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• this it needs disintegration. As lives directed, and our hopes sus­
i evil organism, as a Satan-ruled tained ? Let us deal reverently and
ngdom, it does not need unity— therefore carefully with the Bible :
«eh of that atreHÜy:“*“'met us be pafîent witb il” as it
a great rnerch that, whether in changes its voice according to the
nsequence of the selfish and isolat- time and the season; let us learn
g nature of sin, or in consequence some facility in glancing from the
1 the detaching force of the light sentence to the discourse, from the
tat enlighteneth every man, the discourse to the time, the occasion,
’ :
D. T. STANLEY, A. M., P resident /
Lity of the world is far from being the end ; and from and through all
Professor Mental and Moral Sciences,, English and Biblical Literature,
rnplete. Nevertheless it is a strong these to the spirit which animates
W. E. YATES, A. M,
tough confederation to furnish and controls the whole. So shall
Professor Greek, Latin and German Languages.
iut resistance to goodness. These our multitudinouainterpretations be
ha£ our Lord was actuated by bounds; and our conflicting conclu­
M rs . M. B. STANLEY,
very compassion to the world sions no longer give the enemy oc­
Principal Primary Department.
ot praying for it in the petition casion to reproach. So shall an ex-
ch at that moment He was offer- acter exegesis and a larger outlook
/Teacher of Instrumental Music.
So that, in fact, nothing could make our Holy Writings more than
i n ch f u r th er fr omib»« )ark
Teacher of Painting and Drawing.
use to which the world’s exclu- instrument of intelligent culture to
W. E. YATES, A. M.,
at this point is sometimes our own souls, and a mighty weap­
Secretary of the Faculty.
on wherewith to meet the enemy in Such Assistants as arc needed wdi hÉMMMMfik M
' it borne in mind, tiiatit
justice to the holy Scriptures
Monmouth, the seat of Christian College, is a village of about 400 inhabitants, noted for
♦ » ♦
vhich we are here pleading. We
their morality and devotion to the cause of education. The Oregonian Railway passes through
the middle of the town, giving daily connection with Portland, and affording the means tor easy
One Suffering Soul Happy.
.unhesitatingly, that it is not
travel and rapid freights. In addition to a passenger depot in the middle of town, the O. & C.
R. It. passes through Independence, two miles away, and the steamers plying the Willamette
¡ctful, it is not fair, it is not
If I can send one suffering soul to land there also ; making Monmouth one of the most easy towns of access in the State. Parents
> to handle the Bible in the you,” writes James Corbon, of Wash­ who desire to place their children under good educational advantages, where they shall be free
from the intemperance and immorality prevalent in the larger towns, will find in Monmouth
ler of which the instance above bum, Ill., “ I will be happy. Sama­ just what they desire in theso respects. It is a Bchool town, built up for this purpose, and all
other interests center in this one. Hence, its superiority for educational purposes.
pented on is but a sample. We rian Nervine cured me, and will cure
piling to make every allowance all cases of fits.” $1.50.
The Faculty is the most important element to the successful working of any institution of
It is the crushed {¿rape that gives
ble on the score of general cus-
¡and long continued personal out the blood- red wine. It is the in the maturity of life. At the hands of these men they expect to see’ Christian College among
the mostjionored institutions of the land.
B uilding .—Only one wing of the new brick College building has been completed, and this
|; and keeping these extenua- suffering soul that breathes the
is being remodeled and greatly improved this year. It contains three working stories -of large,
in view, we quite admit that sweetest melodies.— Gail Hamil­ airy and well lighted rooms,, used ibr study and recitation* The old College building adjoining
has læeu thoroughly overhauled and converted into a pleasant and commodious chapel.
‘excelTenTmeh earn” the title ton.
Apparatus sufficient for ordinary purposes of illustration, is now provided, and additions will
be made from time to time. Thé Library contains a few volumes ol interest, and new volumes
crap doctors ” without at all
Dr. Pierce’s “ Favorite Prescription ” of value will be added as fast as the means at our command will allow.
ing how well-deserved is the is the debilitated woman’s best restora­
tch. Still the practice itself tive tonic.
The featuroa of Christian College to which we especially invite attention, as distinctive of our
work are as follows !
as the s&me—--iadeiensible-and ‘
C hristian M orality .—The Bible is read every day and lectures calculated to impress its
d morality
are given, and wiih the Bible as a basis, the effort to impress the highest Christian
nous. Bare justice to the Bi-
morality as the guiding principle in the lives of our students. Dogmatism and Sectarianism are
e repeat, is what we contend
carefully avoided. We ignore all religious or political divisions, and enoourage great freedom of
thought, aDd aim to stand on that high plane where Protestant or Catholic, Democrat or Re­
It is the least we can do to let
publican, can meet on one common level.
