Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, December 01, 1888, Image 4

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    \v H I« H » * s I T ^ P V O IN OK S H A K E S - »
K u(K «»tioii« C o n c e r n in g t h e p r o p e r Man
a g n ic iil o f O rchard*.
T h e tre a tm e n t w hich fru it t •*
should receiv e m ust uooord w ith «.-it-
cum stancvs and w ith th e c h a ra c te r of
tuu soil. (Jenerally. young tre e s should
lie su rro u n d e d w ith cu ltiv a ted and m el­
low g round, because they uro m ore
cosily checked in g ro w th th a n older
an d la rg e r trees, w hich send th e ir
stro n g e r roots d ee p er into th e ea rth ,
and are loss affected by vegetab le
g ro w th on th e surface. A com m on e rro r
is in g iv in g th e m a circu m scrib ed circle
of cu ltiv atio n »bout th e foot of th e
stem , instead of b ro ad c ast cu ltu re. Re­
peated exam in atio n h as proved th a t
bo th old an d young tree s have roots ex ­
te n d in g from them to a d istan ce quit«)
equal to th e e n tire h e ig h t of th e trees.
an d th e re fo re th e ir roots occupy a space
w hose d ia m e te r is tw ice as g re a t as th e
h e ig h t of the trees, und to receive th e
benefit of cultivation, th e surface r«-n-
dered mellow should be corresponding­
ly brood. T h e com m on m istake is seen
of a d ug circ le a t th e foot of a tree
tw elve f<>et high, not m ore t4*an live
foot in diam eter, when it should be at
le a st tw ice tw elve, or tw enty-four feet
In diam eter, tyi order to benefit tho
w hole of tho roots. In one caso only
tw enty-five feet aro cultivated; in the
o th e r, 67ti —tho form er being less th an
a tw en tieth p a rt of th e requirem en t.
E xperim ent has p rw o d th a t the narrow
circle has produced no sensible benefit
In tho increased g row th of tho tree,
w hile broadcast cu ltu re has given a de­
cided increase in grow th.
Tliero is no p a rt of tho m anagem ent
of fru it trees, and especially of young'
ones, w hore th e re has been a m ore com­
mon e rro r th an in th e m istaken notion
of th e length of tho roots. T ho question
w hether grass should bo perm itted to
grow in an on-hard m ust be tho length
of the annual shoots. Y oung troes, I kj -
foro they begin to bear, should send o ut
th e ir annual gm w th a t least a foot or
two in length; and afte r they bear, tho
grow th should lie several inches, o r
from six incites to a foot. If th e grow th
Is feeble, o r only an inch o r tw o when
standing in grass, th e tree s a re obvi­
ously too feeble; and if young thoy
should receive utonco bro ad cast cu ltu re;
or if old. e ith e r th is o r a to p-dressin g
of m anure. U nconditional rules, how-
evor, can not be laid down w hile soils
vary so m uch in different localities,
l'lio length of tho an n u a l g row th m ust
Is- th e guide, und tho tre a tm e n t vary
according to th e ir pointings, and th e
m anure o r fertili/.or applied w hich is
found to bo effective, often vary m uch
with locality. As a gon eral ru le, w hich
may lie liable to exception w ith very
rich soil, th e only ease in w hich grass
may bo p e rm itte d to oocupy orch ard s,
and especially of you n g trees, is w here
the g rass is k ep t constantly cropped
iliort w ith sho«q>, witli m ore o r less top-
dressing w ith m a n u re ; o r w here tho
¿m as is cu t equally sh o rt w ith tho lawn-
mower, and y ea rly top-dressing is given.
The ow ner w ill bo able to ju d g e if th is
trea tm e n t is adm issible by th e ru le a l­
ready given tho len g th of th e annual
■ hoots. In som e localities, mqm rphos-
phntes have proved of m uch ad v an tag e,
while ill others, w ith u n lik e soils, they
nave not paid th e expense'. W ood-ashes
iro m ore o r loss beneficial, in som e in-
•tances g rea tly in creasin g th e g ro w th
d th e fru it as well as Of th e tm e s ; b u t
ii som e eases th ey have fuilod to pro-
¡ueo any sensible effect. N itro g en o u s
fertilizers a re often beneficial, but tho
p icli-grow ers in som e p a rts of Now-
Jersey have f«nind thorn positively d etri-
nenlal. T h ese facts all in d icate th e
necessity for each c u ltiv a to r u sing his
own ju d g m e n t and of d eciding som e of
’. he questions connected w ith fruit-grow -
,n g from his ow n p erso n a l observation.
