Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, October 05, 1883, Page 8, Image 8

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tract* or books published by thosp
to have
4 have
as Disciples of
hQUW-lojfiiidL heath enism pop: Britian, was the silver wedding known
—The Aifferican Missionary "Society ular.”
celebration. The utmost enthus­ Christ, or Christians. You greatly
and the Home Missionary Society
iasm prevailed, and over §65,000 assist the Fund by ordering through
On the 25th of July, the festival was raised in one day towards a him.
acknowledge the receipt of §10,000
each from the estate of the late John of St. James, the patron saint of proposed fund of §250,0001 The
A specialty is made of handling
Spain, 1,360 volumes containing Assembly decided that special evan­ the following tracts :
K Eldridge, of Hartford.
. *
extracts from the gospels, without gelical efforts should be made, and Our Position. Errett. Single copy, 3 cents ;
er dozen, 30 cents ; per 100, $2.00; per 1000,
The principal feature of the recent note or comment, were publicly
two ministerial evangelists are to C y express, $15.00. •
Sing Sing camp, meeting was the burned by order of the Government
Sincerity Seeking the Way to Heaven.
go from circuit to circuit during the F>-anklin.
’ Single copy, 5 cents ; per dozen, 50
presence of at least 500 Swedes and in the courtyard of the Custom
year. The returnes show an in­
fuse nt Barcrlonar fl^hePffhfiWT’ crease of 1,435 in the membership. 3 conta ; por dozen, 30 cents ; per
number was kept good throughout ■ q £. 4h«-25tU
Christian Union. Thayer. Single copy, 4
^themeeting, arrivaTs Eemg equal to which was to come oft* on that day,
ant ministers, 391; local preachers, cent« ; per dozen, 40 cent« ; per 100, §2.50:
the departures. Not less than sixty said
Admission is free. There­ 3,417; leaders, 4,128; members, per 1000, by express, $20.00.
Errelt’s Review of Dr. Summers (Methodist).
souls were converted in their tent. fore, ye men and women of Barce­
cepy, 6 cents ; per dozen, 60 cent« ; per
75,577; members on trial, 8,575; 100, $4.00.
Since the close of the meeting they lona, away to the Auto-da fe. Long
chapels,. 1,3J7 ;. ,preaching ioomsr
Thé Fund publishes se ven
have continued their meetings 'i ve*lhe constitution of 1876.” And
nightly in their churches, and the this is Spain in thé nlnétééhth ¿¿n
day-schoql teachers, 26,851; schol­ thousand to twelve hundred words,
number of conversions continue to tury—Spain, that aspires to be
ars, 195,G81; scholar members of printed on
tinted cardboard,
ranked as one of the great nations, n
”ancT durable.
and which, threatened with revolu-
The Superintendents of the Con-
TherAurericuii Presby terluu nrtu~ P o p hundred, ■fifty cents; per thon-..
"tton, dares to turn for synfpathy to“
gregational and Presbyterian Home
the Protestant and more civilized sionaries, who returned to their ‘sand, four dollars. More than this,
Missionary work in North Dakota
nations of Europe. But Spain as it posts in Egypt after the war, are by express or freight, at purchaser’s
have come to a mutual understand­
was, and is, will be soon a memory laboring as diligently as ever, but, expense, from two dollars and a
ing, so that fields where there was
of the past. P^ostestant Spain will with more manifest tokens of sue- half to three dollars per thousand,
likely to be a conflict of interest and
according to quantity ordered.
be something far different. There -cess.
action shall be occupied by only one
Send all contributions, orders and
are some things which are inevit­
The old Presbyterian Church at appeals for donations to
of the two denominations.
J. Wr HrciTEE, Tf üsteè,
• Ttre German Lutheran' Th eolfigT
The total receipts,for August of
Mad isnp ville,J£y,
e - -cat Seminary^ known
the American Bible Society were Kumlredtli anniversary of th^ erec-*
——----- «r » ♦------------
College, a new and costly edifice at §36,476.61. The number of volumes tion of its present bouse of worship,
In The Mission Field.
a ... ■*’. .............. . .......... ..
the eoFHer- of Cherokee» street and printed
at the Bible House in Au­ will next year celebrate the one
Jefferson avenue, St Louis, Mo., was gust was 206,000, and the total hundred and fiftieth anniversaryof THE SALER I ES OF WOMEN MISSION­
dedicated September 9. There were nuffiber issued was 122,447, an ad­ the organization of the congregation.
