Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, December 01, 1888, Image 3

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    term of court next w w k.
<J. T. Jones of Corvallis, Montana,
' * r,l«‘.
tunlty to purchase a nice ornament
Neis & Smith December
Mrs. Ira nixiki>r lias Uvn quite ! and pn*sent. Mr. Vaughn also, cur-
Dr. l ’arrisli was at Salem Eriday. who will l>e rcnictnlxTcd in Mon­
sick for tlu* last week.
I rie*s mie o f the larg»*st st«K*k of wdtehm
II. Hirchhcrg, the inde|H*ndenc mouth as a student of Christian Col­
are giving the banker
Mrs. Sam Scanlon
gave a in Polk county.
was in 1‘ortland Tu«*»«lay.
territorial legislature* in the lute Thanksgiving «tnqx r to quiten mini-
U*r o f inviteli
The wife of the President-elect
best bargains; aigu*
There w ill be a Sunday-wbixd or-
lier name Jane S«*ott Harrison.
M. Huyter dentist, Dallas.
,,, , ,,
Thanksgiving dav was pleasantly ganin*il at tin* school house Sunday
Mr.Parker o f Imle,K*ndenee is ollwervw|
MollllU)UtI)i ,n !UV„ n l. at ±:M) o'clock. It is Ixiund to lx* a
they will close in Old
Nies A Smith are selling rut ut cost.
very feeble health.
an«* with the pr<H*lumation o f Presi­ Micco's, as Nini Kelley lia» taken hold
Henry Pattennwi for|H*rfunio
T. J. Richmond o f Dallas was at dent Cleveland und (Jov. Pennoyer of it and he never docs things by the
out by Jan. 1. Albany
lull vi s.
(Jem* Hay ter for cheap gixxls.
setting the day apart for returning
Rev. Osborne luis Ixvn holding a
Head our new advertisement* this
Hon. 1*. W. Haley is on a visit to thunks to Alm ighty (l(xl for tlu* very successful sorb's o f meetings
Go buy while Washington
Ed iliereto're unuxivllcd a* un udvcrti^iny
many blmslngs showertsl upon tlu* here since last Sunday, l e t thegood
territory this we*ek.
The F. M. A. store has new gtxwls.
work go on.
Independence will have a new people during the past twelve
For the best bargains in Indies and
months. Sorviei*s wer»* held at the
grixvrv store*.
r The
ii Observer four month« for ÔOcts.
getits underwear, hat*, caj>s, binds,
next Saturday evening.
' , tine clothing, etc., go to 11 ay-
Tlie Ballston school has an enroll­ chapel and a large crowd o f our citi­
time.-Dallas. ment
zens participated in the exercises.
tor’s lhilhis.
of fil pupils.
■•The tiiwi« <>f Monuioiith i« situuivOTn thè
t,tor o f ilio riilu s t uurt o f Folk inunty,
i^iit utile* *-*ut!i <»f tilt* nm iity ■*<>ir. 1 inila>,
j two ami oiie-half 11111« w«*st <>f thè tltriv-
• towii o f Iii'U'lK-mloiu»*, ami cuntuin» a
a.ulation o f over ■ 4 ,|o. T h e loeulioti ¡s a
m tiful oiic. • »ii a r id i rollini; pruina, ami
franerai li«*nUlilulm*ss, thè »ite i> all that
¿ .i. i li« tiexirwi. Mouuiouth ••!’ . ! ' muny
Evantugtw, ami tliosc coiileiiijilatiii|;aiiy «*n-
t|,ri<c areinvite>l toi-.infer witli our l iliirn «.
E,,. Oti'iaVEK v i l i la- remi in evvrv to«u*iii|>
Bui at «*very postortl«*«* in tlm entirv cunity.
g u e s ts .
veri* fi*<*hlt> hinlth
llusiuess Mention.
ludi nm."
is tlie programme for the mux s
entfituiniui'ii! Saturday evening Iksvmlx^r
I si Exercises (xxnnieiuv al 7 o i'liH'k. Ad-
Trenton, Mo., Nov. 17, ’88.
