Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, December 21, 1883, Page 8, Image 8

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being now the order, and inasmuch
as Bro. Samuel Baughman (the ap­
pointed. leader ■iRr-thiftdian i innion)
being absent, it was moved that
Bro. D. C. Baughman be appointed
at this time as leader to fill the
place of Bro. S. Baughman.' Motion
prevailed. It wa^s also moved that
Sister Barker, of Albany, follow in
said discussion. Motion prevailed
At this time Bro. Baughman was
called to the stand, who entered
upon an elucidation of the subject,
taking as a basis that the Scrip-
ture warrant the woman in exer-
cising in various ways in the
church and as auxiliaries to the
church, but did. not find such war--
adopted, and that the committee be
-dweharged. Motion prevail e d.-
1. The chair appointed a com­
mittee consisting of three on dele­
gation, as follows: Bros. John O.
— Grubb, L. B. Rowland and William
Fisher. The committee proceeding
ing at once upon the duties as­
2. Reading of the minutes of last
meeting being called for, was read
»nd a<innte<l.
At this time there being no other
business ready for action Bro. Neal
Cheetham (State Evangelist) was
invited by the chair to deliver a ’
short address on the benefits of the
-Uiu .- work-
ee^pemting^-^Wd a rot^ .; rant
responded, and briefly presented Evangelist. Sister Barker then
some very interesting thoughts on followed with a few well directed
that subject, showing that it was thoughts as to woman’s w’ork in
the chureh j:r wLfcreii te-Lhey--ab«it»4ed
matters that we cooperate in order anciently in administering to the
to success, which can only bring wants of the afflicted, a’lso to a very
about temporal blessings, which special care of our dear Savior, also
must soon pass away, therefore the to their social relation in the church
greater need of those who are who have a common interest w’ith
stri vrnjT fbT eteTnat ~bl easin gs nnd~ thebreth ten. The eisterdisclaimed
happiness in that life that is be­ the idea of a prudent Christian
yond, that they should cooperate in woman wanting to fill the pulpit,
■ . »»order
portant and practical questions, viewed woman with all of her sur­
thus tending to enable the varied roundings, and thus excused her
congregations to reach that unity from the pulpit.
The brethren pretty generally
of action, and as such be one in
action and in the discharge of their engaged in the discussion, carrying
several duties as congregations; out in the main the views enter­
and lastly, by such cooperation, the tained by the Brother and Sister
brethren and sisters are brought to­ preceding, thus makifig theTtts^s^
gether into a happy reunion during sion not only pleasant but instruc­
such meetings, that may assist each tive, thereby strengthening the idea
other to finally obtain eternal life. of Cooperation, wherein brethren
Report of Committee on Delega­ can meet and interchange thoughts
tion being now ready, was read, on those very important subjects
and a motion to receive and adopt that are not only theoretical but
said report, and the committee be practical in their nature.
It was now moved to adjourn to
continued during the business part
Saturday 9 o’clock A. m . Motion
of the meeting. Motion carried.
3. Report of Delegates as to the prevailed, and the congregation
standing of the several churches. adjourned by Bro. Cheetham.
It was moved that the above re­
port, owing to the necessary length
Bro Gill in the chair. Song.
of such, that it should not appear The congregation was then lead by
in these minutes for publication. Bro, Gill in .prayer._____ __ ___
Motion prevailed.
Minutes of the previous meeting
The Secretary would say that called for, read and approved.
the churches of Lane county were
5. Report of the Executive Com­
as well represented as perhaps at mittee, which was read, receive/!
any former meeting.
and adopted. The following is tho
At this time it was moved to report:
adjourn to 1:30 P. M. Motion pre­
The Brethren and Sisters of Lane
county in Cooperation assembled.
Your Executive Committee to
Bro. Gill in the chair. Singing, whom was assigned the duty of
after which the congregation was procuring and employing a suitable
person to act as County Evangelist,
lead in prayer by Bro; Cheetham.
