Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, November 23, 1883, Image 1

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-t—...——■* 1 .. ■——*-—,
NO. 47.
Come the sfrange rays; the forest depths under date of Nov. 10, as follows:
are bright;
° Please send my mail (paper) to
Editor and Publisher, Monmouth, Or.'
Seattle, Box 388. I had to make
my home there on account of w'ork
Twinkles, like beams of light.
Eugene City, Oregon,* Associate Editor.
there and to be at home ipore.
The rivulet, late unseen,
shrubsitsbee n athleff M hto
Wlieie biuk e iiiig tirrrnTg-tW
waters run,
tember 1st, and more are coming.
One Copy, one year.......................... $2 00
One Copy, six month«................
1 00
Shines with the image of its golden Audiences fair, interest increasing.
Sunday-school looking up. In New
And glimmering of the sun.
But ’neath yon crimson tree,
[ Entered at the Post-office at Monmouth, as
Have found about 20 member« and
second class mail matter. ]
Lover to listening maid might breathe
they are generally willing to work,
his dame,
Please Notice.
but they need financial aid.”
TT(jFmark",nwithih its roseate canopy,
We are not responsible for the opinions and
Htr blush of maiden shame.
sentiments expressed by our contributors, blit
ty Judge. Come to the Lord and
he will guide you on to victory.
There has been laid on our table
a very valuable and practical book,
........................ ■■
for our own writing alone. Hence oui readers
Oh, autumn ! why so soon
must judge for themselves. We give
space for the free expression of opinion, within Depart the hues that make the forests
the limits of sound discretion, and the good of
the cause ; but not be held as indorsing what
others may write.
Thy gentle wind and thy fair sunny
All matter intended for publication in this
fihvuld be,.written :
----------- - - -
------ ATnHeavertro&wira ahd sad ? “
1. On one side of the sheet only.
2. In a plain legible hand.
3. Lot there be plenty of space between the
Forever in thy colored shades to*stray:
4. Write with a pen instead of a pencil, so
Amid the kieses ef the soft south-west
that it may not be defaeed in transît. —-
5. Write brief articles.
To roam and dream for aye;
6. Expect no attention to articles, notices, or
queries not accompanied by your name.
A new weekly paper has been
started in Seattle, W._ T., called
The Mirrat'. Its motto reads:
“ Equal political rights to all Ameri­
can citizens of ordinary intelli-
gence, and the absolute prohibition
of the liquor traffic.” What is to.
be done with that class who do not
possess ordinary intelligence and
who is to be the judge of that mat-
.ter, we are not told ! We welcome
the publication of any and all
papers set for the advocacy and de­
fense of truth on Christian princi­
ples. Price, $2 00 per year.
iiii’lT Tij*'. ’
' ’ ~ ----- Ifrrt:-tnr1- i
iMT IT Oirr t------- —-j- T222-11" '
The mountains that enfold,
In their wide sweep, the colored land­
scape round,
Seem groups of giant kings, in purple
and gold,
That guard the enchanted ground.
I roam the woods that crown
The uplands, where the mingled splen-
j <
dors glow,
{"Where the gay company of trees look
C|n the green fields belotr.
- - -
If those of our subscribers who
have received reminders find any
mistakes, let them notify us and
they will be promptly corrected.
Our meeting in Monmouth, con­
ducted by Bro. Morrison, still con­
tinues with an increasing interest.
Up to this writing (Tuesday) 17
have taken their stand with the
Lord, all by confession except two.
My steps are not alone
The prospects are fine for many
n these bright walks; the sweet south­ more.
west, at play,
^lies, rustling, where the painted leaves
We have received the first num­
are strewn,
ber of the new paper called the
Along the winding way.
And far in heaven, the while,
'he sun, that sends the gale to wander
‘ours out on the fair earth his quiet
The sweetest of the year.
Where nvwQlie solemn shade,
erdure and gloom where many branch­
es meet;
o grateful when the summer noon made
■The valleys sick with heat ?
Christian Home Journal, published
in Kingston, Jamaica, and edited by
Bro. W. K. Azbill. It is neatly
gotten up, and is well filled with
sound teaching. Bro. Azbill is a
strong man, is doing a good work
as missionary’in Jamaica, and we
wish him all success in his new en­
terprise. The Journal is published
monthly at Is. Od. per year.
eluding many valuable vocabularies*
and carefully compiled tables.” The
book contains G72 pages printed on
good paper, substantially bound in
library style and is handsomely il­
lustrated with original drawings.
Edited by Albert Ellery, assisted
by an able corps of specialists.
And leave the vain low strife
That makes men mad, the tug for wealth
and power,
The passions and the cares that wither
Ere, in the northern gale,
And waste its little hour.
The summer tresses of the trees are gone,
The woods of autumn, all around our
Are you on the Lord’s side or are
you not ? You cannot be drafted
Have put their glory on.
we wish to call special attention.
The title page reads as follows;
The Universal Self—Instructor and
in this book we find such as the
English language, grammar, elocu­
tion, oratory, banking, book keep-
ing, schools of medicine, art of
music, social etiquette, phrenology,
language of flowers, letter writing,
biography of distinguished persons,
etc., etc. In short it is intended to
supply the place of a Cyclopedia
for those who are unable to pur­
chase the expensive works, and it is
admirably adapted to this end. It
should be in the library of every
young man and young woman in
the country, and we recommend it
to all those wishing baoks of its
kind. Thomas Kelly, publisher, 17
Barclay St., New York.
into the gospel ranks, for each must
go a willing soldier beneath the
banner of the cross. Don’t vou
want to be with the victorious ar­
my ? the battle is the Lord’s; he
never fails to conquer ; his loving
followers when the weary march is
A good sister in California wishes
over, shout exultingly “ 1 hayevfin- to know if it is right to have
ished my work, I have fought the Church socials to raise money for
good fight,” while the vanquished the benefit of the church ? - Also if
hosts are crying lost, lost, as the it is right to have organ music in
boatman carries them out into the the congregation ? It is not our
unknown. To the victor every-’ present purpose to enter into a dis­
thing is given, glory and honor and cussion of these questions, but
immortality; a house not made when a number of sisters and
with hands, eternal in the heavens; brethren desire to know our opinion
beauty and youth and love; home on these matters, we feel dree to
and heaven; Christ to meet htm- give Hr We have nothing to keep"
with the title deeds of a free salva­ in the dark pertaining to the in­
tion. The resisting host send some terests of the churches of God; and
great leader to oppose the Lord, although we may differ with our
who flourishes a space, but the brethren on some matters, we have .
chariot wheels of the Son of God learned to respect the opinions of
crush him till his bones mingle all good people, and hence can only
with the dust of earth, and his spir­ ask that they in turn exercise due
it shrieks for mercy as it goes nak- deference toward us. • Church