W e are to have a fast train on the j misslon L’ô eenS, pmceels to go towards
For tine watch work go to V. M
Miss Minnie Chapman o f Ballston,
j l > . O i w k k v k k .— Winter is now
(¡rant at H. B. Patterson’s.
narrow gauge. The road lias I k h > ii diWioiuiry for nw of seluxil;
Monmouth now has a population
pin us. Whilst 1 write the winds
put in lx'ttcr slnqie by new ties and
S|xs*taeles properly tix*uss»*il anti
this term.
Addre-s of M'elisnne llertlia Staats.
r, making tlieir doleful noise around ol about 700. \\ e are growing.
accurately lltlislat Henry Patterson’s.
a fast passenger express train will lx*
Origin of tin’ rigar I'lios. Williams.
A national lutnk isn*|x>rted w ill I k *
E very pair warranted. No tit, no
Hunting matches an* the topics of
I.itile Tiling -Ira Honker.
it-enves o f the house and it engen-
l>ut on between Portland and Airlie,
lie Sme You're liiglit Nettle Staats.
at Independence.
t>rs a feeling o f loneliness, if not
, beginning next Monday, running
li lle Midget—Maud lías .
The F. M. A . store have a* cheap
(*omtnunieutions have through without change o f engines
1 attended my ti r~t
iHxiaiuaiioii Wade Williams.
St. Louis is the first city to unveil
o f general merchandise as can
pierul this evening. A little boy ii monument to Gtiitnil Grunt.
I or coaches and making a round trip 1 Sing.
I k * found any where.
¡id of that dreadful disease, scarlet
Fall grain is hxiking well over our daily. Trains w ill leave Portland at
IMalngu* "A sin. h in rime Saxe- Nine"
Students will remember they inn
Mrs. Johnson and family of Mc­
I.illie lîo-e and llertlia Staats.
»ver. Few Mere present, but < nough Minnville, is in town.
county, and theacre*agc exceesU that 7:1.» a. m. reaching Airlie at
get tlrst-elass photograph work done
A Hoys Trouilles—J. I**. Hastings.
L ¡jive his littli laxly a decent hur-
Returning w ill h*uvo Airlie at I p. m.
o f any former ye*ar.
at M. I). Ellis’ Dallas.
Washing Pishes Ivy Hooker.
Uobt. Williams o f Airlie sjient
I.oving Words -John Hrinklcy.
(I. Mv tirst wtxlding ceremony <>•-
Tlu* sound of the hammer is not This will cause joy all a long the line
E. lla y ter’s is the place to buy all
Tlie <‘hickciis Allie Hastings.
Thanksging day in our town,
the latest styles o f dres* gixxls; floe
jrred near one month ago. It wa*
hushed, and improvmcnts and buil­ provided they don’t go back on it,
I*is lamation IL K. Williams.
J . W . Dawson was at Portland dings arc Ixing pushixl while the and will greatly increase the amount
-took just received.
y. II. Estabrook ofSt. Joseph, and
The History of the Kittens Lillie Dwells, i
o f travel on the road.
Hunt’ s axes i I ( hi at F. S. D. Co.
lb* Lizzie K. Collier of this city, this week.
weather will permit.
A rollixpi.v on (•'(sigraphy Ine» Siaats, i
Pora Williams and Alita- Hastings.
¡’ e ex ¡art to attend another funeral
Already the people are begining
oils, varnishes, etc., °at
Hons. Warren Truitt and N. L.
Jakieon Watermelon I’iekle- K. K. Staats. AVaterhouses.
'W a few days. We were culled upon ' to talk Christmas, etc.
Butler of Dallas, attendee! Supreme who are well nequanted with the
liiiilty or N it liuilty—Sail* Wilson.
l midnight two weeks ago to p i and
courts of this county, are « n trouble I I tying Archer Nervu Williams.
Henry Patterson has just received
Miss Bonnie Swann of Dallas, court at Salem Tuesday.
