Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, May 12, 1888, Image 4

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    fu ie u .N
DgvoUd to tha Intonata of Faraón
and Stockmen
i **
* % -
W o rn Out la n d ..
A writer in the Southern Cultivator
tell* of a farm he owns in Tennessee
where the held« are badly worn out
and washed out by many years' culti
ration. Turned-out fields are grown
to sedge., briers and bushes, and have
many washed out gullies.
A century
or lees of cultivation, so-called, has
done this, and he now is experiment
ing with grasses, to find some way to
make available pasture and return the
soil to usefulness. H e says there are
hundreds of millions of acres in simi­
lar condition. It is well enough for
the people who commence to till a new
sol) to look ahead to what the laud
they own may come as a poor inheri­
tance for their heirs, and try to follow
some method of farming that can pre­
serve some degree of fertility, rather
than exhaust its virtues and thereby
beggar their heirs.
1 nere are many
farms i;i this lieautiful aud fertile val
ley that have already lost so much
productive power as to not bring nearly
so good crops as in the beginning.
There is no profit left in growing
staple crops on such land, and the
question is H ow long will it be be
fore cropping such land will cease, aud
it be •*turned out'' like those worn aut
lands in Tennessee?
It is possible to pursue a profitable
system of rotation, with clover as a
restorer, when clover will grow, or by
putt ng land to grass and feeding
stock on the land, and by jprudeni
management prevent the continaance
of such waste as has been practiced
here. There is downright wickedness
in destroying the fertility that has
been accumulating for untold ages.
To do this ignorautly aud blindly is
bad enough, but the world has reached
a com moil-sense knowledge of soils
and their management that no man
can be ignorant of, uulcss he is blind
to all sense aud deaf to all reason.
Robbing the soil should be made a
worse crime than felonv.
* ■>
* i
The market for fat sheep shows
these days very clearly (list the man
who remembers that carcasses as well
as deeces are to be sold from his dock*
is the shepherd that is going to win. Q
In 1850 the English sparrow in
Am erica occupied the area of a single
tree or tree-box. Now he disports him­
self over an area 885,(XW square mile#
in the United States and 150,000 in
I>r W . L. Chall t, of Atchison, Has.,
is h irin g the cotton wood trees on his
farm cut down and sawed into lum!>eO
These trees were plaifled bv Dr. Challis
in 1858, snd are now an average of
three feel in diameter.
I i require« m- q P la lor to engage ii^
gardening as compared with farm ing.'
but lee- laud is rtquiredb The moat
profitable crops sre g, t thO e that
give the largest yields, but which
bring the highest pri.-e,compared with
the cost.
Pig pens should not be on the same
location every season.
By having
them movable much valuable manure
can be secured from the »aturated
earth around the old sites, while the
change to fresh places will greatly
promote cleanliness and health.
tu s . i n
n experiment recendv
made by the medical staff of
the German Army as to the
effect various grades of to­
bacco had upon the health of their sol­
diers is of general interest to all smokers.
It was found, after a searching inquiry,
that the prevalence of throat diseases
among smokers was not due so much to
excess in this indulgence as to the use
of green and improperly cured leaf.
Few manufacturers can afford to have
a large capital idle for three years or
m ore; consequently, the most of them
cut new leaf, the noxious effects of which
is fully realized when generated through
the heated smoke.
It is only large
manufacturers who make smoking to­
bacco a specialty, and who desire to re­
tain their well-earned reputation, that
carry large stock* of leaf for the specified
riod. We learn that Marburg Bros,
h a v e e in store ne irly twenty millions of
ponili!* of thè cr>q> of 1885, and ¡lis t o
this is line tln* wide reputai¡on thev
havccstablishi* liartheir “ Susini ',’orth
C a r o lin a P lu g C u t. ” — O r o c t r an d C o u n try
. U W tlu gu U h s 1 T r a v e le r W h o
h q u * l* H * g g » r . l 'i U * io .
