Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, October 26, 1883, Page 4, Image 4

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the beam from their own eye ? Let improved process for making steel, mercies, as a child asks for its bread
and butter. More than thk
us begin at borne and purge qht , the application of chloroform ..and
-»s oci a l nyotom-by corr e cting ou r l a ws -ether to-doatro,y *ie ensibil *4 y- inp a>ft- HiiU -may -aUc fore-««- uppkg-ur a"“
regulating marriage and divorce, fill surgery cases, and so on through sweet, so may I make request for
a long catalogue. Nor are we yet that which J desire. Only in this
The utterances at the fifty-third and then we can with clear con­
smei-annual Conference of the Mor­ sciences attend to the wants of our done in the field of invention and latter case I am bound to remember
discovery. The application of coal that a child is not bidden to ask for
mon Church, held in Salt Lake City neighbor.
last week, were significant, and
gas and petroleum to heating and the apple, though he is allowed to
must be interpreted as notice to the
T he L iquor T raffic in E ng ­ cooking operations is only trembling do so. " Give me this day my daily
country at large that Mormonism land and ' I ndia .—A movement on tfie
* verge of successful experi­ bread,” is a petition prescribed: if
will not yield to legislation. Brig­ against the liquor traffic, which is
ment, the introduction of the steam I ask for more it must be as a peti­
ham Yonng, Jr., and George Q. Can­
non, while they admitted the grave assuming serious and alarming pro- from a great central reservoir to tion permitted. Moreover,the child’s
y^^..pp. ril ta.w hich. Mormonism» ■¿»■no w porti Qn a .i n-ouf. great E&fitem-d e- general use tor fieat"ng~and cooking^ request is one X
e xpo sed, fro m the growing
pendency,"" t ra s
foot; is foreshadowed as among the com- entirely to the Father’s own discre­
of the country, and from recent There, as here, drink is working the
tion : he is bound by promise to
legislation, declared in the most em­ ruin of the people, and the govern­ ing event; the artificial production
among dairymen, the navigation of give his offspring necessaries, but
phatic t^rms that the Saints are in­
vincible, and -will make no conces­ ing classes.are well content to have the air by some device akin to our he is under no bonds to grant them
sions ; that fuller divine revelations it so. In Ahmedabad a memorial present balloon would
...luxuries^Here is,a- di ffurence ever
-are yet 4o be received ; and that the dï^i^nrarhîTfè:<secl to the^iTuHiori - dMi-qu^digiiretl, mid the prepulsioii of to be noted between prayers com]
ties 'Ey leading native gentlemen,
as a sign of increasing rather than which states that whereas formerly Njhachinery by electricity is even manded and prayers tolerated. As
nbw clearly indicated by the march we are children of the great Father,
of waning strength. The Confer­
ence put Mormonism more strongly
of experiment.. Theruare some, prole- -we havea lapge liberty of -request;—
—thmX fever upontlfebasis of poly- in the city and neighborhood, there' -lome we hav e h i the r t o deemed i rr r-~~ If Wfe dctl'gtit bUYselves in the Lord
gamy';'an<Tthe Mormons who had are now between thirty and forty. possible, but are the mysteries of he will give us tlie'd esires of our
put aside their wives after the pass­ Where liquor shops have been un­
age of the Edmunds law were de- • known for centuries, they are now even the most improbable of them hearts ; but still when we are pray­
more subtle to grasp than that of ing, it is well for us to press our
___ nounced in unqualified terms. John
Taylor, the President of the Church,
the ocean cable or that of the pho- suit just so far as it may be pressed,
who was among the first to send Qr_tlie_ telephone ? We and no further. A child asking for
— his wives away, and to keep them happiness of the people, even”where talk by cable with an ocean rolling
necessary food may be vehement’
at a distance antil it had been de they are strictly forbidden, by their
termined to test the constitutional­ religion, to use intoxicants.” The between; we speak in our own even unto tears; but if what he
voices to friends 100 miles or_more_
ity of the act, received his due share
___ __ T wishes foris only a sugar-stick, he
of condemnation with his more
mvliexe wfLaiiiculate before the • willbe tr naughty "'child rt~ho“ be
~— humble brethren. "Those "who ex­
microphone. I ’nder the blazing sun passionately importunate. Mind
pected the Mormons to evade the the diminution-of drinking houses
• Edmunds act by giving up the prac­ would be “ repaid a hundred fold-m- of July we produce ice by chemical this, ye babes in grace, when next
tice of polygamy will find no en­ the preservation and ad vance men t’ means, rivalling-the most solid and ye pray. Ask, seek, knock, accord- —
crystalline production of nature. ing as the promise invites; but in
couragement in the utterances of
this Conference; and those who
Our surgeons graft the skin from temporal matters consider the way
believe that the only way to deal habits among the people.” A Gov­ one person’s arm to the face of an-
of the Lord’s house, and submit
with Mormonism is to strike at its ernment resolution in 1844, said :—
— roots, by taking back the gcrvcTTi-* * 'TT GoveirnmenF woufd very willingl y -othwyand-dtr-ad livres arrrUbecCTnes“ your will unto~tbe wilLof
ment of the Territory “from the relinquish all revenue from this Ttn-integrâT portiônbf hi.^ody. We Father.— Spurgeon
make a mile of white printing paper
hands of the Mormons, will rejoice
that this abominable institution is
and send it on a spool that a per­
T he C omplete G ospel .—The
increasing vice of drunkenness.”