Trio Nannie Williams, Pora Williams a new stix-k o f all the latest novelties
fe a man, now near 40 years of age, was visiting friends at this place
in Marion county. They tfer in jail and
A. K. Khlx-rt.
The South has one consolation.
in tlu* Jewelry line. No old gixxls in
ho is been a spoiler, so far as last Sunday.
tliii time for an assault with a dead­
Mind the tilorx of Man - ileo. Williams.
The ’possum season has just begun
his stock. Drop in and examine
hristianlty is coneernod, devout
Ed Vaughn o f Boston, brother of and there are delights ahead o f us ly weapon, on tlu* person o f Henry
The Way to Windham—Willie lb ,ker them,
Isciple o f Ingeisol. lie now *tvk' jeweler Vaughn, arrived at Dallas
Ivi I terry.
that the cold and sterile North can Tate, who attempted to interfere and
Connoway A Cooper hardware
Itisitation Pora Williams.
le mercy o f (loti, his creator and Tuesday.
with the boys persuading a niece of
men, lnde|x*ndciH*o.
never know.—Atlanta ibnxtitntion.
Solo Nannie Williams.
nicfactor. This man is now at the
li is, (Tate) to start on a life o f shame.1 Two Hoads— II. O. Hastings.
Neis A Smith are offering their
The Crider brothers of Dallas, arc
Two giildy girls wcsmii shall forget —
The Snioki Friend—J. L. Hastings. K. K.
if-y brink o f the grave, and in a
Heretofore the boys have lieen saved
igoods cheap.
displaying a tine stock o f holiday
Staats. K l Perry and M. c Williams.
v days his body w ill !«■ in it and
from long terms in the penitentiary
I |o k. Khlx-rt, II. Kliberl
G o to Vaughns, Dallas the leading
—lioxton Jiulletin.
by reason o f their youth, but it is und J. I.. Hustings.
|li, w here w ill he In-—the Spirit that
November was the 1 tanner month
The Christian church lias engaged
I , f i l e r f r o m K ld or X e t i l c k ,
H- so long lived in rebellion against
so far of the year '88 for marriages in Rev. P. N. Nystrom, a student of
t>d, but the “ One Book” >ays: “ I k *
Folk county. Clerk Coad Inis issuixl of tie* college* at Monmouth, hut re-
fit deceived; Cod is not mocked;
iu licences.
eently o f S\vetle*n, to preach for them
ir whatsoever a man sows that
Rev. Beauennip, is holding a sue-j alternate* Sundays, eomineneing ser-
(all he also reap.” This ¡>oor man
build now give the world if he only cessful protracted meeting at Suver j vkv with to-morrow.—East Port­
liew, beyond all doubt, that Gixl this week. The na-eting will likely land Star.
D. AV. Rallston o f M ill Creek, is
L>uld receive him into those ninn- continue for some time.
Ex-sheriff Groves is busy engaged stall-feeding fid fine stt*e*rs, f i r the
bns prepared w ithout bands, etcr-
il in the heavens. I.et me urge all in preparing to grow another fine | Portland market. He will ship just
|hn read these few lines, and w ho crop of hops. Ilis crop of this year i before holidays.
bve obeyed the gospel, to stop, |x>ll- was gixHl und he realized the top
President Stanley has been mak­
br and ask, each one, this question, price that lias been paid so far.
ing a general tour o f tlu* north part
li 1 at peace with my (Jod?
AVe are glad to note that uncle Ed | o f this county, lecturing in the in­
Well, the ehxtion is over and the Delashmutte is now improving. terest o f education.
h>ple are quietly settling down to Hut regret that old Air. Vaughn is
Win. Hills of Suver, died suddenly
birk again. I was invited to go to very poorly.
Ion last Friday morning, lie bad
rineeton thi* evening to attend a
Lemuel Martin of Hickreal was been sick but a few dayS. lie is
publican ratification, and twostal- calling on his friends and David | alxiot fiO years o f age and knives a
iirts offered to pay my way up and Martin hereon Friday.
I family.
bek, but I gently declined to do so.