10,000 people present. The services vance of 32,319 over the correspond­
A Woman missionary receives
The Synod of tlm lVesbyterra»
during that day were almost en- ing period hr 1882™'^’^™
330 per month. Out %f this she is
church in England has formed a
tirely in German, and on the follow­
compelled to pay §6per wreck foF
ing day were continued in Latin.
China has become fully aroused committee for the instruction of
board and lodgings, 50 cents per
This is the highest institution of to the aggressions of France in youth. This movement is worthy
week for washing, and at least 50
learning in the Lutheran Church.
Tonquin, and has accepted the gage of the notice of other denominations,
cents per week for car fare. So she
of battle thrown down by the form- its purpose being the efficient train­
A new Patriarch of Jerusalem, er. Large bodies of Chinese troops ing of Sunday-school teachers and has §2 left each month for clothing,
representing the Greek church, has are on the move, and as a result, we others who desire sound and thor­ shoes, and all other necessaries of
at length been chosen by the learn that the missionaries are flee­ ough information on religious mat­ lite. When she has grown old she
has nothing laid by in store,
Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre ing from the stations on their route. ters.
which is not her fault, for
to succeed the patriarch who was Two Annamite converts have al­
how could she ? No one wants an
killed by’ being thrown from his ready been killed. Let us hope and
The Christian Sower Tract
old missionary. Though rich in
horse in June, 1882.
pray that the shaking of the tree by
Christian experience, her avocation
this storm of human passion may
This is the_pioneer effort among has come to an end, because she can
Mr. Win. H. McKinney, a Choc­
serve but to scatter more plentifully us\io raise means for the free dis­
no longer climb the stairs as in
taw from, the Indian Territory, who
the healing, life-giving leaves and tribution of tracts. Those who are
days gone by.
received the degree of Bachelor of
cause the roots to strike tlpppprand- anxiuuM to thus sowthe seedoftlie
Arts at Roanoke College last June,
A missionary is expected to dress
more firmly into’ the soil of China. kingdom, and who are unable to
being the first Indian of full blood
well. It is easily comprehended
to graduate at a Virginia institu­
that her clothes are subject to a
The great Romish missionary or­
tion, has entered the Divinity ganization, De Propaganda Fide, trustee. Thousands have already great deal of wear and tear in go
School of Yale College, to prepare publishes yearly the receipts from been given away. Do not hesitate ing from basement to garret all day
for the Presbyterian ministry.
the dioceses, and gives those from to ask for them. Those who have long. She ought also to have a
the Il^i isli,,,Mi u ixbes xTlhe-JJ^ed- the means must remember ithat> .plt’a^ant hume^cr, at-Joaot, a plea-
Rcferring to thp attempts made
States last year as amounting to having no endowment, this Fund sant boarding place, to which to re­
by some English writers to prove
208,637 francs, about §40,000. This exists by contributions and the tiro after a day spent in visiting
that Buddha and Mahomet, with
does not I oq J t as though the Romish profits arising from the sale ot all clases of depraved, filthy, and
ether corrupt founders of false sys­
priests and people of this country tracts. As the trustee’s work is diseased families. At every step,
tems, are not unworthy to rank
had much interest in foreign mis­ given entirely free, he is enabled to too, they are besought for what are
with Christ, and the systems allied
use all tlfb money supply but trifles, but which because of
with their names to vie with Chris­
destitute fields.
their frequent repetition, prove
tianity, a returned missionary, who
The most interesting event in
He will furnish, at publishers’ more than trifljs to the poor mis­
had been long in the foreign field, thei recent annual Assembly of the prices, and with promptness, any
sionary. For these things are nev-
__ .Currpinti Raliginijs Nfiwa.
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