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    Pols Sonify Gtouwr
Published Weekly at One Dollar per Yeai
Strictly in Ailvance.
DALLAS, OKEGON, Mat 22, 1903,
The way to build up Dallas is to pat
nuke Dallas picpie.
Great were the honors and genuine
the welcome extended to President
Roosevelt by the people of Oregon
yesterday. Ashland, Salem and
Portland, the three cities in which
brief stops were made, and all other
towns through which the President
parsed, were in gala attire, and
thousands of people gathered to aid
in welcoming the Chief Executive,
And the President, who has been
truly described as "An Eastern
man with Western ideas" appeared
to deeply enjoy every minute ofj
his visit. His first words after
crossing . the State line into Ash
land expressed his kindly feeling
toward the people of the West. "It
is with a peculiar feeling
pleasure that I come to the State
of Oregon." he said. "It has never
before been my good fortune
visit it, and yet I know
W. P. Peacock Shoots and Mortally
Wounds Alex S. Kerr at Parker
your peo
and I be
pie, I feel like
lieve in them."
The trip to Portland was
continuous ovation, and
demonstration in that city was on
a scale of grandeur never before
attempted in the Northwest. The
Presidential party departed for the
Sound this morning.
Hon. Binger Hermann was i
Dallas for a few hours, Wednesday
greeting old friends and making
many new ones. He upoke to
large audience at Independence
in the evening. Mr. Hermann
will receive the entire strengt!
of his party m Polk county
and, in view of the fact that
he is in a position to do more
for Oregon than any other candi
date at this time, it will not be eur
prising if a large number of Demo
cratio votes are cast for him. Since
President Roosevelt has expressed
a desire for Hermann's election, no
talk is heard of his not being in
Bympathy with the administration,
and he will receive the usual heavy
Republican majority in the district.
Dr. S. S. Wise, of Portland, has
been secured to doliver the annual ad'
dreBS to the graduating class of the
Oregon State Normal School at Mon
mouth In June. Rev. D. V. Poling
will deliver the baccalaureate sermon
"The District Attorney" will be put
on by the student body and some
special numbers of high-grade music
are bei n g arran god. The commence'
ment exercises promise to be of un
usual interest
Derby & Willson, the real estate
agents, have Bold to Dr. Lee Steiner
lots 6 and 7, block 22, on Liberty
street in Salem. These properties
were owned by Hon.T.L. Davidson
and the Scotch Loan Company
The latter was formerly owned by
Dr. Golden. The consideration
was 18000. Dr. Steiner is at
present practicing medicine at
Lakeview, but he expects eventually
to come back to Salem and make
his home. Statesman.
Dull Headache, Palna In various parti
of the body, Sinking- at the Pit of the
Stomach, Loss of Appetite, Ftverlshneas,
Pimples or Sores are all positive evidences
of Impure blood. No matter how it be
came so, it must be purified In order to
obtain food health. Acker's Blood Elixir
has never failed to cure Scrofulous or
Syphilitic poisons or any other blood
diseases. It is certainly a wonderful
remedy and we sell every bottle on a posi
tive guarantee Belt 4 Cherrlngton, Dal
las, Oregon. -
ysnopsia uuro
D!jcst3 what yoa eit.
This preparation contains all cf tbs
digestants and digests all kindt cf
food, ltfrive lnstantrelief and never
tails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitlva
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics cave beea
cured it ter every thing else failed. It
prevents formalionof gas on thestom
Rfh, relieving all distress after eating;
lectin 2 unnecessary, l'leasant to t&ka.
- ,.,.
p-r -.1 on' r by E. O. iwm a oa, t.
', &L Luvwocwuutincx Umm U. m. au
Alexander S. Kerr was shot and
fatally wounded by William P. Pea
cock. Monday at 4:15 p. m. The
tragedy occurred at Parker, a village
five miles South of Independence. No
one witnessed the shooting, and the
details are not known. After the
shooting, Mr. Kerr was seen walking
from his barn toward the house, and
his terrible groans of agony attracted
the attention of Mrs. Swink, who
was busy at her home. She was the
first to come to his assistance, and
alarmed the neighbors, some of whom
had heard the report of the gun.
