Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, May 08, 1903, Image 1

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Gentlemen of the Council: " The
charter of the city of Dallas makes
it theduty of the Mayor to annually,
at the first regular meeting in the
month of May of each year, com
municate by message to the Council
a general statement of the condition
of the affairs of the municipal cor
poration, and to recommend the
adoption of such measures as he
may deem expedient and proper.
Owing to the excellent charter and
code of city laws under which we
are working: to the prosperous con
dition in which the city finds itself
financially, and to the DroffreHsive
course pursued by the Council just
retiring, the affairs of the city are
today in a tar more satisfactory
condition than at any former time
in. the. history oft Dallas, and it
would seem as if little remains to
be suggested in the way of changes
or improvement.
Dallas occupies a proud place in
ine ranks of progressive Oregon
towns.-, iier business men are
prospering: herl manufacturing in
stitutions are all running on full
time, and finding a ready sale for
tneir products; substantial new
business blocks adorn her main
thoroughfares, and prospects for
great activity in the building line
in the immediate future are bright;
handsome churches and school
buildings testify ' more eloquent-
tnan words to the moral and in
tellectual tone of the city; neat,
and in man v. instances costlv and
palatial homes, grace her residence
streets; labor finds steady employ
ment at remunerative wages; rail
road and mail facilities are
constantly being improved; new
industries are projected, and im
portant public improvements hav
ing for their object the health and
convenience of the people are under
way A The railroad to Falls Citv.
secured through the tireless energy
ot our neoole. and now nearins
completion,- will open to the markets
of the world the largest and best
body of timber on the Pacific
Coast, and will: eventually make
Dallas a lumber manufacturing
town of the first rank. In the
light of all these conditions, it is
not surprising that our population
is increasing at a rate little dreamed
of by the' earlier residents of the
It lies within the power of the
Council to perform an important
part in promoting the general
prosperity and upbuilding of
Dallas. The duty is yours, gentle
men, to take the lead in the work
of; making the city attractive to
men who have capital to invest to
men who will come here and
establish mills and factories and
stores and all the business enter
prises that go to make up a pro
gressive, modern town. To you is
entrusted the work of securing the
peace and good order of the city,
and of guarding well the health of
its inhabitants; of keeping the
streets and sidewalks in repair; of
providing an abundant supply of
water for domestic use ;and for the
protection1 of public and private
property from the ravages of fire;
of managing the financial affairs of
the city in such a manner as to
keep the rate of taxation at the
lowest possible figure consistent
with progress and the needs of an
enterprising people, it this course
is pursued, beneficial results will
be sure to follow.
Early in September of last year
the Council took up a matter of
vital of importance tothecity that
of water-works. ; H. V. Gates, of
Hillsboro, appeared before the
Council and submitted a proposition
to build a system of water-works
and to operate the same under a
lease from the city. The plan was
thoroughly discussed and consider
ed by the Council, with the result
that the ordinance committee was
instructed to meet with Mr. Gates
and prepare an ordinance looking
to the acceptance of his proposition.
The ordinance was prepared upon
terms agreeable both to the city
and Mr. Gates, and was passed on
the I7th day of September, 1902.
The ordinance then went into the
hands cf the Mayor, and was ap
proved by that officer on the 24th
day of September, 1902. This
ordinance has been published
several times, -and has-been -so
thoroughly discussed by the people
of Dallas that every member of the
present Council is doubtless familiar
with its provisions, and no detailed
explanation of its terms or contents
is necessary at this time. A special
election was called to be held early
in October asking ths people to
grant authority to the Council to
sell bonds to the amount of $12,000
for the purpose of carrying out the
terms of the ordinance. This$12,000
was all to be used towards paying
for the water plant, and no. pro-
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vision was made for issuing bonds
in excess of this amount, as it was
then believed by the Council that
little or no difficulty would be ex
perienced in obtaining the necessary
rights-of-way and water rights from
persons owning land along the
proposed conduit line from the city
to Canyon Creek.' Ihe Council
proceeded on the theory that the
expense of securing these rights
would be nominal, and that they
had the right to pay the same out
of the general fund of the city
This position proved to be erroneous,
as it was afterwards found that all
moneys used in any way in the
construction of a water plant must
be raised by issuing bonds of the
city. Upon consulting legal ad
visers, it was also found that the
law of Oregon provides that where
it is necessary to condemn land, or
water, or water rights for municipal
purposes, no action for such con
demnation can be brought therefor
by the city until authority therefor
is obtained from the taxpayers by
a special election called for that
purpose. As the Council had
already encountered opposition in
the work of securing rights-of-way
from certain land owners, and no
agreement could be reached as to
the value of the land sought to be
appropriated, but one course re
mained open to the city, and that
was to bring actions against these
parties for ihe ' desired rights.