Samuel Mulkey of Am ity, but Zed Roscndorf pays the highest price
»cease with which defeated politi- who is now u student o f dentistry for pork. He docs not pay m goods,
il parties submit to tin* will of ma-
with Dr. Mason of Salem, was in but he pays cash down. Before sell­
tities, honestly expressed, speaks town Thursday.
ing clscw here* Inquire at Zed Roscn-
Ld for our land and nation. I be-
ilorf’s, I ndependt'iict*.
bve the good democratic women
31 r. Miser, formerly o f Oakland,
ire take the defeat of ( ¿rover ( love- hied themselves away niul Thanks­
giving at Monroe, not that they but now o f East Portland, is visit­
lid harder than the men. I know
loved the girls o f Monmouth less, ing Judge Ira F. M. Butler lliis
le would not |H*rmit her rcpuhli-
lint Monroe more.
week. Mr. Miser is a nephew o f the
n husband to illuminate lier house
I the night of our ratification, and
lotlier, laid a hearty cry ixrausc tenrhing school at the Stump school
The Christian church o f this place
ir democratic husband had Ids bus- house. He was in town Saturday has selcit <1 Rev. Starl; o f Nebraska,
(■•- bouse illuminated on tliat and says the work is progressing ,|s t|u.jr j,„stor for the ensuing year.
glit. These women arc* fearful to nicely.
The gentleman comes well mnnn-
Thanksgiving (lay was generally mended, and will eomnienee Ids
ui'l Imrhaint k when you get them
»rted, but, (Jod bless the women observed throughout our county. work about the tirst of the year.
li* would be a ear ion* world w ¡tb­ Polk county should lx* and is thank­
On Sunday tlu* 20th o f November
it tliem. Tliey »'ill have their ow n ful for its prosperity during the 1888, Hugh Dressier and Bello Simp­
ly sometimes, lie they for Bcuja- past year.
son were married at Dallas Rev.
The Friday’s daily Oregonian de­
in or (¡rover. Since I parted front
Royal officiating.
young friend* Emma Stanley, at vote* considerable space to cleaning j
The new brick building of Dr.
lur giKul quiet town, 1 have laid up the smallpox scare in Portland.
and J. S. Cooper is pro-
> political controversy. Here, it is
Dreadful storms have swept the I
i grossing.
» r ly oneway in this county. The Atlantic coast during the past week,
A large cave lias lieen dlscovenxl
|e republican majority is about one and the loss of life and property inis
It is ÓOft. Wide,
Grant county.
ousand. Nearly all the member» lieen great.
mile long.
our congregation, including both
Those Jolly lx»ys, Scott Liugluiry
Mrs.'Ed Ford and Emma l’ erei-
our elders, are, practically spoak- of Corvallis college and Ilobt. Hur-
g, on tliat side «it the house, imt nett who is now of AA’oodhurn, gave val «lin e over from Yaquina City
use two women above refered to us pleasant «ills Friday.
The smallpox scare, which has
*a host w ithin themselves. Well,
The total voteofOregon cast at the
lx»en pretty well distributed over
are at peace with all mankind
Nov. election was (51,911.
the country seem* to ho dying out*
I»'1 by the grace of (Jod we hope to
It seems as though it is hard to
I However, caution should lx* exer­
ptinuc so. The older we liecome
tell how the congress will tie since
cised by nil that it dix*s not taken
■ more we desire to think alxiut
the election. It will take the offi­
»wiling the word o f (lod to a ily-
new start.
cial count of all the states to tell.
' world and the less we desire to
The flue «.DOd stallion belonging
.Airs. Hruce AA'olverton of Hpokanc
|ink about the tilings of this life all
to Win. Davidson o f Buena A’ ista,
Falls, who has I hk * h visiting rela-
wldch must perish forever,
died at Corvallis Sunday night of
tivts< in this place the past two weeks
trough your columns, and from
enlic. This is quite a heavy loss on
left Thursday for lier home.
fivate sources, we hear o f the pros-
Mr. Davidson.