- .V. J'. Tribune.
Many of th o so-cnl!wd ch e ap cu ts of
m eat a re p referab le; fo r Instance, tho
shoulder of m utton is m uch m ore d eli­
ca te th a n tlu- l«-g, and, as few person»
know , tla> p rie s is low. Th*- KtPgHsh,
w ho of nil people know w hat good m u t­
ton is. alw ays give th e leg to th e house­
hold and save tho sh o u ld e r for th e
g u ests o r first tabic.
Reach lia tte r P udding. Pool r i |s ’
peaches, arrange In a baking dish an d j
p o u r ov er the follow ing m ix tu re «1 ike
a scan t q u a r t of m ilk, add ten table-
spoonfuls of Hour, six benton eggs, u
little s ilt and tw o je asp o o n fu U of hah
ing' pow der m ixed w ith a .little flour.
R ake in a quick oven. E at w ith cream
und su g ar. R ural .Wto Yorker.
P otato Eggs. Mush som e p o t a t o e s
(n o t to«) new ) w ith » little w arm ed m ilk,
o r cream , b u tte r, salt, and th e yelk of
an eg g w ell l mu ten up. F orm th e m ix ­
tu re into egg -sh ap ed balls by p raisin g
it in to an iron spoon (b u tte ra sl); slip
l! «' iH)tnt«s-s out «'f the®|>oon upoh but-
tonwl jMijmr, put them into th e oven to
th o ro u g h ly w arm , but not V> become
A w ell-know n physician says, if
yon w ish to k««ep d u st and germ s of
disease out of y o u r lung*, kimp y e a r
m outh sh u t w hen you breath««. If you
w ish to hav«« n clear, swamt voiea; to
avoid «‘olds, to lo*>k ns if you knew
som ething, to avoid sore th ro n is and
coughs, in sh o rt, if you w ish to be
h e a lth y , w ealthy and wise, sh u t yo u r
m outh and o|H«n y o u r «-yes.
F ried ('uoutnbers. Cut th«' eueum-
ts-rs into slle«-*, utsiut ono-slxteenth of
no inch th ic k ; season w ith salt am i pep­
p er; dip first in eggs nnd th sn in brxqul
crum b*. P ut tw o larg«' tablespoon fula
«>f la rd o r d rip p in g s into a frying-^inn;
w hen hot. p u t in a few slu'e* a* a tiin«*;
w hen brow n on one side, tu rn and brown
th e o th er. T ak e out carefully; drain
on pits*« of brow n |m pcr and serv e very
hot. — Table Talk.
M acon, lia ., en jo y ed th e lu x u ry of a
w restling m a tch betw een a bear a n d a
colored m an . T h e bear seem ed to be
N o c h u r c h o r «« I iog II iou »” is com ­ th e beet w restler of th e tw o ,a n d wottM
p lete w ith o u t « good Ixsll.
W e learn go s i it ju s t like an old v e te ra n .
th a t Mr. Z. T . W rig h t, i f P o rtlan d ,
t h »; r o w w o n i . o t .
li.is ju s t received a n o th e r full CiUload
There 1» a plai-e no love can reach.
of belli*, a t c u e s from 40 to 1 - 0 0
There is a tim e no voice can teach,
T h en -1» h chain no power can breiik,
p o u n d s. H o is now sellin g m u ch
There in u *l*s-p no «m ini can wake.
c h e a p e r th a n fo rm erly , ow ing to the
Sooner or later Uiat lim e w ill srriye, that place
will wait for your eonilnir, that «-tialn m int biu.t
fact of h is b u y in g in large q u an titie s. von
In helpless death, that sleep must fall on
H e is th e o nly dealer o n tire coast vour senses. But thousand* every year go uu
tim ely to their fate, amt thousand* more
s h ip p in g in car lots. Is alw ays w illing u-nirthen
out their daya by heedful, tim ely ear«',
to give reaso n ab le tim e t • ch u rc h es or for the faillne strength. the w eakening organs,
the wasting b!««>d, Pr. Pierce's «,olden Medical
schools n o t able to pay all cash.
