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Selections and Comments.
Again the Philistines assayed to
■conquer''' Israel}“ tnis time" their
by Lathered forces made ready for
the! [battle under the shadows of Gilboa,
;his on the borders of the plain of Es-
draelon. Strong in chariots and
ng horses and skilled in the use of
lly ¡arrows, the Hebrews bqheld their
it invasion with sinking hearts, know­
ed. ing the morrow’s battle forboded
he defeat; Saul in his extremity, de-
Um..... ii ly............ w y gaii jfr n
that the temples of the gods were
deserted. And the temples of the
.g£<k.3YLi:e.., indissolubly associated*
in his thought, with the old glory
of Rome. A return to the ancient
religion,.lie believed, would revive
the ancient fire that had made
Rome what she was.
SoJ too,
Titus, the conqueror of the Jews,
whose triumph is recorded on the
triumphal arch not far from the
Colosseum, was a man of exception­
ally good-natured look. As you
study his features you can easily
imagine him attempting to reason
Herald thinks the convention or
pic-nic party at Island Park, which
ordained the foreign missionaries,
was a church of Christ, a congrega­
tion of Christians, because it was a
gathering of Christians. On the
same ground, an assembly of dis­
ciples at a wedding, a'mill, a thresh­
ing or a log-rolling would constitute
a church of Christ.— Christian
^he CHKisiiAxJdj^LD take-
this position, or was it the editor of amidst the horrors of the siege of
is wretched life, sought the night be­
the Kentucky Department ? Please Jerusalem, to save their magnificent
fore the battle, the witch who
temple and the further waste of life.
give us justice, brother editor.
)d dwelt at Endor near the plain, so
e- noted before Saul’s time and since,
Is I t S o ?—The following ques-
Missionary Column.
VAAV/ battle
MWVVAV field
aiWAAJ 4. n AVV ation
UAV/A-AkJ s, j
as the
of a many
üo n -a nd. a ns wr
a| and begged there "of Samueltlie
Christian Index, Georgia:
le I knowledge of what the next day’s
The Indiana Baptist says that
Church of Christ in Oregon.
k I battle would bring. The ignomin- children dying in infancy must be
W. H. Adams, Portiund.................... President.
b. ................................................ oJLLuzacI
Belle P. Waller. Forest Grove, Rec. Ser.
n was at hand, and we admire, in and that this view is taught gener­ I. Mrs.
G. Davidson, Portland................... Treasurer.
e spite of ourselves, the doomed man ally «by Baptist theologians. Is J. W. Spriggs, Salem......... .........Cor. Secretary.
All communications relating to the employ­
e who fought so hard against the this so ?— Baltimore Baptist.
We have met with but one Bap ment of evangelists, protracted meetings, co­
enemy, when he knew his army tist minister, in fifty years, who operation in securing pastoral work, etc., all
pledges ol assistance with requests for the
would be defeated, and that he, taught differently, and hope never same, and all business properly coming before
the Board will be addressed to the Cor. Sec­
with his three sons, should be to meet with another.
retary All collections, payments of pledges,
etc., will be addressed to the Treasurer.
We do not believe that the word
' I killed, and go each to his own
I place in the world from whence he “ regeneration ” in its New Testa­ ‘ MISSIONARY NOTES.
I had called up the spiritof the ment sense is any more applicable
prophet. " Jonathan, loyaT to the to dyinginfants, or anyother in-
I-would like to ask the brethren
last, fell before his father, with his fants, than it is to the soul of- to aid me in getting all the infor-
the Index please tell
two brothers, all fighting in a use- Adam. Will
. . t mation 1 can about our congrega-
I less cause; Saul himself, struck by us how it knows dying infant.-, are ^ons j suppose we have brethren
' an arrow, committed suicide by regenerated, and by what means in all the following places.: Some
falling upon his own sword. A this regeneration is brought about / are well organized; some imper
touching little episode, showing how
fectly. and some I suppose are scat-
faitW-soffig wereto SafTtJAhdlrom
which we also understand that he tial to salvation—or it is not. Now, What I desire is that brethren from
brother Baptist, which side do you
kept some of his youthful magnet­ take ? You can’t straddle the all the places named will report
ism till the last, is the record, “ And fence; can’t hold to the horse and through some one to the H erald
when his armour bearer saw that run with the hounds.