Mr. Kerr was found to be badly
wounded, the entire load of No. 4 shot
having literally covered his breast,
neck and face, even penetrating his
eyes. Some of the shot had entered
his lungs, and he was suffering from
internal hemorrhage. He died about
30 minutes after the shooting occurred.
Mr. Peacock is a single man, and
lived one door south of the deceased
The shooting occurred just outside of
the gate of Mr. Kerr's residence, and
blood was observable from the reel
dence to the barn and to the residence
again, which was decided to be the
course of the deceased after the shoot
Mr. Kerr was an exemplary citizen,
and was respected by his neighbors.
He was a Civil War veteran, and was
about 65 years of age. He leaves a
wife, one son and one daughter. He
was conscious until a few minutes be
fore his death, but made no statement
as to the motive for the crime,
After shooting Kerr, Peacock im
mediately left for Independence and
gave himself over to Constable Moran,
The diver dies without air to
'breathe. The consumptive dies
without lungs to breathe the air.
or of lungs rendered incapable of
breathing by disease. The blood
as it flows in and out of the lungs
indicates the consumptive's pro
gress. As the lungs grow weaker
less oxygen is inhaled and the
blood changes from scarlet to pur-
nlple. Oxygen is the lite of tlie
7 blood as the blood is the life of
the body.
The effect of Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Discovery upon weak
lungs is to strengthen them, to en
able the full oxygenation of the
blood, arrest the progress of dis
ease, and heal the inflamed tis
sues. Lung diseases have been
and are being cured by " Golden
Medical Discovery," in
cases where deep-seated
cough, irequent hemor
rhage, emaciation, weak
ness, and night -sweats
- have all pointed to a fatal
termination by con
"some yearn ago I
was almost a help
lu victim of that
,dread diwaae con
sumption," vrritca
Mr. cnai. proas,
P. M., of Sitka.
White Co.. Ind. I
was confined to my room for several months ;
my Inenoa ana neignDori naa given up an nope
of mv recovery, until one day a friend advised
me to take Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Uncov
er y, and after I had taken the contents of the
second bottle I began to improve. After taking
six bottles I wu, I honeatly believe, delivered
from the grave and entirely cured. I am now a
strong and hearty mau."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cleanse
the clogged system from accumulated
Special Motor Will Leave Dallas at 4
: o'clock This Afternoon.
The intercollegiate oratorical con
test will be held in Corvallis tonight
A special motor will leave Dallas at 4
o'clock this afternoon and return im
mediately after the contest. It is
hoped that a large crowd will go
from this city. Bemember that it Is
an Oregon man against Washington
and California men, and we want our
Oregon man to win. Furthermore
Oregon's contestant is a student of
our own Dallas College, and victory
will mean much for both the town and
the school. Mr. Hirschberg has kindly
placed the motor at our disposal, and
we should show our appreciation of
the favor. The train will leave
promptly at 4 o'clock. Bound trip
tickets will be sold for $1.30.
Mrs. H. B. Cosper, secretary of the
Bebekah Assembly of Oregon, went to
Portland this week to attend the
annual meeting of the Assembly.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Shaw, Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Ayres, Mrs. T. B. Bowell,
Mrs. Geo. L. Hawkins, Mrs. F. J.
Wagner and A. W. Teats are attend
ing the Grand Lodge I. O. O. F., in
Portland this week. '
J E Baldwin et ux to Ellis David
son, 45.44 acres, 1 9 s, r 4 w, $1136.
J T Ford, sheriff, to H L Fenton,
100 acres, 1 8 s, r 5 w, $730.19.
T A Biggs et ux to V P Fiske, 174
by 180 feet, 1 7 s, r 5 w, save and ex
cept right-of-way for mill race, $600.
Nathaniel Crosiar to Wm S Branch-
Picnics until vou can't reRt. Manv
who brought him to Dallas, where he of the young folks talk of attending flower' 160 acre8 6 s r i w $3000-
was lodged in the county jail. He the picnics to be held in neighboring
spoke lightly of the affair, and claimed towns. Unless the weather changes,
that the shooting was done in self de- we are afraid the ice cream served on
fenso. When informed by theSheriff, these occasions will need warming.
Tuesday afternoon tnat iterr was pnn ine 0f confections carried at
dead, he displayed no particular rj. J. 'Pugh's. Ice cream served on
interest or surprise. He says that Saturday and Sunday.
