Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, November 09, 1883, Image 1

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We endorse the idea of our
Speak faithfully, life’s two eged sword
Thrusts keen with healing pain.
Secretary, not to build -a house of
nrrtrwliai-n rill
xuW have
awSp*rhip anywhere
till w,^
‘ The world is full of w<je,
somebody ready and willing to
And many a heart with bitterness
occupy it.
Is line to overflow.
Speak gently, and speak tenderly,
We are glad to know that the
Whero the mourners go.
California State Meeting proved a
'gtartmis success. Would it be too
To those who lovo the King ;
much of a strain on their charity
Speak frequently, and let thy tones
to say this much of Oregon ?
With jubilation ring.
C hristian H erald .
Editor and Publisher, Monmouth, Or.
Eugene City, Oregon, Associate Editor.
Subscription Price :
■Gi i»-Oopyrono yiM. ..... .
One Copy, six months.........
Prices will be given on application.
XnS TeepHrEa^Bgn^^
second class mail matter. ]
Please Notice.
We are not responsible for the opinions and
sentiments expressed by our contributors, but
for our own writing alone. Hence oui readers
must judge for themselves. We inlend to give
apace for the free expression of opinion, within
the limits of sound uiscredon, ana the good of
ilte-oause; but not bo held as indorsing what
others may write.
All matter intended for publication in this
paper should bo written :
L.OnoimKiilfl.Df.thfij8Jifietj2nb:.- _____ ____ _
2rlu * i4*inl»gibloluuui.
3. Let uiere be plenty of Apace between the
4. Write with a pen instead of a pencil, so
that it maj not be defaced in transit.
5. Write brief articles. ——-----
(5. JEx^ocv no BwwJiitToti to iimciOH, ïioticvh , or
queries not accompanied by your name.
—Speak earnestly","my sister, ; ■---- *
Thy Lord hath need of thee
To tell the triflers at thy side,
From coming wrath to flee ;
O tell them earnestly of Him
Whose truth shall make them free.
Speak warningly, my sister,
For days of grace may fly ;
There, who dear to thee, reject
The love which rules on high ;
Speak warningly, speak pleadingly,
The days are going by.
Speak loyally, my sister,
Nor blush the name to own
Of Him who intercedes for thee,
Exalted on the throne ;
Of Him who paid the utmost price
O q Calvary alone.
~ Speak fearlessly, my sister,
The Lord is on thy side ;
fhe Lord victorious o’er His foes,
Should challenge all thy pride.
Speak fearlessly and glowingly,
Nor shrink, though men deride.
Speak joyously, my sister,
____ And. be. the light of morn, ____
The lustre of the beaming noon,
Upon thy forehead worn.
Speak joyously, for Christ the King
Hath all thy Borrows borne.
Speak faithfully, my sister,
The Word is very plain,
It is not thine to alter it,
The Lord hath right to reign.
Speak dearly, too, my sister,
That far-off homes may hear,
And dawn arise and glory shine,
On heathen nations drear ;
O Bpeak the truth for Jesus’ sake.
Until His day appear.
—Christian In tel ligonce r.
thus eulogized Protestanism. He
was dealing with the assertion that
“ Protestanism, ‘ is a failure
“ How ” asked the Doctor, “ can
that be a faillire which in A. D.
1500 did not exist, and in A. D.
1883 controls populations to the ex­
tent of 408,800,000 while its rivals
combined—control 280,000,000.”—
Since writing ‘ our article last
In order to greatly increase the week on the ordination of Paul and
circulation of the H erald , we will- _ Barnabas at Antioch, taking "the
that it was done by the
send it to any one whose name is ground
trot on (Wbootorfrom~now tttt th e -^7ü¿rc^rUie Old- Path (t aule renehes».
first of January, 1884, for 25 cts. us containing a strong article taking
We hope our agents will at once the same view of the case. We
call attention to this offer and thus think Bro. Errett will ha'Vte his
secure us a larger list of subscrib­ hands full to prove that the church
ers than ever before. Most of those at Antioch* had nothing to do with
who give the paper a trial become that ordination.
permanent subscribers, and it is
only in view of this fact that we
can afford to make this special of­
fer. Brethren, please be prompt,
and do a good work for the H er ­
ald .
The Willamette Farmer has been
removed from Portland to Salem,
where it will henceforth be pub-
The Christian Worker, of Mea-
ford, Ontario, comes to us again af­
ter a few months absence. Success
to Bro. Sherman.
__ We .are gratified to know that
the people everywhere are pleased
with our California department.
We have received at this otiice some
expressions of praise which show
how highly the labor of our brother
is appreciated by our many readers.
He is doing a good work.
NO. 45.
readers however, we give the fol-
lowing note from tlie Australian^
Bro. J. J. Haley, is capable of judg­
ing of the merits of a paper. He
says : n We have been for some time
in receipt of the C hristian H erald ,
public ____ ______
■. UÄ4*-*
mouth, Oregon, U. S. A., and edited
by Èro. J. F. Floyd. The H erald is
a most excellent paper. Bro. Floyd
is what we reckon a lavel-headed
editor; he is well balanced, and a
man of excellent judgment, qualifies
about as rare amongst editors as
amongst other men. He is not an ‘
extremist or hobbyist, but generally
selects his vantage ground in the
‘ golden mien,’ which is both safe
and solid.r Bro. Floyd will make a
model editor, if, indeed, he is not
That alreadyWe only add that
the Watchman is a regular visitor
to this office, and is highly appre-
Bro. George Sharp, of Portland,
visit on “Monday
evening last. He will give us an
occasional letter for the H erald .
We were favored on Thursday of
last week with calls from Sister
Spriggs, of Salem, and Sister Bar­
ker, of Albany. They came to at­
tend the Sisters’ Missionary Meet­
What is to fee thought of church
n in our town. ____
. .
members who wjll oppose paying a
Bro. H. T. Morrison, of Eugene,
preacher a salary knowing that he our associate Editior, will begin a .
has no other means of support and protracted Meeting in Monmouth,
at the same time laugh at the idea on next Friday evening, Nov. 9th,
of their working for less than to continue indefinitely. All are
specially invited.
seventy or eighty dollars a month
And so we now change the name
while they could live on their in­
come without working at al l ? of Miss Jennie Wright, on our
agents list at Milton, Oregon, to
Whatever others may think, ive
Mrs. Jennie F. Berry. We are as­
think these are the “ deadheads ” sured however that -Sister Jennie,
that stand in the way of our mis­ in her new relation, will not forget
sionary work all over the country. the H erald . May joy and pros­
What we want in Oregon just at perity go with them.
this time above every thing else, is
Bro. Timothy Coop, of England,
to have the ehurch realize that the attended the Kentucky State Meet­
laborer is worthy of his hire, and ing and gave five hundred dollars
for general missions in that State.
for them to see that he gets it.
This begins to look like England
As a rule we care but little what sending missionaries to us instead
of our sending them to England.
others think or say about us so.
We would be glad to have Bro.
long as we feel that we are on the Coop attend our next Oregon State
Lord’s side. For the benefit of our Meeting.
-- ■
. ..
• ,-~—