Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, October 06, 1888, Image 1

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    O bserver .
course i f business were
p issed from one concern 10 another.
That they were genuine was not
doubted until a day or two since, when
an inquiry having been made at he
A cow in Findlay, Ohio, has d e-!
sub-treasury, cne was rejected.
G O ^,D S T R I K E , the Bank of Calif r iia ilie paying
|\«loj>td a strange appetite; it catches
teller lU trd that the note was genuine,
nd devours every a'.ra/ feline that
. but gave it as hiaopini< n tliai ¡»robabty
oines in its reach.
I the Bank of Columbus bad long since
X arrow
fro lli
M tarvatlon .
. do.-« d its do>rs, as hundreds of local
T r i i l n In t h e M u d . NurrrMMtlil
I banks had done since 1856. As it was
Mw l u t l i r r * . ■(¡K K x p l o s l o n .
There are twenty-two crematories iu
the note was no commercial value in
Europe, in which over fourteen I iu l -
this city. The two sharpers have dis
appealed They have been successful,
Ired incinerations have taken place
A WOMAN BURNED AS A WITCH, aud it is thought they realized several
luring the putt year.
thousand dollars by their scht nie.
© •
Kick «.»Id Ntrilzr.
The latest Atkans is sensation is a
hegro baby with two heads and facts,
Thomaa Mscgher, who is engaged in
pne arm aud ilin e legs, upon which mining on the 8wa«k, cleaned up
stands tripod fashion.
$1,400 iu nuggets
and tine gold.
An,oi,g ‘ he nuggets «a s one weighing
•m . H e informed the correspondent
Tobacco culture is being pusheJ that he had traced the tloat and had
discovered a tine ledge, in connection
knergctically in Florida, and an at-
with Mr. Black, which was regarded
kmpt to induce Cubuns to im iti by them as the long-sought mother
¡rate there and grow the weed is be- ledge. They first discovered decom
ng made. A commission, with that jhj »«« i I quartz, which showed from 200
il'ject, has started for Havana.
to -100 colors to the pan, and afttr go-
— — —
. *
mg through this they struck w htl
j they ri^ ard as the main ledge.
A life-size marble bust of Garibaldi, is free milling, and will assay about
nth a marble pedest il of about four $80 to the ton.
This gold discovery
let high, has been received at \YWh- i Wit• >in twenty-liv«- unit s of Ellen.--
Ingtoii and placed in a hall of the I
w ll*ni) sight of tlu-
Tpper lobby of the senate.
It was rallr'md- 11 ls n « ar<kd HS 11 motlt lm‘
resented t.y American citizens of l^rtant discovery.
Lilian birth.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
T r a i n Stuck in th e M u d .
The Berkeley train met with an ac-
jM r. Nansen,a well known Norwe- (.¡»lent near Shell Mound park, Gal.,
■an atluete, is about to make the at i wliicli delayed traffic to a considerable
(enipt of crossing the vast snow fields extent. Workmen had been engaged
Greenland on
A ; in repairing a piece of side track
paltliy Danish meicliant lias sup-1 switching off from the main track,and
llii d the money for tiie unique eu- the entire passenger train bound to
Berkeley ran into the mud, sinking
about three feet. The rear car, how-
| ever, remained on the truck in such a
[To oxid'zo gold, silver or brass position that the Sacramento train
ki.it over the parts to be oxidized could not pass, and freight and pas­
|tii a selution of chloride of plati- sengers were transferred to other cars
An extra boat
|in ; thin let it dry. To make the sent from Oaklmd.
lution of chloride of platinum dis- was sent over from San Francisco to
ive «ne dram in two ounces of bring over the delayed passengers.
t water.
Electric rifles are the latest.
ad of the oidinary percussion fir-
device, a dry chloride of silver
jitery and a primary coil will, so it
■s lately stated before the American
| istituie, fire the idle 35,000 miles
thout recharging.
Pyroiuscine, the new tanning agent,
obtained by digesting coal tar with
stic soda at a boil, and neutraliz-
the rtsulting liquor with hydro-
oric acid. The inventor claims it
inly half as costly as the bark pro-
and fiom 20 to 30 per cent, cheaper
n the alum process.
t Rul<i«D’ s Death.