or to me. I do not ask for statisti­
Saul was dead, he fell likewise
Thus asks the ’Christian Index. cal reports. But would like to
upon his sword, and djed with We say get down on the side where know the general condition and
him.” The Philistines, coming to Peter stood when he said, “ Repent what is needed for greater success.
gather the spoils of the slain, took and be baptized every one of you I want a complete list of congrega­
the armor of Saul and his sons as in the name of Jesus Christ for the tions in the State, so that we can
trophies, and insulted the dead by remission of sins, and ye shall re­ open correspondence with tpkwm ;
hanging their bodies upon the wall ceive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” and so we can send to them blank
Reports for the next meeting ; and
of a little town near the Jordan. Please see Acts 2: 38.
so we may regulate the Evangelist’s
The valiant men of Jabesh, across
the river, rescued the bodies and
R oman E mperors —Professor G work, and if possible have all re­
burnt them, burying the bones and B. Willcox in writing on the “ Por­ presented at the next meeting in
ashes near by under a tamarisk trait busts of the Roman Emper­ Portland next June. If I have in­
cluded any name where we have
tree. David’s lamentation over ors ” says:
Saul and Jonathan is left us in a
Perhaps one of the best faces of no brethren I would like to be in­
all the emperors is that of Domiti- formed ; and I know I have omit­
beautiful elegy.
‘ ‘ Ye mountains of Gilboa, on you be no an the author of the fiercest and ted many, now will some one from
bloodiest persecution that ever every place in the State where
raged against Christianity. I he there is a congregation write me or
Nor rain nor fields of fresh fruits ;
expression is thoughtful, even the H erald stating the fact. 1
Sinoe there has been vilely oast away,
The shield of the mighty, the shield of gentle, and decidedly winning.
Saul .
■ ' And, indeed, he was a man by no am not so particular about hearing
The armor of him anointed with oil.
mXi'tobe classed with the Neros from the stronger congregations
How are the mighty fallen in*the midst and Galigulas. His edict against where we all know there is a con-
the new religion was evidently the gregation; though I believe the
of battle I
of a blind but sincere brethren would be pleased to hear
O Jonathan, slain on thy own mountains.
I am grieved for thee, O Jonathan, my patriotism to revive the falling
brother I”
fortunes of the empire. He saw briefly from all at different times
through the H erald . It is the
small congregations in small towns
.athl die country that we wish cs^_
pecially to get acquainted with?
All would like to know ofthe ex>’
istence of every congregation or
band of brethren throughout the
State. Our church paper ought to
go into every locality and be a me­
dium of intercommunication. With
just a little interest upon the part —
of all we may be able to know each
other better, to be more helpful to
money for mission work. We can
also have fuller statistics than we
have ever had and a larger conven­
tion, and more churches represent­
ed nexkyxsM..JJm.^yer before. _
have sent out Reports of the Con­
vention to about fifty places and
persons. If there are any that
1 I
like to see the Report drop me a ~
But here is the list as far as I
am able to go: Salem, Portland,
Monmouth, McMinnville, Carlton,
Scio, Fair view. Lafayette, Trent,
East Chehalem, Pleasant Hill, He­
bron, Amity, J unction, Clear Lake,
„Brownsville, Eugene, Liberty, Al­
bany, Forest Grove, Aumsville, In­
dependence, Centerville, Be.thany,
Damascus, St. Helens, Sheridan,
Bethel, Hillsboro, Central, Oak
Creek, Dixie, Halsey, Coast Fork,
Crawfordsville. Harrisburg, Co-
quille City, Gaston, Coos Bay, Cor-
Wtis, “treingr Chester, Cottage-
Grove, Drain, Stay ton—45. Now
if the editor of the H erald or any
of our preachers can increase this
list I would be much obliged.
Possibly the Rec. Sec. has the names
of some that do not appear here.
Another thing, only 19 of these
have pledged any thing for mis-
sionary work for 1884.
Brethren, can we not increase
these pledges ? Now certainly it
is not asking to much to ask for a
knowledge of your existence. Don’t
hide your light under a bushel.
Does any church or churches to­
gether want a preacher ? There is
a good preacher a man of experi­
ence right here in Salem who would
take charge of the work somewhere.
Do any of you need the Evange­
list ?
J. W. S priggs , Cor. Sec.
* I
pj - **
1 f-
Salem, Nor. 22,1883.
—..... ■
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“ One should be careful,” says
Goethe, “ not to carry any of the
follies of youth into old age; for
old age has follies enough of its
own.” .
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