Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, November 23, 1883, Page 12, Image 12

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editorial reviews of all books and tracts of inter­
est that may be sent to this office.]
S tarkey & P alen , 1109 nnd 1111 Gi
rard Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
an foFtbu co mpouuflLOA}'^fi'
Home Treatment directed to H. E.
Mathews,’606 Montgomery Street, San
Francisao, will be filled on. the same
terms as if sent directly to us in Phila­
the home of her father, Charles Ed­
wards, near Fairview, Columbia Co.,
W. T., Mrs. Sarah Clayton* aged 25
M argin L uther .—A popular, schol­
years, six months and l^days.
arly. and reliable life of the Great Re­
Sister Clayton was born in Syskyou
former, based on Kostlin’s extensive
county, Cal., March 26, 1858. In thé
work, as prepared by Prof. W. Rein,
JF hen IF e A re R ight .—Many church­
summer of 1859 her father moved to
Eisenach, Germany, and translated and
Eastern Oregon, and, I think, settled members think that if they do nothing
enlarged by Rev. G. F. Behringer,
near Centerville, where he Jived thirteen wrong and make no trouble, they are
Brooklyn. The 400th Memorial Cele­
years. In the summer of 1872 he all right. Not at all, sir ; not at all.
bration of Luther’s birth, that “solitary
moved to Washington Territory, and Here is a chariot and we are all engaged
monk'who shook the world,” occurring
"ftttl e d^^dxaAi^JiajKX olumbi^ co u nty*.. to drag it. Some of you do not put out
the rest
os resided to the pre- JouFbantncTpinfT
interest. As an historical character only
She confessed her of us have to labor so much the more,
his life is worthy of the paost careful sent time.
Savior in baptism in November, 1880, _ and the worst of it is, we have to draw
study : all Christendom has shared in
and lived a consistant Christian up to I you also. JFhile you do not add to the
the untold blessings, ecclesiastical and
the last moment of her life.-*. She was strength which draws, you increase the
have followed M*
weight That is to be draws. It is all
labors for God and man; A book which one among the very first that was added „ very well: for
, uj u til mill T tt1” ”
confession and baptism, and the very der.” You do hinder, and you cannot
tractive style, an unbiased record— not
first one of our number that laid down help hindering. If a man’s leg does
estimate—of as he spoke and
not help him in walking, it certainly
acted, is the neek of the hour. This her cross at Jesus feet and received at hinders him. Oh, I cannot bear to
his hands a crown of everlasting life.
She was united by marriage to Mr. think of H. Thitt I shonht bo a. h
Giving the sailent futures of his life as
William Clayton on December 25, 1882, drance to iny own soul’s growth is bad
contained in Kostlin’s and other exten­
and was to him, during their short indeed ; but that I should stand in the
sive biographies, omitting discussions
way of the people of God and oool their
on purely theological questions, it pre­ wedded life, a faithful and devotod wife, courage and dampen their ardor—my
sents its subject in so attractive a man­ and the only regrets she seemed to have Master, let it never be 1 Sooner let me
was in having to leave him. In ihis
ner that the interest never flags. We
sleep among the clods of the valley than
greatly err if it does not prove the best hour of affliction we would commit him
-popular life of the Great Reformer ever to the tender sympathies of—Him who is done for thy nsme \—Sptlrgeon.
printed in the English language. Pub­ stood by the grave of Lazarus and
$2,500 versus $1.50.
lished in Funk & Wpgnalls’ Standard wept. May he look away from the
changing things of earth to the endur-
^Bgibtngs of bewven,- where tirewlBlrt
*’T”spe^F^2,5ffd wTHFother doctors,”
more parting and no more tears.
writes Mr. J. W. Thornton, of Claiborn,
In the loss of Sister Clayton we feel Mias., "Samaritan Nervine however
T he S ingers ’ W elcome .—A Collec­
tion of New Music for Singing Classes. that a great shadow has fallen over our alone cured my son of fits.” Thisis on
By L. O. Emerson. Price, 75 cents. community ; but our loss is her gain, a par with hundreds of others, speedy,
Published by Oliver Ditson & Co., she is at lest, “ and we are only waiting thorough.
Boston.—A new and really good Sing­ until the shadows are a little longer
Mrs. Homespun, who has a terri­
ing Class book is always welcome. To grown.” • “ But she is gone.” We
be sure, music is very generally taught thank our Heavenly Father for hor pure ble time every morning to get her
-ia-ti ur »el>«ol s t But o ^ne e ees i t y only tn~~ drftntrr
ne inanK •',
ore or two parts. When the boy or
girl matures, so as to possess a man’s testimony she gave us during the hours ren are billed the rising generation.
—Boston Transcript.
or^oman’s voice, there is a need, not of approaching death.
