Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, May 12, 1888, Image 1

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    P olk C ounty O bserver .
P eople in Minneapolis Minn., cun-
45,000,000 cigars a year, but only
0,000,000 of tliis number are made by
its 200 cigar makers.
m i me
hpitMDt of the Principal Eventi No«
AttnrUüj! Pablie Intensi
Devoted Principally to Washington
Territory and California.
G o r d o n H u g h e s , an Ohio boy, son i
A serious stabbing sffray occurred
of the American Consul at Blrimnit- j
Hungarian house deputies adopted at Rid Blutf, Cal., in a saloon between
ham, has won, in competition with 52 the army b 11 as proposed by the gov­ Suve Trust (colored) anil John Mali-
lon, when the latter stabbed Trast
others, a Cambridge scholarship worth ernment.
three times, and it is thought he will
$ 2 , 000 .
In the duel on the Boisde Boulogne
I die.
in Paris, between Dopuis and Habert,
At Truekee, Cal., a special train
T h e supervising architect of public art critics, the lormer was killed.
! loaded with oranges aan into a freight
bu ldings at Washington has recom­
R. P. Gravet, treasurer of Scott ¡train at tunnel 13. Both engines and
mended to the Secretary of the Treas- ' county, Kas., has been found thort in j several cars were badly smashed and
ury that $40,000 be appropriated for his accounts to the amount of $9,000. [ jjf,y jeet of snow shed was knocked
The ship Smyrna was sunk in a ¡down,
the repair of public buildings in San
coll sion with the steamer Moto,
- A Southern Pacific passenger engine
tne Is'e of Wight near London, Thir- in turning on the table at Santa Ana,
teen passengers were drowned.
N. M , ran by the taMe and collided
T h e rematkable finish of American
Daniel Moriarity and Daniel Hayes with a freight engine in the round
papers is imparted by the addition of
were hanged at Tralee, for the mur­ house, demolishing the roundhouse
a mineral called agalith, a silicate of der of James Fitxmaurice, a farmer, and freight engine.
John B. White was stabbed and
magnesia somewhat resembling as­ near Lixna, county Kerry, Ireland,
killed at Big Pine, Cal., by W. T. C.
bestos in texture. It is fouG'l only in January 21si hist.
Alexander! Jones,
was Elliott. White was an uncle of El­
the United States.
hanged at Tallahasse, Fla., for the liott's divorced wife, and it is claimed
that he was stabbed for offering pro­
A l e t t e r received from Robert Gai- murder of George Cuthbert, in N o­ tection to his niece. Elliott asked to
vember, 1887. The execution was pri­
rett, dated at Cairo, states that he
be arrested.
A t Los Angelgs, C a l, while Mrs.
and his party will ascend the Nile as
Samuel Phillips, the eleven-year-old Molleto was driving into the city the
far as Thebes, and returning by way son of a prominent merchant of Sagi­
horse took fright and she was thrown
of Cairo, will cross the Mediterranean naw, Mich., while playing on some
from the buggy. Her dress caught in
to Greece. From there they will go logs in a bayou, fell in. Guglehart the axle and she wasodragged some
Reidlinger, aged twenty-four, jumped ¡distance. Portions of sjalp were torn
to Russia.
in to save the boy, but the little fellow \ from each side of her head and her
T h e y are not troubled with breach j clung to his neck and both were right arm broken.
While driving along a road seven
of promise fuits in China.
When a ;
Ramon Cruz, a wealthy planter re­ miles south of Santa Cruz, Cal., three
future Chinese belle is about three ,
siding thirty miles front Havana, was boys were thrown from a wagon, by
days old she is formerly betrothed to j taken prisoner by bandits is held for a
the horse balking:, over a sixty foot
the scion of some acceptable neighbor, j $10,000 ransom. Soldiers are scour­ cliff. Vincente Garcia, twelve years
and when she is about fifteen she is ing the country in search of him whil^ old, wis killed ; Manuel Snath, six
carried and left there, and that ends his wife has received a letter demand­ years old, was seriously injured, and
ing money, and saying if she plays the John Smith, four years old, escaped
messenger false her husband’s life will miraculously without injury.
Pedro Pino, a M xican, and Joseph
J o h n H a l e , of Westbrook, G a , is be forfeited.
New York brokers have been in­ Silva, a Portuguese quarreled on a
evidently a humorist, although he has
structed by a detective and requested sheep ranch near Los Corrillos, N. M.,
not yet become known to the world
to look out for a large number of over the right of possession of some
as such. His first baby was christened bonds stolen from a firm at Lisle, laud, when Silva drew a pistol and
First H a lf; the next, Second H a lf; France. The bonds ars supposed to shot Pino through the jaw.
The lat­
the third, Other Half, and the fourth aggregate $1,000,000, and
include ter returned the fire, and shot Silva
Best Half. He has a big sign over Panama obligations, Credit Foncier se- through the brain, killing him in­
, .
, .
curities, Portuguese obligations. Bus­ stantly. Pino will probably recover.
ins cabin door which reads: The 8ian renU( Turkish bonds and ftiscel-
A passenger train on the Interc
\\ hole family of John Half lives with- Ig n e o u s obligations,
Oceanic raiftvay was stopped
in. A half family is better than none,
\ passenger train on the New York robbeifby a hand of fourteen high­
but if you want to see six halves in A Pennsylvania railroad was wrecked waymen, three miles beyond Irolo, of
The passengers and train
one hole, come inside and see what is »oar Whitehouse, Pg. Y., by thespread- Mexico.
i /. f
i i ,
___ ,........ >,
ing of the rails.
The mail and bag- men were systematically robbed. The
left of us. Goo bless our home.
, ®
__________ _______
gage cars and two passenger coaches company lost over $3,000 from the
Qa i containing about forty passengers, treasure box. It is presumed this i*
W h i l e a ciiizeu of Lumpkin,
" i rolled down a twenty-foot embank­ the same band that entered Ameca-
was cleaning out his cellar recently ment. No one was killed outright, meca recently, and that plundered the
after it had been flooded, he discovered I but seventeen of those injured will Chatbuac ranch in the state of Pueblo.
a plight depression in the earth, and, ! die.
A ton of Wm. Bent, who keeps a
examining it closely, saw a bar of | Helene
Crosmond, prima donna, saloon in San Francisco, was drowned
metal partly buried there. Picking it committed suicide in the cabin ef the at the entrance of the ferry slip.
up he found it to be lead.
Further | I’ -ccadilly London. She signed a con- was in a boat near the end of the
j tract with the Drury Lane Opera Com- wharf when the steamer Donahue
searcli revealed 107 bars, weighing j j,any ) but owing to a mis understand came in, and the waves caused by the
about a pound each.
Hew they got ing the tore up the contract in a fit of steamer swinging into the slip caused
there is not known, though it is sur- temper.
Later she tried to reopen i
the boy’s bo.it to capsize. A yacht
mised that they were buried during negotiations, but in the meantime a j saw the accident and went (O his ret--
, ...
, 10„ a ,
, | substitute had been engaged, and in a , cue, but accidentally rail light ovei
the Indian war of 18 , when a iu< t ^ 0f j^pondency 8he shot herself.
; him. The lad sank and was urowned.
fort stood on the present site of the
General W irt Adams, postmaster at
A shooting affray occurred at Oak-
___ ______________
; Jackson,* Miss., and John Martin, an j land, Cal., which resulted in the death
editor, fought a street duel, and b o !h ;o f John Phelan, a tailor.
It seems
IT is said that 40 per cent, of all the ; men were killed. The general was hit j that Phelan was out with two coin-
deaths from poison in Great Britain ill the head, and Martin was hit twice. : pauious, and met Ben Litchenstein,
are due to opium ; and this rate of A published article was the immediate ! another tailor. They had some angry
words about the price of work. Phelan
morsality, according to Dr. Winter cause of the tragedy, though a breach
j has long existed between the men. It accused the other tailor of taking
Blythe, “ arises in a great measure I chargeit incompetent service in the work from him by doing it at cheaper
from the pernicious practices both of j p08toffice
rates. Litchenstein denied this, and
hard-working English mothers and! A nine year-old daughter of a farmer things were smoothed over, and all
the baby-farmer of giving infants named Albert Goodapeed, living near parties took a drink in a neighboring
•soothing sin-up?,’ ‘ infants’ friends’ and j Des Moines, Iowa, is lying at the point saloon. Phelan than struck Litchen­
stein in the face. The assaulted tailor
the like, to allay restlessness and keep j
^ a th , having been almost literally
, .
eaten by a dog when found. 1 he girl went away, but quickly returned with
them asleep during the greater part o |la(j been attending school.
