Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, November 16, 1883, Page 9, Image 9

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mtngtl er ' tri tonilw t' *ft>r
lid be aent to J. W. Caldwell, Corinth,
nt Co., Kentucky.
e wish to correspond with «very preacher
pntueky in reference to the circulation of
H ebald , and contributions to its columns.
1 for terms.
ife, death, eternity—how
' deep, bow solemn these
ds, so familiar to us all !
measure, who can fathom
jiurrounded by death and con-
led by eternity with its bound-
[prospects of weal and woe. Life
¡arth ends in death, and death is
the dark door to another life
ch Las fio dfia:..TAiaronraywi®
tell whether this visible uni-
le has boundaries or not, and
Lt lies beyond. Theology cannot
rmine”’"tKe locality "or ; WSt bi­
ble universe from which no
feller returns, nor the direction
I length of that lonely passage
ch carries the disembodied spirit
D its present to its future abode
.this we do know—ana îtîs
Igh for our comfort—that in our
Ler’s house are many mansions,
fthat rmr Savior hfw-p^^edva^
Be for all His.disciples. There is
of room for all even
B l •
[t in the , li m its -of thia universe,
ifor aught we know, the spirit
Rd may be very near and round
nt us. There are exalted mom-
| in our life when we see the
wens open and the angels of Goll
Bending and ascending. Life is
jystery, a glorious mystery with
Leaven beyond, but a terrible
Btery with annihilation or end-
i punishment in prospect.
fhe immortality of the soul is a
Lversal instinct and desire of the
man race. Like the idea of God,
|s implanted in our intellectual
i moral constitution. We cannot
ink backward without reaching
^ultimate cause which has no ho­
ming; we cannot think forward
thout arriving at a result which
a no ending. God aud eternity
icede time and succeed time, and
ae itself is filled with both. We
mot conceive that a wise Creator
mid make man in His own image
d endow him with the highest
¡ulties without ordaining him for
¿less existence. . He cannot, iu-
ld the head “of creatures, the mas-
•-piece of His hand, to perish like
b brute.
He cannot allow virtue
suffer and iniquity to flourish
thout some future adjustment
PW—W"" '.' " " "' “""T——
which will give to every one his
dues and restore the harmony of
character and condition. It seems
impossible that a rational being fill-
H ■ i",~->-jriniiimiAiii.
ble of endless progress should l>e
suddenly cut off in the beginningof
its career, “like die empty fabric of
a vision leaving no wreck behind.”
It seems impossible that the mind,
which proves its independence of
the body and matures in strength
while the hotly declines, should be
dissolved with its material tent. No
loved wife, no parentcan coinniit a
child to the cold grave, no friend
can bid farewell to a bosom friend,
without the ardent wish of the re­
covery of the losr and a meeting
tion as any one, sensible, brave,
frank and generous; being a Scotch­
man; with his wife, was going one
afternoon t6 see a sick relative,
a eund o f
beautiful music, the sweetest they
had ever heard. It continued for
some time. My father Was sick
some months ago; he was lying
awake one day, when ho caught
the sound of the sublimest music
he ever heard. He listened for an
hour and the sounds continued-
The tunes were familiar : “ The Old
Musician and His Harp,” and
the weightier of the law. This
stickling is very destructive of
spirituality ; and he who higgles at
the tithing alone must dwindle and
» rlwarf in Ving-
dom. Nine-tenths of the contro­
versies which disfigure our periodi­
cals are on these unessentials. They
simply gender strife, and leave un­
touched the great questions of per­
manence and vitality. It will mark
a great advance when we have laid
aside these incidentals and plead
only for the real and permanent.
Do we catch, ever and anon, the
sounds of the heavenly music ?
Does our Father give us these sweet
foretastes to cheer us on ?
of parting are unknown. Every
consideration of God’s goodness,
love and justice, of man’s capacities,
desires arid
ing nature, with its perennial reno­
vations of seasons and transforma­
tions of death itself into new forms
of life, forces upon us the belief in
the immortality of the human soul.
: But after all, pkilvsopliy and
science can lead us only to the
probability of immortality,and there
We made an assertion, when con­
nected with the Apostolic Church,
in that paper, to the effect that
«orno d+scqfies are as tenacious,
about some customs we have, that
are not named in the ’Bible, as
about things that are clearly
taught, some hastily concluded that
we were making a covert strike at
baptism, that - we had .become... un-
sound, and were hungering for the
fair smiles and worthless flatteries
;; of Babylon. » The assertion was
The starry heavens made after much observation ahd
above and the moral law within contemplation, and further ex­
may well have filled the great phil- perience only confirming what we
ospher of the Lst century with then said. Some of omr ablest men
ever-growing reverance and awe; think the same. Hear A. I. Hobbs,
but beyond the starry heavens and -whose ability none will deny:
behind the moral law lie the sub-- “ The bondage of human forms and
liiner regions of faith, which fill us customs is no-an d a lway »bas
with deeper reverence and which been, the characteristic of Bourbon-
alone can give us solid comfort in ism both in church and State, ^The
life and in death.—P hilip S chaff form of receiving persons, the
D. D,LL. D., October P al pit Treas­ whole membership present extend­
ing the hand, i« an impressive
usage and unobjectionable while a
Notes and Comments.
congregation is few in numbers,
Those who have come very near but, for many reasons, becomes im­
ly drowning relate that all the act> practicable when a church becomes
of their lives pass rapidly before large. But the use vs not even Ire-
them, within the space of a few cognized by a refeience in the
moments. This is a strange ex­ Scripture«, yet we. bave known
perience.,. I was sitting by the persons so enslaved to this custom
bedside of a sick man, very deal’ t< that any attempt to substitute it
me, when he related the following : by the custom of the preacher
“ List week I was attacked with a giving the band in behalf of the
congestive chill. In a few minutes congregation, would be regarded as
every thing that I ever did rushed a dangerous innovation, a departure
through my mind.” Thus strange from tne * ancient order.’ So ready
fact may help to point out a useful are we to rank among the perma­
lesson. When a wicked man dies nent what belongs to the tempor­
in all his awful sins, will not the ary, to fix in the very essence or
vivid and constant remembrance of druclure of Christianity what -w~a
mere appurtenance.” Who but has
them be tormenting ?
seen this sore evil in our ranks. It
B eautiful M usic .—My grand­ is the old story of tithing mint,
father, who was as void of superati- anise and cummin, and neglecting
-------------------- -- • • •
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p ATADDIT I**8 neet^e8S to describe
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