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The two should be kept distinct in
the purpose of their observance—
the one day of thanksgiving for the
hidings of the year.: the other of
glandness and praise for the advent
of Christ and for all social and
family joys. For these and other
good reasons it is generally admit­
ted that the usual time appoiated
for our National Thanksgiving is,
at least, a month or more too late
to be appropriate.— Lutheran Ob“
T he B ible .—It is no exaggera­
tion to say that each great move­
ment for good, in the Christian
Church has coincided with fresh
study of the Bible. It was so with
the great fathers of the first
■with Origen, and the masters of
Alexandria; it was so with Jerome
and Augustine ; it was so in the
teenth centuries. At each crisis
deeper investigation of Scripture
found new treasures which answer­
ed to the wants of a new society.
And by God’s help it will be so
now. The "power- YjF lEe” Bible is
unchanged and inexhaustible. It
speaks with authority to societies
and to mon ; it-speaks with sym­
pathy ; it speaks with authority
because it speaks with sympathy ;
because it spea k s with a hum a n
voice, through men and to men, in
many fashions and in many parts.
Let us emphasize this thought. We
commonly describe the~ Bible as a
“ Book.” It is a Book, one Book ;
but it is more. The first tittle,
which was given to it in the West
was Bibliotheca Divina; and it is in­
deed a Divine Library, rich in every
region of human interest, rich in
every variety of human record.—
Professor 'Westcott.
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_ __________ _
. .
If you wish to make a man love
you, tickle his pride. Be careful
not to appear to be adding to his i
stock of information from your own,
-superior though that may be and
inexhaustible compared with the
littlé he may possess. If you can
but make it appear that the wis­
dom that you insinuate beneath his
thick cuticle came thither not by
any means of yours, but that it
was evolved from his own teeming
mind—and this by the way, is one
of the easiest things to do—he will
Jove you ; that is to say, he will
love himself, and when a man is
thoroughly in love with himself h«_
is by consequence very amiable to­
ward his fellows,
From Bro. F. D. Holman.
■ i
............. ’■>n^y?A TT E igr W: T?rv ■■ —r~
Oct. 25, 1883.
Dear Bro. Floyd-.
Some years ago 1 was an oc­
casional contributor to the columns
of the Messenger, but having been
for the past several years traveling,
mostly in California, I have not had
the privilege of reading it, save
only occasionally.
I am now taking the H erald , or
good may be accomplished.
I will not now indulge in any
lengthy disertation .upon my idea
of the jterm good when used in the
above connection, Vit I cannot re­
frain from saying that that which
wanns and makes alive the Chris­
tian sympathies, and words and
acts, is to my mind the highest type
of good.
F. D. H olman .
—.—_—♦ » ♦
Letter from Bro. Todd.
B andon , O r .,
is, and I am therefore a constant
Oct. 20,1883.
reader of the same.
Dear Herald :
The few numbers I have read
The route I have chosen to Cali­
contain many items very interest- fornia brings me through Coos
Gate and that she is able to stand I
the storms that she must encounter.
So it should be in life, before we
launch aw^y into eternity, and |
while ¿rowing ¿own Ine stream
time we should choose the vessel
that should -bear us across the river
of death. On account of the rough­
ness of the bar we have been com­
pelled to stay here for some time,
and don’t know when we will sail.
To-day has been one of exceeding
beauty, especially viewed from the
window of the Golden’Beach Hotel,
at home. The sun has been shin­
ing brightly all day, and now at
the close it is illumed by the glory
of a clear sunset at sea, and while
I am gazing on this resplendant
answers thereto, as presented by part of it; and as I have many scene I cannot forget that God in
your California Department, were friends and relatives living here I his love and kindness has created
very interesting to me, because I have been somewhat reluctant to these for our enjoyment.
ana. personallyacquainted., with leave, my
reach California.
both parties; besides the queries pleasant.