A huge a revolver and shot Phelan in the left
their existence.’’ It has been ealeu-
wag standing over the little girl, breast, the bullet entering his heart.
lated that one preparation alone is the tearing the flesh from her breast and Phelan died in fifteen minutes after
reaching the hospital.
undoubted cause of death of 150,000 ' devouring it. Her leit breast had been
A few days ago a gentleman from
eaten away, leaving the lungs exposed,
children every year.
while her limbs were horribly mangled. Fresno registered at one of the princi­
A terrible accident occurred at pal hotels in Han Francisco, but as
B o s t o n has just received from A f­ j Rusnsylvania, Ohio. A school exhi­ there were no rooms vacant at the
rica the largest gorilla ever landed in bition was in progress in a hall situated time he was told to return in the af
this country. His name is Jack, and m the third story of a brick building, terooon. His luck was no better on
Sud­ bis return. He was a little indignant,
ho is five feet in height when stand­ over 400 people being present.
denly the floor gave way with a fright­ and told the clerk at the desk that he
ing erect, and measures seven feet ful crash and the entire audience went would stop there anyhow, and offered
from the end of one outstretched down in a surging mass to the ground. to back his boast with $100.
hand to the other. He weighs about So far, two people are reported dead, the guest at the hotel was a young
125 pounds, and exhibits enormous ten seriously injured, and probably lady from the same town as the gen­
tleman, and for whom he had a liking.
fifty less seriously injured.
strength, compared with which that
An odd marriage occurred at St. He went to the young lady, told his
of a man seems like a child.
He ar­ Louis. Miss Ada Belle Richards, a predicament and determination, and
rived in a large box made of planking cousin of the late President A rthu r,! asked the young lady to marry him.
two and a half inches thick, and when was married to Dr. Wright, of the Hhe consent.J, and together they went
being removed from the ship he tore Choctaw Nation, Indian territory. The to the parson and were married. It is
groom is a quarter-bio id Choctaw In­ sufficient to say that the gentleman
large splinters from the hard wood dian, and a son of the late G «v made good his boast.
planks with as much ease as a child Wright, of Indian territo y.
He is a
Home nine months ago Miss Laura
well educated physician and quite I Webster, a young laxly living in 8 inta
would break a twig.
The couple became ac­ | Clara county, Cal., received a severe
A n enormous black eagle has been quainted while the bride Wis doing fright w hile visiting her sister in Vic-
II I missionary work in the territory a year i toria, B. C. Hhe was in good health
seen lately at Lander, Wyoming
at the time, but a few days later
is believed that the bird is fully ^ ve 1 A lamp exploded in the hand of
she sank into a deep sleep.
feet iu height and that his powerful Mrs. John Quillen at Pittsburg, Pa., as j after her affliction she was taken to
The burn­ Han Jose, where she now resides, and
wings measure fifteen feet from tip to she was going up stairs.
tip. His legs are almost as big as a ing oil set fire to her clothing, And, during the trance the only nourish­
overcome with fright, she ran to the ment she received was forced down
man’s. He gone tally makes his ap­
window and jumped ont, alighting on her throat. Her breathing was barely
pearance about sunset, when he wii. a brick pavement thirty-five feet be­
perceptible, and her limbs,
fly from cliff to cliff on the mountains, low. Coleman Kilroy and wife who placed in a certain position, would re-
all the time keeping up a piercing alao occupied the nouse had retired, | main rigid until changed by an at­
•cream. He has been shot at doaena but were awakened by the explosion. tendant. Hhe lies with her eyes closed
Kilroy jumped from the third story but will reply to questions, when re­
of time« by excellent marksmen, but window and was badly injured.
His peated several times. During the last
so far h° haa safely avoided the flying wife iorced her way through the flames few weeks her condition has improved
rifle balls, and each shot only seems
hich filled the halla but in to doing i considerable, and tbe physicians in at
to make him yell louder, as if laughing was painfully burned about the head, ,endanoe state that she will eventually
face and arma.
I awaken from her long aleep.
at his would-be slayer«.
Kiug soft aero*« the dying day.
Legislation Pertaining to the Interest
of the Pacific Coast
H O t'H R .
A bill to provide for the sale to act­
ual settlers under the homestead laws,
of the Fort Sfedgewick military reser­
vation in Colorado and Nebraska was
A bill was passed to establish an ad­
ditional land district iu Oregon.