Discovery 1« a wonderful restorative and a pr«e
A New O rleans lady se n t h alf a
dozen designs to on e of th e big co tto n
p r in t m ills a t F all R iver for ap p ro v a l,
an d som e weeks la te r th e y were s e a t
back to h er refused.
S h o rtly a fte r­
ward she saw th e id e n tic al desig n s on
som e calico ju s t received in New O r­
s from —
th e m ill, . an d w rote a n in-
^ d ig n u n t le tte r to th e m ill o w n ers, < «
I n re tu r n
m in d in g an ex p lan atio n
sii«; received a h an d so m e ch eck for lier
—G lycerine dues not ugreo w ith a
very d ry skin.
—Sw eet potatoes req u ire n early twice
the tim e th a t Irish jiotatoes do e ith e r to
bake o r boil.
—A w ineglass of stro n g borax w ater
in a pint of raw sta rc h will m ake collar»
ami cuffs stiff and glossy.
- V aseline rubbed on a fte r w ashing
th e hands is an ex cellen t rem edy for
dry finger nails th a t b reak easily.
—To tho m ilk of bottle-fed ch ild ren
p u re m ilk sugar, w hich can be obtained
from any d ru g g ist, is tho o n ly form
of su g a r w hich should be added.
—F o r chapped lips m ix tw o tnblo-
spoonfills of clarified honey w ith a few
drops of lav en d er w ater o r any o th e r
perfum e a:;d im oint th e lips freq u en tly .
—A sim ple and effectual rem edy for
ivy poisoning is said to be sw eet sp irits
of nitre. B ath e affected p a rts tw o o r
th re e tim es d u rin g th e day, an d th e
n ex t m o rn in g scarcely any tra c e of th e
poison will rem a in . —P ractical House­
-Lem on S y ru p .—F iv e p in ts of w ater,
six pounds of su g ar, two ounces of ta r ­
ta ric acid. Roil th ese in g red ien ts for
te n m in u te s ; add th e w h ite of an eg g
to c le a r i t ; boil five m inutes, and, w hen
cold, add tho ju ice of te n le n .jn s . B ottle
and c o rk tig h tly .
J a r s m ay be cleansed w ith o u t
sc ra p in g if h ot w a te - ip w hich one *»«■
tw o teaspoonfuls of pearl&sh h av e h<-^n
dissolved, be (loured in to them . T ho
p ea rlash will loosen th e co n ten ts clin g ­
ing to tlie bottom and sides an d th e y
will float in tho w ater.
—T o p rese rv e g rap es, ta k e g rap o s
nnil stignr, pound for pound. Rem ove
tho sk in s from th e g rap e s; boil tho
p u lp s te n d e r an d strain th ro u g h a sieve.
Boil th e sk in s iu a little w ater u n til
ten d er. T h en boil all to g e th e r u n til
sufficiently th ic k . —-Home anti F arm .
— D u rin g th e so-called te e th in g p eriod
th e re is no es]iecial p red isp o sitio n to
d isease; b ut tho system th e n is In a con­
dition w hich invites, us it w ere, asso­
d iso rd ers und com plications.
M any of tho co m p lain ts w hich attac k
to o th in g ch ild ren a re m erely accid en tal;
th a t is, th ey a re in no wise d ep en d en t
upon den titio n . _ ^ _______
I The authorship of th.- dramatic pr.stm ti»ns I
attributed to the lust of the als.ve numed is ag
tatlng literary circles to the very «-«-litre, hut al
feet» the praeti<-a! m asses far less thau the im>- 1
¡«lentous question, how to regain or preserve
h« alth, that essential of b r f ijj amt m ental ae
ivlty, business eu<*<*eaa ami the "pursuit of hau­
nt uess.” We ran throw far more ligh t on this
latter subject than the m ost profound Shakes
«„■arian run on tin- utmstion first propounded,
l i t h e system I- «kid. t--d, the n.-r«es sh ak y, if
indigestion or constipation bothers ou e at timi-s, |
nr eiinstantls if the skin is yellow , ami the
tongue furre<l as in biliousness; if there are
nreinonimry tw inges o f om-om lng rheumatism
or neuralgia. If the kidneys are in a ctiv e—use |
Hostetter's Stomach bitters, the tiuest rceupei -
ant of au ag.- prolific in hem-fietal and sneeess-
ful r -nedles. Remember, if malaria threatens ]
or a •--•&, that it neutralises tho poison aud
the system
longer of strength and life. It purities the blood
grow fumons iu a hurry, and it I
and ill) ignrutes the system , thereby fortifyin g it tak p. s oi u don’t
«1 of hard work even to earn your |
against diacast*. Of druggist«.
