Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, October 05, 1883, Page 10, Image 10

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    which I and all evangelists unite, Japanese, Malays, Arabs, Indians,
that the .©debrat ion U productive Hindoos, Siamese, or any- other
of lasting benefit to our Evangelical I dark-skinned people, with quite as
|mucn propriety as by the Africans
church.’ ”-* Ex.
All matter intended for thia department
Perhaps this will serve to put a of various shades. I am a negro,
should be sent to J. W. Caldwell, West Union,
Owen Co., Kentucky.
stop to some low assaults that have and am proud of my race, and I
We’wish to correspond with every preacher
iu Kentucky in reference to the circulation of
recently been made on Luther’s re­ like the name, for it is descriptive
the H erald , and contributions to its columns,
bend for terms.
putation. It shows a poor spirit and expressive, and carries with it
to make postmortem attacks on the claim to a fatherland; while
one’s character. The same evil the word ‘ colored ’ is an apologetic
spirit is manifesting itself against expression, and its use by one who
Prof. S. I. Curtiss, D.D., of
Notes and Comments.
Men who feared to [belongs to_a race that is older than
Chicago Theological Seminary,Con-
“beard the lion in his den ” while |history, is, to my mind, an indica­
gf?g&ttorial; writes an enferTaffnTng’
All Methodist ministers are re-
tion that hr
“ Is th e r e probation
irecFto abs taaTï froríF^fc 'ú sé' of living,-get v ery—eou r agews -Trfter
his death. For such criticism there age and unwoHhy of the respect
death ?” w’hich appeared in the tobacco..
and esteem of either the race from
is no excuse
Pulpit Treasury for July. He
which he sprung or the other races
quotes the Old and New Testa-
The chief author of the Passion
.... M aiïrialik -E ees . The story of a Lwith whom he must eompete4n-the
lnents, from the pre-Christian^ Jew-
ay4^»Benedietine monk.^r ft
New York pastor who was in the battles of life.”— Ex.
ish literature and eaily fathers. His Daisenberqer.
These sensible words of Bruce
acr'oF'admiring a $20 gold piece
nrgrrmCTitTSre as able a§™we have
‘ seen. Our Catholic neighbors will
If it is true that “ we mu* *s ’ reson which he had received for a mar- are commendable. Negroes are
wgreW”; aird^ywr~r»rr'
not relish this article, neither will
Universalists or Christadelphians.
___ — groom
—— I— ■ arrived
M iM l to exchange it anything else out of them.
“ knock down .argumenta ’ ’should the
Hn ""dlsCUfeS^S aidnios, quoting be used.
"Tor a small bill, reminds a corres­
from the learned German commen­
pondent of an incident in the
In view of all these “enterprises -
tators, showing a unanimous voice as
The Bishop of Gibralter’s objec­ clerical experience of the Rev. of great pith and moment ” what is
to the meaning of everlasting, with­ tions to erecting a chapel at^Nonaco Ch ristopKSt Corey, of La Grange the unmistakable duty of the
out end. His conclusion is, “ Ac­ were not heeded, and the edifice is county, Indiana. Several years ago Church of Christ ? Especially
cording to the testimony of the now completed? W. Wiight is on a very cold day that excellent what is required of those who aim
New Testament, as interpreted by chaplain. The wickedness is ex­ man rode on horseback a distance at a purer gospel, a more faithful
history and a fair exegesis, future treme..
__ _______________ _____ of six miles to perform a marriage adherence to the word of God, and
\ punishment isi endlessF”’"We ven-
ceremony. As he was about start- la swift and safe return to the
____ t ur e .the a s sertion,-»pa r t from any c~ " A-cat ahTHog show in connec-l “‘” 1Ur Lo,nF^ llav'n” lJuIy 5utll0r' simple paths oT primit ive Christi-
opinion of our own, that not one-
tion with a garden party and straw­ ized the two hearts to beat as one, anity ? In their endeavors to ful­
fourth of the learned preachers of berry festival will be held on dr a coin was placed in his hand. He fill the letter of the law is there no
Protestantism, concur in Prof.
about the 28th inst. A dollar prize dropped it into his pocket and rode danger of losing sight of its broad ■
Curtiss’ conclusion.
will be awarded for the best cat away. When he got home he and comprehensive spirit ?