Johnston, from the committee on
elections, submitted a report oh the
California contested election case t*f
Lynch vs. Vandever, and it was placed
on the hcEbse calendar. The report is
unanimously in favor of Vandever,
the silling member.
Cox presented a bill for an approp­
riation, in reference to a memorial
from Gen--. .Schofield and Slocum and
other members of the Army of the
Potomac, asking for an appropriation
of $25,000 to aid iu meeting the ex­
penses of a fraternal Q-eunion of sur­
vivors of the Army of the Potomac
and the Army of Northern Virginia,
to be held on the battlefield of Gettys­
burg in July next, to commemorate
the twenty-fifth anniversary of that
The secretary of the interior trans­
mitted the report by Governor Swiut-
ford of Alaska, upon the operations of
the Alaska Seal and Fur Company, in
which he alleges that the company has
grossly abused the natives, and at
laches an affidavit to the charges. He
concludes that it would be better to al­
low every fur seal to be exterminated
than to continue so blighting a mo­
The day of toil seems long ago,
Angel us'
While through the deepening vesper glow.
Far up w her»* holy Ulitni blow,
The beckouiug boll notea rise and dew,
Through dassttng curtains of the west,
Angel us:
We set» a shrine tu roses dressed.
And lifted high, in vision blest.
Our every heui't throb is confessed,
Angel us!
O, has an angel tauched the beU,
For now upon its (tarttug swell.
All sorrow seems to sing farewell;
There fulls a peace no words can tell
- Frances L. Mat's
D eca y uf a tirau ch o f t b . I’ a in tliig llu th
l ie s .— W o r k s o f A r t .
Acrctii the timber tinted bay,
Tiie meadow hushed with sunnec ray—
Ring out, and float and mail away,
The committee on foreign affairs
reported to the senate in executive
session the treaty which was recently
negotiated by Secretary Bayard and
the Chinese minister, with the recom­
mendation that two amendments be
nude to the treaty, and that it be sent
to ..he President with the request that
he secure the consent of the Chinese
government to the amendments.
The first amendment is to the first
clause of the treaty, wn><-h provides
for the exclusion of all Chinese labor­
ers from this country.
The amend­
ment added to this clause provides
that this exclusion shall also apply to
Chinamen who have been iu this
country and have departed, taking
certificates with them. This amend­
ment will prevent the return of all
Chinese with certificates.
The second amendment adopted by
the committee on foreign affairs pro­
vides that exempted classes in the
treaty, such as merchants, students
and Chinamen who have departed
from this country leaving behind a
wife and family or money or property
to the value of $1,000, shall be allowed
to return only upon presentation of
certificates showing that the holders
belong to the excepted classes named
in the treat)’.
The number of individual pension
bills passed by the senate in sixty-five
minu.es was 105, forty-two of them be­
ing house bills. Several of them were
for volunteer nurses, at the rate of $25
a month, and one was for the widow
of Gen. Charles P. Stone, at $50.
NO. 8.
L i g h t i n g H pC Igaretto W h i l e s i t t i n g on m
■ t u c k i n g H o r n e — T l » « S e c r e t o f I t .
Thu great tentin'» o f all Mexican riding is
looseness of their seat U U all done by
bahitwv. And when I sny “ a ll" it means a
wonderful deal. 1 have set'll a Mexican
named Louis- to tie sure he was accredited
to he the liest rider out there, aud for my
own port I cannot conceive that there can
be a lietter iu Clio world— I have seen that
man cross his legs ever the horn of the big
Mexican saddle, and, throwing the reins on
the neck of the horse, calmly ijyll a cigarette
while tlie horse bucked up and down with
I know it is asking a g n a t deal to expect
credence for such a feat as this, but yet,
when wo consider the pitch o f jierfection
reached by circus riders among our own
countrymen, the very much higher degree af
excellence attained by one remarkable man
out of a nation whose momls'rs we may also
lay a o ' born on horseback, is not so nlto
gi'lher lieyond the prospect o f belief—though
there is of course an enormous difference lie-
tween riding the trained things in a circus
and tlie mustangs caught wild upon the
prariea. The Mexican saddle, with its great
stirrups and the horn on which the lasso
hangs, gives, o f course, very, many good
points d'appui; but the (icrfnrmanres o f these
Mexicans on tiure liack are wonderful enough
You see a herd o f wild boiSM driven
Uisough the narrow i«iss o f the corral. Your
Mexican, with a hair ro|ie in his hand, will
drop fu>m the l » « i n alsive upon the I task of
the horse it is wished to reclaim to domestic
Any person anxious to kuow what has be­
come of the m ajority o f the emblematic sign,
which ten or fifteen years ago huug half a
dozen in every block should visit any largs
sigmnaker's workshop. The once fam iliar
wiutMeller's hunch of grapes, tbe glover’s
hand, the locksmith's key, the carpenter’s
saw, the blacksmith's m ighty arm, tb .