4. Discussion of subject’ to-wit: beg leive to report that they have
Woman’s Work in the Church,” labored faithfully and earnestly to
procure such an one, by correspond­ The congregation was then lead in f
ing brethren on the coast, and also prayer by Bro. Cheetham.
K). It was now in order» to selectj
amAamfrtl in fchn Eastern states,
who signified a desire to come to a subject for discussion at the com­
Oregon, but for various reasons ing Cooperation, which resulted as.
failed to secure such a man as we follows:
Resolved, That the Christian
needed to take charge of the
Evangelizing work, until sometime people of the Apostolic age were
in September last, when an oppor­ more devoted than at the present
tunity offered of obtaining the ser­ time. It was then moved and
vices of Bro. H. T. Morrison, who seconded that Bro. Samuel Baugh­
by reason of ill health was forced man lead in the discussion as above
to give up liis work *n111?.ny, af- stated subject. Motion prevailed.
ter consultation with leading
brethren, the Committee employed head there being no apparent busi­
Bro. Morrison to labor in the county ness Bro. Gill introduced the
until the present meeting, agreeing prospects of the Christian spiritu­
to remunerate him for his labor, at ally and financially. Quite a num-
, ¿her al,i t of $H
.sisters fitts.--
Morrison has been at work wherev­ gaged in some very touching re­
er an opportunity offered, and has marks on this subject:
It was now moved and seconded
labored acceptably as we think in
- several-tire county, ay : that-the mmu tw-td'
will appear more fully from his re­ a condensed form, be sent to the
C hristian H erald . Motion pre­
Now, dear brethren, the duty de­ vailed.
volves upon you to say whether
12. Motion to adjourn the busi­
you will keep Bro. Morrison or any ness part of this meeting, to con-
term and sustain him by your Oregon, on February 24, 1884.
counsel, sympathy, and also by Motion prevailed. The business
part of the meeting was then ad-
which he will be engaged.
journ'ed by Bro. Cheetham.
We pray that God will bless
D r . J. P. G ill ,
your deliberations and crown all —. . _ __ Prefthknt pro tem,___
efforts to send forth laborers into
J. W. P arks ,
the Master’s vineyard with abund­
ant success.
Written for the Herald.
J. A. B ushnell , Chairman,.
—. - Execu t i ve Com mi ttee;
7. Report of Bro. H. T. Morrison Tarry with me, O, my Savior,
Till the night of death draws near ;
(County Evangelist) was read. Then across the river bear me
Motion to receive tho report.
To a world of brighter sphere.
Motion prevailed.
Tarry with me, O, my Savior,
The Secretary would here state
Till tho dawn of the Great day ;
that he gave the above report to Thon with friends reunite us
That havo been so long away.
tho Executive Committee before
taking a copy thereof, hence cannot Tarry with me, O, my Savior,
Lead me through this world of strife ;
give the report for publication.
8. It now being in order to select Then, when Jesus calls for me,
Let me be ready to leave this life.
a place for holding the next county
M rs . E. H imbs .
Cooperation.- Several points being
.. ............
■ •• • »- ■■ —... .
It is worth a great deal to make
named and action being taken
thereon, resulted in Pleasant Hill children happy. They remember
as the point to co Avene on Tuesday little treats longer than we sup­
evening before the fourth Lord’s pose. A lady once said that one of
day in Febt^rary 1884, at the hour her pleasantest recollections of her
of 7 o’clock p. m .
childhood was sitting on a grassy
9. Motion to authorize the Exe­ bank, and of a fair hand reaching
cutive Committee to employ a from a window and placing a hand­
County Evangelist to labor in ful of large, delicious strawberries
Linn county until the meeting of in her lap.
the Cooperation in February 1884
A certain little three-year-old
Motion prevailed.
likes rvery much to go to church,
Motion to adjourn to 2 o’clock and especially enjoys the singing.
P. M.
One day, the choir sang “ Rock of
ages, cleft for me,” and after she
Motion prevailed.
got home, the little one was heard
singing, very seriously, “ Rock the
Lro. >ill in the chair. Singing, babies kept for me.