bread ai butter.
The man w ho says he w ill welcom e death as a
release from a life made up of sorrow, generally
sem is for four doctors when he has the eolie.
Some of i i- greatest m en that ever lived were
of sm all stuture and in sign ificant appearance.
The reader v.; 11 n-ailUy n-eall m any instances.
Very small ate Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Purgative
Pellets, hut they are far more effcetive than the j
huge old-fashioned p ills w hich an- soilifflenlt to ,
sw allow and so harsh in thelractiou . The "Pel­
lets" are gentle and never cause constipation.
For liver, stom ach aud bowel derangement* they
have no equal.
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I’nrtL.nd, Oregon.
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Investment small, profit*
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largo illustrated Catalogue
with full particular». Man
ufactured by
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tun School and Penmanship Depart
Sold on Trial !
That “ poor back ” is licld responsible for more than its share of the suffering,
mankind. If your clog bites n man who kicks it, do you blame the dog? On the an*
principle the kidneys utter their protest
against nervousness, impure blood, uH
resulting constipation These force them
to do extraordinary work in ridding the
system of the poisons which arc the A
result of efi'ete matter retained in the
blood. Then the sufferer says the /
back aches; the kidneys are &
eased. “ Not yet; ” but they will V
unless the nerves are strengthen*!,
the blood purified, and the constipation
removed. These are the causes
of kidney troubles, and Paine’s Celery
Compound removes them quickly,
With its tonic, purifying, and laxative
effect, it also strengthens the wej^
kidneys, making it almost infallible in
curing all diseases of the nerves and loo-
neys. If your hopes of cure have not
been realized, try Paine’s Celery Con-
pound; it gives perfect health to ail who complain of “ their poor backs.” Price fl.00.
C O N S U L T A T IO N F R F f t .
o l.ls, C ro n p , I n .
t'D t u r i- h . \Y l«oo|i-
V o ice , In cip ie n t
n il T h r o u t an d
P o r tla n d , O r e g o n ,
Ts the only Private Dis­
pensary in Portland or on
Northwest Coast-
v here patients arosiiccess,
fully treated o.allNF.KV*
1’KTVATK r.'^FAHpsin
young *r old, single or
^«uairien, sue a op
L o s t m a n h o o d ,
' Uervoui debility, seminal
losses, failing memory,
syphilitlo eruption«, effects
of m-rcury kidney ami
» Tiladder troubles, gonor­
rhea, gleet stricture, etc.
I « ? .V 1 « U L a k e I t . ,
(s b r?
Nos. 133 a n d 134 T h ird S tre e t,
S E W E R S C H IM N E Y P I P E T \
Bold hy D n iggiM I
C iiri -- t u ts .
Pim ples, Felon«. S kin
If w e are ever iu doubt what to do, it is a good
rule to usk ourselves w hat we shall w ish on the
morrow that we nad done.
C o u g h « . C o ld « u n d
M ore T h r o n t
qitlekly relieved by "flroir»'» Bronchial Trin-his "
’iS cent* » txix.
Wig ft ?! as gtv A Unreal
S A Lvl
F i. EM tw o B r o s .. PITTSBURG, P a .
•al satisfat'tlcn In tho
cure of (Pmorrhiwa and
Gleet. I prescribe U and
feel safe In recommend*
ing It to sll euffererik
4 .4 . STOM R. fl.P .,
D ir ih r , III*
D wights C ow -B rand S oda -S aleratus !
t's«- afti-r each meal » « -o tt'si E n i n l « l o n
with Jlvpophosphites.