butcher's boor's head, the hundred and one
figures that form erly st<s>d iu front uf tobao
oonist«1 shotis inviting customers to enter,
are all ou dusty shelves in the storerooms.
“ They are all goue out," said a signmuker,
ruefully looking over his collection. “ True,
tlie idea of I'mnl mg totalcconista' signs whit,
aud making them look weird and ghost like
revived that particular sigu for a time and
brought back same of its old time effective-
utsu, hut emblematic signs iu general belong
to the |iast. About all we sell uowadays ars
mortals, hoots and clocks.
enough the demand for them is not from
country houses, but from the city. One
would think that city people In the hunt for
origiiwility that business com|ietition com­
pels would reject sooner than countrymen
the ok lest merchant's sigu knowu to luau.
Emblematic signs need pushing.
ought to I ni still a good advertisement.
Why, some o f them, particularly the Ilfs
figures, are works of art. There are wooden
and m etallir Indians and 1 leasts iu stock that
pretentious sculptors would not t>e ashamed
of. Issik at that bull's head and at that
bust of (iatnbriuus! l » o k at the extra and
tune It took to carve even so simple a thing
as a gun amt get it true to life. Kmblematio
signs are curved no more. Those that are
built sre made of iron, either cast or spun.
A use for which some of them yet command
a good pries is as weather vain"» and as ths
t o ), of llugstaffs. There are numerous men
In town who have expensive emblematic
vanes on their stables. I heard o f one man
who took his indoors at night. I t was so
costly he was afraid it would tempt thieves.
“ But Imsiuess in other kinds of signs is
brisk enough,” he continued.
" W e make
them of wood, iron, glass, mirrors, porcelain,
copper, wire, silk, velvet and plush. Ths
signs in this city, as a w hole, are second in
artisticnees only to those in New Y ork, and
that city's signs are second to none. Ths
tendency is all toward display, with aa much
gold amt glitter as (sissilile. I wouldn't dars
guess how mnuy hundreds of tbnu-iai)ds of
dollars' worth of gold leaf ths signinakers o f
the country use up in a year Carved' signs
are the inost ex|smsivs. I t ’s no uncommon
thing for a merchant to plaster 81,500 tu
$2,000 worth o f signs on tb . front o f his
stooe. ’’—Chicago Times.
In an instant be is away, snorting, bellow
ing, pouitively shrieking with terror, In the
midst of the thundering staui|ieile of his tal­
lows, who are scarce less terrified than him
self. He cunnot buck, while tlie bent presses
c lo s e « upon him. The Mexican leans for
wai'il with tho rope iu Isith hand-, pusses It
over the horse’s head into the wide open
mouth, and fon-es it Itehind his teeth. Then
he takes a turn with it. unihr the lower Jaw,
and there he has him bitted and bridled.
A fter a little over half an hour be comes
back with him broken; not “ so that a chilli
could ride him,” hut so that a Mexican can.
O f course they are small horses.
I cannot
say how the Mexicans would fare with one of
th is» big Australian buckcrs. They main­
tain, however, that this loose seat o f theirs
does not irritate a horse in the way a grip
with the kneesdiv-s; and this 1 fu lly believe.
Further than that, I fancy the solution o f the
mystery about those horses which w ill go
quietly enough with a lady, though a man
can hardly ride them, is to tie sought rather
iu the method of the lady's seat than, as is
commonly thought, In the superior delicacy
of her fair hands.—Murray's Msgszina.
L ife at the North Tote.
