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    Polk County News
Information for the police
report comes from law en-
forcement agencies. Not all
calls for service are included.
The status of incidents report-
ed may change after further
investigation. Individuals ar-
rested or suspected of crimes
are considered innocent until
proven guilty.
• Bradley L. Bethell, 21, of
Stayton, in the 300 block of NE
Kings Valley Hwy. on March 26
on charges of possession of
• Paul E. Bunyard, 62, of Dal-
las, in the 300 block NE Kings
Valley Highway on Thursday on
charges of first-degree criminal
trespass and third-degree theft.
• Lucas Matthew Garcia, 33, of
Independence, in the 300 block
of N. Log Cabin St. on March 23
for fourth-degree assault.
• Brittany Marie Grass, 33, of
Independence, at N. Polk and N.
Log Cabin sts. on March 23 for
possession of methampheta-
• Jimmy Valdes, 33, of Inde-
pendence, in the 200 block of
Deann Dr. on March 24 for first-
degree burglary, physical harass-
ment, and third-degree theft.
• Jesus Gerardo Najar, 18, of In-
dependence, in the 1200 block of
S. Fourth St. on March 26 for
fourth-degree assault.
• Victor Hernandez-Hernan-
dez, 19, of Independence, in the
700 block of S. Fifth St. on March
26 for minor in possession of al-
• Kimberly Renee Wells Wilson,
51, a transient, in the 400 block of
N. Walnut St. on March 28 for
motor vehicle theft.
• Donna Marie Zachary, 57, of In-
dependence, in the 1300 block of
Monmouth St. on March 29 for de-
livery of methamphetamine and
possession of methamphetamine.
• Erica Paige Grove, 24, of
Salem, at C and S. Main sts. on
April 2 for driving under the influ-
ence of intoxicants.
• Jackson Dean Sealey, 19, of
Honolulu, Hawaii, at Monmouth
Ave. N. and Jackson St. W. on
March 26 for DUII.
• Travis Lee Corwin, 33, of
Monmouth, in the 200 block of
Pacific Hwy. on March 27 for
first-degree burglary of a resi-
dence and third-degree theft.
Polk County Itemizer-Observer • April 5, 2017 7A
Event, film encourage preparedness
Documentary to be shown during Community Prepare Fair on Saturday
By Jolene Guzman
The Itemizer-Observer
SALEM — Ed Jahn apolo-
gizes a lot for scaring peo-
That wasn’t Jahn’s inten-
tion when he produced
“Unprepared,” an Oregon
Public Broadcasting docu-
mentary about how pre-
pared the state is for the 9.0
Cascadia subduction zone
Simply put, it’s not, Jahn
said. But he sees hopeful
signs that that’s changing.
“Unprepared,” an Oregon
Field Guide Special, was re-
leased in October 2015. It
followed what Jahn called
“the summer of quakes,”
because the national atten-
tion brought to the subject
thanks to the Pulitzer Prize-
winning New Yorker article
about Cascadia entitled,
“The Really Big One.”
That article published in
July 2015 in the middle of
OPB’s series on Cascadia,
including “Unprepared.”
“We had been reporting
on the science of it over the
years,” Jahn said.
He said the state’s top ge-
ologists expressed a con-
cern, not about the science
behind the Cascadia sub-
duction zone, but what it
means for the region during
and after an earthquake and
“They said, ‘We don’t
think people are really get-
ting it,’” Jahn said. “The gap
was on the issue of being
To bring that aspect to
light, the “Unprepared”
crew interviewed the state’s
seismic and engineering ex-
perts, survivors of other big
quakes, and local officials
trying to protect their com-
Jahn traveled to Japan,
where the Tohoku 9.0 earth-
quake happened in 2011. It
stands as a warning and a
Japan is one of the most
earthquake-ready countries
on the planet, Jahn said.
“Three years later, people
NOAA/for the Itemizer-Observer
“Unprepared” focuses on how prepared Oregon is for the 9.0 Cascadia subduction zone earthquake.
were still living in tempo-
rary housing,” he said.
People who had lived in
coastal communities in
Japan had given up on
hopes of restoring their
homes, their cities, Jahn
Jahn thought, if that hap-
pened in Japan, imagine
what would happen in Ore-
gon, where much of the in-
frastructure was built before
the sleeping giant fault line
was common knowledge.
“Looking at the state of
our bridges, simple things
will be impossible simply
because a bridge is out,”
Jahn said. “How are you
going to get food and water
because the bridge between
you and store is out?”
The answer hit Jahn hard
during the filming of “Un-
prepared.” Talking to ex-
perts made it clear that after
Cascadia goes, life would
change dramatically, even
for people out of the reach
of the tsunami.
Get home safe, call your D.D.
• 24 Hour Service
• Pick up
Drop Off
Don’t be ‘unprepared’
What: Community Prepare Fair.
When: Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., showings of “Un-
prepared” at 10 a.m. and noon.
Where: North Salem High School, 765 14th NE, Salem.
Park in the D Street lot.
Of note: Question-and-answer sessions will follow
both showing of “Unprepared.”
“This one really got into
my mind,” Jahn said. “We
are really going to be on our
Jahn planned with his
family and bought supplies
for their home and cars.
S a t u r d a y, t h e M i d -
Willamette Emergency
Communications Collabo-
rative will host the Commu-
nity Prepare Fair to help
others do what Jahn did —
MWECC is group of gov-
ernment agencies, business
advocates and media out-
lets in Polk and Marion
counties (including the
Itemizer-Observer) that are
working together to encour-
age residents to plan for dis-
The event is at North
Salem High School, 765
14th St. NE, Salem, and will
feature two screenings of
“Unprepared” followed by
question-and-answer ses-
sions sponsored by the Ore-
gon Section of the American
Society of Civil Engineers.
Vendor and informational
booths will offer emergency
kit supplies and readiness
resources. City and county
emergency management
representatives and Com-
munity Emergency Re-
sponse Teams will be on
hand to answer questions.
Jahn said the effort to in-
form people about what is
lurking off the coast is work-
“I have seen tremendous
progress on the awareness
front,” he said.
He said the reality “Un-
prepared” revealed is scary,
but people can take steps to
make themselves self-suffi-
“People are overwhelmed
a lot. There is so much hap-
pening that we can’t do any-
thing about,” he said. “This
is a problem that will hap-
pen in the future that we
can actually do something
We now o es with
1 yard de ller truck.
a sma
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ICE Merlin D. Berkey
ucked away in Buena
Vista lies the lovely
Redgate Vineyard,
where “if the gate is open,
we’re open.” Steve and Char-
lene Dunn first planted pinot
gris and pinot noir grapes in
2006, and have been making
wines for five years using the
talents of winemaker Steve
To celebrate their anniversary, they are throwing a party
coinciding with the Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21.
The party will go Friday through Monday morning, and
costs $50. It includes a sangria breakfast buffet on Monday
morning, commemorative Redgate fifth anniversary eclipse
glass, eclipse viewing glasses, and free tastings of Redgate’s
award-winning wines.
Six months ago, Steve and Charlene entered their first
Family Owned & Operated • We accept
competitions and took away medals
ranging from bronze (Newport Seafood
and Wine Festival for Redgate’s pinot
noir), silver (First Taste of Oregon for
tempranillo) to a coveted double gold
(San Francisco Chronicle Competition,
“They only gave out six double
golds,” Steve said. “In the largest com-
petition in the United States, we got
one of those six.”
Double gold medals are rare because it
means all five judges on the panel must
agree that the wine is gold-medal worthy.
Redgate hosts musical concerts each
Friday through Labor Day, and starts Party
while you Paint events on April 30.
For more information on Redgate Vineyard’s
summer schedule visit: redgatevineyard.com.
Follow us on
Sign up for the
Eclipse Party and
the Bike, BBQ &
Ty Curtis Concert!
8175 Buena Vista Road
1754 Best Road NW, Salem, OR 97304
503-588-1763 • vino@cubanisimovineyards.com
Thank you to these sponsors. Please make it a point to visit these wineries while exploring our great region.