Don’t wait. Now is your time to
Irity of the Normal, and in this we
A small accident happened to tin*
fcj ice. We feel a genuine interest buy Christmas goods. ( ¡ » early and
narrow gauge train Saturday even­
|the welfare o f everything alxiut
ing between this place and Dallas.
|onniouth where we spent one put it off you may not lx* able to get The engine and mail ear became sep-
sir so pleasantly. I f not in your
'„lavs a lx-autifi.l line o f Jewelry, sil- crated from the coach and baggage,
Wn, we hope to be in the AVillam- * ^
. 1
v iiilr liw * t lw i n n illilit w r filé» lü ltf-
in t making
the coupling the Img-
te valley by the coming of the tirst ver ware, et«*.. Independence.
guge car was considerably mashed,
John Farley an«l Miss Ollie (Jar-
st in tlie fall o f W . Respectfully
und the passenger» in the coach Inwl-
wixxl were married on last Sunday
iur friend,
—It. M. Mis-ick.
ly shaken up.
at the residence of the bride« parent»
The Benton J*P<lrr is now issued
neerOok Jtele, Kev. Royal officiat­
Tciu-hcrx’ E n w iiM Ü «».
TTh«* regular teachers' examination ing. Tlie happy couple go to house semi-weeklv. The ¡stater is one o f
thi- county o f Polk began at the keeping immediately with the best the newsiest ¡»apera in the valley,
.mil is a enxlit to that county.
mrt house in Ihill.i -on AVednesday. wishes o f all.
le following teaehers’ applied tor
V. Nelson, of Independence,
U D. Mulkey the livery man o f
irtitieates: C. C. W o o d y , Dixie; J Monday for his large stix-k ranch in Ihillas (as the news comes to us) was
I ( lark. Salt Cnx*k; Mary Royal, Idaho territory. He contemplates so unfortunate as to lose èbinn while
kk Grove; N ellie H ill, Ohi Ind«c taking several ear loads o f homes at Portland Tuesday, w hen* he had
fndaace; Miss MeNary. Indejx n- from his ranch back to Iowa this gone to s«*ttle w ith his creditor». On
Miss Swann. Dali**} Wla winter.
nxvipt o f the n«»ws at Ihillos his pn»-
hite. Bethel. Prof. Bell, I»ng.u rc
T w e n t y - t w o counties <>f the state ¡x*rty was attached by officer* for se-
kd ReynokLs, «inducted the exami- luive tileil copies of their ass«*ssinent «-urity to a few alxiut town
rolls In the ntBoe o f the secretary o f ever we hope hls misfortune
-t ite The seven counties that have as ixul as re|sirt(xl and that Mr. Mul-
The F. S. D. Co. tiuy for (»sh and
key will lx* able to satisfy all and
1 fur
the reason th<*y uiimít not rejx»rt«*d are, Benton, lane,
continue in Ids still live and rust-
any oth«*r house in Polk county, rion, Multnomah, Polk, AVasco
ling way o f making tiling* go.
i* tirili is gaining friends every da\
tlieir fair dealing.
not likely tliey w ill escape on such
grounds any more and that they
will get tlu* poni-hnicnt they cer­
tainly deserve.
Henry Patterson is not behind
with ¡1 fine line of jewelry.
Fenton «V Truitt have received
tlieir new dress gixxls and now have
the best ass irtnu-nt III tile county:
Law suit.
( l i m i t ( « m i Ilo ki t.
consisting of tin* newest shades amt
Get vaccinated.
lkH-onilK-rloini isss.
prices to suit every body.
State of On-giill *'. M. 1!. Hollins; ¡ ikth I;
Prof. Stanley went to Portland last
AA\ H. AVhceler has tin* finest line
for i-liiintirt H. Ib-witt, Histriet Attarncv, Friday, returning Sunday.
of holiday goods ever brought to In­
for ih'li'iiilnnt Thom|won and Truitt.
Stuti* of Oregon vs. K. Hmviml, \V. Hussy
ami \\ Miller; hireeny; for |>lnintitl' lb-wilt, tlned to room for some time is con­
No trouble to show you our goods—
for ilefendants Tmitt and l>alv.
