Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, October 26, 1883, Page 5, Image 5

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words where by he and all his
filling it imparted spiritual gifts, too nearly a heaven to wish ever to
house hold should be saved. While
speaking with tongues, etc. Now leave it; we can almost feel the
waiting for Peter, Cornelius gather- as a matter of course, where one or
pressure of the lips which are now
-TEMPLE. ' ....
and near friends to-_ LkfiJlLlliesc steps are spoken of as cold m“*deffth. Again,- then; axe
gether, só that “ many were gather­ taken, all the restare understood to some who a?fF'trred~at‘ tim es- of the .
ed,” doubtless scores, afll ready to have been taken. With this thought, falseness and hollowness of a life of
hear what God had to say to them let us go to Samaria (chap. 8 : 14- fashion and frivolity; of wearing
The fact has alri&Ty been noticed through Peter. Peter, having ar- 20) -'-where Philip had made con­ the mask of gayety to hide a rest­
that the declaration, “ He shall bap­ rived, preached to them Jesus. verts. The apostles hearing of this, less, unsatisfied heart which longs
tise you in the** Holy Spirit,” is a “ While he yet sp<!W^ 11 ifse* words, sent Peter and John to them, “ who, for something better, but feels
general proposition, including, at the Holy Spirit fell on all them when they were come down, prayed powerless to gain it. They have
least, all of a class; all believers, which heard the word.” Peter for them, that they might receive eaten “ husks for bread,” and found
~gtHU"that ilm qwem i sa nf th eJEaihfiL, adds, “ fell on theip, even as on us the Holy Spirit, for as yet he was that this will not appease the crav­
"T win p UT -ont ni-niy-iipixiL upon (the apostles) at thè Mgttttffg, awl 4 "fatfcii upon nurirr-uf them. Thwu ing- for more nourishing food. Yet
is also general; further, remembered theWofd of tBe^ofdrpaHTWyWîrtads orr them-and t-lipy are not strong enoujpi tdnBrea^'"
all flesh, *s>
that Jesus pronounced the two how that he said, John* indeed they received the Holy Spirit. Now the chain which binds them witlT
identical, at least, as for as the baptised in water ; but ye shall be when Simon saw that the Holy its galling fetters to custom and
baptised in the Holy Spirit. If Spirit was given.” Here a part of public opinion, and boldly face a
apostles were concerned.
___ The fuifin^nFoETKese^two ite- then God gave unto them the like the steps are spoken of, the rest im­ world— their world —which would
plied, The
I he S
pirit lias
beeff!^-"'" stare, wiHi-^eold,Acorn. Jippn. them,
has not been
clarations, in referehceToTTie apos­ gift as also unto us, when we be- plied.
tles, will now be considered. “ When lieved on the Lord Jesus Christ, ceived, because it had not yet fallen for daring to froathemselv^ from
the day of Penticost was now come, who was I, that I could withstand upon them, nor could it fall untill its rules and usages. So they go
» «
hex—of the circum- poured out. After it was received, on with the hollow mockery, and
4hu¥y4Jm,JiDi2aties werealT together
visible results fo 1 lowed, for Simon drag mit -ar—misexable existence,
in one .place. A nd s ud enl y there* "CTSTUTF
came from heaven a sound as of the as many as came with Peter, be­ saw them. Doubtless tneyFspake wittr~anontw^rd^lmw
as in the other cases; placency. False to themselves, to
rushing of a mighty wind, and it cause that on the Gentiles also was with tongues,
filled all the house where they were poured out the gift of the Holy for they had received the gift of their better natures and to their
sitting» And there appeared unto Spirit. For they heard them speak the Holy Spirit.
Other hearts are weary, because
Let us next go to Ephesus, (chap
them tongues parting assunder, like with tongues, and magnify God
earthly happiness has proved only
as of fire, and it sat upon each of Then answered Peter, can any man 19). Here Paul finds disciples and
a deception to them. The flowers
them. And they were all filled forbid the water, that these should inquires, “ Have ye received the
of hope and beauty which spring
with theJHoly Spiritrand Began to not hfiLbftptised^ which have receiv­ Holy Spirit since ye believed ?”