A lm o s t
Th e warbles, or bunches on the
backs of the catlle, may be killed b,
puncturing them through the
trance hole with an a w l, <yr by syring
ing in a few drops of carbolic acid
slightly diluted.
If let alone each
g i ub will make an-ther gadfly to tor
ment the catlle next summer.
"F a lse blossoms," or “ rose blossom"
on the blackberry (peculiar to the
Wilson e#p<cially) is caused by a worm
hatched from egK# deposited by a
winged insect.
The canes should be
eut below the enlargement cause d by
the worms, in the fall, and burned, in
order to destrov the insect.
The persimmon tree doe* not de­
prive the *otl of a lar^e amount of fer-
Ultaing elements, and for that rcaam
make* the best of shade trees for slock
In the South, even on ahandoned
fields, the persimmon is allowed to
grow. Iu growth is s’ow, hi wever.
but iu fruit i* highly valued by * me
T H A T II It , H W A V O K N A T IO N S .
The broad AtlauUc. is e ve r a stormy thor­
oughfare. Y e t blow the winds e ve r so fiercely.
1 and ride the wavea e ve r so loftily, seamen must
man the good ship«, tourists w ill brave the pas­
sage. and com m ercial travelers and buyers
must visit the centres o f foreign trade aud
manufacture. That atrocious malady. sea-sicK-
• ness, together with colicky patos and much in­
ward uiieaaiuoss is often end u n it when Hos­
tetlers eitomach Hitters W ould have fon dled
the voyagers against them, gea captains, and
m fact alloh l salts aud Veteran travelers are
acquainted with the protective.value o f th s es­
timable preven tive and remedy, and are rarely
unprovided with it. Km igrauU to the far West
should use it as a safeguard against malaria.
Seek the aid o f the H itler» for dyspepsia, con­
stipation. liv e r complaint, kidney troubles and
a'l ailments that im pair the harmonious and
v igorous action o f the vital powers.
Ür-tWs ( W
The C alifornia Board o f Silk Culture is en
gaged in distributing 720.UU) silkw orm egg» re­
cently received from Italy.
g r t tiu iiT , 1W7. |
A ric h ly fr o s te d q u iv e r in g fly lu g D ove.
A D re a m o f L i f e s creen ca le n d a r. A n im ­
p o rte d id e a l h ead.
A n im p o r te d f o sted
• n o w scen e aud a fu ll s et o f m a g n ific e n t
flo ra l card s.
F o u r te e n a r tis tic pieces.
S e n t t o a n y o n e w h o w ill buy fr o m a d r u g ­
g is t a b ox o f th e g e n u in e D u C . M ’ L a s k »
C’ k i . k h k a n:L> L i v e r P i l e s «p rice t\ c u m
and m a il u » th e o u ia id e w r a p p e r fro m the
b o x w ith 4 cen ra in a ta m p ». W r i t e you r
a d d ren » p la in ly . F l e m i n g B r o s .. P it t s
B LK iiH. P a .
Minneapolis has been figuring up and finds
effvet upon tho lining mucous membranes o f the nasal and otk
i r I inatr " promoting rile natural secretiou o f tlii-ir lollieles,
elands, tbi-reby s*ilb ning the dis* used and thickened mi mbn
i" I restoring it to its natural, thin, delicate, moist, hi-aiihyi
dition. As a blood-puritier, it is unsuipassid. A s those disc,
which complicate nitarrh are d i- ns* s ot the lin in g mucous t
t,runes, or • f i h i - •• d. it w ill readily be a iiu w hy this uitd
is so well calculated to euro the in.
I T S P T f P I S O K T H E D IS E A S E .- H u ll, honey b e vinche,
•betruction uf the n&sul piuvsturi-a, discharg*** falling fr< m tno
head into the tliront, sometimes profusi', watery, and acrid, at
others, thick, t noiious, mucous, purulent, bloody and putì id;
the eyea are w.-ak : tir re is ringing in the ears, d'-afni-ss, hacking
o r coughing to clear the throat, expectoration o f offensive mat­
ter, toaethi r vrith s<-ah» fro m ulcers; tno voice is crum ifd and
b a s a "nas.il tw a n g ” ; th * 1 reatu is offensive: smell and taste
im paired; there is a sensation o f dizriii.-ss. with mental ih on-a-
slin. a hacking cough and g n ml debility. Only a i » o f the
above-named symptoms are lik e !, to It* present in any one caia*.
Thousands o f cas-t lem uaily, without m anifesting half o f the
above aympt mia, r-suit in consum e!ion, and end in the grove.
N o disease is so oi-m non, m o v deceptive and dangerous, li»s
understood, o r m ore unsuccessfully treated by physicians.
ion local application for healing thedi a^g^d
1 i ii ad, l>r. S. ee's 1'aturrii li. misl) isbeya
all cor I'arison the best pn-pai-ation ever Invent!
ti u i i
It is mild and pleasant to use, produi ing no srnai
r r i ui. and c* utaining no strong, irritutiug. urt
tu urug, o r other poison. This Hi medy is a powftl
fi.l antiseptic, a: I s ised ilv destroys all bad smell whl h aocen
I. m a , ..I m a iir c a - s o f catarrh, thug affordin g g n at comfort I
those who suffer from this diseaso.
that seven feet of snow feU in Uiat city during !
The Golden Medical D ta royrry Is the natu
I f you w ould rem ove an evil. r irO f at it »
the past winter.
“ 1 Ipmato ” o f l)r. Sage s fa lu r rh Ri mi-dy.
Olia of the lions of the d lY in Pari*
»Z. A s tho predisposing or real cause o f
t o n ly cleanses, purines, r* guluti*, and bul
C ommon S ense catarrh is, in the m ajority o f case», some
i a tirai of Stnnler and D j Brtsza.
up the system
to a hcalihy standard, and t,
T H K ¥ 1V K S I S T E US,
w eaknea, Im purity, o r otherwise faulty
thn sit. bronchia), and
nd lung complicati»
lameil Camille Dou's, a young fellow
T reatment .
condltion o f the system, in attem pting to
There w ere five fair »Utera. end each had
when any such exist, but. from its spec
an aim —
cure the disease ou r chief aim must be effects upon the lining membrane o f the nasal passages, ft |
•f twenty-three, who has just returned
directed to the rem oral o f th it tnusr. Tie* more w e see o f tins
Flora would fain be a fashionable dame;
materially in r storing the discus d, thickened, o r ulcerated ng
o the boulevards after many viciasl-
o lions dis-a»*, and w e treat auoceasfullv thousands o f cus--» an­
Scholarly s u m h * selection waa books:
Prune to a healtliy < < ndltion, and thus eradicate* the diseiaJ
nually at the Ic va liils' H ot 1 an 1 S irg: al ]!:stitute. the n.ore do
Coquettish Cora cared more for got*! looks;
tules in the African deserts. M.
effected in this m anner it it permanent.
When a cure is i c
w e n alize the Iraportanc-* o f oimbim.-ig with the u«e i f a local,
Annie, ambitious, aspired after wealth:
Both Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical D iscovery and Dr. £a»a
DouU is a middle-sized man, and not
soothing and h alm g application, a th in ovrh amt pernuUnt Uiter-
Sensible ?*arah sought first for good health*
Cutarrh K.-m.-ly aro sold by druggists the w o rld over. Disooven
nal use o f biood-deunsm g aud touic medieinus.
So »he look I>r. Pierce*» Golden M edical DD*
tt all robust, his privations having
# 1 00, six botti, s fo r fô.ûOL
Dr. fcag.'a a Catarrh Kerned;
Remedy 5u venu
‘ covery and greu he»ltn> and blooming. Cora »
In curing catarrh and nil the various diseases with
half-di /en N .tli. s f " 0.
old painfully on his health. He was beaut/ qu.ekly faded; Susan » eyesight faded
wh. a it is r- i fo |U"i: >• e mi in m-d. as tno at,
A complete T r a t:-' on Catarrh, g iv in g valuable hints i_
iccredite«l to the Court of Morocco iu from over-study; Flora became nervous and
hr i n 'ual. a id lung dis rs -. v.. ,s stomach, ca-
t. and ■
r malt, rs . f im portam e, w ill b, mail
fretful in strivin g after fashion. And a sickly
tar. a U il'-afn-sa. w.-nk . .r r fla1:. 1 e u s . Impure
J - I - I ... 1 to u; V a . ■ -s. < n r. " i p t o f a
nt p. .stage stamp, '
1886 by M D • Freycinet and sent out 1 fam ily kept Anna's huabaud poor, but sciisi
M . . I. ser .1 ulous and sy;
!© I . ts. t •• w ■ : r-
Address, At o r l d 's D ls p e lia a r y m e d i c a l A s s o c ia tio n ,
ble Sarah grew daily more health/, charming
o explore the mines of Erckchirch,
ful P •Wers and vu-ta*-» o f I>r 1’ierc. - (...Id l >!• 1-
aud intelligent, and married rich.
N o. 663 Mam Street, B u f f a l o , n .I
Icoi D iscovery cannot be to o strongly extolled. It has a specific
• h em « tiie Sultan gets his metal fo r
lis coin. H • w as not allowed, how- i The South A frican diamond fields last year
iver. to go along by the Atlas route, ! yielded gem s amounting to 3,646.!M> carats,
valued at o ve r $20.<M).UU0.
ind he therefore dressed himself as a
Mussclman. embarked on the coast of M A N Y P E O P L E K K F l HE T O T A K E C’ OI>
Sahara in a small vessel, and landed Liver Oil oq account of iu unpleasant ta»tc.
5etween Cape Bojador and tho Kio 1 his difficulty had been overcome in ttrott*»
D b ih I b I uu of Cod Liver Oil with Hypophos
B o , | relending to have beetDshi|i- phila». It being a» palatable a» inilk. and the
valuable remedy known for the treatment
* recked. M. Douls, having fallen in of Coiuumptioii,
Scrofula and BrouchitU, Gen­
* i h some Moors of a thoroughly bar­ eral lability. Wasting Disease* of Children.
Cold», ha» tainted phy»i-
barous sort W'Oit through a series of < dan» In »11 part» of the
world to u*e it. Physi
idventures which, according to bis in­ ' cian» report our little paiieul» take it with
Try Scott*» EtnuUion an 1 be con­
teresting account, are almost as thrill­ i pkaiore.
| he original
ing as those recorded in “ She.
P f erne r » »teel patent» have brought
He was go t in danger of "hot-pot , 1 |3ó.2»5,UtO
m royaltiea.
liV . " like ihe hero of tl^at » range
B A R T H O L D I’ S G R E A T W O R K .
itory, but the natives of the place
statue o f Liberty enlightening the world,
where he landed put irons on his f el w The
hii h stands on Bedioe s Dland. in the hartxir
A a a L IA E I i P I L E , t h e y a r e l u e q u a l e s i !
snd buried him to his neck in the sand of New York, is one ot the most sublime Ar­
tistic conception» of modern tim e»
The torch
S M A IiL E S I^ C H E A P E S T , E A S IE S T T O
'or a fiflr.night. A fter this species of of
the goddess luhta the nation» of the earth to
Beware o f Imitations, which contain ^visonou« Mincra/s. A lw a ys ask for
tvPture the members of tfce tribe wore peace pro»i*enty and progrès», through Lib*
Dr. Pierce's Pellets, which are little Sugar-coated Pills,
Put “ lib erty" i» an empty word to tho
or Anti-bilious Granules. ONE PELLET A DOSE.
