Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, October 05, 1883, Page 7, Image 7

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is always good whether at home or scholars when a small boy in Ver
to Healdsburg, Cal. They have .
California Department.
abroad: Happy is the man, blessed monL JL.¡ umu ’4.—1+i#-—first--effert^-at
bou^t’Hie Collegiate Institute of
with a wife whose religion ix nf-a. -preaching,-end-feel rathei—proud of CONDUCTED BY T RO F . J. DURHAM. that place and have established a
positive character, ever watchful to him. May the kind Father bless
All matter intended for tliia department college. They have, I presume, the
should be addreaaed-to Prof. J.—Dnrham-, Col­
stimulate her husband to effort and him-in-all his labors of love.
largest number at that point of any
lege City, California.
lead him in duty! In such children
Had a good meeting at Pleasant
place in the State. Don’t know
I am greatly blessed, and for such View, 111., last Lord’s day; a veiy
Bro. W. II. Berry, of Napa, has whether they have given up their
blessing I thank God. And yet intelligent lady from the Methodists been holding meetings of evenings old battle ground on the east side
these are only a part of the rich in­ united with the church.
at Caneros Creek school house, on of the Rockies or not, or whether
heritance with which the Gracious
the road leading from Napa to they have given up the States to
Yours in Christ,
Giver has endowed me, as a father.
Santa Rosa. He has had good “ hardness of heart.” Bro. Hiram
Jos. B. R oyal .
^It pays to educate children aright
audiences and a good interest. -
gu tu ^piiugflMtlf tn
nt he 1^5 th, tffenter D pon m y
The brethren at Willows are keep his sword keen and ready, and
S eattle , W. T.,
jgwork in the .church for the ensuing
making a move toward the erection will stand in front for the defense
year. My efforts at lecturing have
of a church. Crops have not been of the gospel.
Dear Bro. Floyd:
f paid little more than current ex­
very good in that locality, but the
Last Lord’s day it was our happy
penses. It is necessary therefore
-alway s pleased tusee OUT
. JiLiiih rea„. inte.ud._ta. da-thaw-—loveb
privffegcrtcr>sojnrfrrr’WRh th egood
ffiatTlocate and give my attention
■ boat, .... ' ........ - , —- ■ ■. —■—»— friends—enter positions of promi­
brethren of’S^lH^™T“Tou”nd^lhehr
to business of a more lucrative
nence or offices of trust, and more
in their neat new house;. having
We have received a beautiful especially class-mates in college.
character. I go to a rich landed
not forgotten their first love, but tinted Jithograph 28~ by^ 22 i$çh es^, And*the jd^sing thought cODnecteU
portion of the State, which is just
assembled with joyful hearts’ to from Bro, Errett.called “ Represent,,
now in a boom because of the rail-
with- thio is tu be iulbi'niwl tfi'&t
TTsFen to the ministration of the ative Religious Journals and
roads recently constructed.
Bro. George H. Laughlin has during
word by our earnest and esteemed Journalists of America.”
The resources of this part of the
Uncoil- -4Wlast fevr daysbeen~tnstaftefl-as
Bro. Bruce Wolverton. All is har tains the pictures of twelve of the
country are varied and numerous,
President of Hiram College, Ohio.
The outlook for the leading religious editors of America.
the development of which is greatly
Bro. L. was of the class of 1862—
prosperity of the cause is good in Each editor’s picture is placed in
stimulated by the increased facilities
- or cl as s consisted of six gentiem en
H*— Seattle. ~May~the fcpfd dncct anff the middle of. a lithograph.of the
for transportation. Springfield is a
sustain the brethren here by his first page of the journal he edits.
city of sixteen or, possibly, seven­
well that Sister Laughlin was one
grace as they are led by his spirit The work is neatly executed, so
teen thousand inhabitants, and with
—Bro. L. has been
rr prospects of doubling theprpa__
i. loosa.- -IcIoHego— 1
number Tn a few years. T an~
Iowa for several years. Prof. S. P.