Daniel Haas, a farm laborer em-
L ’oyed on Henry Stover’s ranch, on
Birch v
Or., LUlIl
r ' n, \'1.|
zzili it u i'll
it 1 vs v
by hanging, while in « til oUem por-
Hrv insanity.
been acting
He had
had been
strangely for several days and a razor
had once been taken away from him.
He t*«ok a rope from the barn, went to
a bridge over a small creek, fastened
the rope to the bridge, m ide a slij>-
noose and put it arouud bis neck and
then jumpi d off.
He whi strangled
to death. D. ceased was 24 years old,
■Onl his parents live at St. Joseph,
W om an.
People at Portland, Me., are feeling
dfeejdy the sudden death of Mrs. Anas­
tasia Patten, a well kuowu society
lady of Washington, D. C. Mrs. Put-
ten was one of the richest women in
America, and is said to have been
worth 15,000 000, She » 1 « a bold
speculator, and during the past few
years added largely to h r wealth by
real estate investments.
months ago o-ie of her daughters was
married in Washington to Congress­
man («lover, of Missouri. The wed­
ding was the notable society event of
the s asi.ii.
Mrs. Patten signalized
thitkx'casion by presenting the bud*-
it It half a million ill 4 per cent. U.
8. bonds.
i H W lm
C lilra g o .
Mrs. Predrick, of California, on a
visit to friend^ in Chicago,
knocked down in the heart of the
business district, in the afternoon, in
the presence of hundreds of peis
and escaped.
Predrick© does not seem to be badly
hurt, but sutlers from tbe nervous
l o u r f l i l l d r < - n ll u r n t - d
lu D c m I I i .
TliF 14-year-old daughter of Byid
of Divine Station, Tex., tried
I u m l tu ri* F a c t o r y H i i r n n l .
to kindle a tire with kerosene.
Hobiman ¿ l Render’* large furniture can exjdoded and burned her and
factory at Tacoma, W . T., was discov­ three younger children lo death. Mrs.
ered on fire, and the Himes gained Smith was seriously burned in trying
such headway before the fire depart­ to save them.
ment got into service, that they could
not be stays<1 aud the factory was to­
A 1»««. p e r i n t o K i l l i - a l .
tally0 destroyed.
The loss is about
Wogan, aged 60, the most
125000, insurance, $8,000.
watchman discovered the fire in the notorious desperado in Southern Illi­
otliee. Its origin is unknown.
nois, who for ten years has figured in
the criminal courts of Wabash county,
was shot and killed by Constable Ha !
< r n s l i « i l |o l l « >a l l i .
of Belmont. Hall had arrested Wo-
Patrick K tlly, uu employe of Sells gan ou a charge of attempting to kill
Bros.’ circus, was crushed to death at his own son aud daughter, and Wogan
San Fomcisco by havirg a large tank making a suspicii us move which in-
of gasoline thrown upon him from a ilicated violence to Hall, the latter
drew a revolver and shot him through
railroad car while switching.
the head.
M u l l S e r v ic e f o r I n it r¡»rise.
Senator Dolpli lias been notified by
the second assistant postmaster gen­
It tiria < «l u s a \\ i l « li.
eral that Enterprise, Or., will beru-
Frank Semon, formerly a policeman afttB be supplied by the mail route to
at Log Angeles, Cal., says about three Rio Grande and St. Joseph.
weeks ago, near Rock Springs, Sail
Bernardino county, a band of Mojave
% J r u i I r y T h i r l * Ar rruflrtl.
Indians tied a young squaw who was
The mulatto J. lyd ly, who broke
reported bewitched to a stake and
burned her alive. It was two hours intoCatliu Bros.’ stoic at Freeport,
before the terrible deed was completed \V. T., was a;rc»t**l at Winlock, and
Tne j brought back and given a preliminary
ai d the girl’s screams silenced.
Indians told Semon that it had been examination. Justice Hinson bound
geveraj j-earg since they hud burned a him over in the sum of $1,000 and
witch, though several had been con- not being aide to give bail he was
demned since then, but managed to taken to jail at K llama. Most of the
jewelry was recovered.
escape. -
i:\ p lo s io n o f u H a f i i z l n r .
D c u iti o f H W e a l t h )
.tu I . s c o p r i i l l u r g l i t r « u p l i i r r d .
T o r r i f i « ’ tl x p l O f tl o n .
