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Bro. Foster, of Owen county,
------ ------------ ■
All matter intended for this department
uld be «ent to J. W. Caldwell, Corinth,
t Co., Kentucky.
We wish to correspond with every preacher
Kentucky in reference to the circulation of
H erald , and contributions to its columns,
nd for terms.
The Last Conventions.
The Conventions that were re-
cntly held in Cincinnati are spoken
he /Standard, Guide, Times, Chris-
ian Evangelist and Atlantic'Mis-
ionary.' Owing to the demands of
ar school here we could not be
resent. The spirit’ of* missions is
rowing, as witnessed by the m-
reasing liberality of our people,
his is shown by the reports of the
e annual a re&s, by George Dar-
e, is excellent. IndeecJ, we have
en nothing superior. We suggest
at some of our publishers put it
to tract form. Every preacher in
ie reformation should read it and
upon its suggestions.
The missionary spirit is widen-
ig and deepening. We hail the
led enemies of the societies are
ielding inch by inch. They die
;but they must die. We hope
see a liberality corresponding to
he opportunities that Providence
opening to us. Our efforts should
Pt fall short of tho injunction of
ur blessed Master, "Go ye into all
e world, and preach the gospel to
very creature.”
Notes and Comments.
Success does not accompany all
en in their efforts. Some are
turally failures, and can not
oid it. This class is doubtless
ery small, but art to be com­
iserated nevertheless. He who is
e victim of circumstances is to be
Bro. Errett wisely suggests that
ore of our business men should
tend our Conventions. This is a
186 suggestion. Would 1000 of
os®, able and willing to give a
ousand or five hundred dollars
ch, attend, what an increased
rk we could do.
Prof; Ed. Porter Thompson has
a'n become president of Owen
liege, Under his previous over­
lit the institution flourished. We
(hy welcome him- among us
ln- We have no abler educator
the State. We bespeak for
College a liberal patronage.
- A
a good meeting, with 7 added. The
Baptista docked us out of their
house, so we are preaching in a
barn.” This speaks badly for the
Baptists at Gatz. We love the
Baptists, and labor to lead them to
a better understanding of the truth.
The ugliest feature of their practice
is their exclusiveness. They teach
two doctrines which doubtless lead
LU llifc: HHtfeTOBe rotnmtinidh, SS
second non-apostaey. But in many
places they are better than their
G 44 -R4^ T FA-N-jr C- (H L E Q-E-,
■ •
D. T. STANLEY, A. M., P resident ,'
Professor Mental and Moral Sciences, English and Biblical Literature»
W. E. YATES, A. M,
J. M. POWELL, A. M.,
Professor Mathematics and Physioal Sciences.
Principal Primary Department.
One of the most consoling fea-
tures of (be gospel is expressed in
Heb. 4: 15, “ For we have not an
Teacher of Painting and Drawing.
high priest that cannot be touched
W. E. YATES, A. M,
ylth a.. feeljng...oL,.,our.. infirmities, ”
Sympathy is the great character­
Such Assistants as are needed will be engaged as the session advances
istic of our Lord. Without this
LOCATION, _____ ______ ___■___
sympathy the world could not be
tlio seat of Christian College, is a village of about 400 inhabitant«, noted for
brought to Christ.* Many long for their Monmouth,
morality and devotion to tho cause of education. The Oregonian Railway passes through
the sympathy of the world about lhe middle of tho town, giving daily connection with Portland, and affording the means tor easy
travel and rapid freights. In addition to a passenger depot in the middle of town, the. O. & C.
them, and get it not.
II. R. passes through Independence, two miles away, and the steamers plying the \\ lilainetto
land there also making Monmouth one of the most easy towns of access m’ the State. Parents
who desire to placo their children under good educational advantages, where they shall be free
from the intemperance and immorality prevalent in the larger towns, will find iu Monmouth
just what they desire in these respects. It is a school town, built up for this purpose,, and all
other interests center iu this one. Hence its superiority for educational purposes.
Blessed Benefactors.
When a board of eminent physicians and
chemists announced the discovery that by
coinbiuingsome Well-known valuable reme-
—d-rr^-t h e1 iff6st''i rr >T i 9r r fur»i er> iei,n e’ wmt' ‘p r u*-
The Faculty is the most important element to the successful working of any institution of
duced, which would cure such a wide range
The Board of Trustees have sought to put in the various chairs of Christian College
of diseases that most all other remedies could men of marked
of established success in their respective departments, and who are just
lx? dispensed wlth^iuany were skeptical; but in the maturity ability,
of life. At the hands of these men they expect to see Christian College among
proof of its merits by actual trial has dis­ the most honored institutions of the lariA.
pelled all doubt, and to-day tho discoverers
B uilding .—Only one wing hf the now brick College building has been completed, and this
of that great medicine,-Hop Bitters, are hon* is being remodeled and greatly improved this year. It contains three working stories of large,
ored and blessed by all as benefactors. These airy and well lighted rooms, used for study and recitation. The old College building adjoining
been thoroughly overhauled and converted into a pleasant and commodious chapel.