State of Oregon vs. T i. IVrrym;*n; as­
A uumlxT of students attended the Shelly A Yuiuluyn.
sault anil battery; for |>laintilV Hewitt, for teachers’ ns-ix-iatlon at I »dependence
Fenton A Truitt have received
di-feiuliint Truitt, Italy. Butler.
tlieir new stock o f fall gixxls, and call
State of Oregon vs. K. Tliiirinan: larceny: last Saturday.
for Plaintiff Hewitt, for defendant Italy.
It. AA\ Hastings vi lio has bix-n ab­ -.pedal attention to tlieir Dress gixxls
Sta.e of Oregon \> K. Tliiu'inaii. luixenv; sent from school for some time now department which is tlie most com­
for |>l«intilt' Hewitt, tor defeiulant I*:i*y.
shows Ids smiling face once more in plete of any in the county.
Assignment of l>. J. Holmes; attorneys
the < >. S. N . School.
Trail and Holmes.
E. Hay ter now lias the neatest gen­
lien Wiixl.s >r vs. H. Tini|>kins; petition I Aggie AA’ inmiil, who has lx*cn ab­ eral merclinndiso store in Polk coun­
for ]iluintiir llatlermi l Italy, far ilefeiidunt sent from sciiool for two or three ty and he w ill not I«* undersold. Call
Iloliiu-s and Hayden.
weeks, on account of the sickness of and see for yourself.
AV. K. Hums v . li It. Smith et nl.; action her mother is cxpcctixl to be I nick
at liixx; for |>1 tiiittill' Italy.
The straight up-und-up store-keep­
J. II. ('ulistuhlv vs. Cluis. Colill A Co.; in- soon.
ers—Shcllly and A’aniluyn, Indepen-
junetion; attorneys Italy ami Haller,
('. AA'. Barr recited tin* “ Echo” at denix*.
MeCicuv vs, 'A . Itmson; action the last meeting of t lu* Hesperhms.
Farm« rs wanting to buy a full bill
at law: attorney Ilaiy.
In the Hesperian sneiety the ques­ will save money by buying gixxls o f
A'-igniuent of Win. Ellis; attorney- Truitt
tion r; ; )lv«xl “ That Infidel publica­ Fenton A Truitt, Dallas.
ami Town-s ml.
tions should lie suppressed by law,”
II. S Smith nskigument; attorney Italy.
AVe name for you way down prices
.1. AV. Cordon vs. A. Strain; contest.
was debated by Emil A’ oruz and
Hen Hayden o. It. Miinke;--: action at AV. Harr’on tlie affi! unitive and L. mi all our general merchandise, Glvo
law; for plaintiff Holmes and Hayden, for 11. Vine«*iit and Matt Fenton on the us a « ill. Shelly A Vunduyn, Inde-
defendant Hilighain and Italy.
Isaix l li- id
li. AV. Teller; action at law; I negative. Decision in favor o f tlu* dcnce.
attorneys Holmes mid Hayden.
E. llaytcr lVuikes a sjxx'lalt.v o f
I>. M. Osborne it Co. vs. T. C. Jam.-s; a<
On last AVcdnesduy AA’ . R. Hawley '-¡Iks, satins, plushes, velvets and in
tii mi at law; uttomey Italy.
hcriff, arrested one, AA’ord Butler, fact all kinds o f fancy foods. Rem-
Í s in bis stix'k
H I*. Heardslev v« T. b. Perryman: suit charged with cruelty to animal', the
for damage*; Tor phiiiitill Truitt and Italy,
an* new ami o f b«**t styl«*s.
for defendant llutlcr.
J. W. Clianil-erlain vs. M. A. Itiee; action Hewitt. The prisoner was iminc-
A ll onlers sent Fenton A Truitt hy
nt law; for pluiiitilf' Italy, for defendant diatelv taken Ix-fore judge Sliedd and
placed under f-AU bond' to appear lit I mail w ill rinvivi* prompt and careful
J. II. Smith vs. Ira S. Smith; for |i|aiutitl court Nov. *J!>, '88; J. Mcfulloek and attention; good* sent hy return mull.