Jierr naa ortenea tnreatenea nis me,
and that when they met in the road
Monday afternoon he thought from
Kerr's actions that the latter Intended
to kill him. He rushed to his house,
and, siezing his shot-gun, stepped out
and shot him,
The only motive for the bloody
tragedy appears to be a quarrel of
long years' standing between the two
men. Twelve years ago, so it is said,
they had trouble and Peacock shot
Kerr in the leg with a 22-caliber rifle,
inflicting a slight flesh wound. Their
relations had never been friendly
since that time. Peacock is about 35
years old, and is a hunchback.
The inquest was held by Coroner
Cary, assisted by Dr. L. N. Woods
We all expect to attend the
Pioneer picnic at Dallas oh June 6.
and what is more, we expect to ride
down on the cars. The track-laying
gang is creeping nearer and nearer
our border, and the grading crew is
just below town on the Frank Hubbard
Mr. ahd Mrs. Oscar Bryan are stay
ing here temporarily. He is assisting
in the store while Fred Holman is
doing some team work.
The planers of- the Bryan-Lucas
Lumber Company were started Tues
day, and soon all kinds of dressed
ana Kun-anea stun will be manu
factured there. Their mill in the
mountains is making an average of
and Diatrict Attorney Hart Tuesday over 5.000 feet Per day. This Is over
Judge Burnett will hold an ad
journed term of Circuit Court in
Dallas next week, and an effort will j
be made to place Peacock upon trial
at that time, in order to save the ex-
doubling last year's output
jurs. Electa Bicnarason nas pur
chased the Mrs. J. V. Murphy (Jarvis)
Several of our people went to Port
land to see "Teddy" on the 21st.
Albert Schipper to George E Gil-
more, tract in Dallas, $300.
D F Courter et ux to C D Tice, lot 3,
block S, Falls City, $100.
H S Montgomery et ux to C D Tice,
lots 1 and 2, block P, south side, Falls
City, $85. -
J S Courter et ux to C D Tice, lot 6,
block C, Falls City, $225.
P Heinrich et ux to A J Wise, lots
10 and 11, block 4, Perrydale, $100.
J. G. VanOrsdel et ux to E B Tuttle,
1.81 acres, 1 8 s, r 4 w, $181.
A Burkhalter et ux to J H O'Niel,
lots 4 and 5, block 16, Imp. Co add to
Dallas, $450.
Jackson Baker et ux to Electa
Eichardson, n e J sec 30, 1 8 s, r 6 w,
Louise C Murphy et al to Electa
Eichardson, 160 acres, 1 8 s, r 6 w, $900.
Estate of Thomas Churchill, de
ceasedinventory filed and. approved.
Estate of A. K. Wilson, deceased-
petition to sell personal property
pense of holding him in jail until the Me88rs Tice M are attendi
regular December term. District At
torney Hart is ready to proceed with
the prosecution, and will insist that
the trial be held at this term, in order
to save all the expense possible,
Junior United States Senator
Speak In Dallas Next Wed
nesday Evening.
the Odd Fellows' convention there.
Mrs. Ada Clark, who has been stay
ing with Mrs. Sullivan and doing
dressmaking, was called to Portland,
Tuesday, her mother being very sick.
Ed VanPelt has cut up his place
Into town lots, and will sell them.
After he has disposed of his property
here, he will move to Idaho.
A move is on foot to get a system of
water-works in our town. The move
is a good one, if only carried far
enough. Frank Butler will come
over Saturday and survey a route for
United States Senator Charles W,
Fulton will speak at the courthouse
in Dallas next Tuesdav even inc.
- - i . . , . .
May 26, at 8 o'clock. Dallas is one of tne P6 llna
the favored few towns in which the The Coast Eange Lumber Com
matchless eloquence of Oregon's pany's mill is doing good work, and
brilliant junior Senator will be heard the building of the flume, under the
during the present campaign, and management of Fred Eaymond, is be
the audience will be limited only by ing rapidly pushed to completion.
the seating capacity of the building. Johnny and Jesse Beezley are back
Watch for posters containing further in the mountains, working on a trail
Jrrank Miller, of liickreall, was a
Dallas visitor, Monday.
S. P. Kimball, of Salem, was in
Dallas on a business visit this week.
commencing at the Alvin Robinson
cabin and ending at Ben Beezley's
ranch. The contract was let for $200,
the trail to.be cut out and graded, so
that a pack-horse can be taken
through. Those who have contributed
to its cost are T. D. Hollowell. C. J.