Funeral service was preached at Fair­
at present w-ell provided for, of learning
Young and middle-aged men, suffer­
to sing part music. In the days of the view. Oct. 28th, in presenco of a large ing from nervous debility and kindred
old winter evening singing schools, number of sorrowing friend and rela­ affections, as loss of memory and hypo­
things were, in this respect, really bet­ tives.
chondria, should inclose three stamps
tor than now, when so many boy-singers
“Asleep in Jesus, oh how sweet
for Part VII. of TVorld 8 Dispensary
To be for such a slumber meet:”
graduate into manhood without any
Series of pamphlets. Address
ability to sing either bass or tenor.
W. R. M orquiss .
World’s Dispensary Medical Associa­
Fairview, W. T.
■ ;ix—
Wtty nM, then-, have a wide awake
tion, Buffalo, N, Y.
ringing school this winter, with “ The
A little girl asked her mother :
Singers’ Welcome” for text book? It “The only Thing thing that ever did me
is, when bought by the dozen, not stall
“ V hat kind of a bear is a conse­
expensive, has 150 good tunes, sacred
Writing of the very remarkable im­ crated cross-eyed bear ?” The mo­
and beenjar, and all of the best. The
elementary course is good, and has provement in her condition which fol­ ther replied that she had never
plenty of interesting exercises, and for lowed the use of a single Home Treat­ heard of such an animal. The .
beauty of ruuaic we a
that they sang about
Jr. L. O. ment supply, a patient at Walworth,
Emerson at all times.
it at the Sunday-school. •' No,” I '
one month since I used up my three
months’ supply of Oxygen, and I am said the. mother, “ it is ‘A consecrat­
Better than $10,000 !
feeling quite well again. Do not have ed cross I bear.’ ”
“I spent over $10,000 in 23 years,” any cough now, nor hoarseness. It is
Sick Headache
siid Major H. W. Hines, of Boston, the only thing that ever did me any
Muss., “ in being doctored for epilepsy. good, and I thank you very much for
Mrs. J. C. Henderson, of Cleveland,
I omployed the best physicians in New
Ohio, writes : ‘Pleasant Purgative Peb
Orleans, St. Louis, N. York. Philadel­ I do all my work—can walk quite a lets ’ a day, for a few weeks, has entire­
phia, Boston, London and Paris, but all distance : Do not seem to get tired. I ly cured me of sick head-ache,- from
to no purpose. Samaritan Nervine has have not done so much work for almost which I suffered terribly, as often, on
two years as I do now. Could but just an average, as once in ten days.” Of all
cured me entirely.” $1.50.
get around the house when I first com­ druggists.
menced using the Oxygen.” Our Treat­
We blame others for slight things,
Bethany college has five hundred
ise on Compound Oxygen, its nature,
and overlook greater in ourselves.— action, and results, with reports of cas­ and ninety-six alumni, be.si4eu hun­
Tkonias a Kewpis.
es and full information, sont free. Dus. dreds that did not graduate.
Absolutely Pure.
- . „—a
strength and wholesomeness, More econoF
cal than the ordinary kinds, and can notbewH
in competition with the multitude of low te»t
short w< ight, alum or phosphate powders.
j S v W only in cans. B gval B akin « PowDmCe.
106 Wall St., New Yort
---------- ....
“Gentlemen: .My-father resides at Glover,
Vt. He has been a great sufferer from Scrof­
ula, and the inclosed letter will tell you wbat
aauarvelous effect
has had in his case. I think his blood most
have contained tho humor for at least tei
years; but it did not show, except in the form
of a scrofulous sore on the wrist, until about
peared at that tim«,
time, ft
it ,rra
gradually spread so al
to cover his entire body. I aasure you he wm
terribly afflicted, and an object of pity, when
he began using your medicine. Now, there ar»
few men of his age who enjoy as good health
as he^has. I could easily name fifty person!
who would testify to the facta in his case.
Yours truly,
W. M. P hillips ."
a duty for me to state to you (he benefit I
have derived from the use of _
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Six months ago I was completely covered with
a terrible humor an<l scrofulous sores. Th«
humor caused an incessant and intolerabls
itching, and the skin cracked so as to cause
the blood to flow in many places whenever
, I moved. My suiterings were great, and my
life a burden. I commenced the use of th«
S arsaparilla in April last, and have used
it regularly since that time. My condltiOB
IQ iinprovu aL on*». Tho sores hart
all healed, and I feel perfectly well in every
respect— being now able to do a good day’»
work, although 73 years of age. Many inquire
what has wrought such a cure in my case, and
I tell them, as I have here tried to tell you,
AV er ’ s S arsaparilla . Glover, Vt., Oct.
Yours gratefully,
H iram P hillip «.’’
A yer ’ s S arsaparilla cures Scrofula
®Ias, Eczema, Ringworm, Blotches,
Sores, Bolls, Tumors, and Emptioy of
the Skin. It clears the blood of All mipn-
ritles, aid« digestion, stimulates the action of
the bowels, and thus restores vitality «“d
strengthens tho whole system.
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggists; SI, six bottles for
$5 to
Pvrdav at bom«*. Samples worth tjfre*
VW lU «PÄU A<drwa
4 do., pordaud. Me.