Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, December 14, 1883, Page 7, Image 7

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Letter from Seattle.
'S eattle , W. T7... - 1 ■ ■
Nov. 29, 1883.
Pear Bro. Floyd:
On looking over the H erald of
23rd inst., my attention was arrest­
ed by the following lines : “ After
all that has been said of the great
knowledge of the word of God,
possessed by our brotherhood, is
there not great danger of that
Jjcing v ciy ^oueaaidad.
and partial, and of its thus being
imperfect? Has not our knowledge
run very largely into what we call
‘ first principles,’ almost to the ex­
clusion sometimes, of what we call
Amid all the incongruities and of witnesses, let us lay aside every arrived at this place in time to at­
sinful devices of the world, I be­ weight, and the sin which doth so tend the closing services of a fruit-
lieve it to be true that men and easily beset us, and let us run with ul series of meetings. They con-
women .generally are. hnneat.. and . ■pa tienc e th e r ae o th at is " se t b e f o re ..ttnued for~3Trdaya, and
desire to do right and would, (if ns looking unto Jesus the author the addition of 23 members; 10 by
they understood how) lend a help­ and finisher of our faith ; who for baptism, 10 by letter, 2 from the
ing hand in the great work of lift­ the joy that was set before him en- Methodists and 1 from the Baptists.
ing Our sin-cursed world up to high­ dured the cross, despising the shame, The meeting was started by Bro.
er attainments in Christian perfec­ and is set down at the right hand R. L. McHatton and finished by
tion,—but one great hindrance pre- * of the throne of God.” Heb. 12 :1 2. Bros. Henry Shadle and F. H.
vads which we should never lose
Tandy. Bro. Shadle is located here
Most Fraternally,
sight of, and should do all in our
and preaches every week. Bro.
p. D. H olman .
power to correct it, viz.: the masses
McHatton arrived in this State last
Letter from California.
of mankind are not sufficiently ed-
January, and has averaged over one
ucated in letters, nor in their duty
sermon per day sinceTie'came; but
M odesto , C al .,
as^Christians, to be capable of a
the power behind the throne must
Nov. 15, 1883.
perfect understanding of Scriptural Dear Brethren :
not be overlooked. - He is support­
teachings and religious duties.
Since I last wrote I have passed ed and kept in that place by the
We know the masses of the people through a variety of scenery both Christian Woman’s Mission Society
have yerydimitttbiHHitastiand ing -p leasant and unpt e ain t nr. 1 left -and-4»" d e ing -a— gr an d-»w ork. - Let
presents what seems to me a suita­ of our common literature; they Bandon in a sailing vessel on the this be an example to others. There
ble basis upon which to predicate have not had the reading and many 22nd of October, and we had is work for us all. If we are not
what I shall term my first letter to are too poor to have the time to scarcely crossed the bar when a gifted with the talent of speaking,
.. fef
Htfiu i I erae ©.
teach, that any preaching which ig­ things, how infinitely more true (came up) and drove us north those that have. If we cannot
nores, or even treats in a light and must it be in regard to the “ great nearly to the Yaquina Bay. It preach like Paul we can give the
was a terific storm and lasted two widow’s mite. The church at thia
frivolous manner the elementary mysteries of Godliness.”
The boy who has just learned the days, tearing away our rudder and place is ‘strong, numbering about
principles of Christianity to be
utterly imperfect, and as falling far rudimentary principles of mathe­ and starting a leak that poured in one hundred. I shall stop here for
short of the exalted duty ond priv- matics must, if he would obtain at the rate of 40 gal. per minute; a week or two and then resume my
elege of a preacher of God’s word ; perfection in that science—pass on but they lashed on a temporary journey south to Los Angeles.
Desiring an interest in your
I also believe and teach, that those from the first principles of that rudder, and kept men at the pumps
prayers, J. amyoura fraternally,
La- ._*ciencey-hutjfhe±ssnut the ability.¡.night;.=□Mid, , to
T. J Tóbb: ““
grand whole. I sometimes compare of himself to do so, he is not pre­ surely, wended our way toward the
this great spiritual structure, which pared to “graduate,” and his-teacher Golden Gate, which we reached in
India Letter.
all are admonished to help build to _ help him on till such time eleven days, having been out of
H ûrdâ TÜ. P., Oct 11 18857
as he is capable of going on; and sight of land for eight days. My
a grand Pyramid.
Our friends will ,be glad to know
What the base or foundation is to just so, it is the imperative duty, of stay in Sacramento wi/s short, and
this great Pyramid, the elementary the preacher to kindly and lovingly, on Saturday last I took steamer for we are in fair health for climatizers
principle* are to our great sprixitual , yet unswervingly teach the church Stockton, where I arrived Sunday in India, having passed through th a
edifice; and, as it is indispensably in all the details of perfection in the morning. I Was not long in find­ two trying seasons ofcountry.
necessarythat persons ascending this great school of God s dear children. ing my way to the house of wor­ Tbe rainy season extending from
Pyramid must begin at the base and Sinners are perishing and half­ ship, and although a perfect the middle of June to the first of
October, has been a heavy $ne, thee
thence ascend step by step, just so taught saints are chlling and starv­ stranger, I wras soon made at ease
rainfall in Hurda having been 50»
must every step or round, in our ing to death, under the imperfect by the kindness and sociability of
the brethren I met there at the inches, and in Bombay 87 inches.
great spiritual edifice be built upon, tutorage of teachers who are only
We are now entering a long sea­
usual hour, and was permitted to
in order that the structure may be such in the theory of “ first princi­
\ listen to one of the best discourses son of the most beautiful and pleas­
complete, and the builders thereof ples.” ___ ___________
Not only is this conclusion a I have ever heard ; it was delivered ant weather imaginable, and we are
become a part and parcel of this
logical deduction from the premises, by Father L. B. Wilks. He is one thankful to be in a reasonably good
great moral edifice.
of our strongest men. He has left condition for work. Miss Kinsey
To my mind it would be no'more but there is underlying all this an­
a church in Missouri of 300 mem­ has returned from Bombay much
an evidence of incapacity on the other thought which is paramount.
bers, and is visiting the Golden improved by her trip, and we are
part of a house-carpenter who would It is this, the almost exclusive
State in search of health; and we in hopes that Miss Graobiel, who is
lay the foundation of a house and teaching of those observances which
are glad to know that he has so far still there will be benefitted to an
and then unceasingly lecture his bring us Into Christ, ahd therefore
recovered that he is able to preach equal degree.
under-carpenters upon the proper saves us from the consequences of
twice a day. The church at Stock-
The cholera has been very bad
manner of laying foundations wTith ssn, are selfish, because it exhibits ton has not been prospering for
all around us, and many thousands
the expectation that they would be­ a willingness to accept salvation;
but an unwillingness to perform some time past, but under his care have died, but we had only a few
come adepts in the art of house­
it is livening up. They have a good cases in Hurda. Among those who
building, and that each succeeding those duties of self-denial onerous
on our part, but honoring God, house and there is nothing visible have fallen victims to this scourge,
part of the structure would raise
and which therefore is “one-sided to hinder them from building up I have read of, some prominent
itself, than is the habit which many
services were civil officials and a fe w missionaries,
have fallen into, of perpetually har- and partia
The true teacher will not fail to through, I had the unexpected whde in one province 25,000 na­
ranguing the church upon the mat­
“declare the whole counsel of God,’ pleasure of meeting Dr. Pay ton, of tives perished. When I see how
ter of “ first principles ” to the al­
and cannot fail to impress upon the Snowrdon Springs, Oregon; but was they violate every law of life, both
most utter neglect of. laying upon
church such wholesome lessons as denied the privilege of a conversa­ of body aud soulf I am inclined to
them their duty in adding to, or
tion, for the train was due and 1 think there is a special providence
building upon this great spiritual ,l Wherefore, seeing we also are com­
passed about with so great a cloud had to hurry away to catch it. 1 over them, or they would all bq
—WTf 'X kj
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