A terrific explosion occurred at the
milb>of the National Mfiling Comjiany
of Cleveland, Ohio.
The mill took
fire and was destroyed entirely. Loss,
$150,000; insurance, $75,000. There
were eighteen men in the mill at the
time. Ruler Giernnui perished in the
tlanies, aud four others are seriously
buinid. Six escaped without injury.
The others are unaccounted for.
is thought that at least three of them
are dead in the ruins.
F l o o d in I s c o r ^ i a .
The iluod in tlie Savannah has cov-
ered the rice jilautalions near Savan­
nah, and the rice crop is nearly, if not
quite, a total loss.« Reports from
country districts state that the low­
lands are all under water, ami roads
and bridges have been carried aWay,
so that travel is almost impossible.
While there is great damage to jiroji-
erty, no deaths nave yet been rejiorted.
A magazine on Two Brothers island, [ Henry Cohen, one of the four bur-
Esquimalt, exploded, sending up a glars who committed a daring robbery
dense volume of smoke, and demolish- in Gross Bros.’ dry g<xxls stqfe at Ta-
_ , . < | ing the wooden building.
Stored in coma, W. T., and who eecapid by a
t is found that nearly eicrj
iu lbe magazine was 300 pounds of pow- run and a jump over the high board
glass, especially that containing | j er ¡n cartridges, twenty^wo bomb- fence surrounding the jail yard, was
ngenese, is lft.ble to a change of „hells ©fiarged, and eight not charged, captured in a reckle-s attempt to S h o t I l l s W l f r a m l K l l l e t l I l l n i t e l f .
or by the action of sunlight, but together with a quantity of fuse and “ tap” the jail aiid release his confed-
J tin. Spilinek, a Bohemian tailor,
glass can be restored to its origi- gun tackle. A tfte was caused through erates.
He reiurned shortly after
color by heat.
Stained glass in the keeper burning brush on the daik and circled round the jail build- of Omaha, in a fit of temjiorary in­
dows that has
tints island, and this communicate! to the ing to a joint immediately beneath sanity, shot his wife. He discharged
augh solar action
can thus bo re magazine. No one was injured. The the window of the prison^*’ cell, four chambers of a revolver at her,
red by he..t.
fire brigade on the man-of-war, Esqui Evidently by a preconcerted arrange- each bullet taking edict.
He then
malt, proceeded to the island and ex- ment a string hail been dropped yut placed the muzzle in bis mouth aud
tinguished the Humes. The magazine J of this window, and to this he was killed himself.
tying a package containing a chisel,
ccording to Mr. E. G. Ravenstein, was under charge of C battery.
whetstone and a knife, when Deputy
English foot is used as the stand-
T u ta l H o lle r l> yl«»*»i«m .
Sheriff DuffieWI, who susjiected the
of length by countries having
a Harrow r.«cap«-.
[dot a>id ivas in hiding ni ir by, or® The boiler of F. W. Brown’s Baw-
,000 000 inhabitants, the metre of
Capt. Saxe, of the schooner Addie dered him to surrender.
He sprang mill at Axe Point, W. Va., exploded,
,091,000 people, and the Castilian q Hasseltine, and his crew, h.id a re- for the fence, and Dutlield tired on killing William Brown, manager and
him when he fell back and was cap­ sou of tbe owner, and William Knab-
*r/the^ifi^ooiDUries^^n^Conliu- markable experience on their last voy-
H e is only 20 years of age, eiislme, a mill hand.
and comes of a good family
a lr e -
.«lands, with not a single tiling edible Chicago.
in ih.- slore house.
Capt. isaxe did
not consider when he sUrted that the
voyage would last longer than thirty
bu[ be to,,k provisions sufficient
jor ¿ rt- > The little schooner was Ic
cajnu ,1 for day © < getlu r, and finally
I i nt er C n n t m r « 1» M u r r y .
provisions gave out, although
dozen young Swedish girls,
(owanj tj,e
everything was care­
fully hoarded. I.uikily the s'ewsrd firfct-class passengers on the steamer
discovered a barrel of beans and some Keka, lantltd at New Yoik. It is ad-
lartl, and for several weeks the cap- milted that they were imjxirted under
U io ’ and his six men lived on beans contract by r.n agency in this cily to
and latd cake, silieved by coeoanut. niarry young men th«-y had never
A new candle has been brought out They grew s » tired of this that they »een except by j-hotograi h.
hour, could eat but little.
had not even c«jurte«l by mail. Twenty-
ich extinguishes itself in an
tlin e girls go to Western S.a-es, where
is it does by nieaD* of a tiny
they will find husbands.
