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f Ulii<1(5FThi«i fieaxi’we~wilf be "pleased to give
editorial reviews of all books ana tracts of inter­
est that may be sent to this office.]
The North American Review for Octo­
ber presents a most attractive table of
^contents, Senator N. P. Hill writes of
* * Gold and . Silver as Standards of
Value,” and maintains that silver should
be coined as well as gold, not for the
purpose of inflating the currency, nei-
ther in .the interest of the silver-mining
industry, Ajut^rthe
Mr. C. C. Gibson and Miss M. A.
Dashiell, at the residence of the bride’s
parents three miles from Spangle, W. T.
The newly married pair are members
of the Christian Church and are noble
Christians. Brother Gibson is one of
our young preachers of market^ ability,
and is destined to do great good in the
Master’s vinyard. May success and
happiness attend them through life.
y . J. C annon .
purpose of preserving uni»
formmity in the value of metalic money,
and of preventing such contraction of for all scrofulous and virulent blood­
the volume of money as would produce poisons, is specific. By druggists.
financial disaster. In “ Some Aspects
“ Nature,” says Goethe, “ will be
jjf jpemocracy in England,” A. V. Dicey
makes clear to the American reader how reported. AH filings are engaged
archy aud aristocracy presist in Britain,
the Democracy, or, in other words, pub­
lic opinion, absolutely controls the ac­
tion of the government. Under the ti-
tle’of r‘ Co-operative Distribution,” the
Rev. Dr. Heber Newton gives an in­
structive historical sketch of the rise,
progress and fluctuations of co-opera­
tive merchandizing in the United States
during the past fifty years. Prof. W.
Boyd Dawkins writes of “ Early Man in
America,” whose modd of life and
whose implements appear to have been
identical with those of the races thaï
_ £ontemporaneously inhabited thé medi
the tropical forests of India. The pos-,
sibility of “ Astronomical Collisions,”
whether of the fixed stars with one an­
other, or of comets with the sun, the
earth, or the other planets, is consider­
ed by Prof. C. A. Young. Moncure D.
Conway discourses learnedly, and at the
same time most entertainingly upon the |
Sum-Tpa!riclT MytE7T Van~T5uren
Den Alow, in an article on “ Board of
Trade Moi ality,” makes a vigorous de­
fense of the practices of the Corn Ex
chaDge, and in particular replies to the
strictures of Mr. Henry D. Doyd; con­
tained in tho Review for August. Fred­
eric Harrison contributes an article, in­
valuable to the historical student on
“ Hist cries of the French Revolution.”
Finally, tLe Bev. E.E. Hale presents an
inventory of the volume and distribu­
tion of ‘’Social Forces in the United
States.” Published at 30 Layfayette
Place, Nt w Yuik._ $5.00 a year, —50
cents a number.
bv Samuel
Wainwright, D D.— “Prove all things;
hold fast to that which is good.” This
rule Dr. Wainwright has followed in
presenting a thorough review of the
prevailing .theories of Natural Science.
He has submitted to searching criti­
cisms the views of Darwin, Huxley,
Tyndall, aud others on the subjects of
Evolution, Transmutation, Spontaneous
Generation, etc., and has ably shown
the fallacies involved in their deduction.
Although dealing with difficult scienti­
fic problems, the book is written in a
«dear and simple style, attractive to ev­
ery intelligent mind. It is well calcu­
lated to remove skeptical doubts, and to
confirm the old belief that, “ He that
built all things is God .’’— Published in
Funk & Wagnalls’ Standard Library,
No, 971 Price 25 cts.
S cientific
S ophisms ,
Bck/w we give ft partite Itet of the books we“"
propose to furnish our readers at publishers re­
tail pricks. We woiild just say in brief that ire
are prepared to furnish most anything ih the
book line, and will be pleased to receive orders I
for same. We will add to this list as our time '
aud space will allow.
bibles A nd testame A t ^.
September Iff,—1889,-by the vrriter,-
in writing t-heir owri kistoiy. The
planet and the pebble go attended
by their shadows ; the rolling rock
leaves its scratches-on the moun-
tain-7-the river its channtd in rhu
soil ; the aniipal its bones in the
stratum ; the fern leaf its modest
epitaph in the coal ; the falling
drop makes its sculpture in
the sand or stone.
Not a foot
slipjj in the snow or along the
ground but prints, in characters
more or less lasting, a map of its
rnareh— The air la full of sounds,.
the sky of tokens, the ground of all
memoranda and signatures, sub­
jects covered with hints, . which
speak to the intelligent.”— -Ex.'
