Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, September 07, 1883, Page 16, Image 16

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At .this writing we have some indica­
tions of rain.
A. B. Griggs is putting up an awning
in front of his meat-shop.
Hodgins S Chamness, Independance,
Or., at the Post-Office Store, have on
hand a full stock of Sohool Books anc
School Supplies of all kinds. Groceries
Provisions,- imported aad domestic,
Cigars, Tobaccoes, Candies and Nntso:'
all kinds always on hand. Give us a
call. School Books a speciality.
Luther Rowland, who for quite a
- while has beeu-one of the printersin the
H erald office, severs his connection
with it and goes to Eugene to live with
his father. Luther has been a faithful
and successful hand in the H erald of­
fice and we do not like to give him up.
Bat circumstances call him to his home.
The Northern Paoific Express is now
in running order at this place. The of­
fice is in the O. R. & N. C. depot, where
the agent can be found at regular hours.
We have long felt the want of an ex­
press office, not only for our paper, bnt
munity. We hope our oitizens and
those living in the neighborhood will
avail themselves of the advantages at
their door. There is no doubt but the
company are able to redeem their
Since the 1st of July 131 land entries
have been cancelled—more in Dakota
than anywhere else. The land entries
have been greatest in number there and
the fraudulent entries correspondingly
A. G. Utley was murdered at Davis
creek by two Franklin boys named John
and Clack. Whisky was the cause.
Prof. White and party have just left
Benton in an open boat in which they
will float down to Bismarck. They in­
tend making a careful examination of
the rock formations on the way.
California railroad men have purchas
ed a mile of Water front in Galveston,
to. make an out let to Europe for raw
James Gordon Bennett is to attend
the last spike in his own special train,
with his friends. Some one here sug­
gests that the Board of Trade charter a
special train and take the people from
Portland*up*. ‘
T he C hinese E xodus .— The Port
Townsend Argus says : ** Six canoes
loaded with Chinamen from British Col­
umbia were seen to put ashore at or
near Ebey’s landing, on Whidby Island
Sunday evening, August 26. Mr. J. E.
Ebey saw them, and says it is becoming
a common occurrence to see them mak­
ing the passage. Something should be
done and that speedily.”
From the Coast mail we learn that
very destructive fires are ragiDg in the
timber in that portion of our state.
The roundhouse at Roseburg is about
The Astorian Bays that as high as 250
sacks of oysters are shipped daily from
Bailed hay sells for $18 per ton at Eu­
gene City. Pretty good price« that.
Messrs Crawford and miller are erect­
ing a large sawmill in Mohawk valley,
Linn county.
The booths on the State Fair grounds
Te're'renleT^tFiUT^Aiii: BroughTm
several hundred dollars more than last
The hop house of Hon. J. Stump, so
says the Statesman, was burned a few
days since a short distance from Buena
W-m. M. Turner has rented his inter-
est in the Oregon Sentinel to F. M. Ov­
erbeck, who will continue its publica­
tion in connection with Mr. Crane.
The good work still goes on. Near
Auburn a Chinaman shot and killed an­
A cattle disease termed bloody urine
has broken ont on a farm near New­
burgh, N. Y., baffling the efforts of vet­
erinary surgeons. Fourteen cows have
die<t" l^e ifocTors'sHy TKose'TreTEe
only cases of the disease ever occurring
Wish to inform their friends of
in this country, though it is common in
Europe. ■
Uolk County
A. T. Hemingway, for the past six That they have just received the
years superintendent of the Young
largest assortment of
men’s Christian Association of Chicago,
has sent in his résignation, tn take effect
at the end of the year. He contem­ CASKETS,
plates traveling in California for his
Twenty lodges of Blackfeet Indians
appeared a few days ago about twenty
miles east of Fort Maginnis, on Ford’s
creek. They have been killing cattle
belonging to Granville Stewart and other
parties, several carcasses having been
fonnd. The commander of the post has
sent a detachment of.troops in pursuit
At Apex, Montana, on Wednesday,
two Utah & Northern locomotives and
two box cars *jnmped the track. Both
locomotives were badly wrecked. I.
jured slightly and scalded, while Mr.
Edwards, the other engineer, was in­
jured internally. George Sears, a fore­
man, is supposed to be fatally injured.
The Astoria box and lumber company’s
saw mill, upper Astoria, was destroyed
by fire Friday night at 11 o’clock. Be­
sides the building and machinery a large
lot of boxes and lumber was destroyed.
Loss, $12,000; insured for $2,000, $l„000
in the Shoe and Leather company, and
$1,000 in the Springfield company. The
owners are Merrill, Mead & McGeregor.
The cause is unknown. P. Dug, the
engineer, who slept on the premises,
knew nothing of the fire until it reached
his room. When he awoke fire and
smoke surrounded him. He escaped
with his life, but was badly burned on
the arms and legs. He is cared for at
St. Mary’s hospital, with hopes of re­
covery. Though a mile and a half away,
Rosene engine was ordered to proceed
thither by Chief Barry, and arrived in
time to do excellent service in protesting
the Point Adams and White Star can­
neries, between which the mill was sit­
There is a great deal of consternation
among the owners of cattle in Southern
Kentucky, over the spread of the mur­
rain or lung fever, wbioh has been in­
creasing steadily for the past two weeks.
The aggregate of railroad property re­
turned for taxation in Ohio is §92,730,-
The United States Treasury at pre­
sent has over $463,000,000 of cash in its
Henry Villard has given over one
housand dollars to the Congregational
church of St. Paul, Minn.
The Telegraphers’ Brotherhood has
disolved coNnection with the Knights
of Labor in Philadelphia.
Sir Alexander Campbell, minister of
public works of Canada, left Ogder,
Utah, on Tuesday, en route from this
coast on his way home.
Farmers Mercantile Association of That was ever brought to the
Monmouth are receiving a very fine
assortment of goods complete in every
County, and their prices are
department for the spring trade. Dress
Goods and Trimmings of the latest
lower than were ever sold
stylés, Mens and Boys Clothing, a
splendid assortment of Bootsand Shoes,
here before.
nats and Caps, Fancy and Staple Goods,
Groceries, Crockery, Glass-ware, Tin­
ware, Ao., Ac. Remember you can Wé also have the largest stock Of
save money by dealing with this estab-
In the County, which we offer at
very low prices.
, We thank the public for past
favors, and hope, by fair dealing,
Read This Column Through to hold their trade and as many
new ones as wish to trade with us.
and you cui/l Saue Money.
We will charge you nothing for
showing the Goods and telling the NOTICE TO FARMERS.
Prices. Compare them with other THE SALEM FLOURING MILLS
-*■ Company having bought the Farmers*
Warehouse at Independence, willYeceive
We have just received
50 Diffeient Patterns of French
Imported Pants Goods
Latest Styles.
Wheat in store on usual terms, subject
tn order, and pay the highest market
price at any time the storer*may wish to
sell. Sacks furnished free of charge to
move the Wheat to the Warehouse.
For further particulars inquire of the
Agent at Independence,
W. P. CONNAWAY, A gent .
A fine assortment of
Ladies & Children’s Ulsters,
Having bought the
A large assortment of CLOTH for
Formerly owned by
Cloaks or Ulsters.
Last, but not the least, a good REISS BROS. & WHITE AKER,
assortment of
We are now prepared to furnish
* Sacks for Storage of Grain.
Farmers Warehouse Company
Which can’t be beat.
L. D amon , j- Trustees.
J. R. R odes ,
P. W. H aley ,
Remember the Red Brick Store
Rosendorf & Hirschberg,
I. C lagoet , Agent.
Independence, Or., July 17, 1888.