It is as palatable as
m ilk. and easily digested. The rapidity with
w h ich delic ate people im prove with its nse Is
wondi rful. I'so it and tay your weight. As a
res.edv lor C onsum ption, Throat affections ami
B ronchitis It is unequal«-«!. Pleaseread: " lu sisl
Si-ott's E m ulsion iu u ch ild eight m onths old
w ith good results. He gained four pounds in a
very short tim e.”—T ho . P rim , M. I)., Alabama.
malic n id s.
True friends visit us In prosperity on ly when
in vited , hut tu adversity they com e without
^ c a l p
i follows: “Indore*the val­
uable remedy. St. Jacob»
Oil,for Rheumatism
and other
W h ite Elephant of Siam, Lion of Kng-
Innd, Dragon of China, Cross of Switzer,
land, B anner of Persia, Crescent of Kgvpt-
Dottble Ragle of Russia, S tar of Chili, Tlie
Circle of .In^an, Harp of Erin.
To get these buy a ts>x of the genuine
D r . C. Mi l a m s C e i . k iir a t k d L iv e r
P ii i s , price '¿ò eentn, nnd mail ns tlie o ut­
side w rapper w ith your adiiress. plainly
wrlffon. and t cents in stam ps. We will
then^nall you the ai-ove list with au ele­
gant paekagu of oleographic and d iro
¿ K m
T h e E x G o v e rn o r o f Oh io w rite*
AY II A T T H E Y A l t E G O O D F O B .
ir o n
Self-possession In a woman is w ell enough for
aw hile, if she don't ke«-p it too long.
It 1» a significant fact that m ost of the women
who have achieved fam e in art, literature or
••affairs.” have enjoyed vigorous health. This
show s that the m ind is never capable of the
severe and con tinu ed a p p lication necessary to
creative work, unless the body is at itsh est. The
wom an w ho aspires to till au exalted place
am ong her associates, m ust be free from nerv­
ous debility ami fem ale w eaknesses. Dr. Pierce’s
Favorite Prescription w ill banish these, and it Is
warranted to restore those fun ction al harm onies
w h ich are lndlspeusabh to health. As a specific
for all those ch ron ic weaanesst-ss amt ailm ents
p eculiar to wom en, It Is utic<juak-<l.
BitANDRETH's B i l l s are the b e s t m edi­
cine know n.
f i r s t They are purely vegetable, in fact
a m edicated food,
Scco hi l—Tlie same dose alw ays produces
the sam e effect, other purgatives reiptire
increased doses anti finally cease acting.
T hird They purify tlie blood.
Fourth They invigorate the digestion
and «leans«« the stom ach and tow el-.
F ifth They stim u late the liver and
carry off vitiated bile and o th er deprave«!
The first tw o or three doses t««ll the
story. The skin lieromes clear, the eye
bright; the mi ml active; ftigestlon is re
storeti; costiveness cured; tlie animal
vigor is recruited and all deray arrested.
i io W
ilrTrTffc^TuTf ---
A|>|M * ter ko»»«. Thaflrvt H iii «*«
J . r . a L i . k s , «N3S
1 'h i; NO o L k l
A roa it it i eva» roa ig D i a w r u j a » ®
g la u ca T rossi« A reals f ThseOtom.
.ItE A T L I T T L E M EN .
photographs $
W hy pny tlO to )I2 per doxrn for your photo-
graphs w hen by sending » tintyp e or photo-
k-rai.l c.f Miy kf t i in- will send you I d n i r s
linrU flni-C l ( »hir.-ts C. <». 1> fur m t IM)
thereby you arc ru n n ing no risk and not pay­
in g nny mom v until yon gi-t ynur rhoros. Also
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in- h fr inn-
tar •!.%. t g r n t « \4 anted
WILSONS STDBIO 389 Slate It.. CHcagn
J . H . I 'l M k . A s s s j r r a n d A n a ly tic a l
4 h< a « la t. iA horatory. UR First sL. P o i U m h L
' Or. Analyse* made of all rubetancea.
All sizes in stock from «
pounds to l,2ffi.
R em em ber it is * pleasure to,*1’-0*
5?| ffoorin or an sw er question»
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