"Bost of AH.”
R. V. P ierce , Buffalo, N. Y.’
^Tr='My fimtly KHT-used "your
“Favorite Prescription” and it has
done all that is claimed for if. It is the
best of all preparations for female com
plaint. I reccommend it to all my cus­
G. S. WATERMAN, Druggist, Balti­
more, Md.
D b .
From these sources arise three-fonrthg of
the diseases of tho human race. These
symptoms indicate thcircxistence: Loss of
Appetite, Bowels costive, Sick Head*
ache, fullness after catin g, aversion to
exertion of body or min l <L Eructation
of food, Irritability of temper, Low
spirits, A feeling of having neglected
some duty, Dizziness,Fluttering at the
Heart. Dots before the eyes, highly col­
ored trine, CO.VST 1 PATION, and de­
mand the use of a remedy that acts directly
on the Liver. AsaLivermcdicineTUTT’S
PILLS have no equal. Their action on tho
Kidneys and Skin is also prompt; removing
all impurities through these three “scav­
engers of the system,” producing appe­
tite, sound digestion, regular stools, a clear
skin and a vigorous body. TUTTS PILLS
cause no nausea or griping nor interfere
with dally work and are a perfect
bold every where, 915c. Oitiee.44 Murray St.,N.Y.
HAIR changed
DYE in-
air or
el ant ly to a G lossy B lack by a single ap­
plication of this D ye . Sold by Druggists
ci' sent by express on reoelpt of $1.
Office, 44 Murray Street, New York.
1. Family Bibles, different styles, sizes, etc.,
with prices from $2.25 to $18.
2. Pulpit Bibles from $5 to $10.
3. Oxford Sunday School Teachers’ Bibles
from $1.50 to $19.
4. Revised New Testament, Compared Edi­
tion, $1.22 to $7.50.
—■ 5m .Revised New Testament alone $1^0 and
15 cental
Losson Commentary, by J. IT. Vincent, p.D^
McGarvey’s Commentary on the Acts of the
Apostles, $1.50.
Commentary on Matthew and Mark, by J. W.
McGarvey, $2.
Commentary on Luke, by J. 8. Lamar, $2.
Commentary on Hebrews, by R. Milligan, $2.
Comnientaiy on_ Paul’s Letter to W» Bo-.,
mans, bv M-ELLard, $8.
Analysis of the Four Gospels and Acte *, with
Leading Queries and IHrmtairtiorre, for the tiw
of Sunday Schools, Families, etc., by R. Mlli-
gan, $2.
Beason and Revelation, by R: Milligan, $2.
The Scheme of Redemption, by II. Milligan,
Conybeare and Howson’s Life and Epistles of
Thispowder iiimx.xaried^^jaa^^
-Ure-Aposlte Pn»lf $L5&—
.........— - ...... -
strength ana wholesomeness, More economi
The New Biblical Allas and Scripture Gazet­
cal than the ordinary kinds, and can not be sold teer, $1.25.
in competition with the multitude of low test,
Lands of the Bible, by J. W. McGarvey, $3.
short w i ifilit, alum or phosphate powders;
Nevin’s Biblical Antiquities, $1.50.
Sold only in cana. R oyal B akin « P owder C o .,
Nicholl’s Introduction to the Study of the
106 Wall St., New York. ScriptnreH, $1.25.
Hcnaff’s Bible Dictionary, $2.50. ’
Freeman’s Hand Book of Bible Manners and
Customs, $2.25.
Whitney’s Hand Book of Bible Geography,
. Absolutely Pure»
Barrow’s Companion to the Bible, $1.60.
Rawlinson's Historical Illustrations of the
Old Testament. $1.
Walks about Jerusalem, by Isaac Errett, $1.
Talks to Bereans, by Isaac Errett, $1.
~—Letters to a-~¥o»ng Uhnetixn, by Isaac Er-"~
rott, 35 cuinta.
The Heavenward Way, by J. H. Garrison,
35 cents.
Genuineness and Authenticity of the Gospels,
by B A. Hinsdale, $1.25.
Smith’s Unabridged Bible Dictionary. Ameri­
can Edition. Be vised ard edited by H. B.
Hackett, D. D., assisted by Ezra Abbott, L.L.D.
In fo ir yohimeB. Price in Cloth, per set, $20.
Price in Sheep, the set, $25.
Smith’s Bible Dictionary, $1 50. —------ -----
Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament. $1 50
per vohime. The volumes sold separately.
