Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, December 07, 1883, Page 7, Image 7

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In the Field.
“ When the mists have rolled in
Letter from Bro. Hollenbeak.
hills ” the temperate webfooter
draws forward the coals and puts
on an extra back-log, while the ad­
vocate of “ Personal Liberty ” takes
an extra swig from his majesty's
accommodation—the bottle. Then
steps forth the new-comer buoyant­
ly, to enjoy a morning whiff, pure
and crisp, and to hail the sunlight£ reliah £>f^one..newly es-
jcaped from a dUngftOH.
Brother Editor, I am one of the
new-comers. The transforming in­
fluence of one clear, cool day ac­
counts for the above ebullition. I
^avrsTeTrctggrer davs and cooler ■
even two in succession ; but none
more heartily appreciated.
The other evening the spirit of
H|uni im
materializing^ into millions of
crystal flakes, and driving The
Eugeneites to their hearths and
bottles (Oh •) ; whilst !—beyond the
ken of the elite— rushed along the
walk toward G. M. Whitney’s, toss­
ing my hat aloft and shouting with
the delight of a Laplander 1
in—1-....................... •
’ F airview , O r ..
Nov. 20,1883.
Bro. Floyd:
. Leaving the Annual Convention
at Salem, we took the train to
Turner. We there got off the train
and walked three miles to Bro.
Wilcox’s, arriving there at 9 o’clock
P. M. We there made the ac­
quaintance of Bro. Roberts, who
ville once a month. On Sunday
morning, in company with Bro.
and Sister Wilcox and Roberts, we
went to Aumsville; it being late,
the usual exercises of the Sunday-
Tsctiuul were unfitted al tliu request
of Bro. Darby, their superintendent,
and we made . a M-j. . . short'
talk to the
Sunday-school, after which we
preached to & lafgB 03.. AttUIftlW
audience. After taking refresh­
ments we had the pleasure of
listening to Bro. Roberts preach.
There is a noble band of Christians
at . Aumsville, _ though, in our
opinion, they are not doing what
they ought for the missionary
cause. In company with Bro. R.
over. No evangelist is yet em­
ployed for the county. We all did
some good talking, though, and
consumed the usual amount of time
and provisions.
To-morrow we—in union with
- ihe.^Baptista-And
observe Thanksgiving.
Bro. Sprigg’s notice for me to re­
main in Albany till this meeting,
came too late, as our meeting at
Clear Lake was already in pro­
gress. But perhaps it is just as
well; for I understand that they
(the brethren at Albany) at Bro.
Floyd’s suggestion, are reading the
book of Job. If it prove a means
of grace to them it will be a good
As the County Meeting was at
hand we closed the work at Clear
Lake with the best of interest and
five additions. But we give place
to better reports.
N eal C heetham , S. E.
------——♦ • ------- ——
P leasant H ili ., Y amhill C o .,
Nov.-26, 1883.
Bro. Floyd:
I have just closed a meeting of
three days, which resulted in 8 ad­
ditions ; 5 by confession and bap­
tism and 3 from the United Breth­
Yours in the one hope,
H. M. W aller .
sumption, we preached at her house
Monday evening.- There was once
a church at Myrtle Creek, but there
is none rrow—of any kind.—f- but
satisfied if there could be regular
preaching there a church could
soon be built up and made self-
sustaining. We expect to visit that
place again in the future. We ar­
rived home Tuesday and found, all
well; was sick at my last appoint­
ment at the Upper North Fork
School-house, and could not go.
State and county, was sent by
them to Deer Lodge, in this territo­
ry, where, as yet, we have only
rh esrr two- preackers. Truly ¿Le
harvest is great but the laborers are
few. Bro. J. L. Taylor had preced­
ed us for four months, laboringin
each of these places. Through ear­
nest and faithful work he had gath­
ered together in Helena our scat­
tered Bheep, effected a re-organiza­
tion of the church and brought new
converts into the fold. The people
here highly esteem him—foe hia
pay ten dollars to the Missionary work’s sake, as well as his personal
Board tne coming year, and re­ worth:
member, dear brethren, that this
The brethren gave us a. hearty
amount will pay their taxes.
welcome. While we were selecting
a dwelling house and setting our
■ ■
& Bi HObfaBNB EAK.