Under, for defendant Italy.
A. AV. A’ incent are his bondsmen.
R. B. Collins, the photographer, is
.1. McCracken A Co. vs. 'A . Denson; action
Mathews «(• Biielmnon, attorneys prepared to turn out photographs nt
nt law.
at law, office, room I, Mi*Ciill(x*h Dallas in ail its branches as g«xxl ns
J. II. Dawson vs. D. C. Saling.
II. 1 lullli « . John JIi .Murray; alloi.i. v block, special attention paid to erilll- ! in any part o f the state.
ina! cases.
It don’t make any difference, it 1 m
Joshua brown vs. I,. H. Martin; forwlos-
Tin* quest ion, resolved “ That Col­ a fact you can get the Ix*st gixxls, and
ure; attornex Towii'eud.
Morris .lom < v . S. A. Mathews et til.; par­ umbus deserves more credit for di>- ■ at the best baoguiii at Z. F. Vaughn’s
tition; ntlorm-vs McCain and Hurley.
«■owring America, than AVitsliington j Dallas.
Elmira C. Smith vs. C. Smith: service; ihx*** for defending it,” was debated
Students in want o f anything In
uttiVrm-y Italy.
liy the AWIrsteriun s(x*i«*ty at tlu*ir
Jesse Harriett vs. S. F. Mai news; attorneys last meeting. lHrishm in favor o f ' the Dry g«xx|s lin«*s, will nave money
Hinghmu mid Hiiniiiier.
by buying o f Fenton dc Truitt, Dallas
(i.'N. Townsend \s Win. Harris et a!., flic affirmative.
At.J. I). Irvine’s is the phu*e to
suit in (unity; nllorncj's Townsend and Italy
The Hes|x>rians nominated officers
get your grtxvrics, Indepernhwe.
John Foni vs. Win. Ford et al. partition; j ¡iu«t Friday evening.
attorneys Italy and Huth r
Students when in want o f gixxls o
The following i* thè programme of
Asa Strain vs. <). 1*. ami <t. J. Heardslev;
Itlie Tlianksgivlng servi«***, wlilcli any kind, go to Fenton A Truitt’s.
x-:d: attorneys Duly and Truitt.
II. Downing vs. It F. Wethcrford et al.; wen* iield in thè cha|K*l: Thauksgiv- • A fn**h supply o f groceries at J. D.
action at Ijiw ; attorney Daly.
ingintnxluctory, Prof. D.T. Stanley;.
(iisi Foster vs Samuel (trr: suit for ! anthem, “ Come unto me;” prayer, Irvine’s.
damages; for plaintiff llutlcr, Truitt and Hev. AA’aller; anthem, “ Ile joyful ili
Mr*. En Runsleur, City Bazaar
Townsend, f r defendant Collins and Daly.
Inil(*|H'n(l(*neef has made a lino
James Helinlrk vs. (i. I*, and M. P. Dx-kc; thè Isird;” Tlianksgivlng scrino»! hy \
sehvtlon o f woolen gixxls, rll>-
¡{■■V. Ilerselinerof('orvallls;untliem,
:i -t i, in at la a . atiofm *1 >ai v
lxnis, buttons, articles for fancy
* * 1 low lovel.v i* Zion.”
.1 1 1
II H ubbarJl; action al law
work, remnants o f cash mere,
attorney llutlcr.
Oli Nov. iSffh, thè trial o f AA’ord
J W. Misfrew vs. A. AV. llutlcr; for pluin- Butler, was Ilici before Judge Sh(*l(l,
print*, handkerchiefs, purses,
titf Townsend, for defendant Butler.
etc. Give an curly coll.
I-alna P. Miller vs, Minnie Miller; |ur-
(Distoii, Mathcws and Buehiinon, ut- i Holiday gixxls at AVheelcm Inde­
; torne.v for plnintitf, Barr, McCillhx-h penden«**.
und Vincent, for defendent. After,
Attention o f those who an* taking
D allas.
hearing numerous wltne-iscM, and
painting is railed to the full line o f
Circuit court will convene
alile nniniier in whieh thè attorney» artistic material at li. R. Putt«*rsons
pn**<,nt«*l tliing*, d«**id(*l that there lnde|x*nd«*n«v.