lee pi t impress nt with his Certitude. erty. ' »nd»
o f put
a ml not only gave him his freedom, (
any Nero. T o »uch sufferer» Dr. Pierce*» F a v ­
but invrted him to join them. He *oon orite ervachpUun bolus forth the promise of a
S old by D ru g g ists.
ii'Covered t^at th* y a ere blackguards speedy cure. It is a specific in all thoee de­
IllH o n s H e a d a c h e , IH rrincsa, r o n s t ip a lio n .
i ’Tegular« tie» and weaknesses
25 C e n ts a V ia l.
tud fr fh h
weesl kintl. a :d which make life a burtfen to »o many women.
I n d i g e s t i o n . B i l i o u s A t ta c k s , and all dcninge-
ments o f the stomach and bowels, an* prom ptly re­
for five mon h» he h ul to remain with > The only med. ci ne sold by druggist», under a
and perv-anentlv con'd by the use o f I»r .
positive guarantee from the manufacturers
B E IN O P V R E I.Y V E G E T A B L E ,
them, h t l p l i ; them to plunder cara- that it wilt g iv e satisfaction in every case, or
P i e r c e 's P e lle t s . In explanation o f th lr remedial
pow er o ver so great a variety o f diseas»-*. it may
Dr. Piero- » P e lle t s operate without disturbance to
faQN Ok» M D«)uU spflke Arabic, he ' mosy y w ill be refunded. a - - guantut««
truthfully be said that their ad ion upon the system Is universal, not t
tMirfu-il ou wr»p|>ffr eocluaing bottle.
the system.vsllict. or occupation. Put up in glHss
was believed
u firu ilj to be a Mohan •
(la n d or tissue escaping their sanative influence.
vials, herm etically seal'-l
Alw -ivs fo-sh and relia­
ble As a gentle l a x a t i v e , a l t e r a t i v e , or active
Oieilan. a n d h is maunsr o f escape w a s ¡ A number o f pretty girls hare been appointed
T i'ir g a li v e , they g iv e t>:.* tie nt perfect satisfaction
:----- i _ in a * fiction.
' ushers m a church at Ottawa. Kanawa.
B U F F A L O , Is l.
** rguiantic
a.« ---------
«n r . l thing
V.n* clnef of the tribe took a strong
liking to hifii. and offered him hi*
Dried »hark fin» »re »old iu New York and
Henry B. Archer, Receiver of Taxes of
daughter a-* a w ife
M Douls, ho»-- the City of®Yonk-rs, N. Y., *ays of bring nearly $i a pound.
<j£Br. had n«t the vherewith \1 to fur­ B raxdrkth s F ills :
i The three R*» brought Itp«ret. Reproa« h and
R e m o m to a great (o litiia l party iu lS^ . The
nish a #ma**iage portion of seveu
lo r the past ten years I have been us I I three
P a when sign ifyin g Dr. Pierce*» Purga
came la * a n d he asked his intending Ing B ran h A t h * F ills for self and fan»- tive P elleta bring Peace to the mind. IVraerva-
D e a l e r in w p e r i a l t i e s a n d G e n e r a l A g e n t f u r
father-in-law to » ¡ l o w hfm to r e t a il 1 ily. W « find them a sovereign remedy tion and Perfection of health to the body.
:*> hi* o w , country—Tu rkey— in order for indigestion and constipan.^ taking
Painful Boil«.
one or two every night for ten dkrV*. The
to raise f inds for the wedding. This are also admirable blood purifiers, per'
MR 9 0 LT S, former!/Clerk of 8 ol»no C ount]. write*
» «e n e a o f P t n s r r L B o n -
was granted, aad an e*c*»rt sccom- fes-tly harmless but exceedingly effective nogardin»
‘Aftoi suffering udad / sJe**,!««* tiigh sfrom a arri-* of
B«> il . w i; txccu'red t>> me to try /c*ur MAGIC
pa- 5 *d ih#ingiOuou- tianl to Southern i aa a cathartic. I first used them myself, •tubboru
particularly for biliousness and d)*pep D»TIUN whicto had be **«1 iuir a < Hi»u 4 » ft *- uuc i
To my grew . Viti'i « rpnsv I fc>uud immeati «u* .1
M *racco— /gwuiati t a t graph.
sia. They relieved me in t » o weeks. 1 com
plete relief from its uw Its u»me is well des r red
i cheerfully recommend them.