showing its true colors.
fecting printing press unwinds and gospel is the completion and consu-
When will the Government of the
prints,and delivers to you folded and mation of all that preceded. Christ
It looks a good deal like Mor­
monism is determined to have its
counted, many thousands per hour. came to fulfil as the flower fulfils
own way, and just what is to be
Of a verity this is the age of inven­ the plant. In testifying to it, the
done to check this determination is
tion, nor has the world reached a secrets of the heart are made mani­
the question. It is not Mormonism
I nventions of a H alf C entury . stopping-place yet.— Home Journal. fest. It “ became ” God to be mer­
as such, if we understand it, but —The number of inventions that
ciful and gracious. It is God-like
that feature of it known as ploy- have been made during the past 50
to set the example and appoint the
gamy, that the government is prac­ years is unprecedented in the his- “ Prayers to God for spiritual things motive of love. The truth fortifies
are the most acceptable, but prayers
tically concerned with. The Mor­ tory of the world.— Inventions o f Tor temporals are not (Jespised. A in temptation, upholds in trial,
mons as well as other denominations benefit to the human race have been child pleaseth his father more when gives solace in sorrow; we have
have a right to their religious con- made in all ages since man was he desireth him to teach him his content and hope , as we trustL. A
victions; but when a positive crime created ; but looking back for half book than when he begs for an ap­ document once held up in a law
against both God and humanity is a hundred years, how . many more ple; yet this request is not refused court to the light showed a water­
when it will do him no ill to errant
covered over by the garb of religious are crowded into the past fifty than it.”
date proving its falsity, for the pa­
conviction, it is time to call a halt. into $ny other fifty since recorded
A pretty, simple picture, rightly per had not been made at the time
The line must be drawn somewhere, history 1 The perfection of the
drawn upon divine authority; for when it purported to be a legal in­
and any one can not fail to see that locomotive, and the now world­
the Lord himself teaches us to judge strument. There are many signs
polygamy is not only condemed by traversing steamship, the telegraph,
what our heavenly Father will do of false doctrine. The subtility of
the Law of God and the higher the telephone, the sewing-machine,
for us by that which we would do man is evident. Does it answer to
the tpst, “ My thoughts are not as
courts of reason, but is self destruc­ the photograph, chromo lithrogra-
for our children. If I go to God, your thoughts ?” Will it avail for
tive and dangerous in its tendencies. phic printing, the cylinder printing
and ask for spiritual blessings, he all times ? Is there a “ divinity
But may it not be after all that press, the elevator for hotels and will be pleased with my request, mighty within it that waxes not
one reason the people of ^hese other many-storied buildings, the and most surely grant it, even as a old ?” Compare with false reli­
United States do not have better cotton gin and the spinning jenny, father will readily give his boy a gions, and the doctrine of Christ
success in destroying polygamy is the reaper and mower, the steam lesson in some useful work or book. will bear all examination, and come
because they have failed to remove thresher, the steam fire engine, the But I may also beg for temporal forth verified from every fiery trial.
—Q. McMichael.
M ormonism not D ead . — The
Christian Union thus delivers itself
on the recent Mormon LkrnferenoZ
at Salt Lake City: