Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, November 09, 1883, Page 8, Image 8

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edge gained. We may thoroughly
- Educational Department.
and it was wrell prepared.
poses and State work.
understand principles of music
Bro. Rogers, one of the brethren
A northern district was organ-
CONDUCTED BY PROF. W. E. YATES, A. M. without being able to execute bar-
i f .thQYjgill. keep
""^izearmeyighlg 7Jtfftli fium Caw* *
- □dXuttvil
^^7 “fSGT^^B O T inds: Wo may comp r»~
All matter intended for thin department
mento City. In this district a re­ the meeting at that point, and give should
be handed or sent to Prof. W. E. Yates, • hend the different steps to be taken
quest was sent to each congregation him all the privileges of the grounds, Monmouth, Oregon.
_ ..
. in performing an opera on the
keep . _
to send its preacher into the field at , that he will pay all expense
piano and yet be wholly incapable
Is Knowledge Power ?
. its expense to hold a protracted 1 as good table'as this year, which by
of skillfully bringingout the melody
It seems to be natural for man
meeting, some time during the the way was good enough, and that
that the- trained hand and ear is
coming year. There are a number he will put $100 into the State to desire power. For power man
able to accomplish.
of places where these meetings are mission fund besides. This is bet­ subjects himself to rigorous train­
It is culture that brings power.
greatly needed and we hope there ter than has ever been done before, ing both in body and in mind. For
will be a prompt response. Let and I trust the proposition will be it he deprives himself of the bene­ It is culture that gives ability to
duly considered.
fits of many pleasant times that he grapple with unexpected difficulties
*11. ahing.
’’KigTiT enjoy ; lor it W' lABMrW
not only in the northern part of
this great State, but over its moun­ low an estimate of the amount of storms. He exposes himself to mind, though it be not equal to an­
tains, through its vales, across its lumber used in building tents, &c. dangers, he denies- himself sleep other in scholarship, or has not col­
broad plains and along its sea-girt There was near 50,000 feet I am and rest, by burning the midnight lected so many facts, will much
lamp; he puts forth continued and more readily adapt means to. ends,
were _jQne_very pleasant feature of the - painful exertions in training,..^
offered in memory of Bro. Baalim meeting to myself and wife was muscle and cultivating the intellect cïples ïiT such ways as will Tëàff
C. Rawson, of Woodland, a brother the unexpected meeting with Bro. that he may be strong, that he may success. We hear of self-made men.
They are held up to us as examples
of superior intellect, greiat Biblical and Sister Stratton, of Illinois. have power. Is it not right for
fnrmP.rlv Gvnf.ha
I kit to prove that school education is of .ji;
oneof the w isest of -SUteK—S
Bradburry, a pupil at Abingdon not a principle of our nature, im­ no value; and they are illustrations
There was more money raised at eighteen years ago. They have planted by the Creator, to improve well given, if we mean by educar
this meeting than at any former been in California only a few weeks, ourselves, to cultivate and develop tion that the mind is simply to be
one, over four thousand dollars in and have located at Rio Vista, on our mental, physical and moral fitted up or stored with the facts
the aggregate, over six hundred for the Sacramento river, and will unite faculties? It certainly is. Our
State work, five hundred for Sun­ with the brethren at Elmira, about ideal of a truly great man is one out training the mind to think upon jft f
day-school work, and over five twenty-five miles distant from their who reaches that highest perfection these facts. We should not send a
of mental lx. growth, physical com- person to an old garret to clothe
hundred for the Women’s Home home.
The question was discussed as . to
Missionary. work,Andtwenty; three '
. . < |fl pleteness and .moral goodness that himself with the cast-off garments
hundred for building a church in the propriety of changing the plan is possible for man to attaint How “ôT pai"^
of our State Meetings. Some pro­ to accomplish this desired end cer­ not expect a person to acquire much
San Francisco.
Bro. J. H. Rosecrans, who reached pose that the churches send dele­ tain means have to be employed. mental power by simply filling his
train the mind with the fragmentary<=4frts of
the grounds from the East on the gates to some point where the p^ans^^TTnstOce,
last Saturday of the meeting was and State work may be arranged muscles food is required to give knowledge gained by others. Dis­
employed as S. S. Evangelist, and and reports received, and dispense them strength, but it roust be re­ cipline of mind is the better object ft
enters immediately on his work in with the present plan of camping membered that the food is not of education. The methods of fact-
¿88Lsting~Hrd. Berry inaineetmg-at- for-a-week-mL--so;—buttlwoe is a strength, it4e only a means to the gatheringor book-learningaresimply
Nap«L W'e hope to liraFHrgood-re- strong feeling to retain the present strength, so in the same manner in the cause of the complaint among
port from this department of our plan on account of the sociableness the cultivation of the faculties of good and reasonable citizens, called
State work. There are few locali- and brothei ly-love-ableness that the mind, it must be fed, it must be by them cramming. A knowledge
, ties that appreciate the magnitude forms such an important feature of nourished, but the nourishment, the of facts is very necessary, but train­
of the Sunday-school work.
I these meetings. A committee to food upon which it grows and lives ing the mind by the use of facts is
know of no Sunday-school that is consider these questions was ap­ is not power, it is only a n eans of of more importance. The student
conducted as it ought to be, and if pointed. One Methodist brother of power. A bushel of potatoes is not leaving school is not able often to
our brother shall succeed in stirring prominence in the county camped muscle, neither is knowledge mind. tell all the distinctive phenomena
up the pure minds of the brethren with us, and was present at every On the other hand, if the food of he has been studying, though if he
and put them to work in earnest, meeting, all of which he enjoyed the body is simply changed into has learned something of principles
he will have done a good work. greatly. The prayer meetings were muscle without that muscle being and has converted the experience of
May the good Lord bless his labors daiiy love feasts, hearts were exercised and trained, it is not yet others given in his text-books into
and give him a rich reward, while strengthened, and the saints were strong; in that state it is compara­ knowledge of his own and has de- _J
heavenly benedictions shall be encouraged. But the parting hour tively useless. In the same way veloped his mind so that it is .
showered from many a parental must come. Many were there from the mind may be stored with facts, stronger, so that he is able to think,
tony - -have- abundan t kno w 1 edge, heia bench tted. Then is knowl- J
■ first to last, and with tearful
The attendance at this meeting and throbbing hearts they took the and without it is trained, it will also edge in itself power ? Knowledge
• was not as great as has
* heretofore parting hand while they sang, be comparatively useless. A per that can be used' is a means of
been, owing to the lateness of the “ God be with you till we meet son may by reading and hearing power. It is not always the mer­
season ; it being held a month later again.”
the experience of others, be able to chant who knows the most Com­
this year than usual, hence the
gain a knowledge of many facts mercial Laws, who has the most
A man in the depth of a well without acquiring much mental varied fund of knowledge concem-
close proximity to the Bay gave us
may see the stars at mid-day, power. We may become acquaint­ ing the mercantile business that If
a superabundance of cold winds.
co these are hidden from the ed with facts and laws by reading the most successful in trade ; but
Adjacent to the grounds is a though
man on the mountain top. So oft­ them without improving ourselves often the one having good reason­ 1
pond fifty feet long and seven feet
en, to an intellect of humble grade
much. They will not be of much ing ability with small data upon
deep, a very suitable place for the
glimpses are given of higher spirit­
ual truths which more gifted in­ value to us if we do not convert which to base calculations, but these
There was about four hundred tellects do not discern.— Christian them to any further use than that calculations being, strictly and ac­
pounds of meat cooked each day, | Index.
of simply holding them as knowl- curately done, show superior sense