The largest Bum ever paid for a pre
scription, changed hands in San Fran
cisco, August SO, 19U1. The transfer in-
volved in coin and stock $112,500.00 and
was paid by a party of business men for
a specific for Bright's Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto incurable diseases.
They commenced the serious investi
gation of the specific Nov. 15, 1900.
They interviewed scores of the cured
and tried it out on its merits by putting
over three dozen cases on the treatment
and watching them. They also got phy
sicians to name chronic, incurable cases,
and administered it with the physicians
for judges. Up to Aug. 25, eighty-seyen
per cent of the test cases were either
well or progressing favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent of
failures, the parties were satisfied and
closed the transaction. The proceedings
of the investigating committee and the
clinical reports of the test cases were
published and will be mailed free on ap
plication. Address John J. Fulton
Company, 420 Montgomery St., San
Francisco, Cal.
Mrs. Joey Leitch has returned to Pugh, J. S. Courter, Melville Courter,
Whatcom, wash., after a short visit Wm. Ellis, Robert and Bert Wondorly.
with relatives in Dallas. This work Is of vast importance to all
A largo number of Dallas people
will attend tho annual teachers' pio-
nio at BIckreall tomorrow, if the
weather Is fair. A splendid program
has been prepared for the occasion.
J. H. Townsend, who has been in
failing health for several months, was
taken to Salem for medical treatment,
Monday. His many friends through
out the state will hope for his early
Union Memorial services will be
held in the Christian Church. Eev.
those who have claims in this district,
and each one should consider himself
under obligations to help the project
along financially.
The young people of the Presby
terian church will appreciate any
donations for their Fair to be held
during the Woodman Carnival.
The Benefit of Change.
We are like house plants: We
need a change of soil now and then
to be replanted. New scenes,
new experiences, new surroundings,
a change of climate, dry air instead
of moisture, sunshine in place of
cloud. This is sometimes essential
to health. There are conditions
near at hand that are better than
Europe can offer. Take a month
or two in California. Plant your
self for a time where there are no
irritations, where the hotel is be
yond criticism, the landscape pleas
ing, and where warm sunny
weather invites to walks and drives.
Pure and dry air, and the increased
electric influences of sunshine are
The Wastes of the Body.
Every seven days the blood, muscles
and bones of a man of average size
A. Winter will preside, and all the loses two pounds of wornout tissue.
churches in the city will take part. This waste cannot be replenished "and vastly helpful
ine sermon wm De preacnea Dy imsv. tne neaitn ana strengtn Kept up witn- You can make this trip at very
L. Green. out perfect digestion. When the nr,a A riAa
The streets of Dallas presented a atom acn ana atgestive organs ran to
rvprrnrm thAlr Tiinfrirms- thA crimnOT.h l
i ...hi . . .. i mAiinrainfl wKitK fit thia time ff
areds or people going to Salem or ,7 """"' "v"' , b'' , ' . '. ,
PortUn tr, th Pr9int Th disease sets up, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure the year with . their snow-covered
D I . ai i . i a i j 1 i a i
fari mnmino n.nmr troin enaoiea uie ewuiacu una uigesiive neaks. are unsurpassea ior ineir
Portland was crowded to the limit, "rKU! U1fc1 uu wmui an w gran(Jeur
and hundreds of people drove to ! ?0"8,T . en For complete information reKard-
n-i . mm inn Kind ni ninrui mat rprmiitini
otnum. Ainonff me passengers to . . . . . . : ...,, ;. :.t .,1
n.n ..o. rrI .1 twu the tissues and protects the health and "'S FV'.U" U1 ,UK'""i
TMmnf Wvlm.B ,,n.W rmman A sireiigui oi uib niiua ana ooay. Jtvouon ucuguuui uuicia iu wuwiui,
of CaDt&in V. P. Fiskft. Th trln cures indigestion, Dyspepsia and all address
-----. i . i .
was held in Portland until 6 o'clock, acn uvuoies. ins an weai spring
in the evening, and arrived In Dallas
shortly after 9 o'clock.
tonic. Sold by Belt & Cherrington.
