Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, November 23, 1883, Page 3, Image 3

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intil it is educated in the matter I Christians and to the work of the ’ members are enrolled as Protest- tion on the ground above indicated.
f giving to support the gospel. The church in general.
ants, but who seceded from the Does he not know that the only
Some of our scribes who write for
one or two of our Eastern papers are
trying hard to fulfill the Scriptures
where it says, “ Cry aloud and spare
not,” and we think they arc suc­
ceeding admirably. They cry so
loud that it sometimes almost
amounts to howling. Ahd when it
comes to the sparing, “ why they
do not allow such a thing as snar-
ago because they regarded the terms
of church-membership as harsh.
Especially they objected to the re­
fusal by the Chui ch to baptize the
infants, children of unconverted
parents. This party established an
independent preaching place in the
city, and one of their number, a
dayman, has there administered the
Lord’s Supper and the rite of bap­
tism without restriction. This
party has now given Mr. Shish-
They cut and carve right and left
rethren, the Bible does not say and allow the blows to fall on all
> “ money is the root of all evil.” irrespective of age or character.
lys “ the love of money is the Their course is about as undiscrim-
of all evil.” Money is a good
house, and has pretty generally
accepted baptism as a means of re­
ceiving the Holy Spirit. At other
places Mr. Shishmanian has suc­
ceeded in gaining a certain number
of adherents from the existing evan
s the necessity of supporting the
ospel with our means as it teaches
nything else, And what is needed
i for our preachers and elders to
aeak out in a «manly way upon
lis subject as well as upon others,
aul taught his brother when
eaking of money matters, that
hey who sow sparingly shall
reap sparingly,” and that “ the
union under the broad heavens is
the Bible alone, and that the zeal
that attacks and pulls down the
dividing lines of Christendom and
unites all professed Christians upon
the word of God alone leades to the
Only permanent and aggressive
Christianity the world has ever
known ? For such a union the
aposties labored^ ancT Tor such &
union, as well as for the conversion
of the “ unevangelized masses,” is
Bro. Shishmanian earnestly plead­
ing. It is his business to preach
noise they make about as frightful
respect to persons, and if the evan­
1 to get along without it ; but (to those who have not become ac­ sion seems directed to the conver­ gelical churches among the rest see
sion of the evangelical churches,
ve of it in the heart of any customed to it,) but they are not doing no serious work among the the truth and accept it, it should
ill sooner or later ruin him.
.. from... them, the
11 things are possible to him they lack the power. Let no one struggling for existence. One of complaint of the Independent’s
>elieves,” is just as true now be alarmed, it is the lighting that their great needs is the strength of correspondent to the contrary not­
union. Under these circumstances, withstanding.
wer was. The men and wo- kills, thunder kills no one.
—---------- ♦
the zeal that attacks the unity of
vho to-day are accomplishing
these Bible Christians; .with new
things for God and their race, THE INDEPENDENT AND refinements o# doctrine, while it
osewho believe in God, in the
While the Argonauts were sail­
neglects t1iUTniittitude'whb“do not
ilities of the race and in them-
accept the Bible as the • rule of ing out after the golden fleece, and
It is well known by our readers faith, cannot but be deplored.”
i. Their confidence in God
Homer’s heroes besieging the walls
that Bri
the thought of failure. Their foreign missionaries, has, for some • of confidence that thefo is no evi­ twenty years peace with the Is­
leads them, as did that of Wil- time, been laboring in Constan­ dence that the mission of Bro. S. is raelites, deemed themselves strong
enough to wipe out the disgrace of
Cary,the, great English mis tinople and Asia Minor
.ry, “ to expect great things of rejoice to know that his labor for of the “evangelical churches;” and their defeat at Michmash, and came
and undertake great things for the Lord in that field has not been should it turn out that this com over the mountain from their
Some people labor in such a in vain. That he should meet plaint is based on facts, we are not walled city of Gath, invading the
tful manner that they are half with opposition and misrepresenta­ certain that he could be engaged in I land of Judah. King Saul and his
fised “If anything like success tion we had no reason to doubt, for a better work. It would seem from army met them in the little valley
nds their labors. The gospel is other missionaries had occupied the this writer’s own statement of the of Elah, through which winds now
power of God to save sinners field before him; and it is a well case, that some of those styling as then a clear running brook, at
just as much as ever it was; known fact that those who pride themselves “ evangelical churches ” which many a pilgrim journeying
if the churches will manifest themselves most on their “ ortho­ are practicing any thing but the from Joppa to Jerusalem has
same faith and zeal that was doxy ” are none too favorably dis- Christianity of the New Testament quenched his thirst. • On either side
id in the ancient church the posed towards us as a people. Nor Scriptures. Where for example is of the valley the armies were
e results will certainly follow. I is this to be wondered at, since our the Scriptural authority for the pitched in battle array, that morn­
plea for the restoration of the baptism of “ infant children of un ing more than a thousand years be­
Iter all that has been said of ancient order of things based on the converted parents?” or for any fore Christ was born, when the
great knowledge of the word of Bible alone, in deed and in truth other infant children, for that mat­ champion of the Philistines stood
1 possessed by our brotherhood means a complete overthrow of all ter ? We venture, at the risk of out alone and shouted, “ 1 defy the
here not great danger of that creeds, confessions of faith and being considered uncharitable, that armies of Israel; give me a man.
wledge becoming very one-sided sectarianism and denominationalism such baptisms are simply no bap- I that we may fight together, " Do
partial, and of its thus being in all their forms, and the building tisms at all, and societies composed you wonder at the dismay which
f imperfect ? Has not our knowl- up of a peculiar people of God on of such material and built upon spread itself through the ranks of
mm very largely into what we strictly New Testament principles. such "pHTiciptes Kird practices’ are Saul, when, morning and evening,
“ first principles,” almost to the Hence we are not surprised at not the churches of Jesus Christ. for forty days, the giant, shining in
usion sometimes, of what might seeing an occasional complaint If then these people can be taught his armor of brass, confronted them
called second principles ? Our from the field of conflict from the the way of the Lord more perfectly, with his challenge of single combat ?
k heretofore has largely been to pens of those who are not in full what valid objection can be offered He was ten feet and a half high >
the Bible up out of protestant sympathy with our distinctive for not thus discipling them ? Are and, although bom in Gath, was
itions that had been heaped work. The following we clip from not their souls as precious to the perhaps descended from that famous
missionary as the souls of those king Og, whose iron bedstead,
n it and to teach the people the the New York Independent:
A correspondent writes us from who are less enlightened in the fifteen feet long, some claim to be
fie way contained therein to be-
e Christians. There is much Turkey: “The Rev. Mr. Shishman­ knowledge of God ? Had this now in a French museum. David,
to be done in this field, but ian, missionary of the Disciples of writer learned that union taught by the youngest son of Jesse, who had
Christ to the Armenians, has ’ately
e doing it we must not forget visited Bardezag, Marsovan, Sivas Christ and the apostles and advo- been anointed by Samuel some
there is a vast field to be ex- and other places’in Asiatic Turkey.’ cafced bj Br0- Shishmanian, he years before, had gone back to his
led that relates to the duties of In Sivw there is a party whose would hardly have filed his objec- fathers flocks, from being Saul's
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