Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, November 09, 1883, Page 11, Image 11

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    Weather Report
D. T. STANLEY, A. M., P resident ,
Professor Mental and Moral. Sciences, English' .tind Biblical Literature
W. E. YATES, A. M,
Professor Greek, Latin and German Languages.
j. M. POWELL, A. M.,
Professor Mathematics and Physical Sciences.
Principal Primary Department.
Teacher of Instrumental Music,
- ----- - -------------------- le a d i a af^aiul i ug and ¡¿mut ib_____________ ________
Absolutely Pure.
W. E. YATES, A. M.,
This powder never varies. A marvel purity,
strength and wholesomeness, More economi
Such Assistants as are needed will be engaged as the session advances
Secretary of the Faculty.
.1 V
short weight, alum or phosphate powders.
Sold only in cans. R oyal B aking P owder C o .,
10G Wall St., New York.
The only known specific for Epileptic Fits. "Hl
’Also for Spasms and Falling Sickness. Nervous
i Weakness It instantly relieves and cures. Cleanses
blood and Quickens sluggish circulation. Neutra-
[ a skeptic
Delicate and Feeble Ladies.
Those languid, tiresome sensations, causing
on to feel scarcely able to be on your feet;
lat constant drain that is taking from your
f8t^ airnH”rdnner etnwtfHty, drivtag-Um
loom from your cheeks; that continual
rain upon your vital forces, rendering you
rltable and fretful, can easily be removed
L the use of that marvelous remedy, Hop
Itters. Irregularities and obstructions of
Lnr system are relieved nt once, while the
»»'»- 1M *
Lnently removed. Nona receive so much
eneflt, and hone are so profoundly grateful
nd show such an interest in recommending
lop Bitters as women.
Feels Young Again.
My mother was^afflicted a long time with
Luraigla and a dull, heavy, inactive coudi-
fon of the whole system; headache, nervous
iostratlon, and was almost helpless. No
Kysicians or medicines did her any good,
tree months ago she began to use Hop Bit-
Irs with such good effect that she seems and
Dels voting again, although over 70 years old.
Fe think there Is no other medicine fit to
fee in the family.”-A lady, In Providence.
B radford , P a ., May 8,1875.
lit has cured me of several diseases, eueh
fe nervousness, sickness at the stomach,
Monthly troubles, etc. I have not seen a sick
hy In a year, since I took Hop Bitters. All
Fy neighbors use them.
I ,_________ M rs . F annie G reen .
3,000 L ost .—“A tour of Europe that cost me
8,000-doue me less goo.l than one bottle of
lop Bitters; they also cured my wife of 15
•ears’ nervous weakness, sleeplessness, nnd
R» M., Auburn. N, Y.
jtjlop Bitters is not, in any sense, nn nlco-
BK>lio beverage or liquor, and could not be
Mid for use except to persons desirous of ob-
talning a medicinal bitters.
TG kefn B. R a UM, I’. H. Com. Inter’l Rev.
So. B loomingvillk , O , May 1, 1879.
S irs . -I have been suffering ten years, and
I tried your Hop Bitters, and it done me more
j&od than all the doctors.
........ _... .....
Miss s. s. B oone .
Raby iiavctl!
Ve are so thankful to say that, onr nnrslng
►y was permanently cured of a dangerous
I protracted constipation and Irregularity
ffie bowels by the use of Hop Bitters by Its
jther, which at tho same tune restored her
said ]
’ ‘ugly blotches nnd ?<ttrbtwm~bk>od «ores. El im i nate g
Boils, CartmncTcs and Scalds. nyPermancntly and
promptly cures paralysis. Yes, It Isa charming and
healthful Aperient. Kills 8crofula and Kings Evil,
twin brothers, Changea bad breath to good, remov-
ing the cause. Routs bilious tendencies and makes
clear complexion. Equalled by none In the delirium
resolvent and a matchless
laxative. It drives Sick Headache Tike the wind.
Contains no drastic cathartic or opiates. Relieves
the brain of morbid fancies. Promptly cures Rheu­
matism by routing it. Restores life-giving proper-
, ties to the blood. Is guaranteed to cure all nervous
disorders. syKeliable when all opiates fall. Re-
freshes the mind and invigorates the body. Cures
dyspepsia or money refunded.
Morphine Habit Cured Ilf
■ M to »6 Days. No Pay until Cured.
I Vl¥l J. L, Branums, M. I).« Ubauou. Ohio.
T. C (' A '1' ION.
Monmouth, the seat of Christian College, is a village of about 400 inhabitants, noted lor
tlieir morality and devotion to the cause of education. The Oregonian Railway passos through
lhe middle of the town, giving daily connection with Portland, and affording the means lor easy
travel and rapid freights. Iu addition to a passenger depot in the middle of town, tho O. A C.