— - --------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------
Our Montana Mission.
11 ELExx. M untala .
^()V 22,1883.
Dear Bro.:
Your postal card of the 16th inst.,
and a copy of the C hristian H er ­
ald , were duly received, for which
please accept my hearty thanks. I
am glad that so good a paper, de­
voted to the restoration of apostolic
Christianity is published- on the
' " wc'WTFnt'to^
Report from Pleasant Hill.
spent a pleasant evening with his through it of so many churches of
family. The next morning ^we Christ in Oregon. I can not prom­
a iseyou a monthly letter concerning
wagon as far as Stayton, we there my work in Montana, for I do not
bid Bro. R. goodby, and, crossing expect that our progress will admit
the Santiam and a four mile walk, of interestiing reports every month.
we arrived at »»ur uiicle s. whom nr. It must be slow and gradual. The
had not seen for 14 years. Stop­ utmost we can expect is a steady
ping with relatives until Thursday growth. I can promise you to
evening, we started for Bro. VV il- write occasionally, and to send re-
cox’s, but when we got to Stayton portAwhen it is advisable. At any
it being too late to make Bro. \V il- rate I want a copy of your paper,
cox’s, we went to lather Darbys, for I hope through it to become
who lives in Stay ton, and told him somewhat acquainted with our Pa­
we would preach there that night, cific brethren. Prefering to bear
he went round and made the ap­ my share of the burden in fulfilling
pointment known, and a very good 1 he law of Christ. I enclose a pos­
congregation was present. We left tal note for two dollars, ($2.00), and
Bro. Darby’s next morning, and request you to enroll me among
after a hard wTalk of 8 or 10 miles, your subscribers.
We closgd our work for the
we reached Turner a short time be­
Church of Christ at Ravenna, Ohio,
fore the train arrived. Taking the
south bound train we arrived at the the last Lord’s day in September,
and after a brief family re-union at
town of Myrtle Creek', in Douglas
county, about 8 oclock r. M. Me the home of my wife’s sister in
Canton, Ohio, started on the even­
soon found the home of Bro. and
ing of Oct. 8th, for our new western
Sister Hutson, whom we baptized
over three years ago. We had home. After traveling on fast ex­
press trains for three days and five
written Bro. Hutson Tuesday be­
nights we arrived in Helena on the
fore that we were coming, yet we
morning of Oct. 13th. We came in
got there one day before the letter.
compliance with a call from the
We preached Saturday evening,
Christian Woman’s Board of Mis­
Sunday at 11 A. M. and in the even­
sions to undertake for them the
ing, to large and attentive audien­
work of an evangelist in Helena.
ces ; and at the request of Sister
Bro. Galen Wood, from the same
Keys, who is very low with con­
us for two weeks royal entertain­
ment in her beautiful home. The
first Sunday night one' made the
contusion. 1 he hrst weea-—
the Board of trustees, in compliance
with the instruction of the church,
purchased a lot 150 feet square on
the west side, for which they paid
$3,250. Selected with special ref­
erence to the present tendencies of
development and the future pros­
pects of our thriving city. It is in
site for a .church edifice that was
available, if not the very best that
could be chosen. The trustees
were constituted a building com­
mittee who appointed a sub-com­
mittee which is considering plans
for our future house of worship.
For the present we are meeting
in the court house, where all the
•churches in Helena began their
public work. The Baptists who
are now meeting in the Southern
Methodist church, will remove in a
month or two into a new house of
their own. We then will occupy
the vacated house until ours is
ready for use, which probably will
be next fall. -
Our audiences are very small,
but we hope
an increase when
we can hold our meetings in a
church building. The field is diffi­
cult to cultivate; but we hope to
find abundance of “ the good
ground.” Already we have gleams
of light on our pathway, and have
fair prospects of success.
Your brother in Christ,
M. L. S treator .
--------------- ♦ •
“ There are people who live be­
hind the hill,” is an old German
proverb, which means that there
are other folks in the world beside
youtself, although you may not see
. fl