Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, December 14, 1883, Page 8, Image 8

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• swept off in one year. Fevers are
quite prevalent at the present time,
among both natives and Europeans,
and many are suffer»beu-
matism and dysentery. In the
meantime, we are committing our
lives to God, and pressing on in
our studies and work, meeting with
no few trials on the way ; but God
is faithful and in him we trust.
When my brother John was in
the army, I remember how, when
he wrote home from the tented
field, he was often anxious to know
Missionary Meeting.
3, at Camp meeting 4, Prairie Creek
once. My exhortation is that young
The Missionay Meeting of Union 10- B‘k"> “d W‘n«’riU* 7. Re.
men and women consider these
things as they are, and set about and Baker counties met at Christian suits 6 additions; 2 by relation 4
_____ _
the present hour. It was the fact 15, 1883, and coutinued for three one confession yet ta be immersed
that God called and that the people days. The meeting was called to In the passed year 174 discourses
needed young men to prepare for order by Bro. R. D. Buckman in with 41 accessions and one coring.1
preaching the gospel, that induced elixir. Meeting opened with read­ gation organized of 31 members.
me to resolve, seven years before I ing a chapter and prayer. First in Amount received for my labors for
completed my college course, that, order was to appoint a committee the passed year, $500.00, which ex­
God being my strength, I would on credentials. Bro. J. A. Childers hausts the stipulated salary. Elec-
on of a new Evangelizing Board
prepare myself for that work. These Bro. S. Cochran and Bro. J. G.
same factors—the commands of Wagner were appointed, and made was declared in order, and the fo|.
lowing persons were chosen^ J q
Jesus, and the needs of the heathen
y 1 am m ln-’ gregation was entitled to three dele­ tWSjW&l; T. IL Buckman, i
dia to-day. We have not exhaust­ gates. The following congregations Vice Pres.; Jesse Ambler, Secretary;
ed the power of these factors to stir were represented: Christian Chapel, J. C. Barnes, Assistant Sec; Samuel
the enthusiasm and stimulate the Elk Flat, and Indian Creek: The Cochran, Treasurer. On motion it
was decided to employ J. M. Jones
energies of God’s people. They are Wallow was not represented.
a te of
throned; they are wide as the wants gregation : Number of members 30, $700.00 per year.
of a perishing world. Let all who in working order, but not so active
There being no further business
hear lift high these factors, fill pul- as they might be. One beloved before the meeting, on motion, the
pU^and---pe wwtth them. anfclhe ; ^hrtrr
product, by God’s blessing, will be labors, while her works do follow prayer until Thursday before the
men and means for home and her. Prayei* meeting once every third Sunday in June, 1884.
God commands, the two weeks, and preaching once a J esse I mbler ,
J. H C owan ,
heavens are calling; men are dying, month by our beloved Bro. J. M.
the earth is trembling; the Lord is Jdnes. Amount paid out for preach-
The Time is at Hand I
comings...... .... - G. L. W hartonzz ^ rng in the past six months, $38.60.
I rft
depleted ranks. So we, with much
anxiety, have awaited the an­
nouncement of the names of those
who aro willing to hear the call for
volunteers, and hearing —
“Here am I, send me, send me.”
The response has been made for Ja­
pan, Panama and India, and we
..... praue God nud take
It will be a glad day when we see
Bro. and Sister Adams and bid
them welcome and good cheer after
theii very long voyage.
And now that we have prayer­
fully commended these to God on
their way over perilous waters to
Amount subscribed for another year,
lands more perilous, may I drop
$55.00. Brethren, pray foroursuc-
Over the Divide.
one the thousands of noble
Drain is situated on Pass creek Stevenson and G. J. Wagner, Dele-
’ young men and women whose lives
are before them, and who are seek­ on the Q. & C. R. R., about fifteen gat^.
ing to know what the Lord would miles south of the Calapooia divide. . Report of the congregation wor­
have them to do. I am thinking It is a nice little town, cozily en­ shiping at Chiistian Chapel: No.
how every year will call for more sconced among the mountains, with of officers, 5. No. of members, 51.
missionaries. Such grand gather­ surroundings highly picturesque. No. of deaths, 1. Meeting on the
ings as our General conventions There is a congregation here—the third Sunday in each month. All
and Island Park Assemblies are only one in Douglas county--of in peace and harmony. Amount
preparing fuel and fire for still about twenty members. Their new paidtheEvangelist$184.40. Amount
greater enthusiasm in the suture. house is nearly enough completed paid as weekly contributed, $700.
