Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, November 09, 1883, Page 7, Image 7

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the same, though in .winter we have
the largest attendance (even from
200 to 250 children); yet our Sun­
day-School compares well with the
t n oat flou r ishi n g in Pari s /though
our neighborhood is les» populous
and naw under diiect priestly in­
fluence. We have to deplore with­
in a moth three deaths among these
I I dur
i God’s lambs. Some have ° been
lulled to sleep in Jesus while hear-
our beautiful songs, and all have
hailed the Sunday-school hours as
their mbst precious and sweetest of
earth. O, how we need a school
attached to our mission, and what a
rich harvest would be had if we,
like Mr. McAll and Co., had un­
limited means. The new songs of
our new Hymnal have been kept
aswagt.. until Madame ^dJUlaunayos.
^return, when they will be sung with
^exultation. Yet the other tunes in
which our people have been so well
by Madame D., are heartily
ung, and as sweet echoes of her
whom they learned to revere and
to love. Candidates for baptism
have never been so numerous, but
all wish Madame D. present, and
how tliey all long for her happy and
speedy return. How great will be
our people’s ovation, and how start-
ing.l(LiLUr_out3ide_rs, the perform-
| ance at once of so many Christian
baptisms ! One of the secrets of our
more prospering condition is that
taking opportunity of the signs of
the time around us we now more
strenuously than ever preach the
glorious gospel of the kingdom and
return of our Lord -the
first resurrection and the rapture of
the then living saints, and the
solemn answer to the great^gues-
tion by him to whom was c copmit-
ted the keys of the kingdom. So
our God is remembering me, His
old servant. He has answered my
petition, that I be not left alone,
and that in my weakness would
show forth His strength, and would
continue in my old age to grant me
the freshness of youth, yea, to renew
it like the eagle’s to His praise.
But, oh I what a harvest shall be
when our disciples in America, and
yen from “New Zealand 'and Atrs-
Itralia, shall stretch out a strong
leart and hand to aid us. In view
^X>f what the demonstrations are do-
^ing from America, Great Britain
Jknd Switzerland to aid Mr. McAli’s
ovement in Paris and France, may­
Wur dear brethren and sisters, the
Disciples of Christ, hear in their
deeper hearts the Savior sweetly
interrogating them, t7~Love8tUidu me
&ore than these ?” I am waiting a
plap for a church to be built at once,
on the cheapest, plainest, and yet to
be in harmony with the prevailing
taste among us. It will be, I am ip
sen t tp Uiis.hnard.tQ.d M n.suE
mitted to our people at the General
Convention, in Cincinnati. I may
not live long enough to see it finish-
ed, but I am in hope to help and
see it begun, and that my two little
missionary boys will yet be baptized
and preach within its walls. Our
prayer is that, although our hearts
long after the speedy return of
Madame D, yet may she be kept
lorip^hW. your midst 'fill W
voice has rung in the hearts of our
people over the sea. Assure her
that everybody is faithful at his or
her post, and that all vie who shall
±Le.Jthe .mQ 8.tJaithikL..... _______ __
J ules D elaunay .
Letter From “Acquilla.”
Bro. Flmjd
lion, it wouJd be very difficult in­
deed after a searching investigation
to tell the difference between their
preaching and practices and those
af tbeir sectarian naighbora. Thia
should not be so. Let us wake up -
and put on the whole armor of God
and “ contend earnestly for the faith
once delivered to the saints.”
Your Brother,
“A cquilla .”
California Department.
All matter intended for this department
should lie addrossed to Prof. J. Durham, Col­
lege City, California.
preachers should never forget to
give the world their portion of first
principles; for that is the seed of
California State Meeting.
the kingdom ; and a neglect to sow
the seed will result in a failure to
There were sixty delegates £n-
reap. And over and above all, a rolled, representing twenty-five
failure to reap the light kind of different congregations, and twenty­
fruit will cause the old enemy to eight preachers present during the
soon the tares will preponderate and time, but other engagements kept
then an apostate church will be the some of us away part of the time.
_ .
