Christian herald. (Portland ;) 1882-18??, September 07, 1883, Page 12, Image 12

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American publishers. D. Lothrop &
of thee are silent except tokens of the
Co. ’
' past echoing through our memory, these,
Bro. Floyd :
Among books suitable for all readers,
like other worldly consolation, seemed
[Under this head we will be pleased to give
Through the C. Evangelist I learn o:' but dross to that anxiety which thy editorial reviews of all books ana tracts of inter­ and especially for the young, are two
the death of my uncle Elijah Davidson presence only could gratify even onr est that may be sent to this
sfrnes, one/“
H istorical and O ther S ketches , by H ill R est , by Miss 8. M. Moulson, the
’ aged faflier who survives thee, and oth­
7». His wife, my aunt, was the young­ er relatives, or kind friends, all fail to Jas. Anthony Fronde.—This selection other, K ennie ’ s T o M orrow , by Jennie
est sister of my dear father, the late satisfy our great desire for thy presence from the works of Mr. Froude is edited M. D. Conklin. The characters are
John E. Murphy -of this place. Over again. But the consoling angel who by President Wheeler of Allegheny realistic enough to have been drawn
thirty-one years ago. we bade dearrela- Bpeaks to our inner senses now invites College. The introduction gives an ac­ from life, and to follow the charming
, tives adieu to cross the thenK al­ our attention in tenderest actions. We count of Mr. Froude’s Life, Opinions, heroines will excite to emulation in good
most trackless wilderness, they taking hear her say thy mother had finished Works and Style. It gives a more com- deeds.
their course to the sunny south. We her earthly pilgrimage, that ever
.praheusive estimate of his powers th rm 3Tr. C/MT/Livlngston, " Pansy’s ”
hope to meet them in the aweeVJoy and olent and never ci ring Father tGio so any other that is known to us. These sister, is a deserved favorite with young
by, over there.
kindly gave her to thee has taken her to essays abound in the felicities of the readers, and her latest book, the enchant­
E. F. L ucas .
himself ; and far aloof from all pain and historian’s style and suggestive thoughts. ing tala of P uff , a canary bird who tells
Monmouth, Sept. 3,1883.
sorrow she waits to welcome the coming We select a quotation, almost at random, its own story, with choioe pictures will
atflawd-O Rdiess delight.-——"----- —“
of her sightless child. Oh I blessed “ The Norway FjofdB,” (fynrd,..
Died, at McCoy, Or., Aug. 19, 1883. -■■c ha ri t y; we hear thy g Bfltlfi' ‘voi ce. Our nounced in one syllable.) *“The next - L ittle M en and W omen , P ansy and
---- ---- WBlteP, sofTof Mis. 8. i1. Garrett, aged dearest earthly attractions are as noth­ day was Sunday. The sight of the boats B aby - land , justly denominated “ peer­
four years, seven months and eleven ing when we comprehend with a mo­ coming from all quarters to church wai less amoung juvenile magazines,” as
days. He talked of his death for a wjaek ments communion with thee, be thou very pretly. Fifteen hundred people at they appear in the form of Annuals for
before he was taken away and often still our refuge. For want of physical least must have collected. I attended 1883, are, if possible, more attractive
sang his favorite song, “ Oh think of a Bight we had not seen our mother dur­ the Servioe. * * * The faces of the than ever. - .
home over there.”
ing the extent of our recollection, but in men were extremely interesting. There
Our homo artists, of whatever age,
With the tiowreta passed from earth
heaven we shall behold her face for no was nothing in them to suggest the old will have a warm welcoma for D ecora ­
This darling child so young and fair ;
afflictions are there, though- this denial free-booter. They were mild and gen­ tive P laques , with its round dozen of
The Cherished object frem-his birth ——
is generally regarded as one of the tle-looking, with fair skins, fair hair, artistic and handsome designs by G. F.
. - Of affections tenderest care.
greatest calamities that can befall hu­ and light eyes, gray or blue. The ex­ Barnes, which they are expected to em-
The sleeping germ shall wake again,
manity, yet how little does it disturb our pression was sensible and collected, but ploy their skill in c o l ori ng. Appropri--------
Though burried now beneath the sod ;
real enjoyment even during our eartbiy with nothing about it especiallyuulsen- atepeems by^fary E. Wilkins accom-""
¡Spring from the metrid rn which it's lain
... .
lltium at-tLe«omaaend-of-GodT~”"---- pUgrimage‘wirenr througEThe eye of turous or daring. The women, in fact, pany the plaques. ..
faith and by the inner dwelling of the were more striking than their husbands.
R. M.
Mailed free by D rs . S tarkey & P alen ,
Holy Ghost we behold tby celestial There was a steady strength in their
Girard Street, Philadelphia, their
Died-, May 28, 1883, at her home in abode so greatly prepared for us in the
Kittitas valley, W. T., Sister Betsy, wife future. And our dear, readers, if true neath. * * '”* Sunday afternoon is a “ Treatise on Compound Oxygen, its
of Bro. S. S. Cox, aged 1'2 years. Her self examination find you depending on holiday. A yacht in such a place was a Action, Nature, and Results.” A very
miiden name was King. She was born a perishable foundation we would im­ curiosity, and a fleet of boats surrounded remarkable publication.
