Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, September 28, 1883, Page 7, Image 7

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tions of the word of Matt. 18, and pulpit is the curse and blight of
Qal. 6: 1, as those who have no this age. z But do not let the weak-
-r igh t to.,.Am e n d Goda p l an; “See- Jifiss and__ mistakes ^Qf.._prQfc88ed_.„
thou do all things according to the Christianity be a block of stumbling
before us, for we have our own life
If courteousness-tnars the beauty to live, and our own account to
of Zion and cripples her work, let render. Do not forget that God is-
us remember the plan of systematic your Father, and invites you to his
benevolence, which God has given love, that his claims are just winch
in 1 -Cor. 1G, as his divine plan. call upon us for our love, manhood,
“ It is a sure cure.” If destitute of influence and our lives.
S. M. H ubbard .
a minister, seek one in Goda plan,
——------ ♦ ♦ ♦— -----------
as the gift of the 'Holy Spirit, and
. Lís'fámiliar'business style, în wFicfi" ^of one conroionTiMth ; TfiF^TíIj^re^
E lk H ead , O r .,
he referred to the through train, liable weapon is the sword of the with the same word and spirit,
Sept. 12, 1883.
the hearty welcome he and his Spirit, which is the word of God they direct otherwise. There can Bro. Floyd:
guests had received all along the invincible. The method of wield­ be no unstable church, clinging to
By request I write you a short
line, and closed by saying that New ing it is from the- same source in- the "'word of God only. There can report of our Douglas County
York City once had stumps, and fallable ; and the “ Captain of our be no weak church, built of Osaspel Meeting. It was A success to the
that he hoped the people of New salvation ” is the “ word made material. There can be no poor end for which it was intended, and
Tacoma would do like them, clear flesh,” in whom and by whom and church, if enriched • with Bible doc­ many hearts were made glad by
them up. It is good and right that for whom are all things. Where trines appreciated and practiced. the renewing of their long neglect-
Every church becomes powerful . addexotion to the Moat High__ Tha..__
------ xailrnadri be built, but,,.iaL2uld...tb^t,
they were built in a more honor­ is there a possibility of failure ? and approaches the beauty of the meeting was conducted by Bro.
able way, and in celebrating their Arms invincible, directions infall­ all-glorious Bride, just in propor­ Shelley, of Drain, A. L. Todd, of
ible, and the Leader himself all- tion to its strict adherence to the Elk Head, and Bro. Grubb, of Coast
completion no liquor was used.
~7 Now that the N. P. R. R. is com­ powerful. Should not the church doctrines of the Scriptures, calling Fork. Bro. Shelley spoke long and
pleted many of our eastern breth- and its ministry then with boldness nothing that God has commanded well on the subject of the duty of
__ ren will visit the famous Sound demand the surrender of all means nonessential. God is in the midst Christians, and we must say that
country seeking homes, and some and all things to the service of of her, and she cannot be moved. he is a perfect little giant, and we
even fortunes. To all such the Christ? Confidently setting forth When the apostolic churches.were only feel sorry that he and all
. brethren on the Sound would bid the doctrines, and all the doctrines established in the faith they “ in- other such men cannot be kept con-
---- j-ou come and Wefcbmier^TIoping of the di v ifieword; "in alfxheir cJeaseTfn n Umbers daiiy"~
stantlym the work. The brethren
that you may never, no never be­ simplicity and power, and baptizing
Let us recognize God in all our of that place have secured his ser­
come Sodomites, but earnestly work disciples and teaching all things past history, and thankful for the vices for once per month ; this
in the divine life; that St Seattle, whatsoever Christ has commanded ? present, and hopeful for the future, . much is good, but should be in­
New Tacoma and Olympia, the We have here, in the Bible doc­ let us take fresh courage and go creased as soon as possible.
leading towns on the Sound, the trine, the means of slaying the forward with increasing faith in
The meeting lasted over two
cause of the Master may be ad- “ Man of Sin,” and making the God and God’s plan for the salva- Sundays, and closed the second at
vanced andthe naxueof GoAglorified. downfall of-Xhe “ Babylon—-harlot, tion of the , world. „Ear wn-needl^ o’clock with as an efleetin
G eo . S harp . * and all her children, sure and have no fear that men will ever be­ farewell as I have witnessed for
-------- •—
speedily. Here, too, are the sure come so wise that the truths of many year«. We extend our sin­
Letter from _____ Bro.
means of resisting the tide of infi­ God's wTord cannot enlighten them cerest thanks and Christian love to
delity under whatever name or dis-, and subdue and save them. They our Baptist brethren who greatly
A mity , O r , Sept. 13,1883.
guise it may or shall appear, as are God’s appointed means of im­ assisted us throughout the meeting.