I f they ever find the North Pole and it be-
i-onies colonised, they're going to have an
awful time of it. They will have daylight
six months and dark six months out of tlie
E O H T L A N I I P H O U I ' C K m a k k k t . year. Tbe great check on im m orality is uay-
iight. There is a certain lim it of trouble and
B u it k r —
ingenuity beyond which Immorality w ill not
Fancy roll, 0 lb ...................
go. The lim it Is far enough off at the best,
O reg on ..................................
hut i f it were night for six months on eud
In ferior g r a d e .....................
what would become of uel Huslumds would
27$ *
P ic k le d .................................
never go home at all. Parties would only be
C aliforn ia r o l l .....................
divided by the time necessary to recruit ex­
p ic k le d ................
hausted nature; a woman would need a new
C heese —
10 <9
Kas tern, full cream ............
drees every four hours because she couldn't
u «
go to more than two imrties In the same drees,
C a lifo rn ia .............................
end it would be an awful hardship to do even
E ggs —F r e s h .....................
that. They would say:
D r ie d F r u it s —
“ W hy, do look at Mrs. -----. Hhs wore
Apples, qrs. sks and b x e ..,
that same dress at the Biuiths just ten hours
C a lifo r n ia ............
Apricots, new cro p ..............
IH <9
“ Are you going to the theatre nowf"
Peaches, unpeelea. new . . .
u *«
“ N o; I saw the piece already to-uight.”
Pears, m achine d rie d . . . . . .
P itte d ch erries.....................
“ Get up."
P itte d plums, O reg on .........
“ W bat time is itf”
Figs, Cal., in bgs and b x a ..
“ Don't know, but I put you to bed in n
Cal. Prunes, F r e n c h ..........
miserable condition six hours since, and we
O regon pru nes.....................
arc due at the Jones'."
F lo u r -
"W a ll, wsit till I get my breakfast or top­
Portlan d Pat. R oller, # b b l g
per or dinner; which is it anyhow f
“ Don't remember; it Is my llfith men I this
W h ite L ily 0 b b l................
C ountry b ran d .....................
8 'ip erfln e
“ Don't light the gns yet. I only saved $1,-
G r a in —
000,000, and that gas bill is getting prodig­
W h eat, V alley, 0 100 lbs ..
ious. A new drew! That’s the fifteenth in
1 16 « 1 17$ 175 hours."
W a lla W a lla ...........
1 10 <Z 1 lz*
B arley, whole, 0 c t l ............
“ Oreat Bcott! tbe meter's busted end the
ground, 4 to n ........ 1 D OH « 2 6 00
electric wire’s broken. Where are my bootsf"
46 «
Oats, choice m illin g 0 bush
—Han Francisco Chronicle “ Undertones."
44 «
d o feed,good tochoice.old
1 10 « 1 26
Rye, 0 100 lb s ......................
A I I--' for a Novel.
F eed —
l i 15 00
A year or m ors ago T b e Sucriay Call, o f
Bran, 0 to n ..........................
«1 7 00
Shorts. 0 t o n ......................
New si k., K. J . published a local story
rlay, r ton, b aled................ I 0 00 « 1 8 00
which, while qu ite true, was im probable
Chop. 0 ton ........................ 1 a oo #26 uo and m arvelous to a degree. “ W h a t a
Oil cake meal 0 to n ............ I a 00 « 3 6 ot
plot fo r a n o vel,” otmerved the w rite r of
F r e s h F r u it s —
“ W ilk ie Collins would find In such an
1 1*1 « 1 so it,
Oregon, 0 b o x .......
in cid en t." R ecen tly a copy o f the paper,
terries, Oregon, 0 d r m ...
3 *5 « 3 SO with the article marked, was sent to Mr.
Lem ons, C alifornia, # b x . .
Lim es, 0 100........................
» 0c Collins, and he now replies as follow s,
under date o f Ixindon, Jan. 19: “ • • •
R iversid e oranges. V b o x ...
I nm recovering from an attack o f Ill­
Los A n geles, d o
do . . .
Peaches, 0 box
ness, atid m ort o f m y letters are w ritten
for me by another hand. B ut ! must
H in a s - -
personally thank yon fo r the very re­
Dry, o v e r 16 Tbs, 0 VS ..........
W e t salted, over 66 lbs.......
m arkable and Interesting story which yon
M urrain h id e s ....................
have so k indly seut me. Th e incident
P e lts ....................................
marked is so dram atic and (to me) so en­
V s n e t a b i . e s
tirely new that I really hope to find an
Cabbage, 0 Tb......................
jpportunity o f m aking use o f It. In that
Carrots. 0 s a c k ...................
ntse it is, I trust, needless fo r me to sny
C au liflow er, 0 d os..............
that the yet unw ritten story w ill find Its
O n io n s .................................
way across ths A tla n tic to express its
Potatoes, new, 0 ICO lbs ..
tense o f obligation to y o u m it best m a y.”