Tbe other
NiirrrHful S w ltid lrn .
gui-hcr of tin which is fasten«d in
remained here. The authorities will
Two men, registering as A. BLck- inquire into the society’s methods.
w.ix liy wires, and which effect-
It i* OB^-' ford of Texas, and F. A. Johnson of
Ily {»erforms its ta»k.
e-sary t«J remove this diminutive Washington territory, have victimized
In Irro m o d H tln g (« m ln r lo r .
inguisher when its work is «lone,
different »»loons at San Francisco, by
Two men, Steeleai.d Mackahie, i>oth
i the candle is again ready to burn a »omewhat unusnsl metii<-d. They
tber hour.
would v-.sit saloon* ilres«ed as country drunk, isjarde«! lite train at Mt. Steri
you hs who were in the city for the j ing, Kv., and fought
_ to
all the way
fiist time. Having given many small jS-eepstooe, where t.ie comlactor, f«ir
Boston geuius has b«en estimat- orders for various «irinks and refresh the safety of the j>.w?nger* put tbe
the candle jx>wer of the moon. nients, and pzying for the s»me they men off and let them tight it out.
ould pieseHt * note, which, after rhey drew pi*nds and exchanged five
Ih -i fif.h shot fn.m
¿ s i « j * accepted o and change
e s w * re- ' •h-
“ ~ pieU
four hundred , * iu‘
P0» “ " ,
,* f
„ ¿ W(,„jd
1 j .... i ifcarngh Mac
tance he finds the light of the ir n tur ied.
, The
.. . given
...n «•prp
were înrur-
invar- : j IraKutL
kabie’s Lwain
brain, kil.ing him. They were
be 134,(MMOU.U0O,WX),UU0. This,
iai ly of the twenty dollar denomina «xmsiiis.
Afrer the killing Steele
calcula'es, is abc>ut tbe utin.ber ot tiou.and
.: ... «„«I were
wore issued from_
from the B.«nk boarded the train and
files, placed one-half inch »psit. *' of Columbus, Ga., in 1856. Tne-e homeward, the train having waited
l«J take lo c*»ver o n e half the sur- I notes were accept* d at many jdaces, until the du 1 was over.
of the moon.
impress Victoria, of Germany, has
«.t ins
ned inventor.
She dn
m whi. li a writing de-k has been
nufactured, which enables the env
>r to write whether lj ing in bed or
nding up. Ii is available in any
sitimi, and the mechanism
:>yed is s <id to be intricate and re-
.rk.ibly t tractive.
G _______
NO. lì 9.
D evot so r-.
the Ix rntLsTsos- F akmkkj X\in.iABi i. Q uotations C akki ui . lv
vi.si:n k\ i.UY 'Ol KK.
CQiJeased milk is being shij>j>ed
W H E A T — Valiev. $1 30ra*l 31
L a n sin g Mich., to Buenos Walla Walla, $1 20®Ì 22j.
B A R L E Y — W h o l e , $1 10®1 12 t ;
00($27 50.
A new green bug is causing a steady ground, jmr ton,
and increasing decline of coffee pro­
O ATS— Milling, 36®38c. ; (e^j, 44
duction in Ceylou.
H A Y — BalejJ, « • <■($ 13.
One of the benefits of Statehood to
Dakota is a donation of 11,000 acres of
SEED— Blue Grass, 14^(316c.; Tim ­
government laud for the Agricultural othy, «¿(iilOc.; Red Clover, 1 4 ® !^ .
FLOU It— Patent Roller,
$4 00;
Senator Lcland Stanford's vineyard, Country Brand, $3 7."o
near Chico, Cal., comprises 3,600
EGGS— Per doz, 25c.
acres, and is the largest in the world.
Last year 1,000,000 gallons of wmO
B U T T E R — Fancy roll, |>cr pound,
were made.
jui-kleil, 20®23c.;
gnule, 15(325 j.
