normal basketball
team made an excellent showing in
Its game with the strong Willamette
team last Friday evening, losing out
by the close score of IS to 13. The
Monmouth team developed excellent
playing qualities in the last half of
the league series and will doubtless be
found among the top-notchers an
other year.
Joshua McDaniel, an Oregon pio
neer of 1844 and one of Polk county's
wealthiest citizens, ' came up from
Portland last week on business con
nected with bis property ' interests at
Itlckreall. Mr. and Mrs. McDaniel
are living at the home of their son in
East Portland at present but will
spend the summer on their dairy farm
near Oresham.
kit .n u medical science for the cure ol
woman's pcculisr ailnifuu enter into its
Kni position. No alcohol, harmful, or
hdbit-forming Jn; is to be found in tin
ll.-t of iw iitifTctUcms Drinted on eac
botile-wraptx-r and atteu-d under oath,
In any condition of tho female system,
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription can do
only good m-ver harm. Its w hole effect
b to Kwngihrn. invigorate and regulate
the hole female svsfr-m and especially
V the pelvic orcans. v Don tnese are 06'
ranji-d iu lun.-tion or auected fcy disease.
the .-toniach and other organ of digestion
become sympathetically deranged, ths
nerves are weakened, and a long list of
bad. unpleasant symptoms follow. Too
much must not be expected of this "fa
vorite I'rescr'ption." It will not perform
miracles: will not cure tumors no med
icine will. Itiriii often prevent there, if
taken in time, and thus the operating
U'ole and tiio surgeons knile may txt
Women suffering from diseases of long
standing, arc invited to consult Doctor
Pierce by letter. free. All correipondeneo
is neid as strictly private and uacredly
con'idential. Address Dr. It V. Pierce,
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser (1000 pages)
Is aiiit free on rveipt of 21 one-cent
Stamps for pa per-covered, or 31 stamps
lor cioui-uound cop), address as aoovt.
"...WfiMFM dutiful
M W A 1 hall
Robertine gives what every woman
most desires a perfect complexion
It brings that soft, smooth, fresh,
clear tint to the cheek that denote.!
youthfulness. It will bring beauty
to those who lack It; It will retain
It for those who already possess It:
It will enable you to successfully
combat the ravages of weather anj
time. Don't doubt don't argue. Just
try Robertine. Tour druggist will
give you a free sample. All drug
"lstn keep Robertine.
beautifully illustrated, good itoriet
and article about California aod
all tlx Fat Wert.
devoted each month to the r
tiihc reproduction of the bed
work of amateui and proleuional
a book of 75 page, containing
120 colored photograph of
picturesque pot in California
and Oregon.
a year
a year
All for .
Flood Building
all order to
Saa Francisco
Statb cj Onto, City of Toledo, .
Lucu County. ( "
Fbank J. Cheney makes oath that he (a the
senior carton of the linn of F. J.G'hbhby&Co.,
doing business in the City of Toledo, County
and State aforesaid, and that said firm will par
the sum of ONK HUNDRED DOIAABS for
each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Ball's Catabbh Cube.
IrtArlA J. C'llKNEY.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In m
presence, this Ulj day of December, A.D. 1888,
Notary PubUe.
Hall's Catarrh Cure 1 taken Internally and acts
directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Bend for testimonials, free.
r . J. cutiNifYauu., Toledo, O.
r "MM Vv Draejrista, 76e.
Ball's Family Pills are the best.
Dr. Hayter. Denti3t Office over
Wilson's Drugstore. Dallas. Oregon.
For Sale.
Two good lots and 6-rootn nouse,
three blocks eaat of courthouse, on
Court street, in Dallas For particu
lars apply to a R. Kenhedv.
I Extra Special Values in Men s
I Suits and Overcoats.
For Sale.
Two good milch cows for sale; also,
a set of second-hand harness.
Cbitchlow, Dallas.
D. A.
Some fine
China boars
For Sale.
thorough-bred Poland
: also some early seed
ft ft '
:i,r . I
Ii. F.
D. I, Independence, Ore.
Fine Pups For Sale.
For sale, two fine puppies: half
Scotch collie and half Australian
shepherd : only f 3 each. M. A. Cos-
lee, Buell, Or. tf.
All persons indebted to us are re
quested to call and settle their ac
counts at once, ns we are closing our
business affairs in Dallas.
C. F. HEIN & CO.
Horses Wanted.
Five teams of horses, heavy teams
for logging. Will buy or hire. Ap
ply to Camp No. 3, on the LaCreole.
Walnut Trees For Sale.
English walnut trees for sale.
Bekzlev, Dallas, Or.
J. E.
Fir Wood Wanted.
From 200 to 500 cords of dry fir wood
wanted. Apply to Salem, Falls City
& Western Railway Co.