T .
Am ong the cat lemen who attendee!
the recent convention in Jjeuver of the
International Kenge Association w
Ex Senator Stephen \V. Dorsey, who
is one of the largest cattle owners in
hou-aud women in T ronto
New Me xioo. His holding« of ranch
lands at one lim e 'aggre gated 104,000 h ve Hie muni«i|)al v *te, and are pre-
pai ¡n^ t • ta .e an active part in the
acre a.
contest for mayor.
After removing the mulch in the
— D ring the last seven years more
spring from the strawberries hoe be­
than tn o bundr-d thousand acre* in
tween the rows after the soil shall
F "«'
1 ate g .vie nut f cu ltiva:ion.
have become Somewhat warmed, as
a loss of £900.000 000 to the
that will let more warmth and air
down to the n> >ts. A small portion ef land-owner* and fa mers.
wood ashes scattered along the rows
alter hoeing would be very beneficial.
A Kansas school teacher offered a prize to
, the scholar who would i.-otue to school with the
cleanest face, and the indignant trustees gave
her the bounce on suspicion she was agent for i
a soap factory.
— A monster |ie i:ion In favor ot the
ab@l ti n of ImU-tight* is to be presen-*
*•1 to tl e M X can GovernmeZt. M in e
f the leading j -urna s of the country
denounce these sjwc:acles as barbar-
< ns.
— T i e city of P .ris derives a large
incoil e from a tax on gas companies,
a d the city now
to #D'ot
•leotri«’ «lotion» A fui »apply ^l^ctrir
light fo priTAie e iiiie u * anti to
0 » pub ic w»T4 a» f»r a » may be d o
— Pi* nvi*n« «r#* .ni b.*\d AT a » thon<*h
hey liTtui in E iro *e in the matter of
military •errice, for »U of that n rlo n
U twt* n twenty-on« »«.1 thir y year«
f Afft» nm»l tei re five y « a n 1 > ihere^*
1 r rmy. and after that pi o into the
lat on.vl ottani or mit tia.
4 flush*. "Ä’ v i i F- * i < S ki I Tr*c\<t~ are
M a ule L otion csr. i>- iQa »t Mi) .1r:f
n or country
va i had railla«?^ to alleviate Coucha Sore a The
« prie« 5ü cents pet bott.e
LKrp- t itbé H » srd
Thrr>at. Moarsenea« and bronchial Affection». ■t wet sui Knncuo
Su/d <mt|i »« tent.
n C H IH O
9 T n rri'V % M O uTr. in te r** lich in» »nd *tl glna
rxxm» *t i letti, worse by «crwlchin»
I f »Uowe*! b ooo
t in t » tumor* form, which citen bleed und ukwtsie.
b «e dxuii» » «r y » « «
S « t T k i t O xmtmvnt
ttetun» m k I blew«Im ». beni* ulcerati l . end is many
c * ir* remove* the tum or« It i* eouaily efficacious is
•unn» k l» » in ln*eww
à 90N
Pn*r,tvn P». mlelpèus > " i T » t i O iM nisr cun
be oMau»d ot I druastst*
Hent by mull foc 5t) C«u ta
Üee An tívcll l'ian o advert
T h y G k h m k i for breakfast.
J . H . K l k k . %*»wa> r r a n d A n a l ) t i r a l
C la r n ilN t. laboratory. KM F i-»t -t.. Partial ti.