The city was unable to bring
these actions in the December
term of Circuit Court, for the reason
that the time was too short to allow
the required notice of election to be
given. Then came the Winter
season, and all work on the project
was abandoned until early in
March of the present year. The
Council then took the matter in
hand again, and ordered another
bond election this time asking for
$12,000 to be paid to Mr. Gates for
the water plant, and an additional
$3,000, or bo much thereof as might
be necessary, for the purpose of
purchasing and acquiring the need
ed rights-of-way and water rights.
At the same time a special tax
payers' election was called, asking
authority to begin condemnation
proceedings where a peaceful settle
ment could not be reached. These
elections were held on the day of
regular annual city election, and
resulted in the bonds being voted
and the Council being authorized
to begin condemnatory proceedings.
The work of securing the right-of
way for the pipe line was then
taken up again and carried on
earnestly and vigorously. Rights-of-way
have been secured from the
following-named property owners
at a nominal cost to the city:
WY H. Kraber, Robert Howe, David
Hubbard, Oliver Dennis, Castle &
Shaw. The only persons with
whom the Council has been unable
to reach a satisfactory settlement
are Reuben P. Boise and Mrs. M. JE.
Hallock, and against these persons
actions have been filed in the Circuit
Court and will be tried at the com
ing May term. If a favorable ver
dict is reached in these cases, the
city will have fulfilled its part of
the contract in so far as the right-
of-way is concerned, and the con
tractor will be enabled to begin at
once the construction of ihe plant.
The city hasexercised thegreatest
precaution in every step taken in
the matter of securing water-works,
in order that the same may be in
strict accordance with the provisions
of the charter and the laws of the
state regulating such improvements,
and skilled counsel has been em-
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ployed to represent the city's
interest in the trial of the two
actions now pending in the Circuit
Court. In pursuing a steady and
unswerving course to the end that
the town may be supplied with an
abundance of wholesome mountain
water, the Council is obeying the
will of the people as clearly ex
pressed in two elections, and no
thoughtof rest should beentertained
by this body until the proposed
plans are carried cut and the water
plant becomes actual reality.
In the work of carrying out this
great and much needed improve
ment, the city officers will have the
hearty approval and loyal support
of a large majority of the citizens
of Dallas.
Much work is needed in the way
of street improvement, and . the
Committee on Streets should give
the same their immediate attention.
A number of the side streets that
have never been improved in any
manner should be brought to the
proper grade and thoroughly gravel
ed, arid some of our main traveled
thoroughfares are in need of repair
Many sidewalks in the city are also
in a state of dilapidation, and
should be placed in asafecondition
at once. When a sidewalk with a
missing or broken board is found,
the owner or occupant of the
premises should be required to re
place the same without delay. The
Street Commissioner should make
frequent inspections of all walks in
the city, and see that the same are
kept in good repair. By exercising
a careful supervision over all side
walks and crosswalks, the possibility
of damage suits for broken or
fractured limbs will be reduced to
the minimum.
The gravel taken from the bed of
LaCreole Creek is not of the . best
quality for street work, and soon
wears out when placed on the
streets where traffic is heavy. How
ever, it will be necessary to use
this gravel until a better quality is
found, or until such time as the
city shall be able to purchase a
rock-crusher. It might be well for
the Street Commissioner and the
Committee on Streets to try the
experiment of screening this gravel,
in order to free it from all dirt,
trash and sediment before placing
it on the streets. The cost of
handling it in this way would be
slightly greater than at present,
but the increased lasting qualities
of screened gravel over the mixture
now in use would doubtless more
than pay for the extra labor and
money expeuded in preparing it
for use.