Th Bt Prssoriptlon for Malaria
Chills and Fever la a bottle of Grove's
Tasteles Chill Tonic. It la "Imply
iron and sulnJce In sl tasteless form.
K curs K par. Pries Oa..
This sifroatura is oa ever? box of Um ftaalne
Laiative Iirc.r.3-Qu:n2 Tbi.u
. G. Pf .Agt., S. P. Co.,
Portland, Oregon.
Stops the Cough
and works off tho Coii
Laxatlvo Eromo-Qulnlne Tablets cur a
coll tn on day. No Cure, No Fay.
Fries il ceaU.
On account of various reasons but
mainly continued ill health, I have de
cided to sacrifice my goods here and
get into something in which I will not
be so closely confined.
Everything Goes Without Reserve
Many of these lines are just in, and some are still on the road :
All will be included in the sale. Many things at less than cost
and you don't have to buy $J or $10 worth to get the discount
Men's $2.25 Pants, to close, at $1.75 Ladies' Shirt Waists, $1.50 values $1.15
Men's $1.50 Pants, to close, at $1.15 Ladies' Shirt Waists, $1.00 values .75
Men's $3.75 Pants, to close, at $2.50 Ladies' and Men's Shoes, $3.00 val. $2.25
This Is Your Chance To Get New Merchandise At Your Price
Racket Store
Dallas, Or.
Business Chances
What have You to Offer?
Some of the best farms in Polk
County for sale. We want
more. Write for our
Property listed with us in con
fidence. We advertise no busi
ness chances openly.
If unable to close a deal with a
prospective buyer, call on us.
We will act as agent for you and
help consummate the deal.
Cooper & Hdrley
Single Shovel Plows, .Double Shovel Plows, Wing Shovel
PIowr. T'ivft-Tnnt.h ChlHivAtnrA. Disn flnltixrntnrs Pow Tnnfh
, - - . ' J Q SWVVU 0
Farrows, Spring Tooth Harrows, Disc Harrows, reversible
with Extension Head. :::::::::::::
All kinds of Plows, Harrows, Cultivators and everything needed to
cultivate a hopyard or orchard.
Given By Sunset Lodge No. 130
Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen to
SUNDAY, MAY 31, 1903
A Partial List of Attractions:
Sensational Feats of of Equipoise
on the High Wire.
Imperial Troupe of Eoyal Japan
ese Acrobats in all their
Oriental Splendor.
A Company of Colored Jubilee
Singers In songs and Beenes
from the Sunny South.
Wonderful Feats of strength and
skill on the Roman P.ings.
Mervelous Hoop Rolling, Juggling
and Grotesque Acrobats, Gym
nasts and Funny Clowns.
All these and many more will bo
seen at the Trainmen's Excursion
at Hawthorne Park in Portland.
ny S, P. or O. K. & X. gent, or dore C.
C. Loi'cks, Sec. Committee, 28 Muliuomah
Block, Portitud, Oregon.
Watch Sale
Owing to the great success attending
my watch sale last Fall, I have decided
to again oner some special induce
ments in this line. For the next thirtv
days, or until MAY 1, 1 will offer bar
gains In all the standard makes of
Watches that you positively cannot
afford to overlook. Come in and see
the stock.
c. n. MORRIS,
I have iuBt received a Fine New Stock
of Harness and Saddles and invite you
to call and examine them as to style,
workmanship and price. I have the
finest line of saddles ever shown in Folk
county. They are strictly "down-to-
date" in every respect.
A bz assortment prices according to
... . . -. i ttn . Li. o
quality au nuea wild ijouoie our
cinglee," a new feature which every
horseman will readily appreciate. Come
and see them.
HARXESS OIL, Best Grade,
Frank A. Stiles
Carnival Time
or any other time you
can get WATCHES,
ii' rar
Biggest Bars
In Town For
A Nickel..
You can't afford
to buy elsewhere Qj
Main St., Dallas, Ore.
tlfc. . Sl: A. A. . -A-
Bean tiw p T! Kind Yoi Haw iUwaw B015M
,. 7.... , TV..-.. .... -. f-.,-......1.:r mm ,., , ,..Z
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tome
bottles. Docs this record cf merit erped to yea ? No Cere, No Pay. 50c.
Enclosed with every fcott! b a Tea Oat, pxkant of Oovc't Clock Hoot. Liver HHs.