P ractical E ducation .—The great demand of the times is for men of action. An institution
its own interpreter. It is the
of learning to meet the needs of the people, should not only impart instruction, but along with
the knowledge gained, give students the power to use it to advantage for themselves and others.
Iwe can do to pay supreme ra-
The idea of Christian College is, that the finest mental culture and the greatest benefit may
be obtained by the study of those things that will fit young men and women to at once enter
|to the facts, the occasion and
gome pursuit ar business, and carry it forward successfully. Instead of those branches that are
simply ornamental, we prefer those that are useful, and we invite comparison and criticism on
ntext with which each sen­
our work. Our aim is to graduate young men and women so that they may at once enter upon
stands connected. To over­
“Yon claim fbo
the pursuits of life.
much for S amari ­
bid violate these is to be guil ty
tan N bbvini .’J
M athematics .—The Course of Study in this department is very full. The various branches
say sa skeptic. “How
it would be little if anything
from a practical standpoint, with a view to the application of each principal to such
can one medicine be
of immoral, if indulged in to-
affairs as people meet with in life and desire to understand.
a specific for Epi­
E nglish L anguage and L iterature .—A ready command of our own tongue, with an ac­
lepsy, Dyspepsia,’
an ordinary speaker or writer,
curate knowledge of its history and authors, is one of the most important acquisitions. No other
ITco h oils m /
accomplishment can supply the want of this. It can only be acquired by a thorough study of
lose of our readers who do not Opium Eating, Khenmatism, Spermator- English. In Christian College the course of English extends through four years and we consider
and fifty other
rhæ, or Seininul
of our most valuable features.
t feel the force of our remarks, complaints?’* Wo claim it a specific, sim­ this S one
ciences _ -The rapid advance made in the various departments pf Science and the rapid
ply, because the virus of all diseases arises from
of discoveries of new principles and applications, constitute one of the wonders of the
ransfer the argument to the the blood. Its Nervine, Résolvent, Alterative and succession
age. No man can claim to be educated who is not conversant with the jaresent advanced stagq ___
Laxative propertiesmcetalltheconditions herein
iretati-on. of- their favorite —ref«n<£4o. It’s -ten-own troWd wirfews r <- - ----- otSeience. Very thorougn workTsmade of all these* assisted ‘by the use of thèapparatus'at our
command. Sufficient time is allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the great principles
of each science.
era and authors. Would it be
A ncient L anguages .—By pursuing the best methods, the progress in acquiring a knowledge
to interpret these, as the Bible
of the Geeek and Latin languages, is rapid. We have dropped several authors that are frequent­
ly read in Colleges, with a view to doing better work in those that are read, and to give more
frequently interpreted—pick­
time for the pursuit of the course in English and the Sciences. Experience has deuiouslrated
that both better linguists and scientists result from this course.
et a sentence from one place It quiets and composes the patient—not by tho
B iblical L iterature and E xegesis .—This department was organized in Christian College
introduction of opiates and drastic cathartics, but
first time with the opening of the present session. The object is to study the Sacred
alf a sentence from another, by the restoration of activity to the stomach and Scriptures
analytically and critically, with contemporaneous profane history, and evidences of
nervous system, whereby tne brain is relieved
stting the excerpts in bristling of morbid’ fancies, which arc created by the Christianity. Methods of sermonizing, oratory. methods in raviKaLmaftiMMat MMi.HuueMe
oas aiwvswf
f r»w-wwT
frrwd-tfrf —
------------ -— of -ennrehew, ate all carili till VWi*A té a~lt is this aepartmont thattne ChrisTTan brotherhoodj
To Clergymen, Lawyers, Literary men, Mer­
as a body, are particularly interested in. The interest of the church is carefully considered in
¡Ce'df“eacfi xilher to’prove that
chants, Bankers, Ladies and all those whose sed­
this, while all other departments are wholly free from any religious discussions, except the uni«
ithors of them were continu- entary employment causes nervous prostration, formly recognized principles of Christian morality.
irregularities’ of the blood, stomach, bowels or
ttering irreconcilable proposi- kidneys or who require a nerve tonic, appetizeror
stimulant., ¡S amaritan N ervine is invaluable,.
Thousands proclaim it thoinost wonderful invig­
' If nut, tire» how can the orant
Every facility is here afforded for fitting young persons to successfully carry on any kind of
that ever sustained the sinking system.
business." The host authors are studied on the various subjects, and such practical tests are
ee be defended when directed
l.5O. Hold by all 0ra«£ists.
as will insure thoroughness on the part of the student.
ha Or.S.A.Richmond Med. So.St. Joseph,Mo. mado O^For
ds those precious documents
Course ot ¡Study and other information send for Catalogue. Address
For testimonials and circulars Bend stamp.
D. T. STANLEY, A. M., P resident ,
REDIJiUTON AiO't Agents, bau Francisco
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