The general ordinances of the
city were revised by the Council
two years ago, and so thoroughly
was the work done that but few
new laws have since been found
necessary, and no change , of im
portance has been uade in the laws
placed upon the city statute books
at that time. Prior to the time
this work was done, the ordinances
of the city were for the greater part
in an unsatisfactory condition.
Many of them were loosely drawn
and carelessly worded; in some
instances two ordinances covering
the same ground were to be found,
both having the same object in
view and yet differing widely as to
the method to.be pursued in attain
ing the desired result; in somecasee
the ordinances were in direct con
flict with the charter, and numerous
crimes against the peace and good
order of the city could not be
reached at all. The ordinance com
mittee, under the direction . of the
Council and aided by the City
Attoruey, spent several months in
revising the ordinances, retaining
what they considered good, cutting
out all that were lame or objection
able, and formulating new laws
where necessity seemed to require.
The numerous criminal ordinances
were gathered together, revised,
amended, and placed in one ordi
nance; the nuisance ordinances in
another; the license ordinances in
another, and so on down the line,
thus cutting down the number of
laws nearly or quite one-half. The
new and amended general law
were recorded in a book furnished
to the Auditor for that purpose,
and are kept entirely separate and
apart from the special sidewalk
and street improvement ordinances,
and in their present shape are con
venient for reference. I would
recommend that each new member
of the Council give these ordinance?
a careful reading in order that he
may become thoroughly familiar
with the laws under which the city
is working.
While these ordinances would be
much more accessible and con
venient for reference if printed in
book form, I would not advise that
they be ordered printed at this
time, as the demand for such publi
cation would hardly justify the ex
pense that would be incurred in
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carrying out the work. At some
future time, however, when the
condition of our finances will war
rant, it would be well for the Council
to provide for the publication of
the general ordinances in pamphlet
form for public distribution, in
order that the people may have the
same for handy reference and thus
become more familiar with the
city's laws.
marshal's salary.
The attention of the Council is
called lo the salary paid to the
City Marshal. This salary is clearly
inadequate, when the duties per
formed by that officer are taken in
to consideration. The salary was
fixed by the Council at a lime
when Dallas was a much smaller
city than at present, and at a time
when the services of a Marshal '
were not required for more than
one-half the number of hours that
are now required. Dallas is one
among the lew towns in Uregon
that have no night-watchman, and
it is in the afternoon and evening
that the services of a police officer
are most needed. And whileoffend
ers are to be promptly apprehended
and punished for their misdoings,
the peace and good order of a city
depends in a gre ater degree upon
the alertness and efficiency of its,
police officers in keeping the city
free from the criminal element.
The officer who does his whole duty
is not the one who contentshimself
merely by placing under arrest
those persons who commit crimes,
but is the one who is vigilant in
keeping the city clear of lawless
characters; who makes it his busi
ness to see that the laws are properly
observed, and who visits all places
where disorderly scenes are likely
to occur and by bis presence exerts
a restraining influence upon those
who are inclined to create a dis
turbance. Such an officer is worthy
of his hire, and I would recommend
that the ordinance defining the
duties of the City Marshal and fix
ing his compensation therefor be so
amended as to increase the effective
ness of the night service, and that
his salary be placed at a figure
more nearly commensurate to the
work performed. The condition of
the city's finances and the extent,
of its resources at the present time
will not permit any large in
crease, but a reasonable monthly
salary for that officer is hereby
The nuisance ordinance of Dallas
covers a wide scope, and under its
provisions cleanliness and neatness
can be strictly enforced. Its terms,
are not harsh or unjust, but under
its operations it is possible to make
Dallas a clean town, so far as the
removal of loose filth and rubbish
is concerned. I would especially
urge upon the Marshal and the
Committee on Health and Police
the importance of seeing that this
ordinance is strictly enforced. The
streets should be kept clwir of rub
bish and refuse vegetable matter,
and ash-heaps, manure-piles and
trash and decayed fruits and vege
tables in the back yards and in the
rear of business houses should be
conspicuous by their absence.
Now, that the Summer season is
approaching, it would seem to be
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(Contiuued on Fourth Pago.)
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