W o ol —
B est Oregon. Sp rin g d ip .
M •
Nfsw Y o rk Tribune.
V a lla v Oregon,
1« •
Krmies In Colombo, Ceylon.
Here conn s striding through the press a
gaunt, wild looking S | «c tx r, nude to the
waist, his hugs bines seeming to start
through his brown, leathery skin, and his
fierce, black eye. glaring out Isincath a for­
est of shaggy hair.
There, with ths stow
step ami stately liearing o f a man who know-s
his own importance, comes a tall form with
the shaven crown, long yellow robe, and red
fan of a Buddhist priest, carrying ms back
iu a moment to the burliaric temples and
island monasteries of Hiarn. Then, perched
in tlie euslern fashion outride uf its mother’s
hip, with her arm around it, appears a native
child - the prettiest little bronxe statuette
Imaginable—with huge silver bangles glitter­
ing uikiii the dark skin of its tiny wrists and
aukli*. slid all its splendid white teeth dis­
played in a constant laugh o f wondering en­
joym ent at tlie surrounding stir and bustle.
And now we might a|ipropriately sing
“ The Tamils are Costing," for round Uie cor­
ner file a |ierfect liattalion o f the famous
Mulubar race, whose conquest of Ceylon ages
ago is one o f the chief landmarks in its
stormy history. Their snow white turbans
and spotless tuiflcs look delightfully cool aud
fresh in the blistering glare of ths noonday
sun; hut their faces, though smooth aud
sleek it» that of a (lra-k statue, havs an un­
mistakable coarseness in the outlins o f their
brood, blunt unites and thick lips which would
contrast very unfavorably with the small,
delicate, sharply cut featnres of a genuine
Hindoo. Next pusses at all Malay In ths white
“ liaju” (jacket) and particolored “ sarong"
(close fitting skirt) o f his national costums,
looking doubly picturewjus by contrast with
the qui-er nondescript garb e f a group of half
caste women, who«, shabby black European
gowns and ill shaped hats add something even
to the ugliness which Isiuutiful nature has so
lavishly lies to wed upon them.
Then ad­
vances a short, stout Cingalese, whose thick
black hair Is gathered into a kind o f club on
the top of his head and fastened there with a
huge crescent shaped comb of tortoise shelL —
Ceylon Cor. New Y ork Tim es
Madera System o f Advertisin g.
The honest system of advertising should be
but a small announcement o f tbe offer o f
goods for the information of those who desire
to purchase, in such a manner that those
who desire to pun-hase, may, by seeking,
But in advertising as it now exists,
exaggeration is piled on exaggeration, and
falsehood is added to falsehood. The world
Is filled with monstrous lies, and they are
thrust upon attention by every possible
means. The mails are filled with them.
When a man o,iens his mail in the morning,
the letter o f his friend is buried among them
advertising monstrosities. They are thrust
under street doors, and they are ofltared you
as you walk the streets. When you read tbe
morning and evening pa|iers, they ars spread
before you with typographic display, they
are placed among the Items you den,re to
read, and they are given false headings,
and they begin with decoy beading*. They
are posted upon walls, and on the fences,
and on ths sidewalks, and on bulle­
tin boards, and the liar ns and housetop*
and th* fences o f all the land are covered
with them, and they sre nailed to ths trea
and painted on rocks Thus it is that tb*
wbok* civilised world is placet ded with lisa,
and the moral atmosphere of tb* world
wreaks with the foul breath o f this monster
of antagonistic competition. — MaJ. J. W.
P o w e l l . ____ ________________
Measure o f R ig Rooks.
Printed matter is measured by “ ema," ths
letter “ m " being tho unit, Th * follow ing
•nmpilation I* by Professor A. P. Lyon, of
New Y ork : Th# Bible contains 3,500,000
•’em*;" Wehster’s Dictionary »0.000, OOU<
Chambers' Kncyclepmdia, 60,000,000; J o b »
•es’s Cyclopmdia, 50.000.00D; Appleton's Cy-
rlnpssdis 60,00,000, and Eix-yslopssdla B r ita »
a lea. 140.000.000 “ sobs . " P«bU< O p iates.