having just been born, but it is ac­ Jameson’s poem, “ My Kingdom for
ticipate very pleasant work in
Lucy, of Midway^ Ky„ Orphan
tive and just as happy as it can be. an Hour ” is the first thing in The
Springfield, though great energy
School is of the same class. May
New Tacoma and Olympia, im­ Christian Standard which bears
and much ingenuity will be neces­
the Lord give them length of years ‘
portant and growing towns on the the date of Jan. 13, 1883. * The fol­
sary to keep abreast of the times.
and strength of mind and body to
Sound, should have- organized lowing are the journals with their
I am so constituted that I work
do much faithful work.
congregations. Who will the ear­ editors,^whose, autographs repre­
best under pressure; hence, I have
nest workers be at these places, sent all classes of cjiirography :
selected a location in one of the
The brethren at Vacaville are
and who, like Bro. Wolverton, will Henry M. Dexter, the Congreqa-
growing centers of business.
labor for them in word, life and tionalist; A. G. Monford, Herald making ample preparation for the
I am pleased to learn that our be-
State Meeting. A large atten­
doctrine ?
and Presbyter ; George S. Mallony, dance is expected. We are thank­
oved College isiri a prosperous
Yours faithfully,
.Churchman ; S. Ireneus Prime, N. ful for the offers of good tent room.
ondition, antT that it will enter
eo . S harp .
Y. ”Observer; H. Clay Trumball, Hope to use a part of it anyway.
pon the approaching session under
Sunday School Times ; Henry C. The meeting is expected to be held
nore favorable auspices than ever
Bowen, Independent; Henry M. in a Eucalyptus grove, which has •
>efore greeted it. Bro. Stanley and
B ergen , K y .,
Field, The Evangelist; Wm. C. been raised in the last few years.
lis faithful corps of teachers merit
Sept. 20, 1883.
Gray, Interior ] S. J. Borrows,
d will, I trust, be crowned with Dear Bro. Floyd:
Christian Register; Isaac Errett,
ontinued success. The prosperity
Mr. Moody, the evangelist preach­
We have just closed a few days’
Iso, of Bro. Floyd and our noble meeting at this place, which re­
ed in his old church at Chicago on
aper gives me great pleasure. May sulted in six confessions and bap­ ley, Christian Arfvocate; Edward Sunday morning last. The church
od continue to bless and give to tisms. My brother, G. W. Terrell, Bright, Examiner.
seats 2,000, but cards were issued
both these enterprises abundant sue- did the preaching, and the knem-
to 3,200, and about 3,500 crowded
Fraternally jours,
-bers 5ayrt-vm» guodas they ever on Sunday, Aug., 9th, and were into the Church, filling the aisles and
T. F. C ampbell .
heard. All who heard him were japtized on the Wednesday evening vestibules to suffocation, and demon­
strating that the people have lost
delighted, and were sorry he closed following.
Letter from Illinois.
none of their regard fortheir former
so soon. I shall begin a meeting at
Sugar Creek, Galatin county, next
V ermont , III.,
In College City the sisters have a pastor. In the afternoon he de­
• Sept. 14, 1883.
Lord’s day. I expect a sweet meet­ missionary society that meets every livered an address to Sunday-school
r Bro. Floyd :
ing, as that is a sweet place.
two weeks. The young sisters have children. Injthe evening the crowd — ■
The C hristian H erald comes to
a prayer and Bible reading meet­ at the church was scarcely less than
e every week, and am well pleased
A. P. T errell .
ing, that meets every Lord's day in in the morning, and an overflow
ith its visits; I am also glad to
a private house. It is well attend­ meeting was held in the lecture-
e that Bro. J. Durham and his
Many are ambitious of saying ed, and a good interest manifested. room. The Convention of Chris­
tter three-fourths, have joined grand things—that is, of being
tian workers was to begin on Tues­
Tlie Seventh Day Adventists are day, and continue three days. Mr.
the H erald family. Please allow grandiloquent. Eloquence is speak­
me to say howdy to him and his. ing out, a quality few esteem and arranging to move their publishing Moody will sail soon for his work
house from Battle Creek, Michigan, abroadL
Re was one of my Sunday-school fewer aim at.— Hare,
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