”TIavmg"learned that they had not into, early bloom along^ their path
speak with other tongues’as the ed the-Holy Spirit as well as we ?”
yetTeen baptised int£ the name of.. , been blighted by chilly
Spirit gave them utterance.” This We now have before us, the record
winds, or scorched by some fiery
___ is the description given of the bap­ given of the two instances of Holy the Lord Jesus, this was done; after
blast; and only the dried, withered
tism of the apostles in the Holy Spirit baptism, about which there which Paul “ laid his hands upon
them and the Holy Spirit came up­ leaves remain. Perhaps some great
Spirit, which Jesus had told the'm is no dispute—Twelve Jews on Pen
on them; and they spake with joy lias more than once been seem- —
a week, or ten days before, they tecost and a host of Gentiles, with
Cornelius—a little church, inclding tongues and prophesied.” Before ingly within their reach, but
should receive, -" not many days
masters and"servant? nialeit necessarily fell and be stretching out a hand to grasp it, it
hence.” Because they spake with
male, all 'Baptised in tfie—Holy iere-falliagit was poured out.
tongues, the crowd accused them
around them—erowa^d with__auch_
of being drunk. Peter, in defense, Spirit. Is it supposable that in
happiness, and think, “ Why could
this, the Gentiles were so favored
denied the charge of drunkeness,
above the Jews—many to one ?
Tired hearts; how many such not this be for me also ?” But their
ahd said it was what was spoken
Let us consider what was done, there .are in this beautiful world bright air castles always fall around
by Joel, “It shall come to pass in
which holds so much happiness for them just as they would cross the
the last days, says God, I will pour
many others. But, will not these threshold, and at last they cease
out of my Spirit upon all flesh.” In sults ; then ask ourselves, if like
two words apply to almost every building and hoping, and the future
his speech following the quotation
one of us some time in life«? Some seems to lie before them, a dreary
from Joel, he says, “This Jesus hath with like results, may not be called
are tired, because the burdens waste which their feet shrink from
God raised up where of we are all
which others ought to have borne, treading.
witnesses. Therefore, being by the
There are others yet—Oh, so
are shifted on to their shoulders
right hand of God exalted, and hav­ was poured out, the Holy Spirit
and their spirits sink under the too many, we fear—who are heart-sick
ing received of the Father the fell upon them, they received the heavy care, while they have no en­ and discouraged with their constant
promise of the Holy Spirit, he hath Holy Spirit, were filled witTi~tKe
couragement in bearing its weight. failures in trying to live the life
shed, or poured forth this -which ye ..Holy Spirit and prophesied. When
Perhaps they struggle on alone for they aim to! With temptation
now see anTTiear.” This shows, received, it was a gift, the promised
yearsyimone knowing the extent without, and weakness within—
beyond a question, that the promise gift, the gift oftlTe Holy- Spirit
of the secret conflict that is wearing with the -daily trials which fret
so often alluded to, is the promise
life away. Some are tired,, because and wear, and make such sad rents
of God, to give his Spirit—the Holy said to be the like gift as the one those who long walked, hand in in the fair fabric they are endeavor­
Spirit. This is said with emphasis; riven on Pentecost. M hether giv on hand, with them, sharing their joys ing to weave. They can bear great
to an apostle, or a Gentile house
let it be remembered.
hold servant, the gift was the same. and trials, their daily interests and sorrows, bravely, submissively, and
We will next consider the bap­
We have now learned the invaria­ occupations, have been called away, through them be brought nearer to
tism in the Spirit of the house-hold
ble process, the consecutive steps and they are left with a feeling of the Divine hand, which upholds
of Cornelius, recorded in the tenth
taken. The Spirit being up in desolation which no surroundings while it comforts; but the petty
and eleventh chapters. In accord-
leaven with God, he poured it out, or companionship can entirely over­ trials which seem small in them­
ence with the instruction of the
icing poured out it fell, falling it come. Memory continually recalls selves, yet are great in their con­
.. angel, Cornelius had sent a devout
came upon, coming upon it was re­ days of quiet happiness or hours of tinued effect, wear, and depress,
soldier with two house-hold servants
ceived being received it filled, ahd blissful gladness, when earth seemed and "discourage, until sometimes
lor Peter, who was to tell him