R. R. passes through Independence, two miles away, and the steamers plying tire Willamette“
land there also j making Monmouth ono of the most easy towns of access in tho State. Parents
who desire to place their children under good educational advantages, where they Khali be tree
from the intemperance and immorality prevalent in the larger towns, will find in Monmouth
just what they desire in these respects. It is a school town, built up for this purpose, and all
oilier interests ¿enter lu thin one. Hence its superiority for educational purpose.--------------------
The Faculty is the most important element to the successful working of any institution of
learning. The Board of Trustees have sought to put in the various chairs, of Christian College
men of marked ability, of established success in their respective departments, and who are just
in the niadturify ofTifer“At tlioTCffiffs-uraewrmun they expect4e-aeo-Uuasliau-College among,„
the most honored institutions of the land.
B uilding .—Only ono wing of the new brick College building has been completed, and thia
is being remodeled and greatly improved this year. It contains three working stories of large,
airy and well lighted rooms,.used for study and recitation. The old College building adjoining
has iwfln thoroughly overhauled and converted into a pleasant and commodious chapel. ,__ ~
Apparatus sufficient for ordinary purposes of lllustradon, 1 b uuw pioridod, and additions will
be made from time to time. The Library contains a few volumes oi interest, and new volumes
of value will be added as fast as the means at our command will allow.
The features of Christian Collego to wh^ch we especially invite attention, as distinctive of our
work are as follows:
evwjr■day“«nd leetuBos oalculatod
morality are givon, and with the Bible as a basis, the eflfort to impress the highest* Christian
morality as the guiding principle in the lives of our students. Dogmatism and Sectarianism are
carefully avoided. Wo ignore all religious or political divisions, and encourage great freedom of
thought. aDd aim to stand on that high plane where Protestant or . Catholic, Democrat or lie­
publican, can meet on one common level.
P ractical E ducation .—The groat demand of the times is for men of action. An institution
of learning to meet tho neods of the people, should not only impart instruction, but along with
the knowledge gained, give students the power to use it to advantage for themselves and others.
The idea of Christian College is, that the finest mental culture and the greatest benefit may
be obtained bj the study of those things that will fit young men and women to at once enter
some pursuit or business, and carry it forward successfuily. Instead of those branches that aro
simply ornamental, we prefer those that are useful, and we invite comparison and criticism on
our work. Our aim is to graduate young men and women so that they may at once enter upon
the pursuits of life.
M athem atics .—The Course of Study In this department is very full. The various branches
are taught from a practical standpoint, with a view to the application of each principal to such
affairs as people meet with in life and desire to understand.
Diseases of the blood own it a conqueror. Endorsed
E nglish L anguage and L iterature .—A ready command of our own tongue, with an ac­
in writing by over fifty thousand leading citizens, curate knowledge of its history and authors, oj the most important acquisitions. No other
accomplishment can supply the want of this. It can only be acquired by a thorough study of
clergymen and physicians in U. 8- and Europe.
English. In Christian College the course of English extends through four years and we consider
tSTTor sale by all leading druggists. 11.50. (23)
of our most valuable features.
The Dr. S. A. Richmond Med Co.St.Joseph,Mo. this S one
ciences .—The rapid advance made in the various departments of Science and the rapid
For testimonials and circulars send stamp.
irinciples and applications, constitute one of the wonders of the
succession of discoveries of new principles
age. No man can claim to be educated who is not conversant with the present advanced stage
’ REDIXGTON & CO., Agents, San Francisco.
Science, Very, thorough work,is made of_all those, assisted by the use of the apparatus at our
command. Sufficient time is allowecfTor a compfehelftffvfi Ufidui’stauding'of-thc great principles
of each science.
A ncient L anguages .—By pursuing the boat methods, the progress in acquiring a knowledge
of the Geeek and Latin languages, is rapid. We have dropped several authors that are frequent­
ly read in Colleges, with a view to doing better work iu those that are read, and to give more
time for the pursuit of the course in English and the Sciences. Experience has demonstrated
i that both belter linguists and scientists result from this course.
B iblical L iterature and E xegesis .—This department was organized in Christian College
for the first tiino with the opening of the present session. The object is to study the Sacred
Rifles, Shot Gnns, Revolvers, Ammunition, Scriptures analytical!v and critically, with contemporaneous profane history, and evidences of
Christianity. Methods of sermonizing, pulpit oratory, methods in revival meetings aud the care
JFishimg Tackle, Seines, Nets, Knives,
of churches, are all carefully investigated. It is this department that the Christian brotherhood,
Kazors, Skates, Hammocks, e tc.
KLarge Illustrated Catalogue FREE.
as a body, are particularly interested In. Thointorest of the church is caretniiv considered in
Add reaa
this, while all other departments are wholly free from any religious discussions, except tho uni*
GREAT WESTERN GUN WORKS, formly recognized principles of Christian morality.
■ II 1|
........... '
tUlt* of P»r» ftofa sr srMTIn fr>r Chursh»'».
^srnoelH, Firs Alarm;,Farms, etc, FULLY
WARRANTED. Catalogue sent Free.
VAN DU ZEN & TIFT, Cincinnati, Q
Every facility is here affordod for fitting young persons to saccessfulty carry* on ativ kind it
business. The host authors aro studied on the various subjects, and such practical tests .
made as will insure thoroughness ou the part of the student.
Q5^For Course oi ¡Study and other information send for Catalogue. Address
D. T. STANLEY, A. M., P resident ,
i •