Matthew Crawford, of Ohio, recom­
mends shallow culture for hlack- . C H E E S E — Eastern, 16(320c.; Ore-
Itcrries. Some very successful planta­ '‘Wfct-'MWriu.; California, 144c.
tions are never cultivated, but receive
V M f t t A BLES— Beets, jier sack,
special mulchings.
H i; CHftduge, per lb., 2Jc.; carrots,
« • * < * . --¿1 25; lettuce, ja-r doz. 20c.;
For mulching gooseberries and car-* i«3fflins, $1 00; |>otAtoes, j>or 100 lbs.,
rants no material is better thin the 40(.“ .»(>«»; radishes, per doz., 15@80o.;
►hort clip-lings from the lawn. It lies rhubarb, per lb., 6c.
closely, keejM down weeds and pro­
H O N E Y — In comb, jht lb., 18c,;
motes« needed coolness to the soil.
'trained, 5 gal. tins, per lb. S^c.
The grape rarely fails when allowed
PO U L TR Y — Chickens, jier doz.,
to climb on trees.
It niatte'rs not $1 OOfteO 00; ducks, jier doz., $6 00(3
what kind of trees, whether they un­ 7 00; geese, $6 00(38 00; tuikeys,
living or dead, if they only have fK-r lb., 12£c.
branches that the tendrils take hold of.
PR O V ISIO N S—Oregon hams, 12Jc
l>er lb.; Eastern, 13@13^c.; Eastern
Currant and gooseberry bushes breakfast bacon, 12J.. per lb.; Oregou
should bo pruned every year. If they 10g, 12c.; Eastern lard, 10® 114c. j>er
are pruned in tree form they will bear lb.; Oregon, 10$e.
larger and finer fruit, and the latter
G R E E N FR U ITS— Apples. $ 50
will not be so apt to mildew.
@ 85c.; Sicily lemons, $6 00@6 50
California, $3 50(35 00; Naval oranges
The damage done to fruit trees by
$6 00; Riverside, $4 00; Mediterra­
rabbits, borers and insects, may be nean, $4 25.
prevented by Hjqilying pine tar to the
bodies of llie trees.
Warm the tar
D RIE D F R U ITS — Sun dried ap-
and apply with a brush.
ples, 7 Jc. per lb .; machine dried, 10(3
11c; pities* plums,
JJc,; Italian
One-fourth of the cow» in the jirunrs, I0g)14c.; peaches, 124<3l4c.;
raisins, $2 40^2 50.
United States do not j>ay the cost of
ihuir keep, the cause la-ing the failure
W OOL— Valley, 17(3l8c.; Eastern
if farmers and dairymen lo properly Oregon. 9(3 15c.
grHile up their stock.
H ID ES— Dry beef hides, 8(310c.;
8 ilt should be placed where all kimlB culls, 6®7c.; kip and calf, 8(310c.;
Murrain, 10 ® 12c.; tallow, 3®3^c.
of stock can get it.
At this season,
LU M B ER— Rough, jier M, $10 00;
when green foo«l is plentiful, salt will
be found excellent, as it will often jireJ edged, per M, $12 00; T. and G.
vent l owel diseases and stave off in­ sheathing, jx-r M, $13 00; No. 2 floor­
ing, per M, $18 00; No. 2 ceiling, per
jury from tbe young glass.
M,$18 00; No. 2 rustic, j>erM,$18 00;
clear rough, jn-r M, $20 00 ; clear P. 4
When chicks are droopy or weak
S, per M, $22 50; No. 1 flooring, jier
care is needed to ri-cujierate them. A M, $22 50; No. 1 ceiling, jier M,
little more green food and onions $22 50; No. 1 rustic, |ier M, $22 50;
should lie given them, or, if th«-y are stepping, per M, $25 AH); over 12
too muoli purged, a little jiowdered inches wide, extra, $1 00; lengths 40
chalk and Isme 11 iur in their »oft foul to 50, extra, $2 00; lengths 50 to 60,
— one teasnooiiful of each to a pint of extra, $4 00; 1| la'h, |>er M, $2 25;
1^ lath, per M, $2 50.
food is sufficient.