All orders for thé Compound Oxygen
in Knox county, Kentucky, Dec. 22, plore you to read carefully the Book of us. Such as liked came on board and
Treatment directed to H. E.
1811. When quite small she moved
bred and showed no foolish surprise. Mathews ,606 Montgomery Street, San
with her parents to Jackson county,
One old "dame, indeed, being taken
Indiana. Married Bro. Thomas Bailes, attention and due reverence to the pre­ down into the ladies’ cabin did find it Francisco, will be filled on the same
terms as if sent directly to us in Phila­
one of the first ministers of the reforma­ cious intelligence thereby attained, too much for her. She dropped down
tion in 1826, with whom she removed to thoD, peace, holiness and never ending kissed the carpet. One of our party
Missouri in 1833. where she remained
Tools to him who can use them, is
wondered afterward whether there was
until the death of Bro. Bailes, which Lord add his blessings is our prayer for any chance of the Norwegians attaining the unwritten law, and neither land
occurred in 1860. In the spring of ever to you who love the Saviour, we a higher civilization. I asked her to de­
nor capital can remain long in the
1861 she crossed the plains to Oregon, are happy to present ourself your bro­ fine civilization. Did industry, skiH;
possession of him who cannot direct
settling in Marion county, where She
energy, sufficient food and raiment,
use them wisely.— Sei.
married Bro. 8. 8. Cox, removing with
soundpractioaledncation,and piety which
him into the beautiful valley of Kittitas,
believes without asking questions, con­
“ I)o Likewise.”
D. W. B rewer .
W. T., in 1880, where she resided until
stitute sivilization ; and would luxury,
her death. Deceased leaves a husband
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.:—
newspapers and mechanics’ institutes
A lle-Union.
and 10 children (all married and having
mean a higher civilization ? The old “ Five years ago I was a dreadful suf­
families) and numerous grand children
must first be answered, What ferer from uterine troubles. Having
At the re-anion of the survivors of the
and great grand children. All of her battle of Wilson Creek, held at Spring­ is the real purpose of human life*?” exhausted the skill of three physicians,
children und many grand-children are field, Mo., reoently, many of the veter­ Published in F unk & W agnall ’ s S tan ­ I was completely discouraged, and so
Christians. She was the mother of ans, both “ Blue ” and ” Gray,” called dard L ibrary .”
Price, 25 cents. weak I could with difficulty cross the
Elder K. Bailes, a faithful preacher of at the residence of M rs . D r . A ugusta * Page 81.
room alone. I began taking your
“ the faith once delivered to the saints.” S mith , in that city, and paid their re­
‘ Favorite Prescription ’ and using the
She was a zealous Christian, a kind spects to that lady.
treatment recommended in your
D. Lothrop & Co.’s recent publica­
companion and a -good step-mother.
Sense Medical AdvLer.’ In
Many of these, with their wives and tion inclade miscellaneous books of ex­
She knew that she could not recover for
I was perfectly cured. I
months before her departure, and al­ daughters, had been her patients, and ceptional value, notablo among which wrote a letter to my family paper, brief­
ways said with hopeful confidence, that they were glad to see the great woman are the following :—
ly mentioning how my health had been
she was ready and willing to go. She doctor, whose skill had restored them to C ambridge S ermons , by Dr. Alexander restored; and offering to send the full
suffered loDg and much, but bore all health. The greeting was cordial on McKenzie, possess the qualities of in­ particulars to any one writing me for
with Christian fortitude. Surely her botlMjdes. The laboratory, office, par­ cisiveness and suggestiveness so belpfnl them and inclosing a stamped envelope
life has not been in vain, and she has lor, and grounds of M rs . D r . A ugusta to ministerial students, and so instruc­ for reply. I have received over four
tive to all readers. While free from
left “footprints on the sands of time,” S mith were visited.
illiberality, Dr. McKenzie’s utterances hundred letters. In reply, I have de­
which others seeing shall take heart
manly qualities, has endeared herself are fall of a commou-senso philosophy scribed my case and the treatment used,
to thousands of persons, whom she has forcibly applied to tho strengthening of and earnestly advised them to ‘ do like­
E. G. G rindbod .
wise.’ From a great many I have receiv­
treated. She bolds a warm place in the character. D. Lothrop & Co.
great heart of the public, and her field
S outh S alem , O r .,
D onal G rant will unquestionably bo ed second letters of thanks stating that
of labor and usefulness is becoming pronounced one of the most fascinating, they had commenced the treatment and
Aug. 30, 1883.
Our Dear Earthly Friend :
larger daily.
if not the best, of George McDonald's wore much better already.”
How void and vacant Beems the mo­ „ She treats the sick at their homes. remarkably popular stories. Tho fact M rs . E. F. M organ , New Castle, Me.
ment when we are no more greeted with Send for pamphlet and lists. Inclose that it is published in America from
The eye is sometimes called the
thy presence ! Since five in the morn­ stamp and address, M rs . D r . A ugusta MSS. and will bo re-published from
ing, May 30, 1883, which was the second S mith , Springfield, Mo., and gon will advance shoots in England, is au inno­ window of the soul, consequently a
day of thy sixty-sixth year, all sounds receive a prompj reply.
vation creditable to the enterprise of the black eye must be a stained window.