Says Dr. Vincent: “ The fact is
and best dog. Entrance fee for the looked at it and lo ! it was an old- preaching the gospel of a Thus
that the truest representations of same 5 cepts. Those wishing to fashioned copper cent. The next Saith the Lord, are we not liable to
the Christ-like are likely to be the
make entries will please call on Mr. morning the groom appeared at his; ignore the factJthat there are some —
—leasrpopular.” This accords with J. Bennett at P. W. Bell’s store be­ door, and, having explained with things which must be decided out­
the experience of every God seek­ fore the 22nd inst.”
considerable embarrassment how side the letter of the Bible, though
ing man. We often make enemies.
The above is clipped from the the annoying mistake had been never independent of its spirit ?
This too, when making great efforts
pass our brethren
Collingwood, (Ont) Bulletin of made, took back the cent and hand- | And when w*e
to do right. It is a cause of regret
under the ban of criticism most
June 13th. J-. G. Hands, the editor, ed the clergyman a quarter. Ex.
to every good man to make an
Another very good story is told severe, and condemnation most un­
is a member of All Saints Church,
enemy. Yet when this cannot be
hence we can credit the statement. to the effect that a New York just, for a thousand fancied “ inno-
avoided, no one need worry about
This is about the latest and worst clergyman married a couple, and ! vations ” and " heresies,” do we not
it. There are many who will take
we have noted. We had the plea­ was not paid a cent. About twenty lay by the Christ whom we claim
offence at your very purity, who sure of attending this church while years thereafter, a well dressed man to have assumed, do we not exhibit
•will rage at your humility and con­
in Collingwood, and from the ear­ called at the clergyman’s, and asked a spirit of which the Sanhedrim
stancy, and from whom you are the
nestness of the members and pastor if he remembered marrying a couple itself might have been proud ?
more widely separated the nearer we expected better things. But and not receiving any pay. The Nay, more; When we go forth to
you live to God. So live onward
when we consider that this is the preacher remembered quite well. preach the gospel of peace, armed,
and upward, patient souls; the Established Church, one remove “ Here,” said the man, “ is 100 dol­ like Mohammed^ with a sword, and
good Father’s hand will lead you froto Mother Rome, it is not so lars. I was only able to pay for wage a. war of persecution and
over all dangers. He will give you amazing.
the license then, but now I pay you abuse, where we should exhibit the -
grace to bear all trials, and will
good interest.” So saying he left heavenly virtues of kindness and
make you stronger thereby.
“ Preparations are making in the preacher a wiser and happier charity, will we not be‘most suc­
• “ You ought to know the precise Germany for the celebration of the man.
cessful in defeating the very ends
time at which service begins.”— Dr four hundredth anniversary of
for which we are laboring ? This
Luther’s birthday. The Emperor
P roud of H is R ace —Register was not the spirit of the Master.
“ God gives us no good thing in has issued a decree ordering that Bruce, ex-United States Senator
This extract from a sermon by
this life except as the reward of the 10th and 11th of November from Mississippi, protests against H. S. Lobingier, of Chicago, is well
toil. Cost and worth are ever near next be observed as the four hun- being called a “ colored ” man, and worth considering by preachers.
Toil is always the dredth anniversary of the birth of adds: “ Colored persons is a mean- I hat the liberty of the pulpit, as
standard of value. This law is Martin Luther. In the decree the ingless phrase, and if applicable to well as that of the press, is abused,
universal as gravitation, it is eter­ Emperor says : ‘ I pray that God human beings at all may be used no one will deny. The pulpit is not
nal as God, Buffon said,« ‘ Genius may listen to the supplications in indiscriminately by the Chinese,
for theological pugilism, or philoso«
l ÜJW WI».
Ill tolAjMBl f'IKI
is patience.’ Williom Carey ex­
plained the ..sacieL-ofL this marveU
ous progress from being a cobbler
to becoming founder of the Baptist
Mission at Serampore, Prof, of
Sanskrit and Bengali at the College
of Fort William and translator of
the Scriptures/into several oriental
languages, when he said ‘ I cari
plod.’ ”— D. S. McArthur, D.D.
—:—r----------- ► • • •
r'4< i
i.imunn I, Ul Um M