Yours fraternally,
are the emanation of a thoughtful
I arrived at Coquille City Sept.
L. J. T odd .
mind, and contain the gist of all 22nd, and, with a party of Jriends
---------------------- ♦ « ♦ ...
reasonable criticism adverse to the and relatives, went to the beach,
Letter From France.
truthfulness of Holy Writ, and the and spent a- pleasant -week. The
answers thereto are par excellent._ second Sunday si ted the Brown -------- P aris , 1 R u e B auseet , —
I will also say that in my school-house, and while there had
Oct. 2,1883.
opinion few men of his years have thé pleasure of hearing Father Ed-
It is well known to our entire
“ leveler heads ” than was mani- munds jpeach to an attentive brotherhood, and even the bodies
fested in that “ criticism ” by Bro. audience. He is an earnest laborer around us, that under God one of
G. O. B.
and intends to give his whole time the most efficient springs of success
Having read in your paper that to the work. May the brethren see in the French mission has been the
there are Tnany localities which that TnsT Tiands" are held up" He untiring and devoted zeal, rare tact
are destitute of preaching, and
dso delivered two discourses at and good sense of Madame Delaunay,
calling upon any and ah wr.v reel Coquille City to large assemblies. and in our midst it is freely said :
an interest in the cause of the I have not had the .pleasure of “What great things would have
-Master -to do ahr they
meeting Bm:Ht41enbeak’,• but T anr ••been-aceompirshed dry -snc+r
their wants in that direction, I take told he has built up the only woik- sion had it not been for its so limit­
this method of introducing myself. ing church in the county. It is ed means for the undertaking of a
I will say to any who will read near his home at Fairview, and work of such magnitude !” But “it
1 Cor. 9 : 16, they may then know speaks well of him. The cause is in seemed good in ourHeavenly Father’s
the impression under which I have a fair way to move forward in this sight,” and although for a time He
lived since I was fifteen years old ; county. I learn that Bro. ------ is has seen good to permit the absence
but, seemingly insuperable difficul­ on his way to this place. It is a of His maidservant, He gloriously
ties forbade the exercise of that de­ good field for work. There is, as shows that the French mission is
sire until very late in life when I near as I can find out, between 70 His. To us He is an ever-present
determined to obey the summons and 80 members in good standing God, and He delights in answering
regardless of difficulties; I will, in this county, but they are so her prayers for us. In leaving Paris,
therefore, say through your paper, scattered that thev cannot work to- _ Madame Delaunay made our people —
to the brethren and friends of the gether. The chu. h at Coquille promise that they should stand
Willamette valley, that it is my in­ City have sent Bro. W. W. Hayes faithfully by her husband, their
tention to make a tour fhrough as their representativ
They are pastor, and that she would be al­
your valley dw ing the approach i ng laboring hard to rebuild■ heTh’UTCb ways presmivltb them in prayer™
winter with a view of trying to at that place, and they have good and in spirit at all their meetings.
preach “ Christ and him crucified.” prospects of succeeding.
Our people have-proved faithful,
When I am fully ready to enter
I spent tn ee weeks most and many in wet or dry weather
upon that work, I will, if yom pleasantly he *•. on the river, andon have walked two, and some even
please, give notice through y cur the 14th I boarded the little steamer three, miles to attend the meetings.
paper. My church membership is and quietly glided away toward the And even more, our salle has kept
ä t"ThI4pTace,^’TiëFë~AvëTîâvë a livF a wh * lay the vessels that better attended ; people of the bet­
little congregation of 27 members, woul
cear us across the angry ter sort are now flocking to us, at­
who are deeply imbued with the ba nd moore us safe within the tracted by our orderly and simple
Spirit of thèMaster, anfl'unflër THe " Golden Gate; but before I step on preaching and worship, so clearly
p aching and pastoral management board I must know first that the and rightly dividing the word of
of * r/\ Wolverton, we hope much essel is bound for the Golden truth. Our Sunday-school continues