_ . _ _ This was the largest attendance of
If we sow organs, conventions, preachers we ever had in the State,
and missionary societies, and out­ as far as I have been able to learn.
side organisms and interminable The Macedonian cry of California
Biblical criticisms instead of the had bounded over the Rockies, the
kingdom we may expect as the in­ great Mississippi valley heard our
evitable result, strife and division? wails and many noble workmen
While it may Ee right to sow these have
other seeds in proper proportion and gave us at our last State Meeting
right spirit, yet to always sow these many new workers for our inviting
seeds to the"neglect"ofTK^mbfS’i'm-
portant seed of first principles is ces crown their efforts ; they will
sure to land this reformation on the find it much harder work than in
the older States. The push, bustle,
rack of division.
- and.rush for-gold and other trea*—
— We ..afe—no»
some of the fruits of our partial sures have so taken hold of the—-
abandonment of our plea of first heart that people hardly stop long
principles. No man need be de­ enough to hear the Word.
On Monday morning, at 9 o’clock,
ceived, for the elements of discord
are at work in our midst; and what the real work of the convention
we want as a people is to meet the began, church reports and plans for
world, the flesh and the devil, as a a more thorough State work.
The programme of each day’s
unit and use the sword of the spirit
with an earnest united will and work was about as follows : Prayer
quit our wranglings about matters meeting at 7, breakfast at 8, con­
and things that would not save a vention at 9, preaching at 11,
soul whether they be true or false. Women’s Home Missionary Society
Our preachers and editors should at 1 P. M., dinner at -2|, preaching
Christianity, and the sooner the seal
of condemnation is placed on all always keep first principle or seed at 3J, and preaching at 7 in the
such wolves in sheep’s clothing the of the kingdom before the people, evening.
The State.Evangelist enteiedinto——-
be t te r’ftru e (J h rixti anity. ■ " Your
outspoken position oh many now articles on doctrinal points, should his work immediately on his ar­
quite popular innovations are com­ be kept before the people so that rival from Missouri in January, and
mendable, 1thve the right ring and when a man talks to his friend or a has held meetings at Petaluma,
in harmony with the whole tenor stranger sits in church and listens Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Williams,
to our teachings he can at once get Sycamore, Willows, Fulton, Red
of Revelation.
These innovations are but sido his bearings and know that he is in Bluff, and revisited some of these
isssues that must be met and dis­ a? church óf C’hrist and TOt"1 a sec- ■pTOe^—He'èpèiit 22?Tdays in thè™
denomination. At the field, preached 298 sermons, had
cussed in a proper spirit, in order tarian
that truth may prevail and error be rate of progress some of our 195 accessions, organized 2 church­
rooted up and cut out; and while most fashionable and popular es, assisted in raising over five
creed makers and innovationists churches are making in populariza • thousand dollars for building puis
I have been watching with inter­
est your course and sentiments ad­
vanced in our primative plea since
you took charge of the H erald ;
and I am now fully satisfied you
u nd er stand -ei r F- pl ea a nd have-the-
backbone to teach, and stand by
your convictions, which many of
our professors and preachers have
That there is strong and convinc­
ing evidence of unsoundness both
in our pulpits and publications no
man of thought and reading will
deny, for our numerous controver­
sies in our public prints is but oc-
ness some where; and while the
contest is going on, it is important
to have the right man at the helm.
You have hit that quasi infidel,
Beecher, some hard licks, and, yet
none too many or too fast, for no
friend of apostolic Christianity
shoufd respect such renegades ; and
I believe it to be a crime against
Christianity and good morals for
Christians to attend and give their
I “
hunger and thirst after these things,
yet all who plead for primative
Christianity must stand by the
teachings of the pure word of God I haziipls, e ven if . neaeaaary^-lq.
the extremety of withdrawal.
But whiladhese things are being
discussed, ourjeditors and preachers
should not forget that the “ word ”
is the seed of the kingdom, and that
Paul’instructed Timothy to rightly
divide the word of truth, giving to
each their portion in due season.
While it is necessary to teach the
church its duty by precept and