Ur. A n alyse« made of ail substance», lu r e »
for asaa/in* icold and silver oies $150.
h u .-
»*fe» sent by man or eaprtas promptly attended
ax and returns made.
^ akelee*» Squirrel and Gopher K*terminator.
Try it. and prove the beat is the cheap* at.
W akelee A Co.. San Francisco.
C a t a r r H
E L Y ’S
('I r a a a c a
th e
h k .n l t - i a - U r « .
A lla y » P a la aad
l u l l it as w i l l s * .
H e a l* Ih r M i t » .
K rs ts rrs
th e
d r a w , a f T k a tr
k k d W a s r ll.
iV/sw» axnmtA 9w*U*wfart* if tiee%rm ÍV thr^xU
M i to^tt cum meal dtmoA * Uk the OL G ee
eat :nd be cured.
Seid by ZV»»/? .***
L * ->rt Fee^y*there
•aisli trirrsîÂcsiL Kcwti-W, aud nux msKriActi os a dr
T h e O r e g o n N a tio n a l B a n k ,
VUMtaiBL Will t u on« deOiiMT TvKM* t \<K«4n BIA-
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Heverely cuitiug back the dead wood
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on the pea h tree* will *U rt them in k ';
tYsoren- « I Sem T o »
new life. If the tree be dead at th-
O l l i V T i ' N* s t i ' n l a b T a
K lA M U U k
top and the wood near the truuk
" i ' 1» SKXJLM \X
green, the new bnds will soon give a
■ ■ CAN
new top
By keeping all the injured
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wMtch ÜM C m t i u K k v k m k » B-e held bj
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vice much longer than i* usually the bee« id *4« Mkppy by ihe cum ai ic -'O ibb (. hu
caw with peach tree*.
The largest horw in the
8tat«s is owu<d by Mark T l
Mattoon, III.
He ta only thr. |
old. meaaure* nineteen hand* logh, i Mood d
t r o » pim ple« to k-rnTlilk ■
% .1 Ami W n U t stretta, s t « F u t ' »
S lid • w r jt a h x r s
r m * I V n c t a t . XV\
and recently gamed 250 pound* in ‘ A i*
r . Sir Ram 'Ui « ' t g l
l'r»r«ared by th «
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fire week*.
i'.T -n u tlm i « tN ot'M k W ii at t o Hmtok Mam.
ts»L gurfi^-t.» for a r««n d W »«>n» foe th « mAh in » cv
tw«iwv *.3*p :« T v is U t h and
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f at*4 i » Sny kitchen
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f i e l , M n « » 3 F West» k lr
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No Engineer Ne«
For VUUgv*. Storea PubUc Buildings and Rssidences.
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^ ‘ “ » ^ t n r e r e direct I ça».
Seud for descriptive circular of what
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B iO Y O H K A L .
A. J. 1T1IYI R. lsD-w
n ffS a a a
lI«»»o «s DcbiBW,
1 »< lr Ik i l l « I r r ,
ar / >
9otd by Pruett*»
writ* «.f.LArp. n:s,-.,«dch
Hr,*, sriuaii n t t m a
Wkt« 1 tAf ret* I » ms mat marei* %. _ „ _ _
«TAtiArn Ami tare kAre tare, Tetara Again 1
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pst •* rauavti sit K 5 s S T !Æ iiîi4 Pn-.
Moer. tn. .,yr*
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»Iv k
fw a v r». Ciress. Back
S “ * J M " M t V»K «
\ H/ 1li* tK"
l W
C O B -L A N D .
n.-itrhc-All kltltnrrxn
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d is p e n s a r y
T h « H « ( itaccessfu’ H t.
chine Mml«.
JOeM w r u . l SC^r VM a I «
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Io « U t s ui: soStfu cib
The V an Monci
m r* d Gooorrh<rs »od
Gleet, I prewrr.be lt »od
feel m ! • in reo- ic x r o A
C H IC K E N S !