Tbeonly known gpecijt&for EpileptteFttB.“®»----- On rturFmir Gmrpsis, 2 voTar On tffe Acte oT”
S3* Also for Spasms and Falling Sickness.“®»
the Apostles. On the Epistle to the Romans.
Nervous Weakness quickly relieved and cured.
On the First Epistle to the Corinthians. On
Equalled by none in delirium of fever.“®»
the Second Epistle to the Corinthians, and the
49*Neutralizes germs of disease and sickness.
Epistle to tlm Galatians. On the Epistle to the
Cures ugly blotches and stubborn blood sores.
Ephesians, the Colossians, and tlir Philippians.
Cleanses blood, quickens sluggish circulation.
On the Epistle to the Thessalonians, Timothy,
Eliminates Boils, Carbuncles and Scalds.“®»
Titus ana Philemon. On the Epistle to the
»^Permanently and promptly cures paralysis.
Hebrews. On the General Epis ie of James,
Yes, It is a charming and healthful Aperient.
Peter, John and Jude. On the Bevelation.
Kills Scrofula and Kings Evil, twin brothers.
Barnes’ Notes on the Psalms. In Three
Changes bad breath to good, removing cause.
volumes. Cloth, per vol , $1.50.
iv9“Routa biliousness and clears complexion.
Barnes’ Notes on the Book of Daniel, $1.50,
Charming resolvent and matchless laxative.“®»
Barnes’ Notes on the Book of Prophet Isaiah.
It drives Sick Ileadache like the wind.“®»
2 vols. Cloth, per vol., $1.50« < -
{^“Contains no drastic cathartic or opiates.
Barnes’ Notes on the Book of Job. 2 vols.
Promptly cures Rheumatism by routing it.*®»
Cloth, per vol., $1.50.
Restores life-giving properties to the blood.*®»
Outlines of Church History, by Rev. John F.
Is guaranteed to cure all nervous disorders.*®»
D. 1)., 50 cents.
Reliable when all opiates fail.*®»
A Short History of the English Bible, by
Refreshes the mind and invigorates the body.
Rev. James M. Freeman, D. D., 50 cents.
Cures dyspepsia or money refunded.*®»
nber It bv Ilov^ C ^8^or^’ 1U1<^ ^ow to
pT’Enaorsed in writing by over fifty thonwand <
Leading physicians in U. 8. and Europe.“»®
Cruden’s Complete Concordance to the Holy
Leading clergymen in U. 8. and Europe.“®»
Diseases of the blood own it a conqueror.*»»
Cruden’B Concordance Abridged, 75 cents.
For sale by all leading druggists. $1.50.-®»
Brown's Pocket Concordance, 50 cents.
The Dr. S. A. Richmond Med. Co,, Propr*s.
The Life and Words of Christ, by Cunning­
St. Joseph, Mo.
(22) ** ham Geikie, D. I)., $1.50.
Tire Lite of onr tord upon the Earth, by
For testimonials and circulars
J. Andrews, $2 50.
BED1NGT0N & CO., Agents, San Francisco.
The Sunday School Helper, by J. II. Hardin,
50 cents.
Kinship to Christ, by J. Z. Tyler, $1.50.
Tho Standard Manual, for Sunday-school
workers, by F. M. Green, 75 cents.
Heroes and Holidays, edited by Rev. W. F.
Crafts, $1.25.
Story of an Earnost Life, by Mrs. Eliza
Davies, $2.
for all diseases of tho Kidneys and
On the Rock, by J). R. Dungan,'$1.50.
A Trip Around the World, by Timothy Coop
and Henry Exlev, $1.50.
I_ most
It 1 im Bpccifio action on thia
Important I
1 organ, enabling it to throw off torpidity and \
Around tho World, Tour of Christian Mis­
sions, by W. F. Bainbridge, $2.
inaction, stimulating the healthy aeewtion of »
tho Eilo, and by keeping Rio bowels in lrcn £
The Christian Manual, for the use of Church
condition, effecting IU regular diaeùargo.
Officers, in the various relations of Evangolists,
Pastors, Bishoi« and Deacons, by F. M. Green,
Malaria. Intuaria, htvo t cl i F a $1
5 I Wort will surely relieve and qulikly cure.
Address all orders to C ubistian H erald ,
la the Eprtng to cleanse tho S^-stem, every 9
Monmouth, Oregon.
ono should, take a thorough couv&e c^it.
a k
¿<5Í ever fails T^»*
C n | e | r | v | e ^ ci ' o | n | q | u | e | r | o | r )
-“—LIVER— -
c I. J
To do so no more is the truest
rcpvntence.— Luther,