Year by year the Macedonian cry for occupancy, and at their earnest Total, $191.40. T. M. Buckman'
will come louder and louder from request I am endeavoring to assist Samuel Coh ran and John A. Chil­
India, China, Japan and Africa, them for a few days. Their sacri­ ders, Delegates.
where missionaries are already at ficing devotion to the cause merits
Treasurer report: I beg leave to
work making a future harvest of our consideration. A lady took submit the following report of all
souls possible. New fields are con­ membership with them last night, the money received and paid out
stantly opening in all civilized and and others are looked for. Our duaing the past year: Received.
semi-civilized lands, where preach­ noble young brother, R. L. Shelley, ( hristian Chapel congregation,
ers of the pure gospel ought to en lives here, and is preaching at other $272.00; Indian Creek, $53.63; Elk
ter. In the midst of this, every points as well.
Flat, $24 00; Cove, $58.00; Liberty
Deer, bear and cougar abound in School House, $71,50; Wallow con­
heathen mission, both for the good
of the missionaries and for the suc­ the forests, while in winter the fur gregation, $21,00; Total amount re­
cess of the work, requires at least trade is considerable. The Payton ceived $500.1«. Paid -Elder .1, Mr
one good physician (man or woman Mineral Springs are about two Jrnes for services rendered as evan
—both if possible), who is willing miles south of this. They are not gelist, $.)()() 00. Amount subscribed
to follow in the steps of the Good now largely visited; and no won­ and not paid, $36.30 Samuel Coch­
Physcian, and go about doing good der, for the people of the Great ran, Treasurer.
North West go where there is
to both bodies and souls of all.
Evangelist report: I beg permis­
Are not these loud and specific plenty of money to get “ heeled.”
sion to piake the following report of
N eal C heetham .
calls of God to young men and wo­
my labors beginning with the first
——----------- • • > • ------------------_
men of the best heart brain and
of the third quarter and continuing
body to come up to the help of the
The descendants of Luther in the to the close of the -year. I have
Lord ?
male line became extinct in 1742, preached 63 discourses at eleven
This work the Lo rd commands to tut the influential family of Von points as follows: Cove City 7
be done; and we can all see there Saucken, in East Prussia, trace Froety 5, Liberty 9, Christian
is great need that it be done at their lineage to his daughter.
Chapel 6, Indian Creek 4, Elk Flat
• 9
/J a b a
•-» æ •
_ _
w ■
_ —
. •
.«.»»» r.i . .
What time ? The time to close
up this year’s labor, and make the
of“ Bte d
tian Sower Tract Fund. To do
this I am anxious to pay all of the
debts of the Fund, to pliVall of the
tracts to work I now have on hands
and to receive money enough to
buy a large supply for the begin­
ning of the new year. To do this
you must heed the following re­
quests :
- 1. Pay what you owe the Fund.
2. Send a contribution. How
many times you have resolved to
do this and have as often neglected
it !
3. Buy tracts and put them to
4. Enlist the hearts of others in
this matter, keeping always before
your mind that as faith without
works is dead bo is a tract fund
without money.
• 5. If you are unablo to buy tracts
send for all yon want; they are
free to such._ This is the main ob­
ject of this fund. No matter how
many I have sent you in times past
they are still free to you if you will
use them. I now have 25,000 card
tracts on hand ; help me to get rid
of them.
J. W. H igbee .
Madisonville, Ky.
. ■
. ■
Persons who care the least about
pleasing others will always com­
plain the most when others do not
please them.