— W ITH T » l -
lo «
t>amt)ur^ 232 KearnvSt, San Francisco
Laundry Mactiiiery. I
W f fïfi»»C lT e n oofTS^
A l>trr**.
l lT X L IS H j (llrw l /ta 1
OHME Safety Viiyg lor Manse aid Slitioarr Emiaes aisjied tiy tie GcTermneit.
* lT« r w h «tk «r they hmv* » tast« foe t h « w j»fc u f i b a s
XM» i » d
by q u t e s fa ir U »
pr^ft» î noe « T «n
F t 'cw 9C ce* »t d n a s o
KL Y Kk lH K k U .' K i l i
r o iT i.u n .
p o w k k h
The Yt estlnghous* Engine* and Boilers. Farm Engine Tank Pumps several v in e «
ot Engines of all sue* and for all purposes. Farm, Church and School Bell*,!
Mann • W ork of all kind*. Creamer» Machinery, Hancock Inspirators,
Park Injectors, all the latest Patent Wrenches. B a< k-mith.
Aut-matic and Farm Drills. Boiler Feed and Duplex
Pumna. >team Fitting Goods. Lubricating Oil*.
Beittng and Hose. Self-Heating Bath
■» U**ht
ptetusoi. sod. pwrikSi«. pr 'û.*l,« ».«-caemrui
*rt ot Cm mi? ÌS»Ain« »* hx'iar. scdwhil.-
givtafsarmeiu^rt t* the r f .vi* »rid úi-
Try the Cure
t 'l m i m i R Y
Kriebel E b £ m ; Stationary and M
t* - Q E > ERA L D IK E ' T IO S ”. - M ia 2 pi2 <t
bre*ui or tLmgk
Jacvbi Od. If
. f . k :
ACM E E N G IN E the best Coal Oil Engine in the world.
C h ic k e n C h o ie ra a n d all
D is e a s e s o f P o u ltry .
They vt2i <n
T H R E S H E R S , E N G IN E
ih a i
------- C IR E S --------
maüki\ç rise.
The Advance is not guaranteed to be equal to others, but guarfl
teed to be far superior and better in every particular. If not ■'
it costs you nothing to try it.
^ JA C O B S o n
• txcpr ve* und prewereee th« » a p W ifc »
In w c u » n g se- J be can ful ihxt you j
are not buying varieties with new OW sfelB p revaa lrd b j C f n c v h « -
R b r n s w l u w . K M m i 1 Nil tit A a d f f w i -
name*. CKa, dned varieties of ». gg.
« i t n s d i l t cored bv CWSrVWA A n n
t ible* should never be discs ded aa
F»ii « P U J T IL k t » h I » 1
lo n g aa they give good reeu la. A
««rea n sa. r u Z
change of seed w i t h o u t first ex^wn |
L kH kS tt«.
E lo llt J ltc h
m eutiug with the new variety the year
preen a* tuay cause a low of the en­
O S ? - Ï Î S M . i ï P . d t i S t t f . S J S
tire crop.
W fe* MsARS KRi »»$ F Aétatb* N»L K M
fW«»emer. Ala.. U one y e »r old »nd ha» be
ttttreu three and four thooBj^.d inbrnbitan'-Q
A fmrUcè» to «pphed talo
g r S eel 'or H a « ta
IU o m a ». "
rtanpl««. M arkh.sd* . hapfrd mad o*lj W*
M-.m. « n i
K A T T H !A S
Bora Thir»»,
- _
------ ----
fares ot Mem
and Bladder T r a t »
•Vs» Hm t. reara reTrte* Ookonbak Olm
tt r * ? r * * * •*"> re a fot Utk
° * » T O * — CS
is a ? ™
A I* 1S4 THIRD I I 8T.
js r
T. SO S r.U R fF 0 R C Q H .q y M PT II
» on l'Arerea.
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p. M. O. R*, n - * F. tt. V. 8* I