Are to.be had here every day in the week values that are
I unmatchable. You will find upon 'investigating that our
prices are appreciably lowrer than other stores ask for the
I same class garments and that our style assortment is larger.
But it is not the saving of money that should interest you in
I our offering of
3 - - -
As much as its snappy, original style, superior hand-tailoring
and excellent fit all of which will convince you beyond
question that this noted clothing is the peer of the best to-order-made
garments. Come see the distinctive styles and
exclusive fabrics we offer in
Men's and Young Men's Winter Suits at
$12 to '$30.
Single and double-breasted Sacks of approved fashion in
ultra or conservative cut, made of beautifully patterned
worsteds, cheviots and cassimeres, fully worth $15 to $35.
Men's and Young Men's Overcoats at $12 to $20.
The man'who discards night shirts for Pajamas; is glad, as a rule, he made the
change. Pajamas are becoming more popular from year to year as a sleeping
garment for Men. It would be difficult to find better Pajamas than ours
v f
t .J
t- --'HI
i U
smiui. stim a c.
Dry Slabwood For Sale.
The Willamette Valley Lumber
Company has some fine dry slab wood
for sale cheap ; also 16-Inch slabs and
block wood.
Es Uglow Clothing House
For Sale or Trade.
House and lot in Salem to sell or
trade for Dallas property. Harris
the Jeweler.
Help Wanted.
Wanted, an active married man and
his wife for farm and dairy work,
E. Lynx, Amity, Or., R. P. D. 2.
It is not Economy
(Jirl Wanted.
Wanted, girl to teo to Portland for
general housework. Apply to J. II.
nolllHter, at Campbell & Holllster's.
To do the family washing
at home. When you figure
up the cost of water, soap,
starch, extra fire and time,
and most of all the mess and
it makes, and
Piano For Sale.
A f:nO ninnn fr.r an la fnr t9Q TTant
but little, and practically as good as irOUDie UKiX
new. Call, or write to Mrs. Lottie rnmnarA it. with rmr nrino rvf
6 cents a pound, washed,
For sale. starched and dried and 25
Hedges Dorrls, Independence, Or.
.have you to offer?
Rick real!.
L. A.
For sale, a good 2-seat hack, or will cents a dozen for flat Dieces.
trade for cord wood or a cow. What . -n .1 .
win see mm you can 1
afford to wash at home.
Send your washing to the
Dallas Steam Laundry
Phones: Mutual, 197, Bell, 203
Shakes For Sale.
Shakes for sale at Pedee mill, on
good county road. Inquire of J. V.
Rouco at the mill. tf
Wagon For Sale.
Good 3i farm wagon for sale.
ark Hayter, Dallas, Or.
Dallas Harness
Is in shape to sell Harness
and Horse Goods at lowest
Prices. Call and get prices
and save money.
Plush Bobes, Blankets,
Whips, Etc.
J. A. Lynch's
Barber Shop
flain Street
We have installed
and are now prepared to
in quicker time than ever
Brick For Sale.
Thirty thousand second-hand brick
forsale cheap. Inquire of Willamette
Valley Co., Dallas.
For Sale. . .
Five room house, in good repair,
two large lots and barn in Dallas.
Good terms. Apply at this office.
For Sale. jK
88 acres good hop land, with spring IV
on same. Apply at this office.
Desks Wanted.
Twenty-five second-hand school
desks wanted. C. L. Starr, Dallas.
Needs purifying and your whole system renovating in the
spring, as pimples, boils, eruptions, loss of appetite and that
tired feeling annually prove.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is the most effective medicine ever
devised for the complete purification of the blood and the
complete renovation of the whole system.
It will make you feel better, look better, eat and sleep
better and give you the best possible preparation for the hot
days of summer, as over 40,000 people have testified in the
last two years. Today buy and begin to take
3 cl
Usual form, liquid, or In tab";t form, called Sarsatabs, 100 Doses $1.
Guaranteed under the Food and Druzs Act, June 30, 1900. So. 32-L
O ell i 1 1 ci
We also invite all our
see us at our new
Having succeeded to the business of L. M.
Pollock, we invite all his old customers to
come to the old stand,
friends to come and
quarters. We will make it our duty as well
as a pleasure to welcome you all. Our aim
will be to carry complete all the lines formerly
carried by Mr. Pollock, and we will add to
these lines a complete line of mens' wear,
clothing, hats and all men's furnishings, and we
ask a share of your trade in these lines. We
will give you first-class goods and at prices
that will please you. We are expecting our
new spring goods in all the above lines in a
few days and solicit a share of your patronage,
and we assure all a cordial welcome and fair
treatment. Our aim will be to please you in
every way. Yours for trade,
We will make the Grandest
Showing of Summer Goods
ever made in the town on
Friday and Saturday,
March 15 and 16
Successors to L. M. Pollock.