An oblong form is better than a
square oue for the home garden. Seeds
»own or planted in rows insU-ailo of
little beds simplifies the whole matter,
and admits of the use of the plow amt
cultivator ins ead of the sjiade. the
Ilia; and tbe rake, and makes its cul­
tivation a jileasurc instead of a dreaded
BEANS— Quote small whites, $1 50;
pinks, $3; bayou, $3; butter, $4 50;
Limas, $4 50 jier cental.
C O FFE E — Quote Salvador,
Costa Ku-a, 18(320)-.; Rio, 18(320c.;
Java, 27^c.; Arbuckle’s’s rea»ted,22c.
MEA T— Beef, wholesale, 2 i@ 3 c .;
dressed, 6c.; sheep, 3c ; drcseii, 6c.;
hogs, dressed, 8(39.-.; veal, 5<37c.
S A LT— Liverpool grades of fine
The future pig must have more
$18, $19 hiii I $20 for the three
flesh and less fat. It must not be a
sizes; stock salt, $10.
mere lard keg. It must be fi-4 ujion
fl -sh-forming foods until grown, and
PICKLES- -Kegs quoted steady at
then fattened.
It means that more $1 35.
clover, jx-as, oats, milk and such ar*
SUGAR— Prices for barrels; Golden
tii-h s of diet must lie used, and less
C O^c.; eztrs C ,6|c.; dry granulated,
An t r i o r T r ie d fo r M lru lln g.
and more jialatable jmrk, and hog 7 jc .; crushed, fine crushed, cube and
Chailes C. Fair, an actor, was ar­ cholera will be a tiling of the past.
jiowdered, 7 jc .; extra C, <Ȥc.; halves
and boxes, $<•. higher.
rested oil conijilaint of Louise Pauline,
who claims that in May 1886, she
i SlioulJ a wagon or baggy tire bc-
fainted after a matinee at Philadel­
phia, and that her diess w.is loosened : come a little loose from shrinkage of
Delicious Frozen Coffee.
and a purse containing jewelry and I the felloe* instead of taking the wheel
Take two quarts of fresh filtered, or
$1,500 fell from her bosom that was to the sho[> to have tic- lire cut and
gi»«-n lo Fair, who never returned tbe replaced gel half a gallon of linseed j spring water, if obtainable, bring it to
money and tried to make her believe |oil, and after healing it j>retty wt 11 the boll, then add half a jxiund «if th«j
one of the ladies took it; aud that he jxiur the same in a «hallow di-li and bi-st Old < biv.-i imii'Tit .lava «-.*tT. . .
afterwards confessed the tin ft and give the rim of the wheel a few slow masted and gi-ound; stir well together,
bej.-g<nl her not to disgrace hi.n.
She turns around through it. The oil |>eiie- '-over and set aside on the rang*« to in­
was unable to g>-t ner money and (rating the felloe* will mi swell tin ni fuse. Stir <x-casi«nally for the first
that the tire will bt»come as tight as ten minutes, then let it stand in a
therefore had him arrested.
j warm place till well »««tiled. Now
strain the «?offee clear through a fine
A n « III) P ris o n e r. .
muslin cloth, and add water to make
The jury in the case of W. A.
i two quarts, dissolve one pound of pul­
Strong, ex-s«cretary of State of laiuis-
verized sugar in it and set aside to cool;
iana, charged with embezz'ement, sn- o*ts. 1 heir Urge proportion of husk then jiour it into the freezer, add
nounced that an agreement lu«d lx on ke*-j»s them from cl-'gging the ibmi- the whites of two eggs, and freeze the
reached. The sheriff went out lo call 1 ach, eveti of »Us-k tnat has U*t prior mixture to a softish texture. This
ihe attorney-g neral and Strong fol- digestion for thriving on corn.
Pigs frapjie is generally served in high
lowed without attracting attention, will jirefer the latter grain, if both are glasses. On the «xmtinent of Kurejie
and has not since been seen. Tlx- given t* gether, hut tbe pig is not the this Ice is called ‘ «««afe mousseux,’’
jury had fouiid him guilty.
u -t j nigc i f what is adapt*«1 to bis also, «-cafe fraj>j>e a la giace.” The
nee«li. The oats should, h< wever, he
fourth part of a vanilla b««an is ulso
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of fruit Irees, grajie vin«*s and all kinds in others as low aa twenty-eight these, however, are matters of taste
and fancy.— Confr.-twnera' Journal.
of vines, clover and peas.
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