Dear Bro. Floyd :
Amid all the doubt and uncer­ well as bring the soul-ruining super­ pressing and moving the heart, of Brethren, pray for the union, for
tainty emanating from certain sour­ stitions of China, Burmah, and the awakening and saving the soul; Christ himself bowed and prayed
ces, 1 thank God there is certainty “ islands of the sea ” prostrate at and preaching, to have power, must for the same; then is it not worth
and Rock upon which to stand. the feet of the all-conquering Son base itself on these truths and' be your most earnest efforts.
The only hope, for all perilous of God. Here we have the chain sustained and animated by them.
Douglas county is in great need»,
times, and all evil and doubt, is in
of suoh meetings, and would that I
this week’s H erald came contain­ could see them held through the-
the gospel of Christ. There never
and, ing your just criticism of Mr. entire county. But ere this reaches
was a time when the preaching of Satan a thousand years
Christ crucified was as much needed these doctrines lived in the lives of Beecher, namely, ‘ Beecher’s Visit,” the reader I shall be on my way
as now. Paul, in philosophical and men, shall prove the light of the as well as “ Beecher Against Paul.” toward the sunny South ; how far
-dissolute Corinth, determined to world,” which, in its coming clear You notice that I shake hands I shall go 1 do not know < I shall,-
know nothing but “ Jesus Christ, and full orbed rising, shall usher in with you in this(4uXiole in a entire probably, spend the winter in Los
and him crucified.” And the same the glorious morning light of that adherence to the word of God. Angeks. 1 kindly ask that your
grand truth will prove, as it al ways day w hich is the theme of prophets God bless you in the defense of his prayers may journey with me and
”• has hitherto, the “ power of God and poet’s song, and Christian -hope. word. Much more I might write, shield me from the trials that I
and the wisdom of God.” The If then, in our march toward that bat more anon.
shall have to pass through.
There is too little gospel preached
word of the living God is a remedy • final goal, as we, in thought, re­
Yours in«Cnristian love and hope,
L. J. T odd .
in the pulpits of our land; the
which has never failed in all the view the condition of our congre-
------ ,
ages since Adam’s race commenced gâtions, some shalbbe found to be Christianity of our time is adulter­
Many Thanks.
its wonderous career, and the weak, let us look to the doctrine of ated ; infernal poisons are partaken
The brethren and friends of Eden-
Church of Christ was established God’s word alone as a source of of by famishing souls, and multi­
If delinquency shall tudes eat, pine and die, and are lost Valley, W. T., will receive my
in Christian hearts. Yes, as mem- strength.
thanks for the present of a nice*
bers of the body of Christ we are cause stumbling in the ranks let us A coveteous and mammon loving little riding animal.
bound to let the word of Christ try anew and faithfully the direc- church united to a time-serving
T. M. M organ ,
came rolling in ’mid the firing of
the canons and playing of music by
- the-band—Villarck. _w ith
w of.
his distinguished guests, marched
up Pacific Avenue, passing under
the grand arch which was engraved
with evergreens in the most artistic
style with the following motoes on
the east side: “ Western Welcome
Terminus,” and on the west side:
“ East united West.”
At the station house door Villard
made a short speech, delivered in
dwell in us richly in all wisdom.
If we develop Christian character
and Lui.ld. np. Xhe -body. into an. holy
temple, we grow by the pure milk
of the word. In all our private
Christian life, and in all the inter­
nal life of the church, we live by
every word which proceedeth out
of the mouth of God ; and, in the
grand aggressive mission of the
Church of Christ, to conquer the
world to Prince Immanuel, the sac-
ramentai host, is massed by means
» ,