Dr. Mason of Salem, wa* in town h;id imt is**n suffieient evidencc In -, Cheapest place in the county for
i trixliKid to fa deli guilt «*n «|efi*odunt ' hardware, F. S. D. Co.
Monday la*t.
and wa* ordenxl ilìsclnirged by thè
Schixil Ixxiks and stationary at
AA'eb. Smith ha* returncxl from his
trip to the Hound, lie is well pl«*as-j The Htinday Schixil p ive nn enter­ AA'heolers I mlepenilenix*.
People who are talked alxiut, are
ed with the country.
tainment ili tlu* eliupel rimnksgivilig
who go anil examine the Hue
A protracted meeting is in ¡>ro- evening, w hieTi was well patroni/.«!, stock o f artist* material at Musters
hv stiulents wlilch -liows how well
gress at theHoutli Metlnxlist Church. tfic 'tudents appro date anything tliat indepenileniw.
Independents*, u
lie v nos
ha* a
a rail
full line
Him or
. V i!. .r, ,U1 . f -.11
i Tills**, Academy lxmnls, plaques,
Hon. AVin. Holmes wax in town , s V
for tin* gissi i fa ll
frani««;, brushes, ètc. O di « i d M
« ... I .... »
k*. . I 1 « t* I 1 i .. I
I i , t ft W l
A 1 few
retiirmxl I home
to theni.
last Saturday on legal business.
sjiend Thanksgiving, while the ma­
On Monthly last Is-e Fenton and jority remained In Monmouth, to
The F. H. I >. Co. have a large in­
L. I>. Mulkey went to Portland. take dinner w ith ourliost, Mr.Gro**, voice o f skates coming which w ill lx?
sold at way down prices.
The next day the latter gentleman at tin* dining liall.
telegraph«*! to this place that he had
If «-It III 11III lift l.ftMftk A l .
ts-cn robtx-d o f $lfi00 in gold. I ’ar-
Chopping! Chopping!!
Z. F. Vaughn, the Dallas Jeweler,
ticulars not learned.
has just risei veil a tine st«x*k o f stone
n y one having fixxl they want
Marrhxl: A t the residence o f the gixxls: Mos* Ja*|s*r, clioludony prite, ¡
chopped w ill tlnd ill«* rcadv to do It
brides parent« n<*ar Oak Ihlc, John ji**|x-r, soliditbsl wixxl, r«x*k crystal, for th«*m in tlx* ls**t and 1 «in uiekest
Farley to Mis* Ollie Garwisxl. The *atin «par, feld*par, smoky quartz, hap«*, CN»me Ix'fore the mill shuts
ceremony wa* jmtformed by Rev. T. golden tapa/., dendrite, « inerald agate down.— Frank Collins, Monmouth,'
( )regon.
F. Royal. May Joy attend them.
and quartz; all mad«* up in ladies
Teacher* examiiuition i* in j>ro- Jewel cry, foil*, nice disk*, the frame*
N o t ir e
gre's at tins writing (Wednesday).
« oni|sisi*l of tito*«* flne * pi samen» of; All |s*rs.iii* arc »•uni'd not to myttaij
mineral* from th° R«x*kii**. Tlie f*ir nnv imi«- or noli* «iene«I by in«* In favdft
of Hi«* Slut«* lii'iiniiK i- «'o„of Salem, Ona)(
Al! bills due lis must lx* settled
gixxl* are sold at reasonable price, n* ti»«* i ml v li K-t 11 lio* t»< <*ii *u*i '-IK lisi fyr ye
m«iiitlilv,unii sjxx'ial arrangement*
and no one shotihl mi** tld* opjxpr- o f «* ii-i'lc rn tio ii — J. H iPi-liipfry.
are made, F. H, 1). C*i.
s. N. s. C O M » i n