Bitters are compounded from Hops, Buchu, has Apparatus
suflicient for ordinary purposes of illustration; is now provided, and additions will
Malt, Mandrake, and Dandelion, and other’ be made from time to time. The Library contains a few volumes of interest,and new volumes
oldest, best, and mostvaluablo medicines in of value will be added as fast as the meaus at our command will allow.
the world, and contain ail the best and most
A T-tr-ft-Bfr.—"Ÿ----- “---- ““““——
curative properties of Aii diherknedlcih^k, —---- ------ -------- ------- Pl 3 T ÏCT T V
being the greatest Blood Purifier, Kidney and
The features of Christian College to which we especially invite attention, as distinctive of our
Liver Regulator, and Life and Health Restor­ work are as follows :
ing Agent on earth. No disease or ill-health
C hristian M orality .—The Bible is road every day and lectures calculated to impress its
can possibly long exist where these Bittera morality are given, and with the Bible as a basis, the effort to impress the highest Christian
are used, so varied and perfect are their ope­ morality as the guiding principle in the lives of our students. Dogmatism and beetarianism are
carefully avoided. We ignore all religious or political divisions, and enoourage great freedom of
thought, and aim to stand on that high plane where Protestant or Catholic, Democrat or lie­
They give new life and vigor to the aged publican, can meet on one common level.
end Infirm. To nil whose employments causa
P ractical E ducation .—The great demand of the times is for men of action. An institution
irregularity of the bowels or urinary organs, of learning to meet the needs of the people, should not only impart instruction, but along with
or who require an Appetizer, Tonic, and mild the knowledge gained, give students the power to use it to advantage for themselves and others.
Stimulant, these Bitiers are invaluable, being
The idea of Christian College is, that the finest mental oulture and the greatest bene lit may
highly curative, tonic, und stimulating, with,
by the study of those things that will fit young men and women to at once enter
out intoxicating.
No matter what your feelings or symptoms some pursuit or business, and carry it forward successfully. Instead of those branches that are
are, what the disease or ailment, is, use Hop simply ornamental, we prefer those that are useful, and we invite comparison and criticism on
Billers. Don’t wait until you are sick, but if our work. Our aim is to graduate young men and women so that they may at onc£ enter upon
5 on only feel bad or miserable, use the Bitter^
at once. It may save your life. Hundreds the pursuits of life.
have been saved by so doing.
be paid for a case they will not cure or help.
‘ ■
' ■
Do not suffer yourself or let your frlendssuf-
M athematics .—The Course of Study in this department is very full. The various branches
fer, but use and urge them to use Hop Bitters. are taught from a practical standpoint, with a view to the application of each principal to such
Remember, Hop Bitters is the purest and
as people meet with in life and desire to understand.
best medicine ever made; the “Invalid’s affairs
L anguage ano L iterature .—A ready command of our own tongue, with an ac­
Friend and Hope.’’ No person or family
curate knowledge of its history and authors, is one of the most important acquisitions. No other
should be without them.
can supply the want of this. It can only be acquired by a thorough study of ,.
S“l was troubled for many yenrswlth serious accomplishment
In Christian College the course of English extends through four years and we consider
Kldneyand LiverComplaint,Gravel,etc.; my English.
_ ____
.. _
. blood bucauau thiniA was dull and inactive:, this one of our most valuable features.
S ciences .—Tho rapid advance’mado in the various departments of Science and the rapid
could luudly crawl about, and was an old,
w<>rn-out man all over, and could getnothing succession of discoveries of new principles and applications, constitute one of the wonders of the
to help me, until I cot Hop Bitters, ana now I age. No man can claim to be educated who is not conversant with the present advanced stage
atn a boy again. My blood is pure, kidneys of Science. Very thorough work is made of all these, assisted by the use of the apparatus at our
"are all right, and I am as active as a man of command. Sufficient time is allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the great principles
80» although I am 72.’’—F ather .
of each science.
“For ten years my wife was confined to her
A ncient L anguages .—By pursuing the best methods, the progress in acquiring a knowledge
bet! with surtra complication of ailments that of the
and Lktin languages, is rapid. We have dropped several authors that are frequent­
no doctor could tell what was the matter or ly read Geeek
in Colleges, with a view to doing better work iu those that are read, and to give more
cure hsr, and I used up a small fortune in
humbug stuff. Six months ago I saw a U. B. time for the pursuit of the course in English and the Sciences. Experience has demonstrated
flag with Hop Bitters on It, and I thought I that both belter linguists and scientists result froih this course.
would be a fool one9 more, and I tried ft; but
B iblical L iterature and E xegesis .—This department was organized in Christian Collego
ffirv lrltiv proved to be wWtom, anti two bot­ for the first time with the opening of tlie p resell t session. The object is "to study the Sacred
tles cured her. She is now as well anp strong Scriptures analytically and critically, with contemporaneous profane history, and evidences of
us any man’s wile, and it cost me only «2.
Christianity. Methods of sermonizing, pulpif oratory, methods iu revival meetings and the care
H. W---- . Detroit, Mich.
of churches, are all carefully investigated. It is this department that the Christian brotherhood,
as a body, are particularly interested in. The interest of the church is carefully considered in
thia, while all wilier departments are wholly free from any religious discussions, except the uni­
formly recognized principles of Christian morality.
¡"''‘in :v !;,<■! ÏI.'M ill
»■> Ik <•<•••! "’"I in-'« »• A "
a nt-nt slide. No OuttOrtS or hooka am tw» it Over
sold in
In one
month _ _Wi ere not for
... -v
» hüc
or color, on receipt of U hh price. 6 Lace II.&0.8 .Lace
|1%, Ätaire «IX ^p.iWquality¿.0 it« extra
A. Ç. MATHER & C0.: Chicago, III.
I ■
I t
I j R
COMMERCIAL department .
* Every facility is here afforded for fitting youtig persons to successfully carry on any kind of
business/ Tho best authors are studied on the various subjects, and such practical tests are
made as will insure thoroughness on the part of-tlio studeiit.
ttJ”For Conrse ot btuuv and other information send for Catalogue. Address
D. T. STANLEY, A. M., P beswent .
_ :